Road trip Prenup Session

I just love the idea and the overall tone of this road trip prenup session. There's just something naturally cool about it. No overly done cheesy poses, no overly done drama, no overly done styling, no overly done camera tricks. Just pure fun, pure groove.

Here's what Rebellious Bride Chloe had to say about their prenup:

An Understated Rebellious Boracay Wedding

Pure Genius. I've never seen a Boracay Wedding like this before. Rebellious by the sheer understated modern minimalist take on everything. So effortlessly cool. So effortlessly beautiful. Mangored never ceases to make us drool.

Random Rebellion #18, 19, 20

Since it's been quite awhile since we had a Random Rebellion post, we've decided to share a whole lot of awesome random rebelliousness today :)

Starting off with a teaser to our upcoming Rebellious Brides feature on the Lifestyle channel's Listed with Karen Pamintuan :)

Karen Pamintuan fulfills her dream Rebellious Wedding Concept w/ no less than our very own Chief Diva Makeup Artist & Rebellious Bride Mica Watch out for that! :)
Another beautiful fabric bouquet creation from Rebellious Bunch Bonne by Bonsai Fojas that was made for Heidi Del Rosario
On Instagram, Rebellious Bunch - Jason Magbanua shares with us what seems to be one of the most unique bouquets we've ever seen this year: A DOMINATRIX WHIP BOUQUET by Teddy Manuel A-MAH-ZING! :)

Nothing like a huge doze of rebellious creativity to start the day! Enjoy ladies :)

Rebellious Bride Sasa's Hearts Wedding

"Just a thought: the word rebellious should not be taken literally when it is linked with the word bride because the real meaning of 'rebellious' is actually in a positive sense. For me, a rebellious bride is a talented bride. It takes a lot of Courage, Creativity and Concept for a bride to be called such and be a certified one. Kudos to us especially to the masterminds, Kai and Mica! :)"

Rebellious Bride Jessa Solijon on her definition of a Rebellious Bride

The Round 3 Vegas Wedding

One upon a time, a girl grew up to become an inner rebel. In an animal personality test, she was a hybrid of a Panther and a Peacock. Her zodiac signs are both a Sagittarius and a Capricorn. And in Pottermore, her wand is said to be made of sycamore wood & unicorn hair--which means this wand would get easily bored and might burn into ashes if asked to do mundane magic. She was also sorted to Ravenclaw which is home to many eccentric wizards. So can you just imagine how topak (mental) this girl probably is? Unstable. Craves for innovation. Looks quiet in the outside, dorky and a fighter inside. The contradictions can go on. 

At any rate, she grew up like any other girl who wishes to be loved and adored by her prince charming. This prince charming did come true, and just the right prince charming who shares her own vision of someday getting married in Boracay, and immediately they agreed and vowed to shake things up on their wedding day. Not because they needed to be different, but because they wanted their own personalities, rules, and personal traditions to shine celebrate their love in the best way they knew how. 

But just as the girl was kinda complicated, so was the prince charming. He was happy with the first wedding (not so much during the second wedding) but there was something missing. A part of him yearned for home, a part of him wished he could celebrate with his best friends. And so one day they decided to pack their things and have another wedding a thousand miles away. They haven't had a honeymoon anyway. And it was the first year anniversary. Not to mention, that it's the end of the world as we know it, and one of the items on the Bucket List had to be crossed out: It's time for a Vegas Elvis wedding.

Photography by Nelwin Uy

Round 3 Vegas Gown

All Photos are by Nelwin Uy unless labeled otherwise
I'd like to dedicate a blog feature just for my Vegas gown. It's a very simple gown but I thought it needed its own "airtime" because it was naturally outshined the first time it was worn. That's right folks, you read it right. This gown has been worn before---and I didn't mind wearing a "recycled" gown for the Vegas wedding.

Rebellious Bunch designer Hindy Weber Tantoco and I had a different "grand Vegas plan" for the third wedding. We were initially dreaming of creating a navy blue & gold outfit for me but when my husband got into an accident last December (which explains why he is sporting a "robotic" shoe as his wedding shoes), I didn't think it was appropriate to indulge on a new gown just for Vegas. So in truth, we had our doubts if this gown will work for Vegas. After all, it was meant to be worn as a beach outfit. But heck, when was I ever afraid to reinvent the rules right? A Rebellious Bride makes it work, whatever circumstance or challenge is thrown her way! :)

Round 3 Vegas Details

All photos are by Nelwin Uy

Hooray! I can finally bring back my Vegas blog posts on RB! :)

I'll break the feature down into 3 parts: The Details, The Gown, and The Wedding. But first, for those of you who are new to the blog and are wondering...err..."aren't you supposed to be married already?", please visit one of my previous blogs about this here: Countdown to Round Three

One Happy Rebellious Story

All photos by One Happy Story

What we love about the wedding industry is that talent is just everywhere. Not just in Manila. We hear a lot of wedding artists from Visayas and Mindanao that are making waves here and abroad and One Happy Story is definitely one of them.

Known for their fresh photography that uses very minimal editing, Cagayan de Oro-based photographers One Happy Story was just recently included in an exclusive listing for Love Olio which hand-picks the most "groundbreaking" photographers in the WORLD--and we couldn't be any prouder for them. 

With so many photographers to choose from, what makes one stand out for us? One is minimal post-processing...when the RAW photos are just so beautiful as it is. Second is when a photo evokes so many feelings and emotions that you can't help but be intrigued--so much so that you kinda wanna be in that picture yourself. Third is just effortless beauty. And One Happy Story is just that. 

One Happy Story is based in CDO therefore we highly recommend them for couples who are based in Visayas and Mindanao--particularly the ones from Cebu and Davao. You guys are lucky to have this kind of talent in your own neck of the woods. I particularly love that One Happy Story's style is so close to the Southern Californian look that grace Green Wedding Shoes all the time. So if you are from VisMin, take this one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with a team that has this world-class appeal. Bon Aserios of One Happy Story wittingly says that they can be your "rebels from Mindanao" -- when it comes to weddings that is. Haha!

One Happy Story has this to say about the Rebellious Bride:

The Rebellious Bride is a

LEGEN..wait for it...wait for it...wait for iiiittt....DARY!

When a bride gets what she wants for her wedding she is already defying traditions. There will always be a friend, a sister, a mother, an aunt, a principal sponsor who will give his/her own suggestions and what not for the bride's wedding but when the bride shrugs it off and just follows what her dream wedding will be, she is a Rebellious Bride :)

Get happy with One Happy Story's "fresh, fun funky, photography!" :)

The Tale of The Giant Paper Flower

Photos by John Sy
When I was thinking of a clever blog title for this feature, I instantly thought of something that sounds like a children's book, a fairytale, or a fable. Because there's just something about giant paper flowers that make me feel like I'm in some magical whimsical wonderland.

Beauty in the Eclectic

"My advice to future brides: be open to new ideas. Open your eyes. Be creative and have fun!" -- Designer Veejay Floresca

When I was going through Rebellious Bunch - Cherryblocks' blog, one wedding really caught my eye. A bride who seemingly looked quite delicate was wearing an elaborately, uniquely textured gown and was holding a sign that says "I tried being normal once, I didn't like it". I instantly wanted to know more about this wedding and was just completely blown away by the details and the innate rebelliousness of both the bride and the groom. 

Wedding Agency: Crazy Love

Let me start this blog with some screaming, "AAAAAAAH....I LOVE IT!" Such irreverence. Such craycrayness. Such TOPAK! 

RB readers, meet my youngest sister Gem. As sister to one-half of the rebellious brides, she was bound to have a prenup filled with REBELry. After all, I find that the best engagements sessions capture exactly the personalities of the two people featured. And this session was SPOT ON.

Gem and Jay-R are both medical reps from the country's top pharmaceutical brand so at first we were playing around Love & Other Drugs. Eventually, we came up with Crazy in Love because of their whirlwind love story and their innate craziness. Taking cues from the the music video After Midnight by Blink 182 (thanks to my husband for this!), pegs and moodboards were made. 

This shoot was made possible in collaboration with the amazeballs team of We Do It For Love.

Click below for more doses of love & lunacy!

Rebellious Bunch - The Makeup of Mica

Photo by Cholo Dela Vega
"I don't just put on makeup based on what I know. I factor in the uniqueness of every bride I meet. By making her feel comfortable and happy, her inner glow is just as beautiful as her airbrushed self. We also believe in making each woman feel like a better version of themselves and not all covered up in makeup. Add in a dash of fun and each session is always enjoyable for us and our beautiful brides :)" -- RB Mica

The Makeup Stories that are perfect for your Weddings...
Photo by Pat Dy
Photo by The Black Tie Project

Photo by Gogie Sinson

Photo by Mark Cantalejo
Photo by J Lucas Reyes

Photo by Pat Dy
Photo by Pat Dy

Photo by Gogie Sinson

The Makeup Stories that are perfect for your Rebellious Prenups & Other Shoot Concepts...

Photo by Cholo dela Vega

Photo by Mikki Cuenca

Photo by Cholo dela Vega

Photo by Cholo dela Vega

Photo by Paul Vincent

The Makeup of Mica - The Rebellious Brides' Chief Diva Makeup Artist.