Cuba in Manila

Metrophoto has changed the game for engagement photos. Not just in Manila but even for the rest of the world. I mean who freakin' hires on-cam talents just to stage a story? Who does that?!? Oly will do everything he can to evolve the craft--to remold wedding photography in a way that moves his couples to do crazy things--rebellious things, if you think about it. To be completely honest my husband and I never had a prenup during our time--because we thought it was soooo cheesy and we didn't think it was necessary. Now if these crazy ideas of Oly were already available 5 years ago, maybe we would have considered--especially my husband. Because apart from Metrophoto's badass prenup "evolution" what makes it even more unique is the fact that it makes the grooms cool and manly. And that's something that always seems so awkward with some of the usual prenup shoots--it makes the guys feel silly and it makes them feel secondary. Oly never does that. He meticulously and thoughtfully celebrates both the bride AND the groom. 

Metrophoto was able to magnify Jazz and Archie's love with so much color, passion, and life. The result is a story of a couple, as vibrant as a mash-up of Cuba and Manila. 

Jan's Bridal Style - Flower Power

This is probably the third time that we've featured a Midori Moon Bride and there seems to be a commonality -- they all have such an effortless bridal style that's just so unique and charming. 

J & Lind's Denim Love

If MangoRed didn't share this with us, I'd think these photos were a series of ads for a denim brand. Except they are way better in terms of execution. The whole set feels gritty and pretty at the same time. It's as if they decided to just pack up and leave, and declare, to hell with everything else. 
They have love. That's enough.

I'd also call this prenup shoot super cool but calling them cool seems uncool. So let's just all stare at them *cool* kids in their leather and denims while they smoke and ride them fancy cars.

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The Wedding Agency - "Mateo High" School Wedding

Not a lot of couples can say that they've been together since High School. That's why when Mark and Jasmine got our services to help them conceptualize for their big day, we took the cue from their love story and thought of having a school-themed wedding which we fondly called "Mateo High" --the couple's married surname. 

Rebellious Wedding Crashers

Ladies and gentlemen, brides and grooms, THIS is how you crash a wedding party. Thank you, Maroon 5. You've just made wedding crashing an awesome reception idea. So why not surprise you spouse with their favorite band and sign them up to do it gate crash style. You can even pretend you don't know a single thing about the event and just be as shocked! Haha! Do it for the love of irreverence and sheer craziness and mostly because flash mobs are so 2011! 

Screen capture from the music video

The 35-year-old Maroon 5 frontman, who married model Behati Prinsloo in July, decided to spice up other couples' big days by crashing weddings all over Los Angeles on Dec. 6.
The result is the video for the band's hit song "Sugar," off their 2014 album "V."
"David Dobkin, who is an awesome director and a really dear, dear friend, decided to revisit the concept of obviously the original 'Wedding Crashers,'" Levine told Access Hollywood last month. "The only difference being we actually crashed weddings this time!"
"[We] literally showed up and played songs for these guys. They were surprised," he added.
Surprised is just the beginning. Check out the video above to see just how thrilled the couples were.

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Aidz & Karen: A Music Fest Beach Wedding

It was easy for Aidz and Karen to decide on their theme. Having been a couple since college, they both knew what they loved most - music and the beach.

So it was a festival of sorts as they gathered their loved ones and friends by the beach and let them experience a vibrant yet chill wedding celebration.
KAREN: We love going to concerts and festivals so what better way to share that experience with our guests than create one by the beach! Inspired by Coachella, a lot of our wedding details revolve around music!
We had a ferris wheel! What is a Coachella themed event without one?! It was expensive to rent one so we decided to have one made and just decorated it with flowers. We loved it so much that we used it as a backdrop for both the ceremony and reception! All the guests loved it so much too that almost everyone had a photo with it!
In Coachella, there are a lot of freedom boards. We used our cake as a freedom board where guests can write and do whatever they want with it using colored icings.
Invites & Website ( We veered away from the usual simple, clean designs and opted for a colorful, watercolor design to go with the boho, festive theme. We worked super closely with the suppliers because we believe that the invites and the website are two of the most important touchpoints of our wedding.
Table Names - All tables were labeled according to our (all-time/current) favorite artists!
Reception Music - We rarely used the band! We only used them during the rockeoke part of the reception, actually. During dinner and that dull time between the ceremony and reception, we played our favorite Coachella performances on the screen to give guests that concert vibe by the beach.
Reception Entrance - The whole long table was full of DIY activities! 1. Temporary tattoo area - only because you can get a tattoo at a Coachella event 2. Message board - Guests had to send us their messages / well wishes using song lyrics 3. Table Posts - Song lyrics all written by me!
Wedding Gown - I am definitely not a girly girl so I opted for an art deco-inspired beaded gown rather than the usual lace designs. I wanted art-deco so it's still aligned with the art-filled theme of the wedding.
Flowers of bride and entourage - I believe in oversized and statement pieces so I chose the flowers. I wanted flowers also that me and my brides can keep (it's a better investment!) so I opted for paper flowers (it will be a waste if they just wilt!)
Bridesmaid Dresses - Girls are mostly in printed / floral / boho attires during Coachella that's why we wanted our girls to look similar with printed floral ensembles.


Karen's shoutout to other brides: 
Do not be afraid to DIY! I know a lot of brides who think they can't do it that's why they just end up paying a lot of suppliers. Adding some DIY items to your wedding makes the event more personal and well thought of.
Never lose sight of who you are! There are so many wedding inspirations, people giving their suggestions (and sometimes mandates!), and pressure from friends' weddings that you might end up doing a cookie-cutter fancy wedding. At the end of the day, the wedding should be a representation of you and your love for each other. So go ahead and do what your heart desires!


Gown: Michael Leyva
Photographer: Wedoitforlove
Video: Great Image
Makeup: Owen Sarmento, Hair: Mycke Arcano
Suit: Ziggy Savella
Entourage: I Love Surco by Vien Ressurection
Coordinator: Blushing Brides
Paper flowers: Candidly Pretty by Koni Esteban
Invitation Design: Googleygooeys by Tippy Go
Ferris Wheel: ALS Ayala Builders Inc

Set design: Tipping Point Collective
Fashion Styling: Team Rain x Em
Hair: Mycke Arcano, Makeup: Tin Hurtado

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Aiza & Liza -- "We Choose Love"

"A lot has been said (and STILL being said) about the kind of life we choose to live. Yes,we are OUT and PROUD. We are not standing up for anything, we are just exercising our right to be treated equally. If you're not used to it, then DEAL with it. If you can't stand it, then by all means, PLEASE leave us alone. Our silence doesn't mean that we accept your prejudiced opinions, it's just that your ignorance has rendered us beyond words it's almost funny. LOVE---the beauty of it, the joy of finding it, even the PAIN that comes with it should be experienced and celebrated. We choose to be REAL. We choose to be HAPPY. We choose to be FREE. We choose LOVE." 
-- Rebellious Bride Liza as written in her Instagram post
#zazagothitched #zazaroadto4ever #misteratmisiszaza

Paper Love

My jaw dropped when I saw my cousin's first anniversary gift to his wife in Facebook. It was a work of art! Well, and a lot of engineering and paper folding. But man, this is awesome! And I just had to post it to inspire the grooms out there to be as rebellious as Gino when it comes to gift-giving. He also did a photo wall of their wedding pictures and the frames were all arranged in perfection so much so that the obsessive compulsive persona in you wants to cry with sheer joy. It doesn't always have to be flowers and chocolates, boys. Be creative! Go with something that will make feel extra special and that will be reflective of your love.

Also, this paper book would make for a great Save-the-Date idea. If you can hack it. Or maybe you can hire someone to do it. This would also make for a great wedding decor. Let this be a challenge to all you crafty DIYers and to all of the event stylists who are in love with paper. Beat. This.

And to make us more insecure about our paper crafting skills, here's the bouquet that my cousin Gino made for his then bride Carol. A groom who can make paper flowers this nice??? What a lucky girl! Check our feature from last year about these love birds here:

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