Random Rebellion #13

In our blog post: Bouquet Alternatives, one of the alternatives that we adored and we wrote about is the cotton bouquet.

And Oh, Happy Day! Vatel shares on Facebook: So happy to announce that we are now able to import cotton still intact in their pods! Ah, the possibilities! ^_^

We Want Passion Cooks!!!

Jeff and Ycoy by Passion Cooks
Wow. And I mean, WOW. In extra large font WOW. Looking at Passion Cooks' most unique works have made us realize just how spot on their name is. In truth, they are just in a different league of their own. You guys know how critical we are when it comes to including wedding visionaries as part of our Rebellious Bunch List--but we're just gonna go right ahead and put them on that list right here, right NOW. 

A 5-star review at Bridetastic

It doesn't really come out as a big surprise that Passion Cooks is the highest ranked catering vendor in Bridetastic. Their work doesn't just go over and beyond the food itself--their eye for detail is so impeccable and their design aesthetics are so perfectly in tune with the couple's ideas and venue. Simply put, their work is just so passionately moving. 

With no exaggeration, I am so amazed by their work that if I had a wedding now, I'd beg Bridetastic's Cathy Lao to give me their Passion Cooks discount from their The Best for Less promo! Haha. So if you are planning your wedding, gosh...make us proud and join Bridetastic's The Best for Less! All you have to do is answer how Passion Cooks can make your wedding much more special. While you are at it, make it a REBELLIOUS wedding idea because an artistic wedding visionary such as Passion Cooks would be just the kind of partner to really execute a rebellious wedding and make it so breathtakingly wicked! So log on to Bridetastic now make your entry as creative as you can make it to be! 

So without any further exaggeration from me, here are Passion Cooks' picks for their most unique works yet! Extra Tip: Click the names of the couples to see Passion Cooks' complete album!

Read on to find out Passion Cook's definition of the Rebellious Bridetastic Bride!

Kate Spade Mood Board #7


We'd love to see the day when bridal gowns suddenly explode with patterns. Last year, Kate Spade revealed their delicious colors via a monthly reveal which we featured here as Kate Spade Mood Boards. For 2012, Kate Spade will be saying good-bye to solid colors to give way to monthly patterns and we are so excited! January is all about stripes and we're so loving this! How about STRIPES as a wedding theme? How about Stripes and color blocks? Or how about Stripes meets Mod? Oh the possibilities are so endless!

The Ugly Truth

Warning folks. This blog will...in the rarest of occasions, going to turn negative and downright ugly. 

Here in Rebellious Brides, even if we pride ourselves for saying what we want to say, for challenging old-school beliefs, and for replacing traditions with our own, we always try to be as cheerful and pleasant about it. We avoid being negative at all costs even when it comes to our most controversial of blog posts. But we feel that an Ugly Truth needs to be finally revealed, so that brides (and grooms) will be warned of this ugliness once and for all.

There's something nasty that no one seems to warn you about while you are planning your wedding. I guess, nobody speaks of it openly because it's just too sad. But again, it has to finally come out. And even if it means that we have to be the ones to finally be vocal about this white elephant in the room, so be it.

Bridetastic Powers!

Hello there, rebellious bride! Yes, you. 
You have just been empowered!
All it takes is one click and three words: Review A Vendor. 

As a vendor myself (The Makeup of Mica), I'd love to get 5 stars all the time. And for me to be able to achieve that, I have to be at the top of my game. My job, after all, is a delicate one. A bride has to be at her most beautiful on her big day and as a makeup artist, I need to make sure that she is absolute radiant. There is no room for half-baked efforts. Sometimes, you even have to go over and above your duty to help a stressed-out bride (and even remove stains from their gowns if need be...true story!).

What is Bridetastic? Aside from being a bride's venue to chat with other brides or bride-to-be/s, it gives the real deal on actual vendor/supplier interface or experience. In other words, fellow vendors, be very, very afraid! *insert evil laughter* :p Seriously, contributing a review or two is your way of helping out fellow brides. 

With great power comes great responsibility! 

But, dear brides, while you have the power to persuade and change opinions, we, as vendors, request utmost objectivity on the reviews. Do know that because such a site exists, more and more vendors will be on their toes. Specially since a bride can simply tag them and create a review that vendors cannot edit.

This site is specially beneficial for brides not familiar with the existing wedding suppliers in our country. With just one look, top reviewed vendors can be seen:

This makes it easy for you to look for vendors and know what other brides say about them!

Let me share with you some pages from my vendor profile:

My future bride, Lainey, left me a nice message!
When you tag your vendors, the photos will appear on their page.

You can also tag them on videos!

To know how to review a vendor follow these very easy steps:

Rebellious Couple - Arnold & Jo-Anne's 80s Kids Wed (Part 2)

Read Part One of this 2-Part Feature HERE :)
Photos by Randolf Evan
A few days ago, we shared with you an awesome 80s wedding which we proudly featured as one of the dear couples who really found a lot of ideas and comfort in reading our blog. 

As promised, we didn't want to edit out any of Rebellious Couple Jo-Anne and Arnold's retelling of their wedding and their rebellious ways, so here is Part 2 of Arnold & Jo-Anne's 80s Kids Wed!

Rebellious Brides: What is your own definition of a Rebellious Bride?

Jo-Anne writes:
1. A Rebellious Bride and (groom) is someone “unstoppable” - Even if we only had 3 months to prepare for the wedding, we knew that "nothing's gonna stop us"

2. A Rebellious Bride and (groom) is someone who can transform setbacks into opportunities - We didn’t want to burn all our hard earned savings in one day, which turned out to be an even bigger blessing, because it gave us the push to be more creative.

3. A Rebellious Bride and (groom) is one who never stops believing  - A decision to veer away from the norm, would invite comments, that would sometimes shake one's confidence, but it's about taking a stand for what you and your partner believe in. We think that this also applies to a marital relationship and not just the wedding.--- amen to that!

Read on for more!

Random Rebellion #12

It's our first Random Rebellion for 2012 and the future of rebellious-wedding-kind looks super bright. Check out these tweet tips we've received from "D Unbeatable Events Diva" Teena Barretto!

Photo from Mimi and Karl

Don't they look like they popped out form one of our Kate Spade Mood Board inspirations and How to Fight the Veil blog posts? So lovely!

WE Heart Weddings Features The Rebellious Brides!

Please show us some love by reading the awesome feature that we got from WE Magazine's online blog, WE Heart Weddings! We definitely heart this feature! Much love and thanks to Poptastic Bride Cynthia for the write-up! :)

We are truly honored by the support we've been getting from brides, wedding visionaries, and the other online wedding curators such as ourselves. 

It makes us giddy with pride when we randomly see other photography blogs using the term "rebellious wedding" nowadays. We also feel excited in a dorky-fan kind of way when awesome wedding visionaries  share with us tweet pics whenever they see something rebellious while they're on-the-job. But most of all we feel honored whenever rebellious brides-in-the-making and ex-brides  feel a connection with what we have to say. I digress. I feel like I am accepting an award here or something haha. Well, to be in We Heart Weddings is really a big deal for us so we are very happy indeed! :)

Click the screencaps on your left or the one below to visit the feature! :)

The Pedicab Entrance

Special thanks to Rebellious Bride Tin for sharing this with us! :)
Creative Wedding Ideas
---More Fun in The Philippines.

I am completely blown away by the rebelliousness and irreverence of this video that you are about to see. Special thanks to Stephen Wedding Film for taking the time to answer our follow-up questions that we asked about the concept video that they made for Rebellious Bride & GMA 7's Showbiz Correspondent Aubrey Carampel and Errol Aricheta. You gotta watch this guys! Nothing quite like it! 

Errol Aricheta and Aubrey Carampel -Concept 
from Stephen Wedding Film on Vimeo.

Read on to know more about the video!

Countdown to Round 3

It's exactly a month before our Honeymoon/First-Year Anniversary/Vegas Wedding trip and I'm having mixed emotions about it...but overall I'm excited. For those of you who are new to the blog, hello I am Rebellious Bride Kai and I am getting married again, third time to do it, and I've only even been married for 11 months as of today. Rebellious Bride Mica calls me a wedding addict. Bow.
Artwork by The Fozzy Book

How did this happen? Well, for starters, our Boracay Hop wedding, while we love it so much with such a passion, had a few minor "challenges". First challenge which we had to pacify during our Sunshine, Tea-Time, Hats and Pearls Round 2 wedding, was that my parents were simply not happy with our first wedding and don't even consider it as our wedding. So they wanted their own version of our wedding, in Manila so they can invite all their friends and so that they can have a version of our wedding in the Catholic church. Since we already had our dream wedding in Bora, we painfully obliged to go along with this request but with a few of our own conditions. 

The third wedding in Vegas is also addressing the other "challenge" which is 98% of my husband's closest of friends were not in attendance in our first wedding. Again, while our Bora wedding was a dream wedding and that my husband loves it dearly (he swears he watches our wedding video everyday...awww), the fact of the matter is, a part of him felt sad and incomplete knowing that his closest best friends couldn't make it. See, my husband grew up in the States and he hasn't seen his buddies for 11 years. So this Vegas wedding is really all about making the hubby happy. I call this upcoming wedding a "fraternity, all-boys wedding" because I am nervously anticipating what could be like a college boys type of get-together where the bride will probably feel awkward, "one-of-the-boys", and homesick.

Read on to find out a few teaser details about the upcoming Round 3 wedding :)

Rebellious Bride Nikki's Triangle Bouquet

Photos by Mango Red
A couple of months ago, we created a teaser out of Nikki & Jason Buensalido's 11-11-11 wedding. Now, we are excited to share with you, what seems to be one of the most rebelliously innovative bouquets we have seen to-date.

Read on to see what Nikki has to say about her "Triangle Bouquet"

Rebellious Weddings of 2011

The so-called "Best Weddings of 2011" is just a disguise for "Best CELEBRITY Weddings and Best Weddings w/ High-Profiled Surnames of 2011".  It's like high school all-over again. Sorry. You're just not popular enough to be the Prom King and Queen. And Sorry--you're just not royalty or a Kardashian so we don't think the Pixel Cowboy Wedding featured at Green Wedding Shoes is "best of 2011" material (notice the International references so as not to step on the local scene but we all know that this happens in our country damn too much).

So much like our own Wedding Forecast of 2012 which we made on our own, we're also listing down our own most Rebellious Weddings of 2011. How many weddings have you attended in 2011? Out of all those weddings, how many were creative/unique/rebellious? Our intention here is not to boast or to create a popularity poll. Our intention here is simply to encourage and inspire other brides to take the road less traveled. We've created various categories here as well. In some categories, you'll see past Rebellious Brides we have featured, some ideas from our own weddings as well, and from new Rebellious Brides/Weddings that we are just about to feature--again, the intention is not to boast, but to inspire so you can grab ideas---note however that we don't condone "copycats"---what we would like is for you to get inspired by the ideas so that you can make it your own. Let's start!

Rebellious Weddings of 2011 - Based on Prenups

 Left Photo: The Neo-Filipino Prenup photographed by Mitch Mauricio
Right Photo: The Love Play Prenup photographed by Mango Red

1. The "Tanan" & "Artistahin" Prenup

Based on Online Wedding Curators

 This wedding was one of the most viewed and most popular at Green Wedding Shoes for quite a while. And it's not a surprise why. Click the pic below to see this super creative wedding! 

Photo by David Stubbs

 Not trying to be "feeling" or anything, I have an email from Wedding Guide Asia's Stephanie Chai to back it up :)

Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Photos by Mango Red

3. Shakespeare in Love - Bride & Breakfast

Janna Simpao of Bride & Breakfast writes: "In this age of creativity and practical budgets, DIY is a bride’s best friend. Loving the details on this crazy artistic affair. Marco and Corinne’s wedding day looked like a scene from a modern and quirky Shakespearean play–now that’s what you call character! Cheers to artists, poets and love." Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Photo by Pat Dy

4. The Peacock Wedding - Bridetastic

Cathy Lao of Bridetastic singled out Lorely & AJ's wedding for her "ridiculously beautiful" Vatel bouquet, her "pretty unique" Marc Rancey gown and her Peacock DIY projectsClick the pic below to read the link! :)

Photo by Paul Vincent 

5. The "Childhood" Wedding - Bridal Book
Keisha Uy of Bridal Book writes: "Gen & Jardine made their big day a one-of-a-kind affair that celebrated everything they love and enjoy". Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Based on Wedding Innovators

The Lady Gaga Wedding - Photo by Mark Cantalejo
1.  Photographer Mark Cantalejo says:

 "The Gaga-inspired wedding! The bride didn't care what her peers would say. Basta she went for it cuz she wanted it!"

2. The Bridal & Entourage Swimsuits - Hindy Weber Tantoco's Bride 

Upon the request of the bride, photos of their wedding are not allowed to be publicized, but according to the designer, her bride had a beach wedding, and it was the first time that she was commissioned to do maillot swimsuits for the entourage and the bride! How rebellious, fun, and fearless is that!

Photo from clickthecity.com
3. Photographer J Lucas Reyes says:

"Yours? (Referring to Rebellious Bride Kai's Wedding), Okay, besides yours, Rissa & Paolo Trillo's wedding."

"Beyond Words" is how J Lucas Reyes described it in Vatel's blog.  

Dylan Gozum of Vatel agrees with J Lucas Reyes and says: "I think Rissa Mananquil's wedding to Paolo Trillo was rebellious in a way that both of them were very into the whole wedding preps, both of them had a very clear vision of how they wanted their wedding to be, and that they insisted - every step of the way - to have things done according to reflect their personalities. :-)"

We are halfway into the categories. Read on! :)

Rebellious Proposals - More Fun in the Philippines

While I was "hanging out" at Bridetastic's virtual Cafe, I read Bridetastic Bride rachelcrz' question: "It seems that engagement/wedding proposal planning is a trend in the US. I wonder how much effort Pinoy men really put into the proposal planning."

-- I immediately felt the need to boast of our Pinoy men (naks)!  I think  Pinoy men are very rebelliously creative when it comes to their proposals! So naturally, I answered rachelcrz' question with links to some of the awesome proposals that I am quite familiar with. Here are just some of those proposals! 

Marc Fuentes' 
Kundirana-with-acting-on-the-side Proposal

Putting his acting, singing, and "hot-headedness" to good use (hehe), Marc proposed to Rebellious Bride Mica while pretending to having a fight with some guys who were supposedly laughing at him. The guys had a guitar and Marc grabbed it from them and started singing. The funny thing is, Mica was upset that Marc was picking a fight and thought he'd gone mental so she walked out! Hahah! Watch the entire video on how this plot "thickens" :) 

Rebellious Bride Mica says: "Marc is an innately good person. I believe in him so much. I accept him wholly. I wrote this to thank the Universe for giving us a nudge towards each other. I wrote this to tell people about crazy love, about cheesiness, about moments that blow your mind. I wrote this because I am thankful. I feel very loved and blessed in so many ways." To read more about Marc's proposal, click HERE

Alain Bueno's Live Radio Proposal 

All Photos taken by John Bueno of http://www.kumagcow.com/

April 28, 2011 - the staff of Magic 89.9 was briefed that a proposal was going to take place live, on-air, during DJ's CJ and Suzi's The Big Meal show. The radio station was just as excited, nervous, and anxious as the soon-to-be engaged lover boy because it was actually the first-ever proposal the station will ever have in history. 

Read on! 

WE are rebels!

There's a revolution going on and we're glad that slowly, the wedding industry is accepting the change. The change to more creative, personalized and rebellious weddings. One such publication is Wedding Essentials. Although they keep to their classy tonality, I love how they embraced being rebellious in their own way. Say, for example, having FOUR covers instead of one! And out of those four, these two stood out for me:

I absolutely love how the hairdos are all funky and edgy! And the gowns are to die for (Plus, they have anti-white gowns like pink and champagne). Lastly, the line "It's you day, have it your way" very much resonates our beliefs here in Rebellious Brides.

I'm going to get my copy later to see what's inside! In the meantime, here's the rest of the WE covers:

The Rebellious Brides Series

The Rebellious Brides Series: Featuring Dr. Mabeth Rivera
Photo by Mark Cantalejo
In other countries, Boudoir sessions are popular for brides. What it is, is a more sensual and provocative shoot for the bride, which she gives to her groom before the wedding or you know, just to simply keep to remember those days when you still look damn hot. If you are not familiar with Boudoir, google it right now and click on images. Not for the faint of heart. 

This kind of shoot however, is not really very appropriate for our type of culture because we are a bit more shy or "pa-shy effect" haha. And we have the solution for this. Presenting, The Rebellious Brides Series--a new product brought to you by your friendly Rebellious Brides Kai & Mica.

What is "The Rebellious Brides Series"? -- we unleash the rebellious sides of the brides by creating a dedicated fashion shoot for you--so you can "practice" before your prenup and wedding, learn the poses that work for you, and to have this dedicated day for you when you can be your own groom's Next Top Mowdel. 

Rebellious Bride-in-the-making: 
Dr. Mabeth Rivera

Engaged to Atty. Karym Laidan, Mabeth is the poster-girl for the shy, feminine, intelligent woman and we were very eager to bring out a different side of her. Here's a glimpse of that photo shoot. Enjoy :)

The "Wholesome" and "Before" the Rebellious Side was Unleashed Pics

Presenting! Rebellious Bride Mabeth aka Next Top Mowdel

Gown by Sassa Jimenez
Read on to see how we transformed the "doktora!"

Pinoy Pride Prenup

As much as there are so-called negatrons & negastars on the recent Dept. of Tourism launch, there are still more of us who are very proud of who we are and support the cause for our country's own good. So 'wag nang um-attitude, iwagayway ang watawat ng Pinoy Pride. 

On that note, let me proudly present a set that reeks of Pinoy-ness. I am awed at these highly stylized B&W photos that are good enough to be displayed at high-end Pinoy restaurants. Nothing I have ever seen in Wedding Gawker or GreenWedding Shoes where the usual cheesy, bright and sunny prenups are featured. I applaud the sleekness and creativity intricately woven like banig into this Neo-Filipino inspired prenup. Thanks to photographer Mitch Mauricio, of Theory of Bliss for sharing this with us.

Creative couple Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio spearhead the motion graphics studio Acid House Post.
All the photos were shot in B&W, adding drama and intensity.

Scapular Spectacular
 See the rest of the set here: