Rachelle and Lee's Tagaytay Highlands Metrofied Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

I am a "Tagaytay Highlands Baby". What I mean to say is, Tagaytay Highlands felt like a second home to me for what seemed like fifteen years ('till my membership expired for being too old to be my dad's extension OUCH). New years, thanksgivings, holy weeks, hundreds of milestones, bonding sessions with loved ones will make this place forever special to me. What's my point? My point is, I know this place by heart and I've seen this place photographed many, many times. To make this place look new to me would be close to impossible. So when I saw Rachelle and Lee's 'Metrofied' Tagaytay Highlands Wedding, I was completely dumbfounded and downright impressed (as always) by how Metrophoto made such a seemingly popular venue feel exciting and new again. Of course, Oly is one half of it. Congratulations are in order to Rachelle and Lee for making their wedding so uniquely remarkable despite the weather. 

Random Rebellion #48 & #49

Despite another storm that's coming our way, there's lots of random colorful, sunny, and bright goodies from your friendly happy wedding talents this week :)

Gideon Hermosa writes: Our origami backdrop from Mimi and Mark's wedding:)— with Jessa AgnoErnest Pascual and Wesley V. Dela Cruz at The Blue Leaf Events Pavillion, McKinley Hill.

Marv Yap writesWe are so blessed to be part of this beautiful wedding!  Love Ryan&Frenz

Simple But Significant

ImagineNation Photography by Noel Salazar, Shayla Sanchez, and Richard To Beljot

Rebellious Bride Ria guest blogs here in RB to tell you about their simple wedding. Yes, the wedding seems rebelliously simple but read her write-up to learn a thing or two about restraining from becoming a "HOARDER BRIDE" -- a term we'd like to use for brides who have the tendency to hoard all the ideas they see, and have the tendency to get all kinds of suppliers just because they've come highly recommended. On a sidenote, this is one of the reasons why we DON'T recommend going to wedding expos because it's too overwhelming and you get the tendency to book suppliers impulsively. We'd also like to note that despite the wedding being seemingly simple, we think that Ria and TL's wedding invitations are one of the BEST ones we've seen so far for the brilliant reason that they refreshingly created details on the envelope flap itself and kept the actual invites as simple as possible. 

Rebellious Bride Ria writes:

  Being the only girl in my family and the first to get married at that, I did not have the slightest idea on what to do and where to start with the wedding planning. So, like many other giddy, newly-engaged, bride-to-be, I spent countless hours online looking for inspiration, tips, and resources for the most important day of my and my fiance’s life. With all the available data online for brides- and grooms-to-be, the wedding possibilities are endless that it becomes too easy to lose one’s individuality in the world of themes, colors, quirks, and other what-have-yous. I realized then that the real challenge in wedding planning is really restraint and the ability to stay true to one's personality. Fortunately, early on, I came across this slogan on Pinterest that said, “make it simple but significant.” That became my motto since and I used it as guide in all our wedding-related decisions and details.

Something Bluer Than Blue

It's the end of the "something series" from Simply Bridal and we saved the best for last! A sapphire engagement ring sounds rebellious and purrty! How about incorporating some of this bluer than blue ideas? :)

Back track the other "somethings" below!

Rachelle & Nino's Collective Prenup

The rain has passed and now it's time to move on with more positivity and a dose of good vibes. There's not much to say here other than the fact that Rachelle and Nino were determined not to make their prenup the 'usual' and more-than-the-usual it turned out to be indeed. Props to the team over at Quirky Creatives for making this set look cool as opposed to downright grimy--which could have easily happened with the wrong photographer. Enjoy!

Anti-Reception Venue Suggestion: Rustic Mornings by Isabelo


We are absolutely excited to share with you all another anti-reception venue that will truly make your wedding much, much more meaningful and organically charming without the need for any styling and without the need to do it in a typical location.

Photography by Cy

I am a breakfast person at heart, and I'm gonna go ahead and boldly say that Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is the BEST breakfast/brunch experience in town. I say experience because it has all the ingredients for a restaurant to be in my best of books--and that is when the food is just as fantastic as the giddy ambiance you are paying for, and when value for money is so exceptional it seems beyond real.

The 'Maring' Prenup

Photography by Pixelfish Concept
Okay, we said that we weren't going to blog today but we felt that this story just had to be told so that everyone can feel a glimmer of hope despite the horrific weather. 

In the midst of several news of weddings being cancelled due to this god forsaken rains, hope and love prevails. Special shout outs to rebellious couple Lloyd & Ivy and their team over at Pixelfish! We admire this couple and their photog's courage but rebels, don't attempt this today! 

Watch their feature below! 

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Doesn't feel very appropriate to be blogging right now given the current weather situation in our neck of the woods. So the blog will temporarily be quiet for now. In the meantime rebels...

Source: ecuad.ca
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Something Borrowed...And Why Not?

In the past two weeks, Simply Bridal was kind enough to provide us with wonderful ideas on "something old", and "something new". This time around, we are covering the "something borrowed" aspect of it. Out of all the "somethings", this is probably the most unpopular one just because we tend to be proud when it comes to these things especially when we are too conscious of what other people might say if they knew that some wedding elements have been recycled. But we say why the hell not? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is what we say!

"Though it is the brides wedding day, remember not to “demand” to borrow items for your loved ones, but rather ask politely to express the value it would signify to have their item incorporated into the special day." -- a gentle reminder from www.SimplyBridal.com

Done something similar to what was shared in the infographic? Tell us all about it! We'd love to feature! :)
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Karla + Earl's Meteora Prenup

Photography by Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza

While answering an email from an RB reader who was seeking our recommendations for intimate wedding venues near Cavite, one of the suggestions that we made was Meteora Tagaytay. And while we were looking for reference links that we could provide to our reader, we stumbled upon this romantic prenup from Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza that we couldn't resist sharing with you all. Here's another example of a "Classic w/ a Twist" type of prenup. Karla & Earl's prenup was a rebellious idea in a sense that it had the vibe of a love nest. But then with the tasteful hands of Jayson & Joanne plus the eye of RabbitHole Creatives, the look became quite timeless---evoking feelings of a getaway trip to the South of France. Here's more!

Pia + Shuni's Shabby Chic & Mask Fair Wedding

Photography by We Do It For Love

As I was looking through Pia and Shuni's wedding photos, I was immediately taken and impressed by how unique their wedding details were. They actually call their theme shabby chic--but as you will see in this feature, they managed to create such an uncommon interpretation to an otherwise common theme. The wedding felt fun, playful, whimsical, magical, imaginative, and nostalgic as if it were a children's book made to come alive. At the same time, the couple made the whole wedding festivities feel like a private mask fair with many interactive ideas and decorations. Just goes to show that there's still MORE to shabby chic than meets the eye and it's so much fun to create your own wedding rules! 

Pia & Shuni definitely knew how to curate and edit old ideas from new ones and the result of which is a wedding that we've never seen before! This is definitely one of the most charming rebellious weddings we've seen so far this year :)

Love and "Cupidity"

Cornetto Cupidity (Trailer) from Ben Boullier on Vimeo.

In the grander scheme of things, Rebellious Brides is just one aspect of our lives. The bulk of my work revolves around advertising campaigns, media, local TV, and being a think-tank. It's what I do...and I live in the world of ideas. And the same goes for RB Mica! So it's no surprise that a lot of the wedding inspirations that we have are not even wedding-related most of the time. And that is why we encourage you to do the same. With that being said, we'd love to share with you this wonderful campaign that is a wonderful source of ideas and of love. It's a Cornetto campaign that started in the UK and how they've asked teenagers from around the world to share love stories that were in turn visualized by creative greats. Here's some of them. Sit down, and take the time to watch. And may these short films move you to more giddy love..and more rebellious wedding ideas ;)

cornetto-kismet FILM from Film Bah├žesi on Vimeo.

Cornetto 'Margot' from Greek Street Studios on Vimeo.
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Grace & Mark's Tonight, Tonight Save the Date Idea

Origami in Motion from ableslayer on Vimeo.

Inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight music video, Grace & Mark created a vintage romantic horror save the date concept that turned out quite spunky. What is interesting to note is the fact that even if they had Smashing Pumpkins as a peg in mind, they still created their own spin on it--the result of which was a unique interpretation of their own. What's more, this set goes to show how a concept can thrive and flourish into something beautiful when it's in the hands of tasteful talents. We've seen similar ideas that fell flat--but not this one though. Grace & Mark's save the date is definitely one for the books!

 NOSAJ Photography by Jason Angcao

Rebellious Bride Haidee's Bridal Style

Photography by We Do It For Love

We are lovin' Rebellious Bride Haidee's Boy Kastner Santos anti-white bridal gown! And wait 'till you see the back! You know that a gown has attitude when you can look at it from any angle and it's stirring up so many rebellious emotions inside of you. This look is so inspired. So refreshing. So charming. Equally charming is how the bride put the entire look together. And not everyone could have pulled off the shoes that Haidee paired it with. But with the tasteful eye of We Do It For Love, combined with the bride's effortless chicness, somehow it all worked out fantastically! Here's more!

Something New...and Eco-Friendly

Hello there rebels! Last week, our awesome friends from Simply Bridal shared with us an infographic on how to be a little bit more rebellious with the "something old" tradition. This time around, they shared with us a wonderful "something new" infographic that is all about going digital and hence, being more eco-friendly! Love this to bits! :)

"In this technology driven era, make your something new cutting edge and completely electronic! Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint but also partaking in an eco-friendly world." -- www.SimplyBridal.com

Marianne & John's Behind-the-Scenes Prenup

Marianne & John Engagement Shoot BTS from Joanna Eduardo on Vimeo.

When Marianne submitted to us their prenup, we liked the fact that she put more focus on their behind-the-scenes video. To her and John, the BTS was worthy of its own feature because it captured so much more facets of the prenup itself. And we couldn't agree more! 

We are fans of BTS shoots! In fact in our own respective weddings, RB Mica and I had second teams to capture the behind-the-scene moments as well. Sometimes, it's as simple as getting a friend, relative, or new talents who are more than willing to do it as a gift or to build their own portfolios. But a word of caution. Having several teams hovering over you can get ugly. Sometimes, there are also photogs/videogs who are uncomfortable with having other teams around just because it means that the space and time allotted to shoot with you becomes even more limited and challenging than it already is(especially when the time is already tight to begin with). So don't get a BTS team if there's too many in your wedding team's respective head counts or maybe assign your BTS team to cover other aspects of the preps besides you and your groom. 

Here's more from Marianne:   

Rebellious Bunch: The Blacktieproject

Photography by The Blacktieproject 
"Rebellious brides are not your average brides. They go beyond their own expectations. They're made of sugar, spice and everything in between. These brides want more than just a sweet wedding cake, they want it mouth-watering. These brides want more than just a long white wedding dress, they want it apart from the ordinary and something they can call their own, representing their identity as a woman. These brides want more than just ringing bells, flying doves, golden rings and balloons, they want fireworks. Rebellious brides know exactly what they want and how they want to do it."

-- The Blacktieproject on their definition of the Rebellious Bride

Something Old...But Rebellious

Our friends over at Simply Bridal shared with us this wonderful infographic on how to incorporate "something old" to your wedding. But what I love about this infographic is that it's not traditional per se. There are a lot of modern ideas here on how to update this so-called rule/superstition so that you guys can be more creative about it. Enjoy!


Viel & Jen's Escolta Meets Gatsby Prenup

Photography by Bethoven Filomeno
Well hello there, August! It's been months since we went into roaring 20s mode but it looks like the Gatsby fever is still in full swing, old sports! Jen sent us a very well-written feature about their ideas so I'll let her take you through it now!