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Rebellious Bride Pika and Rebellious Groom Jd
The other day we blogged about Tin Rementilla's blog on attending Pika & Jd's Rebellious Medieval Wedding. And we know that you guys are just as curious to know the full details of their wedding as much as we are! But before that, Rebellious Bride Pika shares with us more photos from their wedding, as shared by their guests and as post-processed by the bride herself.

So many wonderful details in these photos! I particularly love the bride's gown, how the guests got so into the theme and wore wonderful outfits, the amazing details, the uber cool entourage ensemble, and lastly, the overall vibe that really shines throughout the photos where you can clearly see that this wedding was really a loved affair.

So let's start shall we? 

Marc's Rebellious Proposal

Is it just me or do the days go by super fast? Wasn't it just February of this year when Marc proposed? And now we're married! 

Soon we'll be old and wrinkly. But before that, because it's a rainy (stormy) day, I will put on my senti(mental) mode and reminisce. 

Much better than telling you about Marc's proposal, here's a video shown during our wedding day. Are you ready for a flashback? I am.

And just in case you're bored. Here's an excerpt of what I wrote after Marc's proposal. I wrote this to share the love.

Rebellious Medieval Wedding

Pika & Jd's Rebellious Medieval Wedding

First of all, I'd like to thank Knox Balbastro of www.musamanila.blogspot.com for giving us the link to this awesome, rebellious wedding. Second of all, I'd like to thank Tin Rementilla of www.tinrementilla.com for being game and so nice to allow us to re-post her blog feature :)

So for the very first time, we are not going to feature a wedding through the eyes of the rebellious bride or the groom--rather, this feature will be based on the perspective of a guest and how she enjoyed the rebellious wedding so much!

Tin writes:

"When I heard that Larry's college friends: Pika and Jd, were getting married, I got excited. I got more excited when I was invited. And I went crazy excited when I found out that the theme was medieval. I love weddings! I love Game of Thrones! I love meeting Larry's friends! I said let's go! Hand me my inhaler! So exciting! OMG OMG OMG OMG (Larry may or may not had to use a tranquilizer) OMG OMG OMG.

So one fine Sunday afternoon, Larry, Nalyn and I went off to Tagaytay to attend the most beautiful wedding ever. <3"

Rebellious Bride - Tin

Photos by Joey Boquiren and Rene Gaviola 
A rebellious bride makes her wedding PERSONALIZED. You make your wedding memories based on WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU NEED & WHAT APPEALS TO YOU and not based on the TYPICAL or TRADITIONAL WEDDING or based on what other people dictates. YOUR WEDDING - YOUR RULES! A rebellious bride keeps changing her mind until she gets what she thinks is perfect for her wedding :)A rebellious bride squeezes ALL her creative juices to think what is PERFECT FOR HER REBELLIOUS WEDDING :)

Tin Medina - Chin on her Definition of a Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Idea: D-I-Y

Manila Bulletin feature
"Everybody wants a unique wedding - even the more conventional ones. But most do not know how to do it right. Most couples think it's more expensive to have thematic or personalized weddings so they choose to go the traditional route instead. But the truth is it all boils down how dirty you want to get -and by dirty, we mean sucking the marrow out of your creativity. The truth is, sometimes a non-cookie cutter wedding can come out the more practical option -especially if you go D-I-Y (Do It Yourself)." -by Tricia Morente, excerpt from today's Manila Bulletin article entitled Wedding Rebels with a Cause

Rebellious Bride: Mica Tuaño-Fuentes


One Month After 91011 Part 1
One Month After 91011 Part 2
Rebellious EXCLUSIVE! - The Making of a Rebellious Wedding

M is for Marriage by MangoRed
First of all, I'd like to thank fellow RB Kai for holding the fort while I was busy with all the wedding preps. She has also been very supportive of me, posting the awesomest blogs about our wedding day.

So now...I'm back to blogging! I'm quite rusty, but here goes: 

M is for Musings (a.k.a. muni-muni)

It's been a full week and more since our wedding but I can’t seem to stop looking at all the photos posted in Facebook (pics from our fam & friends look amazing already). On our first night as a couple, I even had to watch our on-site video before I slept just to make sure that that day was real.

Boracay Weddings Decoded

Newly engaged couple Karym and Mabeth
by J Lucas Reyes in Filmtastic

"Karym and I are planning to have a beach wedding (preferably Boracay since that place holds a special spot in our hearts). But we don't know where to start (I guess like all other newly engaged out there... ;)

Is it okay if I/we talk to you about how you made your wedding happen? Nahihilo ako just thinking about the things we need to figure out: wedding reception, entourage, wedding coordinator, caterer, flowers, music..and though I've worked in Bora, I don't know the local wedding businesses there :D We would appreciate any help...thank you!"

Mabs & Karym

"Life's a Beach in Boracay" by Wedding Guide Asia
Once in a while, I get questions on how to plan a wedding in Boracay. And although I don't claim to be an expert (because the real Boracay expert and Boracay Queen is Amanda Tirol), my dream was always to have a wedding in Boracay. I make it a point to go to the island at least once a year because I am just so in love with it! And if there's one thing I can advice to future Boracay brides-- advice from family, friends, wedding resources are aplenty--but with Boracay being Boracay, if there are people who can really understand and help you, it's ex-Bora brides who have gone through what you are about to go through.

So here are some of the things that I have "decoded" about planning a Boracay wedding. While most of these ideas come from my own wedding, most of the ones I will share here are also things that I learned along the way, which I hoped I knew before. So here goes!

Rebellious Calligraphy

Fozzy for Heima
A rebellious bride knows what she wants. She is an air of character and confidence. She will plan and pay attention to even the smallest detail; and will find a way to inject personality into it no matter how minute (or grand). Her guests will say, "that's a great idea" or "I wouldn't have thought of that." And they wouldn't want the wedding to end.

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit on her definition of the Rebellious Bride

A Rockeoke Wedding

Marc and Mica have come full circle. Marc proposed to Mica, with a surprise song number at the park (Mica will blog about this soon!), and they capped off the wedding itself with a couple of song numbers as well--with a Rockeoke program, and with the newlywed couple as the first and last performers of the night.

This wedding definitely wore a lot of rebelliously creative hats--from a Little Rascals theme, to ballerina chic, DIY projects, to purple, to a basketball/playground, to a flashmob, to wedding traditions gone in 60 seconds, and now with a rockeoke portion. Fun fun lang talaga! :)

But at the heart of it are the sweetest of moments. And this song number was definitely one of those moments. Mica always shines in every spotlight she's ever been on---but Marc was just showing all his acting, dashing groom, songer, showbiz moves! Marc--Ikaw na! :)

The Rebellious Wedding Flashmob

Yahoo! Happy to have found another video of Mica and Marc's wedding flashmob since mine was too dark! :) Quick background on the flashmob--according to Mica, this was actually Marc's idea! Rebellious Groom indeed! There were 3 groups who rehearsed with the couple -- and get this -- 1 group comprised of Titos and Titas! How awesome is that?

How was it executed? During the cocktails, we were all minding our own business when all of a sudden, people from various cocktail tables started dancing! 

Definitely one for the books! :)

Ang Tunay na TUNAY Talaga na Lalake....

"I love Marc because he has a good heart. It is innate in him. And I also love how much he is grateful for family and friends. So his vows really was very meaningful and heartfelt. Last year, Lola Mary died. She was 96. We really, really, wanted her to be in our wedding. That's why he really got teary-eyed on that part. Marc's vow is a vow of a good man and a good partner. I really know he will be there for me......"

BTS EXCLUSIVE! - The Rebellious & Chill Bride

Part of being a Rebellious Bride is changing the perspective of being a bridezilla and being a bundle-of-nerves-bride. 

And sometimes, it's not really our fault. 

When you are constantly fawned over, when parents are nitpicking, when you hear unnecessary comments, and you have a dozen of photogs and videogs trying to catch your every blink, it can get very, very, stressful that it sucks out your positive energy.  

So sometimes, for the sake of a bride's sanity, serenity, and happy vibes, you should create new rules. 

Never mind if this might offend a few parents but if you can just explain it to them as clearly and as honestly as you can, then they should be able to understand why you want to "CHILL" during your wedding preps. If they are not the type to understand, make up some excuse and ask your coordinator to deal with it. 

Here's how our Rebellious-Bride-of-the-Hour remained cool, calm, and collected on her big day. As you will see in these BTS (behind-the-scenes) clips, Mica was super CHILL. Instead of having preps at a hotel, she opted to stay in her own condo. She is very much close to her family and has soooo many friends--yet she decided to do her preps on her own. And she walked around Makati to just emote and be  "baliw-baliwan", then after her "alone time", her family and a few friends just dropped by to say Hi.

There's an "extra" clip in this video where you will see one of Mica & Marc's awesome surprise reception ideas: A Flash Mob! Here goes! These raw clips were captured via my iPod touch, using the 8MM app. Forgive the amateur technique but in fairness, it looks very "Wonder Years" heheh :) 

Rebellious EXCLUSIVE! - The Making of a Rebellious Wedding


Rebellious Bride Mica

And just. like. that. After less than 7 months of wedding planning, Rebellious Bride Mica is now Mrs. Fuentes! 

The wedding was just as we expected it to be and so much MORE. Mica's groom (and now husband--hyessss!) wanted everything to be a surprise. We didn't know where the venue was going to be 'till the invitations were released a month before the wedding. But we knew well enough that it was going to be rebellious, super fun, and Little Rascals themed. 

Rebellious Bride - Beverly

Photos by Nelwin Uy
"....at the end of the day, your wedding should mean something to you, because your guests will feel that and that’s what they will take home. You’ve been a wedding guest yourself, right? And how does it feel to attend the same thing over and over again? Our wedding was not perfect, but some of our guests that we bumped into after it will really say, they were blessed with our wedding or that it was really memorable."

Beverly Lourd Mutuc-Po on her Rebellious Farm Wedding 

 I have heard so many times how some brides have considered having a barn wedding but would say, "wala namang barn sa Pinas!". So ladies, tell me, why would this belief stop you from working with what we have instead?

Hooray for Another Feature!

Having a rebellious wedding has its perks--one of which is being featured in various occasions. Loving the most recent feature we got at the EYP website! Thank you to Aussy for the great article and for having us! :) Click HERE to read the article.

In lieu of this awesome feature, I'd like to share with you some of the other wicked features that we've gotten for our wedding in the past:

Rebellious Bride - Jo

Photos by Pat Uy
"Can't get more rebellious than knee-high boots and a front-slit gown..."

- A Palileo, on his Rebellious Bride Jo Catral-Palileo

Where do I get my rebellious creative genes? Before school, and before work, there's family of course...and my brother, my sister-in-law, and my sister (who swears she will elope when her time comes)--are all very rebellious indeed.

Kate Spade Mood Board #1

I heart Kate Spade. The love affair started in 2002, when I watched Kate Spade's life story on the lifestyle network. How she boldly created her own niche in New York, had the guts to put her name outside of her bags, despite being an unknown designer, creating buzz among New York's fashionistas resonated with me so well. Up to this very day, Kate Spade stands for out-of-the-box designs, continuously defying luxury goods, and just plainly being silly and charming and quirky. I think Kate Spade makes for wonderful wedding ideas and mood boards. My weddings have all been, very Kate Spade inspired. In fact, the pinwheels used in our wedding was from Kate Spade!

Here are some wonderful ideas from the Kate Spade website. Enjoy!