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Hello Rebels! Apologies if we haven't been blogging lately. RB Mica and I have a lot going on right now (Mica's crazy busy juggling being a  rebel supermama and a diva makeup artist/model and I'm being a rebel wife and rebel employee in my day job among other rebel rakets). But it's amazing though because I look at our blog stats and even if we haven't been updating, our visits haven't even dipped at all! Just goes to show that there's so much content here in RB that's just being discovered by new readers every single moment! We promise to be better when the summer ends. In the meantime, we leave you with this message from Grace Kelly:

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Charlene and Choi's Cosplay Wedding

With permission to re-post from http://rozannan.blogspot.com/
A Cosplay wedding was a no brainer for Charlene and Choi--after all, they both loved Final Fantasy and they met at a Cosplay/Final Fantasy convention. Theirs is a love so unique that it even got featured in GMA!

GMA taping of Charlene & Choi's love story
But what's even better than a rebellious couple brave enough to do a Cosplay x Final Fantasy Wedding? It's really the fact that their loved ones were so game to be just as bold, just as fun, and just as rebellious!

Wanna bet? Here are just some of the photos that proves it to bits!

The bride's mom:

The bride's dad and the groom in a duel:

The bridesmaids in Harry Potter-Beauxbaton inspired outfits! (My fave idea!):

And all the guests who dressed up for the occasion! 

Falling in Love with Eskaya

All my photos were taken from my iPhone 5C unless labeled otherwise 

I first found out about Eskaya a couple of years ago---found it not even from a local blog but from the  Kiwi Collection. I was immediately intrigued by it. I thought to myself, "Where is this place and how come nobody talks about it as much?" When I did more research, I kind of understood why. It's definitely not a mainstream resort. It is in the ranks of the Aman Resorts and the Maldives. In fact, it's the "best kept secret" of politicians and celebrities including Kris Aquino, PGMA, Kim Chiu & Xian Lim, and my fave couple Dingdong and Marian.  It's the most premium resort in Bohol and I instantly knew I had to have this on my Bucket List.

The law of attraction has always been on my side, and long and behold I had the honor of experiencing Eskaya first hand last weekend. Here's the first thing we laid our eyes on:

The Rebellious Bride in me instantly knew that this place is a place to fall in love. Whether it's for a proposal, for a prenup, DEFINITELY for a wedding, or a honeymoon, or maybe even a renewal if you're celebrating an anniversary, Eskaya comes out highly recommended. You just have to look at my photos to see why:

Blue Sneakers, Bikes and Wedding Tattoos

You've heard about on-the-day wedding videos that it is almost such a common thing in weddings already. But have you ever heard of on-the-day tattoos in a wedding? Well, I've never seen anything like it! 
This is one wedding day that truly made their mark! Literally.

"We’ve never been particularly traditional so the standard wedding ceremony did not feel like it was enough.  We wanted a symbol of the wedding being forever, our version of a blood compact.  So beyond just rings, we asked Tattoo de Iloko owner Janer Santos to make our same day wedding tattoo during the reception, in front of all the guests.  We now each have a half of a heart – mine is Ateneo blue and his is La Salle green.  The tattoo symbolizes we are together, the other half of each other, but that we are still two unique individuals." 

Photography by Nelwin Uy

From the venue, to the bride's shoes, to the groom's ride and the flowergirls' dresses, the details of Nessa and Gil's wedding go against the usual. These two already knew themselves so well that they need not please anybody but themselves. This was a wedding that reeked of reality and rebellion. In fact, it dissolves the fairytale-ish type of weddings that instead of wearing some shimmery high heel, 
the bride wore blue sneakers.

"Don't be afraid to stand out. Don't be afraid to shake up peoples' expectations. 
Plan with your groom (not your girlfriends or your mom) because it’s his wedding as much as it is yours.   For your wedding, do what makes you both happy!" -Nessa

Here's more from the rebellious bride herself, Nessa:

Cha & Marco's Family/Pamamanhikan Prenup

Prenup by Joel Salindong, Gabriel (G3) Duyor / Studio Namu

You may have recognized Cha & Marco from our special feature entitled: How to Create a Rebellious Brunch Wedding. And because they already had that moment when they had a shoot all to themselves, they decided to create a prenup that included their entire family. The photos are so beautiful! And I love the idea of involving loved ones during the engagement session because it allows everybody to bond and it also allows everybody to practice for the actual day. After all, a wedding/marriage is not just about the couple but it is also a union of two families and in other cases, even a union of your best of friends. Doing a family prenup is also much more meaningful don't you think? And it exudes a certain kind of emotion that is more than just the usual prenup ideas we see today.

Cha shares:  

Tagaytay in Technicolor

Photography by Quirky Creatives

When we think of Tagaytay, there's almost a template as to how an engagement or a wedding would look like. So for the Quirky Creatives team to bring out something entirely unexpected? Definitely bold and refreshing, indeed. 

Noel Salazar shares: "So, from time to time, the creativity itch bug bites us, and we decide to go and shoot something different, and for fun. This is the result of that bite. Hehe. :D"

Props to the entire team and may ya'll rebel brides get inspired to go for reinvention.