Isoebelle & Enzo's Senbazuru Love Story

Photography by Nelwin Uy (All photos are RAW but some were personally post-processed by the Bride herself)
"I started folding paper cranes for Enzo when he went to the states for 2 months...I think that was in 2010. I wanted to surprise him with a thousand cranes when he got back--to tell him that I thought of him whenever I folded the cranes. We ended up using the cranes for our civil wedding last Feb. 11. 
I also wanted to carry out this theme to our church wedding so I incorporated it in our prenup photos as well."
-- Rebellious Bride Isoebelle Romero

This has got to be one of the most meaningful prenup sessions I have ever known. Not for its creativity, not for its beauty. But simply because of the story behind it.


Let me tell you why this video automatically goes to the blog just minutes after Ian Cruz posted this.

Apart from the fact that I am honestly partially biased to most of the wedding artists included in the couple's wedding team; in this day and age of the usual Pinoy Pop/Fiesta themes, going back to Filipiniana (ternos and all) is just so refreshing!

*Plus, I am just secretly biased to SDEs with Yellow as the music bed ;)

Topher and Sam | SDE from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Topher & Sam and to the entire wedding team!


Videography by Ian Cruz
Hair & Makeup by Madge Lejano
Bouquet by Vatel
Styling by Gideon Hermosa
Coordination by Ernest Pascual
Gown by Veluz

Orange You Glad You Got Married?

A dose of color and warmth from photographer Noel Salazar in this country-themed/DIY wedding. Have a bright week ahead, Rebellious Brides!

The boutonnieres and bouquets were all handmade by the bride. LOVE the checkered, polkadot and floral prints!

A heart-shaped fire lantern! How awesome!

Burlap and printed fabric buttons are perfect for this country wedding feel set in the province of Tacloban. 

A fruit punch and a checkered table cloth make for a relaxing wedding. 
Let them eat PIE!

Rebellious Couple Anne & Mike's Steel & Ice Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto
A rebellious bride is a dreamer, someone who knows what she wants, someone who is different from everyone else and someone who is not afraid to be criticized. A bride that opens her mind to endless possibilities and embraces that the  extraordinary ideas will make it all worth it.

Rebellious Bride Anne Buenaobra on her definition of a Rebellious Bride 

You know that a wedding is really something when everyone on the wedding team is rooting for you and your extraordinary theme. This was the case for Anne & Mike's wedding wherein from the coordinator, to the stylist, to the cake, to the photographer, everything was just so in sync! You could tell that they were all excited to bring the ideas out to the world. You could tell from Teddy Manuel's spectacular works of art, from Teena's passion for the couple and the wedding...everything just absolutely worked so well and the result? A rebellious labor of love in every sense of the word. 

Here's what Anne had to say about their Steel & Ice wedding. And what I loved about her stories the most was her relationship with Teena Barretto. Enjoy!

Rebellious Brides: What was the theme/concept of your wedding and what was your inspiration behind it?  

Anne: Our concept/theme is Steel and Ice--and it’s a crazy idea by Teena Barretto. Just a short story how we got to know each other. She was on vacation here in LA when we were actually looking for a wedding planner in Manila.  We drove 4 hours just to meet with her...that’s how we started our relationship with Teena.  She was doing her conceptualization and then she said, "You’re so opposites! And with your personalities, I don’t know how you guys get along so well. And to think that you guys are together na for 5 years ha! Lol"….then we decided that our wedding theme should symbolize us. How different we are but how perfectly we are able to come together. Teena said, "I visualize your wedding as Steel and Ice".

Then everything was left to Teena’s hands. Our angel! 

RB: What makes you a rebellious bride? 

Rebellious Bride Shalimar

Photos by Parker Shot Photography
 "A rebellious bride for me is one who knows exactly what she wants and would stand firm by her decisions at all cause. A visionary, a researcher, a creative artist, a critique, and a person who still finds grace in things she cannot control are just few of her alluring characteristics. All of these speak of who I am, making me a rebellious bride :)" 
-- Rebellious Bride Shalimar Dimaandal - Inocencio

In the plethora of mushrooming black & white weddings, how else could you possibly make it your own? Make it fun. Create the theme and break it anyway with pops of color. Make it whimsical. All of these things, Sha was able to make. Yes, the wedding was in black & white. But definitely not the templated b&w kind of wedding.

Here's how Sha recounts her rebel wedding :)

Blake Lively is a Rebellious Bride!

Photos by Vanity Fair

All the wedding details have been kept under wraps...and all details are slated to be released only to Martha Stewart Weddings for the December issue but one thing's for sure...Blake Lively is a rebel bride. Why you might ask? Well, despite the wedding being super secretive, a couple of details have leaked out. For starters, the bride strictly only had SIXTY guests, handwritten vows, lots of smores after the ceremony, and whimsical wedding details as collaborated with gal pal Martha Stewart herself!

We just can't wait to see all the wonderful details!

Congratulations to the hot couple!


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Hunger Games DIY Ideas

Vera Wang's Bridal Red Gowns & the release of the Hunger Games DVD (I'm watching it now!) have inspired me to create another Hunger Games Wedding post.

Since the movie was released, and since our first attempt at conceptualizing an HG-themed wedding, a lot of DIY ideas have surfaced the web.

Here are just some of my personal favorites!

The Bride on Fire

My eyes burned with envy when I saw Vera Wang's newest collection. It's as if she had a rebellious epiphany and decided to create all these very fiery and sensational numbers. I want to wear one. I really do.

"Vera’s Spring 2013 Bridal Collection full of crimson, vermillion and dahlia has begun shipping to Vera Wang bridal stores worldwide!
Based on Vera’s Spring 2013, Fall 2012 and Spring 2012 Bridal Collection it’s clear that the 
traditional guidelines and expectations for bridal wear has experienced a fundamental change and shift in pace over the last few years and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see color injected into the industry.
If you’re wanting to veer away from being a Traditionalist bride and looking for an alternate color for your gown, this collection is for you."

Don't you just love that the rebellion has gone contagious?! It makes me want to jump for joy! 

The Steel and Ice Wedding

The long wait is over. We can finally share what seems to be one of the most awesome weddings of this year.

In Rebellious Bride Anne's words, watch out as we share with you how they collaborated with Unbeatable Events Diva Teena Barretto on their ultra chill wedding theme. Coming Soon!

Fr + Mn: Shackled For Life

Photography by CS Photography
"...we were suddenly struck by the idea of a hilltop wedding. The perfect spot? Ligñon Hill Nature Park. We were determined to be the first couple to be wed there, despite the difficulties regarding access and safety and tons of objections from our family."

Rebellious Bride Maan on their breathtaking wedding venue

"Shackled For Life"....that's how Maan coined their wedding theme, or their wedding in general. A chemist being married to a jail officer. Interesting jobs deserved an interesting wedding, don't you think? There is no doubt that this wedding had a lot of unique details. But my favorite is really the venue and the fact that the couple was really determined to have a hilltop wedding despite the challenges.

Here are just some of the very many rebel details of the "Shackled For Life" wedding as told by the bride herself:

Rebellious Brides Present: The Bigger Picture

Photography by MangoRed
Hello rebels! How's wedding planning so far? This long (but very special) piece that we are about to share with you, is perfect for those who just got engaged and are just in the first stages of the wedding planning. But even if you are already midway into your wedding preps, this could still help you take control of your preps especially if things are already getting out of hand.  

Maybe the love of your life just proposed. And all these ideas about the wedding are already pumping you up. And that's okay. It's part of what makes the engagement and the planning exciting. You'll probably start buying all the wedding magazines that you can get your hands on, secretly feeling special that you can finally buy them. You'll start searching the web, and start scheduling for your wedding expo trips.You start to form the kind of wedding you want--go ahead, absorb all the things you see, read, and hear. Just let it flow. But don't feel like you have to decide now or that this is how your wedding should be.

Kate Spade Mood Board #14

I luuuurve polka dots! Who doesn't? Kate Spade says: "Think out of the box! it might be straight-up dots or something dreamily abstract like a balloon floating through the air----the sky's the limit!"

How about a wedding theme revolving around polka dots? There are so many other wedding ideas that FAR BEYOND the usual "vintage chic", "shabby chic", "black & white" and whatnot. So live a little bit more and think of ideas that reflect you and not what reflects what's "in" when it comes to weddings.

Random Rebellion #25

Random Rebellion #25 is Rebellious Bunch Nelwin Uy's magnificent chandelier shot that literally makes you 'in the mood for love'. 

Photography by Nelwin Uy

Excellent wedding photography can paint a thousand words and shake you to the core. And that is why we strongly feel that this is one of the greatest investments/splurges that you need to prioritize. 

To see more of Nelwin Uy's works, visit:

Funky Bridesmaid Ideas!
Yesterday, my team and I (The Makeup of Mica) had a trial for a bride. She showed me her mood  board which had a motif of aqua and purple. But what really struck me was when her sister showed us her hair. She had highlighted her side bangs in PURPLE! My spider senses tell me this is going to be one fun and funky wedding!

Now, that act is definitely not for the faint of heart. So for those of you with a rebellious streak ;) but do not want any drastic color changes for your hair, how about this hair chalking technique for your funky bridesmaids?

OR you can opt to incorporate your color with creative nail polish techniques.

Instead of the usual made-to-order bridesmaid dresses, why don't you just take the girls shopping for cute dresses they can re-use? Like say, in color blocks?
Another cool idea you can do is give each bridesmaid are these design-your-own sandals. It comes in a variety of colors and adornments for a more personalized style. It's like a multi-way dress for your feet!

Check them out at The Balikbayan Box ;)

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013

Photos by Getty Images
For someone who adores all the shades of blue...most especially the aquas and the turquoises of this world, for someone who just absolutely loves to marvel at the sea, seeing the breathtaking Lhuillier gowns from her Spring 2013 collection is just pure bliss. 

Taking inspiration from water, mermaids, and sea life forms, there's not a doubt in my mind that Lhuillier's gowns are perfect for your anti-white bridal look. 

So make us proud and go beyond the traditional white. Enjoy the photos!

An Intimate Wedding of 20 (Including the Couple!)

Photography by ImageNation
I know that our wedding is not for everyone and we respect those who prefer otherwise but to those who really want an intimate wedding but are afraid or being pressured of doing otherwise, I say go for it! Take a stand and don't be afraid to have your dream wedding. Those who truly know and love you will understand and honestly, those who don't understand either don't love you enough or shouldn't matter. In any case, you can always throw a party for your officemates, friends or extended family before or after the wedding which is exactly what we did.

--Rebellious Bride Marga on their intimate wedding in Tagaytay

Rebellious Venice Film Festival Gowns

The other day, we brought you some rebellious inspirations from the catwalk. This time, here are some inspirations from GMA 7 premiere actress Lovi Poe at the Venice Film Festival. Don't you just love both of her gowns? And her look? She makes us so proud!

Lovi Poe in an 'Anti-White' Cary Santiago gown (Photo lifted from
Lovi Poe in a 'White w/ a Twist' Veejay Floresca creation at the Venice Film Festival Source: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe

Because we just can't get enough of both gowns (and Lovi), here are more photos! 

Rebellious Photography

There are photos that kind of make you go..."that's cool", or "that's beautiful", or even "goodness too much editing!". But then there are photos that make you want to know more about the story behind it. That you know the subject and the artist behind the lens are trying to make a statement. Photos that kind of stir an emotion inside of you. Being rebellious is self taught. It's not something you impose on yourself because it makes you look cool. It's organic. Same thing with photography. Rebellious Photography. The likes of Rebellious Bunch - Toto Villaruel. Let me tell you why he's the kind of photographer we'd like our readers to consider. He doesn't need to sponsor celebrity weddings. He doesn't have to overly edit photos. He doesn't have to create fancy packages. It's just really about the priceless photos he can produce.

Photography by Toto Villaruel