Rebellious Celebrity Bride - Jolina Magdangal

Jolina Magdangal has got to be one of the quirkiest local celebrities around. That's why her wedding was something to definitely look forward to. And since the wedding will have a special episode on GMA 7 this December 4, naturally, most of the official wedding details are still kept under wraps. But in our effort to find as much details about this rebellious wedding as much as we can, here are some of the things that we were able to get for you! 

Rebellious Details from the Jolina + Mark Weddings:

Photo lifted from PhilStar. Click HERE for related article

1. The bride had TWO weddings  - In the couple's effort to marry tradition with their dream wedding, the couple first had an intimate church wedding with just their immediate families at Madre de Dios (Tagaytay Midlands). In the first wedding, the bride wore a PINK off-the-rack, short dress (LOVE THIS!), styled with a white veil. The second wedding, was a "hippie picnic"-themed wedding, and the bride wore a wreath veil, a DIY pair of bridal shoes, and fairy wings during the reception.

2. The bride FOUGHT for her dream wedding -- ever since she was just a child, she dreamed of a wedding where her ceiling would literally be the heavens--and it was non-negotiable. The couple executed it so beautifully!

Random Rebellion #6

Rebellious Bunch - Bonne by Bonsai Fojas never ceases to surprise us.

Vintage-inspired Handmade Bridal and Entourage Bouquets

Bonsai writes: Each of the 200 floral appliques was made lovingly by hand using a gradation of satin fabric (white, ivory, beige and a touch of gold), accented with pearls, beads, brooches feathers and lace trimming for the handles. Didn't think I could do it, but I said yes anyway haha

Rebellious Advice: Focus on the Two of You

Wedding preps can go crazy. Stop. Breathe. Hold hands and go back to what's important.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the wedding process, the details, that we forget what's more important: the two of you. This entry is for you to see beyond all the hullabaloo and fluff and re-discover what you and your fiance is all about. Love. 

This photographer sums it up pretty much. Read on.

Wise words from a wedding photographer…

The wedding train has derailed.
Put down those mason jars, store away that vintage typewriter and fairy lights and sit down because you need to listen. This is an intervention. The whole wedding industry has gone detail bananas and we need to clear a few things up.
- You! Over there! Step away from the hay bales and the Vintage Navajo rugs and come over here. Sit! Down! No, you don’t have to put lavender on the plates, you need to wake up!
We’re getting lost in details. The whole wedding industry is drifting away from what weddings are about and we’re all part of the problem – bloggers, photographers, planners and vendors – all hypocrites feeding the detail beast.
Strip it back.
Peel the layers off.
And start again.
At the center of every wedding we have a girl. Who fell in love with a boy. Or a girl who fell in love with a girl. Or a boy who fell in l… you get my point.
The rest is fluff.
If you read magazines and wedding blogs today, you’d think it’s all about the dress, the decorations, invitations or a million other things.
It’s not.
It’s about celebrating love, a manifestation of commitment, a gathering of friends and family.
Because you’re in love.
But if you visit many of the blogs today, you’d think it’s about other things. Heck, there are even themed shoots with no people. As if candles and old LP players on a blanket in a clearing in a forest make a wedding. Just add people. And maybe a groom. Or actually don’t, the wedding is about the details, remember? Details, details, details.
Strip it back.
Peel the layers off.
And start again.
Weddings are about people, it’s about commitment and celebrating love. It’s about you. Build on that and everything else will follow.
I am a detail person, so it’s not that I don’t like details. I love details. Details, details, details. Love them. I honestly do. I’ve worked with some of the best planners in the business and they’ve styled weddings to perfection, made details stand out and it’s always been great, because they’ve built on the couples, starting with who they are. And I actually like shooting details. A lot.
When I was younger I used to record mix tapes and give to girls I liked.
Every detail was thought out, every letter, every scribble, every word on that tape had meaning. I love me some details. I grew up in a house with vintage bottles and mason jars everywhere. That and rocks collected from oceans and fields. So I get the jar and bottle thing, I truly do. Throw in some rocks and I’m there. But remember what the wedding is about, why you’re doing this, that’s all you really need. Don’t stress out about building a fairytale wedding, perfectly crafted, every detail borrowed from somewhere else.
Look away from the blogs and magazines.
And look within.
Why are you doing this? What does it mean to you? Do you really need all that…stuff? And if you want stuff, are you adding stuff that actually means something to you? What do you want to remember from your day? The cake, the flowers, the dress from Hoya de la Poopy?
Or do you want to focus on that moment between you two? The boy? Who fell in love with a girl?
Strip it back.
Peel the layers off.
And start again.

(via jonas peterson photography)

In the end, what's really important is two of you and what you want. May your wedding be the start of peeling off the layers and being able to just be. Good luck to all those doing their wedding preps.

Yours in beauty & love,


Rebellious Digital Empowerment

UBER COOL made-to-order wedding invitations at MINTED.COM

In this digital and global age, I am surprised at how most Filipinos are still very hesitant at the thought of online shopping. I have been shopping online for almost 12 years now and I have to say that it is quite satisfying. Yes, you definitely need to look out for scammers--but I only experienced about three bad purchases out of the hundreds I've done in the past. I have acquired a variety of items too! From customized wedding tissue packs, to my macbook, to clothes, to even our reservation for our Elvis Vegas wedding! 

The world wide web, is not just there to provide you with ideas for your wedding--you can practically create your wedding--from your gown to your invitations to your bridal registry!

Rebellious Bunch: Chestknots Studios

Meet the quirky-named photo team who rebelliously try to create their niche in wedding photography. RB, fall in love with Chestknots Studios.

"For me rebellious brides are those who have the desire to create a unique wedding experience not only for themselves as a couple but for their families and friends as well. It's always going for what could be done differently but still reflects who they are for the wedding and it can go from mild to wild. :):)

They are a unique breed of brides that lean towards the creatives and the unconventional yet remain romantic. They are hands-on and involved. They seem to be catching fire and am loving the fact that we have been getting a lot of brides with ideas that are just refreshingly creative. And our team joyfully helps them make it happen.

I will not be surprised in the near future when those we call rebellious; will be the new normal.. :):)"

-Jay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios


No this is not about a basketball-themed wedding haha. Mica and I are not Atenians but if there's one thing about Ateneo that I find inspiring, it's their "One Big Fight" mantra which I'd like to apply here in Rebellious Brides.

Just the other day, we published a blog post that is meant to create awareness that Bride Bullying exists and we want it stopped. Let me ask you this--before Rebellious Brides, before Bridal Book, before Bride and Breakfast, where do you get your fix of wedding creativity? I get mine from US-based blog: Green Wedding Shoes. However, we know that no matter how much Filipina brides try to apply creative ideas found in blogs from a different part of the planet, the culture, the tradition, and the hold of parents and relatives are just very different around here. That's why these blogs can only be that--an inspiration, but sadly, not necessarily applied.

HOWEVER, we hope that you guys can change this. Are your wedding ideas worth the fight? We say it is. It's not just about the wedding and being able to execute what you want--it's about INDEPENDENCE.

As an inspiration, I'd like to show you one of the most creative and beautiful weddings I have seen recently in Green Wedding Shoes. We hope that looking at weddings like this could give you enough courage to own up to your wedding.

The Pixel Cowboy Wedding by Brit & Dave

Photos lifted from Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by David Stubbs

They were both geeky--as in worked at Google, lived in Silicon Valley, geeky. So how amazing is it that they've found an entire theme from PIXEL? This wedding has so many BRILLIANT ideas! Check it out!

The boys and girls of the entourage were styled so beautifully! The girls wore a tutu skirt, 
layered with denim vests and awesome cowboy boots! They held "pixelated" hear-shaped
wooden signages that says "Here Comes the Bride", "Love", "Laugh"


Photo lifted from
WE. ARE. SICK. OF. THIS. If you are a bride who is being BULLIED by the people around you, then think of a scheming way for your momzilla or your insensitive best friend, or your manipulative mother-in-law, or your bitter relatives to "accidentally" read this blog post. Because THEY NEED TO BE PUT IN THEIR PLACE. 

Here in Rebellious Brides, we receive personal messages from ex-brides and bride-to-bes on the bullying that they have gone though over the course of their wedding preps. Here are just some of the messages that really upset us the most:

"Dear Rebellious Brides, I am so sad. No matter how much we try to bring down the cost of our wedding without compromising quality or do what we really want...everyone still has something to say..."why don't you do it like this?", "why can't you just make it as simple as this?". I am seriously losing my appetite for my own wedding" 

"Dear Rebellious Brides, I want to do what I want for my own wedding. But I am not the type to be vocal about it. Everyone has an idea for my wedding. I am losing control over it. Now, I am no longer excited. It's not my wedding after all." 

"Dear Rebellious Brides, I really love your article about not having a traditional reception. I love it!! I am a number one non-reception person but my mother-in-law interfered with all my ideas for my wedding! But I just gave-in to everything my mother-in-law wanted because I was pre-occupied with exams here in the US so I just let her do whatever she wanted! I was so irritated because SHE EVEN DICTATED MY GOWN FOR ME! Every time I would try to inject my own ideas she would say that it would be embarrassing ---blahblahblah! I just surrendered because I was already in that stage where I wanted to get it over and done with so that I can get married already.

The most memorable part of my wedding was when my best friend said something about how my husband and I are just a simple couple with simple dreams and that she hopes for me to come home to Manila. Every time I remember that speech, it makes me emotional because that was the only "ME' part of our wedding. That was the only thing that I felt had a personal touch…through my friend..sorry if I’m opening so much cuz when I read your blog I really felt happy and inspired."

Rebellious Oldies Get Hitched!

I can count about a hundred rules this couple broke when they suddenly realized one, fine day that they've been dating for 17 years and said: okay let's get married in now, while we sit facing each other in my orange shirt NOW. I love how Sun Journal wrote this article so I am lifting it as it is. Enjoy! :)

They sat in padded armchairs facing each other, holding hands, Paul Walker with a corsage on his orange T-shirt, Ann Thayer in a smart black pantsuit.

Rebellious Rapture

Ladies, the time has come. More and more brides are embracing the rebellious way. And more and more suppliers and wedding bloggers are acknowledging the existence of these unique and creative creatures/brides.

The RB Emotera in a photo by Jay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios (more about this group of fun photogs soon!) Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz, hair by Benjie Angeles and makeup by yours truly.

This photo was shot for Bridal Book as they continue to provide brides with as much bridal options as they can. And I am so proud of them for featuring this rebellious wedding gown alternative. 
The rebellious rapture has began. And Kai and I proud to be part of it all.
Yours in beauty and love,


Rebellious Bride: Claude

I blame Facebook. Nowadays, taking a photo requires some level of modeling for that ever-changing profile picture you love to upload. Wedding pictures are no strangers to the profile photo status. And so, the inner mowdel in you is unleashed for all your 500+ friends to see. But what if you're really not the type to pose? to emote? Then don't be stressed. All you have to be, during your wedding day pictorial, is YOU. So drop the act and that Zoolander pout if it's so not you.

Take for example, rebellious bride Claude. She's an art director who has an inner child wonder (and some kiddie anger) that showed in her wedding photos. They're just so refreshing to look at!

"Hindi ko keri um-emote sa pader," says Claude.

Claude bravely wore smokey makeup for their day wedding.

Kate Spade Mood Board #4

Kate Spade's color of the month is all about multi-coloring--and we couldn't agree more. There are so many delicious colors that why not put it all in your wedding? Whoever said a wedding needed to have a color motif anyway?!? 

Better yet, stomp the color motif and just make your wedding theme a multi-color motif theme! I'm sure some would gag at the thought of a non-cohesive wedding palette. But one look at how Kate Spade executed this and you're in for a wonderful surprise. It's all about taste levels people. Whatever color or theme you want to implement, it's not the theme/color per se that makes a wedding gaudy or tacky--it's how you will edit and put things together that can make or break everything. So go multi-color! Live a little! :)

Let's start!

Rebellious Bride Rachelle - Trashes Her Veluz

Photos by MetroPhoto
"The upper sheer layer got slightly detached from the gown's bodice from all the hand raising and arms stretching which I did during the shoot. 

It was raining when we started out in the afternoon and I've been dragging my dress around muddles of dirty water which soaked up the hemlines. 

We even have to lie down on some parts. It got really maputik at the end of the shoot. Dry cleaning didn't take the dirt stains away."

Rebellious Bride Rachelle on how trashed 
her gown got during their "Trash the Dress" shoot

Rebellious 11-11-11

Out of all the 11-11-11 weddings that transpired last Friday, I am most excited about Jason + Nikki Buensalido's wedding. 

While we eagerly await the "official" photos and details, allow me to explain visually the magnitude of this wedding.

Modern, rebellious architecture of a little something like this:

Random Rebellion #5

What happens when the most architectural wedding photographer does the prenup for the most modern, and uber creative Filipino architectures of this generation? It's sheer madness. Haha

Congratulations on your engagement Jason! I'm such a fan of his work, and we can't wait to have him on board to collaborate on our future home :)

Rebellious Rides

Literally a "man-made" rebellious ride!
taken from Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy
Bridal cars are one of the most awesome ways you can personalize and create a rebellious twist to your weddings.

Gone are the days of the usual carriages, vintage cars, or traditional luxury rides the likes of a Benz or a BMW. Of course there's nothing wrong with these classic choices if that's really your personality--but if you are only doing it for the status quo or because that's what your parents would approve of--then drop it. Drop it now, and drop it gewd. Because baby, there are so many other rebellious and creative rides you can go for.

How about a bridal ride that gives off an "elopement" wedding vibe? Like you were just swept off of your feet and you are riding off to the sunset with your bad boy? =P

Taken from Rebellious Bunch - Mark Cantalejo

A Movie House Proposal

2011 is the year for the most awesome and sweetest proposals. And this one is definitely one for the books.

I was lucky enough to have gotten an invitation to this "movie". Unfortunately, Mica and I were off to our first-ever Rebellious Brides shoot so I sadly couldn't make it. But watching this video, I'm sorta, kinda glad I didn't go---why? Because the video alone made me TEARY-EYED! What more if I was there?!?!  But seriously, I wish I had witnessed it. The energy in the movie house reflected in the video. 

What's even better than the proposal video that you are about to watch, is that the groom even wrote a write-up for this blog feature--and nothing beats a guy who cares enough to do these things ;) 

Ryan writes:

When: Nov. 5, 2011
Where: The Podium, Cinema 2 (Puss in Boots)

It took me about 3 months to plan everything. Kitin (Kristine Flores) knew that my family will be out of town on that day so she had nothing planned yet on the weekend. About 3 days before the event, Kat, one of her kabarkadas from the States texted her saying that she has to talk to her and Ria (her best friend in the Phils) about a drastic decision that she was about to make. I told Ria to tell Kitin that her only available day was on Nov 5 because of her very hectic week. Since Ria works for Sun Cellular, they will be having a block screening for a client on that day and they can just stay for the movie and call Kat after.

As they entered the cinema, all the lights were out and the trailers were already starting. My video was projected after the trailers revealing that I was about to propose to her. When the lights were turned on, she realized that the whole cinema has been blocked to house all her family and friends and that I was not out of town after all. That was when I asked her to be my wife. :)

I made a video summary of what happened, including the surprise video I did. Just click the link below:

Rebellious Prenup: Comic Strips

At first, the Cebu-based wedding photographers' team RPS or Rock Paper Scissors was thinking twice of whether they should post this set on their blog. They thought it was not their style. But I'm glad they went out of their comfort zone and shared this comic book-inspired engagement shoot for Jake and Sarabeth.

How can you not want to read more, right?

Harry Potter Prenup Idea

I've never had a prenup shoot for my own wedding--but if I did, this would be right up my alley. My husband and I curled at the thought of having a prenup shoot (at least at that time)--because the ones we would see in various photography blogs were of the cheesy kind--and we just didn't want that. 

So if you are like us who are not into the cheesy prenup (there's nothing wrong w/ cheesy prenups okay? It's just not us and we can't pull it off), lucky for you there are more pegs that would inspire and encourage you to realize that there are other options. 

Take for example this simple Harry Potter prenup session--when RB Mica gave me this link, I was wondering hmmm....I wonder what this HP prenup will look like---and not in a million years would I have guessed that it would be flying in broomsticks and use of the Time-Turner. Bloody Brilliant! 

Rebellious Fashionista Brides

Photo by Pat Dy

We love brides who are rebellious enough to make their most special day, their greatest fashion moment ever. What's more, we applaud brides who are rebellious enough to break out of the usual princess bridal gown and instead would go for multiple looks. After all, a rebellious bride creates her own rules. So if she wants to wear more than one bridal ensemble or just one bridal gown that is absolutely unpredictable and totally out of this world, she just simply won't give a damn. So presenting the Rebellious Fashionista Brides--brides who have realized that they crave for more than the usual bridal gown/sssssss. 

Photo by Mark Cantalejo

Featuring Fashionsista Bride Nicole as lifted from Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy



Rebellious Couple - Ramon & Vina : The Robots & Kombis Wedding

Photos by Paolo Feliciano
"I guess because I just went for what Ramon and I really wanted; putting aside what people expect from us and of a wedding. In the end, we had a wedding that is truly ours that all guests enjoyed. Until now, I still get giddy hearing people talk about how much fun they had during the wedding. So did our wedding rock, no…it was C.R.A.Z.Y."

Rebellious Bride Vina Cruz-Rodriguez
on their Rebellious Robots & Kombis Wedding

I LOVE THIS REBELLIOUS WEDDING, PERIOD. The creativity and the texture are just in a whole other level. So because I really think this wedding is so special, I wanted someone close to the couple, be the one to sum everything up. 

So as the couple's best friend (who also walked down the aisle with that clever entourage role) Anna Antonino would put it: "This wedding is a spin on beauty and the geek. Seemingly mismatched individuals coming together perfectly. Just like their theme."

We've waited for this wedding for so long (well, just a little over a month or so--but we were excited!), so let's get on with the show!

Rebellious Brides: What were the elements of your wedding that were of the "Rebellious Kind"

The Theme: Robots and Kombis - I collect VW Kombi toys. And why robots? Well, the groom thinks he is one.

A Guessing Game Teaser...

Ever since I've heard about this wedding a few months back, I've been eagerly awaiting the details. So allow me to savor and internalize the write-up and the photos for a few hours before I finally publish it. In the meantime, I'd like to give you a teaser....and try to guess the theme, can you?

The Prenup Photos--in Blue-Screen Definition!

The Comics Strip Invite

The Tippi Ocampo Circuit-Matrix Inspired Gown
with a Ming Ong Copper Wire Headpiece

The Rebellious Ms. Independent Bride

The tabloid-ish headline doesn't quite give this story justice.  

When my good friend Bon shared me this link, my initial thought bubble upon reading the headline was--uh-oh a shotgun wedding. But it's actually not. Essentially it is about a rebellious bride who took  matters in her own hands--her boyfriend kept asking her to marry, but she independently wanted to do it in her own time.