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Our clients Carol and Gino live in the U.S. and they wanted to finally tie the knot in their homeland -- the Philippines. And what better way to celebrate than tie a home-y feel with some Pinoy elements. We were so giddy to do their walkthrough as we really had several ideas on how to execute their wedding/homecoming. And being the first supplier that they booked, we were more than flattered to be part of the planning process. All presentations were done through Skype and consultancies through e-mail. But gladly, everything turned out well and it was definitely one homey and happy intimate wedding. You have got to see the video from their wedding because it's super charming! Love how the Groom couldn't get himself together and kept crying. Also, he was the one who made the bouquet for the Bride. And the DIY paper bouquet looked EXQUISITE! 

Photography by Jaja Samaniego

Anyway, here are excepts from their walkthrough: 

Leean & Jonathan's DIY Save the Date Video

When Leean submitted to us their DIY video saying that there were no videographers and editors who worked on their video, with no assistance even from friends whatsoever, we had our doubts to be honest. In our minds we were thinking, "uh-oh...what is this going to look like?"-- But we were quite pleasantly surprised at how cute their video turned out to be. And not just was well made! Leean and Jonathan definitely had the eye for this! You guys might want to make it into a little business haha.

Leean shares:

Public Service Announcement: Beware of @peach7474

We don't normally do this but this is getting out of hand. Some @peach7474 is posing as RB Mica. Not only is she using Mica's photos, she's also including private photos that includes Mica's loved ones! And to makes matters even more annoying, this pathetic low-life is even posting her own opinions on various matters while using Mica's photo as her profile pic. See this is what makes the web quite a dilemma and a double edged sword. On one hand you want to connect with other people--to share with your friends, loved ones, and connect with potential business-related leads. On the other hand though, it makes you more vulnerable to identity theft. Can you spell C A T F I S H?

Be careful RBs...and if it's possible to help us out, please help us hunt this crazy person down and have her profile taken down as well.

Beware of this very sick person! This is NOT RB Mica and she's posing as RB Mica. 

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A Wake-Up Call.

Van of the Coordinating Team,  Bleu Weddings and Events Management. A fatal accident after their out-of-town event in Batangas 

Dear Rebellious Brides (and Grooms),

Let us start this feature by being as frank as we possibly can. If YOU want to have a wedding outside of Manila, make sure you have the budget for it--and Out of Town Fees are NOT THE KIND OF FEES YOU SHOULD BE COMPLAINING ABOUT. We're sorry to say this, but just because it's your big day, doesn't give you the license to treat other people like sh*t. This feature is a re-post from Scribbles of an Event Planner . There's a reason why there's an Out-of-Town fee. And for your info, these fees are not even reflective of the kind of work that needs to be done for an out-of-town wedding. For your info as well, some suppliers have to book your event as a 3-day affair even if your wedding is just for 1 day because it entails the crew to be up and about for 3 days straight counting ingress-egress. So in truth, some suppliers actually earn less just to work on your wedding. So be GRATEFUL. Do not be bridezillas. For our Boracay wedding, we treated our talented dream team like they were FAMILY. Not only did we pay for the fees and provided for their boarding and lodging (w/c is pretty standard), we even gave them a per diem allowance, we provided them with welcome kits, and we even added wine in their rooms just as an added gesture. And during the reception, they were part of our guest count. And I'm not saying you have to do all of these things as well. But at the very least, do not scrimp on OOT fees. And again---it's okay to budget your wedding wisely but OOT Fees are NOT the kind of fees you should be asking for discount or worse, to be waived. BEHAVE, our dear Rebellious Brides. We do not want to hear that a reader of ours will be one of those difficult brides who are going bratty about out-of-town fees. This is the shocking truth, A wake-up call. And if you do not want OOT fees, then don't do your wedding outside of Manila. OWN UP to your decisions and know what it entails to have an out-of-town (or even out-of-the-country) wedding before you do it. 'Nuff said. And apologies if we are sounding really, really aggressive right now but we've heard of so many countless tales of other suppliers who have been treated badly and they are just too polite to say anything. So we just feel like we really had to make a stand on this as well.

Out of Town Events by Scribbles of an Event Planner 
Clients often complain that suppliers charge so much for out of town events. Depending on the distance, some would charge Php 5,000, others charge 20% of their total package cost while others would just request for a reimbursement of their expenses. But is it really enough? I don't really think so.

Out of town fees would cover fuel, toll fees and our time on the road. Not to mention the vehicle itself specially if the supplier is just going to rent one for the day. The list gets longer and more expensive if the trip will entail longer trips.

For the safety of our team, aside from out of town fees, we request for an overnight stay or three days and two nights stay with breakfast. It does not have to be at the same hotel or resort but we do request that it would be a suitable place for us to rest. Don't get me wrong. We love out of town events. We get to see new places, meet new people and enjoy the scenery. The downside? Long hours on the road and being on your feet for more than ten hours on the day of the event.

In our case, our Driver is also part of our Coordinating Team. He starts working the time he sits on the driver's seat and doesn't stop working until we reach home (if the client will not provide us a place to stay the night). So how many hours would that be? Let's compute: 3 to 4 hours road trip going to the venue (let's say Batangas) + 10 to 12 hours of Event Coordination + 3 to 4 hours road trip going home = approximately 20 hours of work / stress. Now that's torture if you ask me. Not to mention possible disaster on the road if he has to drive after the event. Can you spell R O A D  A C C I D E N T? How about if we suddenly get car trouble (flat tire, engine overheat, etc) in the middle of nowhere? I don't think it is safe to be at a dark unfamiliar road/place. It is best to really stay indoors where everyone is safe.

Speaking of accidents, our friends from Bleu Weddings and Events Management had an accident on their way back to Manila from a wedding they just finished coordinating at Batangas last October 2013.

They were so tired that night that everyone was asleep. Everyone was awakened when a sixteen wheeler truck struck their van. Bright lights, metal and blood were everywhere.

Front view - Van of the Coordinating Team
16 wheeler truck that struck the van of the Coordinating Team
Two of Ms. Bleu's injured staff

It is a good thing that everyone survived the accident. After seeing the condition of the van they were on, it could have been worst. This was really scary.

If the photos above didn't scare you, how about the ones below (taken in daylight).

I'm letting the photos speak for itself. We hope that with this you would realize why we ask for accommodations for out of town trips.

No one wants to get into an accident or end up dead. I know clients do not want to remember the day that their supplier got into an accident or ended up dead just because they didn't want to provide accommodations for an overnight stay.

Sorry to say this but it's the hard scary truth.

#TBT to the 1920s: A Vintage Glam Wedding (Teaser)

This has got to be one of the best-dressed weddings we have ever seen. We love how the opulence of the 1920s was captured. We loved the art deco details. But more on that soon! For now, we want to commend the bride for choosing such a unique headwear: the Juliet cap.

"Kitty's veil is called a Juliet cap. Juliet caps were popular in the 1920's and I thought it would fit perfectly well with her gown and wedding theme. A vintage style skull cap of beautifully patterned soft French made Chantilly Lace which I dipped in a tea bath. I adorned it with 3 hand made and hand singed organza flower brooch that can be placed on the left or right side of the cap." -Bonsai Fojas of Bonne Handmade

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Tongue Tied

We love the idea of using fresh music for the wedding. It's typical for a prenup or save-the-date but not yet as popular for the actual bridal walk, dance, or the SDE. Someday we hope to receive submissions of  bridal walk videos that uses this kind of music.

Shot and directed by Jason Magbanua (in collaboration with the masterful styling tactics of Madge Lejano in hiding the equipment that captured the live sounds). Concept by my hubb. Enjoy this piece from Kai Honasan.


*On location at the newly renovated Katipunan branch of The Old Spaghetti House (the new & improved look of this branch makes it perfect for a prenup or an anti-reception venue!)

*Download the song at

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The Year of Color

Gown by Stella de Libero / As Seen on Wedding Inspirasi
Three years ago when we created our blog, one of our first few posts already rallied to go for colored gowns. To be more specific, we entitled the entry "Anti-White" and it was our 9th post in the blog. This has always been one of our "propaganda movements." 

Over the past few years since that post, we've been so overjoyed to see the same battle cry from fashion heavyweights the likes of Vera Wang. So when the folks over at Simply Bridal shared with us their 2014 Fearless Forecast, we couldn't be happier. According to Simply Bridal, they predict that 2014 is DEFINITELY the year for colored gowns. So in support of their forecast, we've scoured the web to also give you sample gowns based on their forecast. Enjoy! :)

Simply Bridal says: 2014 is the year of going against the grain with weddings, especially when it comes to color! Instead of traditional white wedding gowns, brides will select colored gowns to show off their unique style and personality. Here's some of the hottest hues for wedding dresses and what they say about you:

Source: Pinterest
"You believe that life should always be romantic, and have a sweet sense of innocence" 

Gown by Carolina Herrera
"You have a need to express your hopes and dreams, no matter how idealistic they are."

Gown by Vera Wang
"You are steady in your ways and persistent, with a very strong need for security."

"Seafoam" by Jenny Packam
"You are sensible, respectable, and love freedom. 
Those around you love your carefree attitude."


All You Need is Love and...Boracay

Photography by MangoRed
It's no secret that I love Boracay weddings. But what I love even more are Rebellious Boracay Brides. No two Bora wedding is alike. Despite the fact that it's pretty much the same island and often times the same rockstar talents, each wedding comes out with a different vibe. But of course there are still certain Boracay weddings that kind of stand out for me--and those are the ones that are perfectly photographed and perfectly executed with simple but significant elements. A Rebellious Boracay Bride is someone who knows how to bring out the best of what the island can offer. After all, the beach is your backdrop, what else is there to do but just add significant touches of your own? 

I've seen sooooo many Boracay weddings. So I naturally love the ones that are going against the templates. Take for example Nick & Sheeva's Boracay wedding. Beautiful calligraphy, Asya as their backdrop, emerald jewelry, copper-colored cups, and bicycle as a design element--it's a new kind of Boracay wedding and it worked flawlessly. 

I will make 2014 a masterpiece by...
It's time to announce the winners of our #Jumpstart2014 contest in collaboration with Belle du Jour :)

Thank you soooo much for all the entries. Once in awhile we do love having these contests because it allows us to learn more about you, our dear readers. So thank you for participating.

So here are the three winning entries! :)

Are You Rebellious Enough to Do The Proposal?

Are you rebellious enough to take matters in your own hands and in your own terms? Yes, it's every girl's dream to have a wedding proposal--but do you really have to wait, wait, and wait in vain? 

I am not ashamed to tell you that I, yes me, as in RB Kai, initiated the proposal. I was rebellious and bold enough to be honest with Cy that I already wanted to get married and if our relationship wasn't going to progress, then maybe it was time to move on. (On a sidenote, I also told him that if we wanted Jason Magbanua as our videographer, it was gonna take 1 year anyway so it's not like we were gonna get married soon). Turns out, Cy of course also wanted to get married but that he was just concerned about costs--I told him that money matters will always be's already a given. The important thing is that we could be a team for life. Besides, I didn't want to have a grand wedding anyway. I told him that we could get by. That money should be the least of our priorities. The decision to get married became a mutual agreement. A conversation that led to a revelation that we both had wanted it...a realisation that sometimes, we just need to have the balls to communicate at that level without any pretence.  Eventually, Cy still wanted to propose in his own way. But the fact remains that it all started with me--I initiated it, I wanted to have "the talk". Sometimes, a girl just can't always be waiting like a damsel in distress stuck in a tower that needs to be saved. THIS is what being a rebellious bride is all about--it's NOT all about the coolest wedding themes. It's about creating your own rules that make sense to you even if society thinks otherwise. 

That's why when Courtney submitted her story, of how she was the one who proposed and that their wedding became a holiday elopement event, I really thought it was such a refreshing feature. So here goes!

Courtney: "Yep, I proposed to him!"

Rebellious Bride/Photographer Ruffa

The Ruffa and Mike Team with Pol Tiglao

"Mike loved taking photographs back when he was young and pursued it after graduating college. We took baby steps; learning every trick we needed to add art to our photographs. There was room for improvement daily. I can really feel the passion just yearning for so much more in him. Then, not for long, we established our own photography business. We started with prenuptial shoots and pre debuts. Finally, we then decided to be wedding photographers.
 Who wouldn't and couldn't agree that weddings and magic are completely inseparable? That feeling you get when the bridal song starts to echo around the church, then you see the bride walking down the aisle, towards her awaiting groom at the altar's end. These emotions are what captured us the most. Flawless and real. Things we learned to appreciate deeply back when we were both in the college theatre, where we met." -- Rebellious Bride Ruffa

Ruffa's walk down the aisle is probably one of the most wonderful scenes I have seen yet. Mike eagerly awaits his bride's entrance--and when Ruffa does emerge from the doors, he kneels down to take photos of his beautiful bride. It was a testament to their relationship, their journey, encapsulated in this one moment that defined their wedding. 

Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco in Pink and an Upside Down Cake!

Kaley reads Rebellious Brides!!! Okay, that is just a rumor I made up. But she sure is a rebel for choosing this unpretentious pink Vera Wang Dress. It was just so her! Barbie pink and all. I also love how she had her hair down!
"Cuoco wore a custom, petal-pink strapless tulle ball gown by Vera Wang to swap vows with Sweeting. The dress had a sweetheart neckline, a hand-gathering detailed bodice and hand appliqué Chantilly lace accents. The veil, also by Wang, was nude tulle with petal-pink floating hand appliqué Chantilly lace." -
Photos from


Happy New Year, Rebels!!! Congratulations to everyone who got engaged and got married in 2013. And now it's time to celebrate more rebellious weddings, and help with your planning this 2014!

Speaking of planning, we partnered with the rebellious girls over at Belle du Jour to jumpstart our year together by treating 3 of our readers to a Belle du Jour gift! 

Simply answer the following: 

"I will make 2014 a masterpiece by ______. #jumpstart2014" 

Email us your answers at: 

The top 3 answers that RB Mica and I will choose will get a Belle du Jour planner of their choice! So choose your planner: