Love Wins

"Last June 26th, The US Supreme Court voted in favor of a constitutional guarantee for equal rights of same-sex marriages...That kind of recognition may never see the light of day in our country but the ruling had such a profound impact on me as I realized I was filming a gay wedding that very day I was hearing the news from the US. 

 "Love has won." That was the rally cry from the western hemisphere. And yes, in the end , we are all better people when love wins." 

- Jason Magbanua

The coincidence of Lyn & Lala's wedding falling on the same day that the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages nationwide in the USA was just so uncanny.

Love Play: Rebellious Brides X MangoRed

To those who have been with us since the blog's infancy stage, you would probably recognize these photos from a special daily countdown that we did for Rebellious Bride Mica's wedding day. 

In a lot of ways you could say that this was technically our very first collaboration shoot for Rebellious Brides. And yet this is the first time we are releasing these uber rebellious layouts for everybody to enjoy. 

This collab shoot was made possible by no less than the ultimate rebel gang MangoRed who simply told RB Mica, "Let's Shoot!" 

To which Mica replied, "GAME!" 

They say that such concepts are too trendy and will not look timeless in the long run. It's funny though but this shoot was like 4 years ago and it still remains relevant and current in 2015. And as RB Mica would say, as a couple they didn't aim for timeless. Rather they aimed for a time capsule - a screen capture of how she and her husband Marc were like during their engagement & wedding.  And so we hope these ideas will inspire you to just enjoy your preps. Don't over think the wedding, Just PLAY. Because the most candid, unadulterated, organic moments are the most fun to capture and remember. 

The Rebellious Yacht Party

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Just a few weeks ago, we decided to celebrate our "Three Years & Eleven Months Anniversary" with a bang. The last time we threw a party was ages ago.  We felt that throwing one at this very moment was just so symbolically perfect as we had so many new things to share with our guests. Particularly, we announced the launch of our Rebelle Youtube Channel and the official joining of our third Rebellious Bride, RB NiƱa Cuenca who will be taking a more active role for Business Development.

Choosing to do a yacht party was almost a "no-brainer." Parties are aplenty these days and we wanted to give our guests a rebellious experience that they would never forget. At times we debated on whether we should have a program or not, but we decided that mingling intimately with our beloved industry friends was all we needed to make the festivities memorable. Another debate that we had was on styling - but eventually we felt that spoiling our guests with overflowing good food and an open bar would probably be more relevant. In the end, we'd like to think that our choices were much appreciated and that everybody had a great time as evidenced by these photos you are about to see.

Planning this party almost felt like planning a wedding - what with the mood boards, styling, cake, catering, invitations, among many other things (we even had preps at Henry Hotel!). We have so many ideas that we can share with you and so we are coming out with a separate article entitled "How To Plan a Rebelliously Fabulous Wedding for Under P300,000" specifically based on how we mounted this yacht party - watch out for that!

In the meantime, enjoy these photos perfectly captured by 12 Masters Photography.
Marvin Dungao, you ROCK!

"Rebelle" Fairy Tales

We are so excited to share with everyone our latest collaboration shoot. Inspired by the movies Into the Woods and Cinderella, we created a "mash-up" wherein Cinderella doesn't necessarily end up with Prince Charming. She ends up with The Baker. Because sometimes real-life fairy tales are like that, right? Your "Happily Ever After" is not the cookie-cutter template that society envisions it for you. 

The Lucky Ones

"I guess what makes our wedding rebellious is we did not go with ‘what’s in’ nor believed in ‘bad luck’. Cheesy as it may sound, if you love each other, nothing will ruin your wedding day. Marriage is a beautiful thing and if you believe that out of the billion people in this world, you end up with that one person, then nothing is luckier than that!" 
- Rebellious Bride Maribonn

Planning a wedding is challenging as it is. What more when you feel like you have to tiptoe your way around superstitions and traditions that don't even make sense to you.

So at the end of the day, Maribonn and Reuel decided to just loosen up a bit, have fun creating their wedding their way, and just run away with it. 

The couple had their engagement session at Henry Hotel -- one of our most favorite hotels in Manila for sure. Then for the wedding they incorporated these creative, thoughtful, little details that spoke so much of their aesthetics, and then for their post-wedding session they did it in Chicago where they are based, to tie everything together. 

Fluid & Vivid

It's funny because looking at this beautiful wedding, one thing that struck us was the hashtag for the festivities: #hubertlovesmeg2015. And in most cases it really is as simple as that. Sometimes, in the simplicity comes the most fluid and the most vivid of ideas and it reflected so much on the wedding details.

"Hubert Loves Meg" - simple as that. Now add all of these amazing wedding artists and you now have an interpretation of that love in the most magical way. From the impeccably custom-made Veluz gown (oh my goodness the details are so precious!!!), to the whimsical feel of the flowers, to how the orange-colored gowns of the entourage flowed with the wind. But what tied it all was really Proud Rad's eye for the unique.

Manila weddings are aplenty--but even then, this was a Manila wedding that saw the celebrations from different colored lenses.

Simply Toni & Paul

Toni and Paul's wedding was clearly rebellious in so many ways. We'd  probably call it an "un-celebrity wedding". From the fact that the bride did her preps at home, to her understated Vera Wang gown (that seemed to transform its colors into a pale kind of blush when hit by the perfect lighting), to how the bride was so secure of herself that she didn't seem to mind sharing the limelight with her maid-of-honor and sister, to the fact that the main entourage consisted of both the couple's immediate families, to Toni's very original grand bridal entrance, to the very fact that they chose Metrophoto to do their wedding photography, oh we could go on and on and on. But those are mostly the 'superficial' ways this wedding could be classified as creative and downright rebellious. 

On a deeper level, this was so different because this was a couple who seemed to have defied many impressions. It was also a wedding that focused on the two most important things often overlooked by all the hullabaloo that goes on in a wedding: the ceremony and the people who witness it. 

So cheers to Toni and Paul. Like every other couple, this day was about love and taking the leap of faith. But unlike other couples, this was a wedding that definitely didn't conform - a reflection of how rebelliously perfect they really are together. 

Get Your Quirk On

Sharing generous, exclusive deals are a staple here in Rebellious Brides---and usually we announce it when our anniversary is nearing. And this year is no exception to that. We have so many crazy things up our sleeves for this year's festivities and to start the ball rolling, here's one of many anniv surprises.

Tim's "Sneaky Sweet" Proposal

One of the most elaborately concocted proposal ideas we've seen so far, Tim actually got a crew to pretend that they are from the TV Network ABS-CBN. Upon arriving the venue, the crew was to act in front of Tim's girlfriend Katrina that they were upset that the couple they were supposed to shoot at the venue didn't show-up. But the best part is that the proposal was a surprise to Katrina's parents as well--all of these emotions were captured in this proposal video made by Motion Diaries and everything could very well have been an episode of a would-be reality show! We are a sucker for romantic and creative proposals like this!

Tim and Katrina Proposal Video VImeo.mp4 from Motion Diaries on Vimeo.

Cheers to Tim and Katrina! Cheers to love!

Video: Motiondiaries
 Photo: Myio Okamoto Photography
 Coordination: Mavie Events
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Toni & Paul - Art Will Save The World

Here in Rebellious Brides, we are anti-conformists (obviously). Therefore it is a conscious effort NOT to feature mainly just celebrities and popular personalities to glorify them. We only feature a select few. And when we do feature these famous celebs, it's because they've rebelled one way or another. And that's why Toni & Paul are featured today. So what makes them "rebellious?"

One word. METROPHOTO. 

A Mashup of Cultures

Inspired by colorful gypsies, Arabian nobility, and the bygone vintage era, Kaye and Andal refreshingly opens our eyes to an engagement session beyond the usual. It's a mashup of different influences--the result is a mix of patterns, colors, and emotions, like a melting pot of cultures. 

Safari Fantasy

The amount of passion and ingenuity that went on in this shoot is undeniably remarkable. Especially when you find out that the couple wanted to do a Safari-inspired prenup shoot in a place that didn't even have this vibe. Wait what??? Yes, you read that correctly. The couple wanted a Safari prenup and the photography & styling team made it happen magically in a place that couldn't have been farther from being Safari-friendly.