What are you up to this Holy Week and the rest of the summer? Whatever it is, I'm jealous because I have no summer/beach trips planned at all. Instead, I'm stuck at home recuperating from my surgery--physically, mentally, and emotionally. So apologies for the lack of posts and replies if you've emailed recently. In the meantime, have a great summer adventure and if you are planning your rebellious weddings, take this time to just chill, relax, and have fun with your groom. But if you can't help tune out the wedding preps, be inspired by things that you see around you like the turquoise-colored sea, the dancing coconut trees, or as simple as the summer breeze. Because wedding ideas from expos, magazines, blogs, and social media can get tiresome too. I mean how many Pinterest boards, rustic chic wedding features, and heavily beaded gowns can you stalk and consume before your head bursts! So bye for now rebels! Photo credit: Metrophoto for Eskaya Panglao Island, Bohol
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Gown Projection Anyone?

A few days ago, there was a lot of buzz that revolved around J. Lo's performance of her new song "Feel the Light" on American Idol. J. Lo dubbed it as her ultimate princess moment as she wore an off-shoulder white gown by Mariel Haenn which almost covered the entire stage. What soon followed after we see her in her enormous white gown is a video projection spectacle that transformed her gown into a light show all on its own, subtlety marketing the new animated movie "Home" where the song is part of. 

Watch the video here:

Rebellious Bride Kitchie

She wore an $18 wedding dress, had 15 guests, but got MangoRed and Jason Magbanua to immortalize her beautiful wedding day. Rebellious Bride Kitchie just encapsulated the kind of wedding and the kind of principles that we've been bombarding you with for the past 3 years. What more is there to say? 

The Rebellious Brides 3.0 Edition of Romeo + Juliet

If Romeo + Juliet met in 2015, will they end up killing themselves in the name of love? The answer is NO. Because Juliet would be empowered enough to fight for her freedom, truth, and love.

A Secret Submission For My Wife

Dear Rebellious Brides,

You probably get close to no emails from grooms but I want to do this for my wife. During our entire wedding preparation, we have abused your website through and through. From discovering our suppliers to wedding tips to just simply getting inspiration to the most important day of our lives. She does not know I sent this submission...Also, we found Bob Nicolas on your website....Since then, we never looked at any other videographer other than Bob. So if our wedding will end up in your website, I think my wife would faint. Haha! I'm trying my luck since our civil anniversary is coming up and I know this is what she (secretly) wants. 

But featured or not, we thank you for putting this website. It greatly helped us and calmed my wife during her most stressful times.

More power!

Proudly Filipino

When it comes to conceptualizing weddings, many adopt what they see from abroad. There's nothing wrong if you want a foreign-themed wedding, of course. Most specially if a certain country or theme has sentimental value. But sometimes, you just have to look around you to realize that 1) It's more fun in the Philippines 2) We have a rich culture as inspiration.

And because, we're rebellious, we take inspirations from not just weddings but also 2nd birthdays! Yes, Mio is just 2 and his birthday rocked. It was so Filipino and it reminded a lot of us of how it was in the good old days sans iPads and other gadgets. When fun meant playing outside with a kite made of newspaper or hitting those cans with our slippers or grabbing goodies from a bamboo grid. You guys, yes I am talking those our age, you'll definitely reminisce your childhood when you see the photos.

The whole set-up was styled by Mio's mom Jaws and her good friend Vicky. It was conceptualized intelligently as elements were neatly tied together instead of just adopting a haphazard barrio fiesta. Using minimal colors and design elements like banig (a handwoven mat popular in our country),capiz shells (or windowpane oysters that are widely used in the provinces of the Philippines), national symbols and wooden toys, the whole look was very thematic yet stylish. One of my favorites is the capiz shell-designed cake with a jeepney on top. Even the food served were from our favorite Filipino merienda (mid-afternoon snack)! Yummy!

The Rebellion Hits 2 Million

This blog of ours is grounded on love. It all started because we found the love of our lives and it (the blog) saw us through a lot of milestones and (mis) adventures in a span of four years. It started because we had an insane amount of passion for weddings. It started because we simply love to be there for brides who were like us. The unlikely princesses who refuse to wear the glass slippers and wear Melissa shoes instead. We are surviving, breathing, because of love. And we send it all back to all you, all 2 million views. Love and good vibes and gratitude for keeping the love alive for Rebellious Brides.