Save the Affair este Date Video

Riding on the success of TV shows like Temptation of Wife, Jeli & Ersus came up with an unusual Save-the-Date drama concept that insinuated on having an affair---an idea that other couples wouldn't probably dare to play around with.

Duda from ALT X Videos on Vimeo.

RB Jeli writes:

The Perks of Being a REBEL

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Need further convincing on why you should get 12M for your wedding? Here are some more of our favorite photos!

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Inspired Wedding Colors

TIP: Discover Wedding Ideas in Home Magazines!

Inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes when you get too overwhelmed with wedding info and you feel like everything you are seeing are becoming identical to each other, it's  better to look at 'un-wedding' pegs. Take for example Real Living's February 2013 Color Issue. I think that the color combinations that they suggested are so refreshing and exciting! And it can definitely be applied to weddings! These color mixes are so moving that you don't even need a theme anymore! Here are some of my favorites:

 Cobalt Blue + Aqua + Lavender + Purple 
= Blissful Beach or Gorgeous Gardens
L-R: Color combo lifted from from Real Living Feb. 2013 / Lavender Fields Art by Angela Ungren
"Blues and Violets are the colors typically used for relaxation...but far from the usual calm hues, this color scheme of cobalt blue / plum / indigo / lavender are a pleasant joy to the senses. Balance darker hues with light and dainty pastel colors to keep them from overpowering spaces..." -- Real Living February 2013. 

How delightful it is to see a bride frolicking in the sand donning a cobalt blue gown with an all-lavender bouquet?

This color combination reminds us of lavender fields, deep blue seas, and the riviera. RB recommends using this color palette for beach or garden weddings.

Blue + Teal + Lemon Yellow 
= Regal Raindrops
L-R: Elie Saab Teal Gown / Color combo lifted from from Real Living Feb. 2013

"A rich hue like peacock blue or teal adds cool yet classic balance this color, try bringing in lemon yellow or warm shades such as gold, bronze, or brown accessories" -- Real Living February 2013

 This color palette reminds us of  lazy days featuring intimate private parties with a classic but humorous touch. RB recommends using this  for rainy Manila weddings to turn an otherwise gloomy weather into something regal yet cheery.

Add teal & yellow lamps, Accessorize with citrine jewelry

Rebellious Oscars Idea

Just like many, many other ladies in the world, I am not shy to admit that I love the anticipation of finding out the wonderful gowns the A-List Hollywood celebs are gonna be wearing in the red carpet.  But I may have found the best, most rebellious one ever worn. Not because of the fancy designer, and not because of the outlandish details...simply put, I love this because this celebrity didn't mind going against the flow by wearing an H&M gown. Yes folks. As in...H&M.
(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

My matron-of-honor could attest to the fact that I always, always recommend for brides to buy in H&M for their entourage dresses to save on costs. And FINALLY, someone made a stand on this, and I love Helen Hunt for it. The best part is, Helen Hunt didn't just do this to be "cool". She did this because she wanted to show support of H&M's efforts in becoming more socially responsible by pursuing Eco-friendly efforts.

Let this be an inspiration, that taste and style can come from anywhere. And you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve this.

Wedding Agency: "Our Big Family Wedding"

Photo by Marvin Dungao as a guest and very good friend of the couple
"We had the MOST amazing day. The Wedding Agency/RBs perfected every detail and we cannot thank them enough for making our day so special..Cyril and I would be very willing to recommend them highlighting how professional they were from the start until our wedding day..They just exceeded our expectations..

THANKS Rebellious Brides-KAI and MICA
with love, Cyril and Karien:)" 

-- Rebellious Bride Karein on The Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides

When we first met Karein & Cyril last year, it was very clear that both of their families were vested in their relationship. The family will be very much involved in this wedding--there was no doubt about that. 

So when we conceptualized three ideas for them, we threw one that was inspired by the main message or lesson from the movie My Greek Fat Wedding--simply put, we presented a wedding idea that was more of a mindset rather than a wedding theme. Usually when families are highly involved in the wedding it spells out conflict and wedding madness--but what makes this concept rebellious was the fact that we proposed to even highlight what could have been the 'opposition'. "If you can't beat them, join them", we explained.

 We suggested some elements on what can make the wedding feel family-oriented and sentimental. Family style big tables, lots of picture frames, woodsy details, storytelling of the couple's 11-year relationship, and sweet doodles/illustrations make for an interactive, warm and inviting mood that creates even more bonding moments together. The rule of thumb was to make everyone feel part of the family.

Photo by Marvin Dungao as a guest and very good friend of the couple

"I knew that you [RB/Wedding Agency] must somehow have had a hand in Ate Karein & Cy's wedding. I was right!" -- one of the couple's friends/ Rebellious Bunch Photographer Marvin Dungao of 12 Masters Photography shared with us.  

Photo by Marvin Dungao as a guest and very good friend of the couple
 While conceptualizing wedding ideas is one of the main thrusts of our Wedding Agency service, at the end of the day we'd like to think that more importantly we help our couples unleash their own individual creativity. And Karein & Cyril is the best example of that. While Karein religiously followed the wedding elements that we proposed, she also further improved it to make it her own. This is collaboration at its best and we immensely enjoyed seeing the ideas brought to life to new heights!

Random Rebellion #35

Straight from my nap, I grab my Blackberry to read some tweets and saw this from Madge--I literally thought I might still be dreaming. Our fearless 2013 forecast on the 'Rogue' phenomenon is official. Thank you God for VELUZ :)

Instagram Photo by Madge Lejano
Who is this mysterious Rebel Bride in red? We want to shake your hand and salute you! Slow clap. Sniff. 

Rebellious Royalty Bride Amanda

Photography by Mayad Studios
Mayad titled their blog feature on Amanda & Bong as "Boracay Royalty" and we couldn't agree more. But we'd like to add the word Rebellious to that. Not only was this a 10th year renewal, the Queen of Boracay Amanda Tirol didn't know anything about it! And she wore such a fierce gown to the church at that!

Most of Amanda's former clients can really attest to the fact that she's "God's gift to Boracay Brides". Saying that she gives you all of what she's got and that she'll fight for your dream wedding would be an understatement. So to see her in her own shining moment is such a breath of fresh air indeed.

Anti-White Inspirations

Here in Rebellious Brides, we've pretty much established that we are pro colored bridal gowns. We stumbled upon the site which offers Filipino designer pieces positioned to be marketed globally and we are loving the anti-white pieces we've seen in the site! 

Here are some of my favorites!

Rebellious Bunch: The Events Studio

The truth is, it's hard to keep up with event stylist Gideon Hermosa. It seems that every time I check his Facebook wall (stalker much?), he has something new to offer. I guess that's what makes his work at Events Studio very, very interesting. You will never get bored. It's like being Alice in Wonderland but more with more sparkle.

Thanks to Gideon for sharing this with us. These are mostly from his camera and not even official photos but I love them already :)

One of my favourite non-floral bouquet by Gideon. Handmade with so much hard work.
Gideon: Since it's their big day, they must have it in their own way. Dapat swak sa personality nila (It should fit their personality spot-on). And the details laging cohesive dapat (the details should always be cohesive). Today,wala ng masyadong rules sa wedding (there are no steadfast rules now) Do anything you want. Spend kahit magkano gusto mo, ang important masaya ka (spend as much as you want as long as it makes you happy).

Rebellious Prenup Workshop - Classic w/ a Twist

Photography by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of Imagine Nation

Prenups can be quite daunting (especially for grooms). And not everyone has the time, energy, and budget to mount a mega production just for it. But if you really must have prenup photos but really don’t want to make a hullabaloo out of it, don’t fret. We collaborated with photographers Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of Imagine Nation, The Makeup of Mica Team, Cravings Il Terrazo, real-life couple Dominique & Angelique, and Project Runway Philippines Contestant Joseph Montelibano to prove to you that all you need are three simple, easy-to-do steps to create prenup photos that are classic but with a twist.

Sometimes, a charming restaurant can provide existing, pretty textures that don't need any further styling.

1.   An interesting venue – wherever you may be, pretty much all cities have a wonderful location just waiting to be discovered. If you don’t have the budget for a prenup stylist or the time to really plan for your prenup, all you need to do is do an ocular of your neighborhood. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the details that we often forget what’s right under our nose. Cravings Il Terrazo is among the many picture-prefect venues in the Timog area alone. And there are so many other restaurants cropping up that already have props, colorful backdrops, delectable furniture (and even dramatic restrooms!) that can be maximized for pictorial purposes. What’s more, vibrant restaurants are not just the options here—you could scout for spas, boutique hotels, and even furniture stores (besides Heima please)! SIDENOTE: When doing shoots in such locations, please do not forget your etiquette. This seems like such a natural thing to do but you’ll be surprised at the horror stories we hear about couples doing guerrilla tactics, trashing venues, and not even buying food or drinks in the restaurant just to have a photo. Doing this makes venues learn the hard way and will eventually turn down future shoots or charge higher.

Sometimes all you need is a pop of color or a pair of 'loud' earrings to step out of your comfort zone

2.   WEAR IT LOUD AND PROUD – there’s no need to jump into pools, do acrobatic moves or go to a prison just to show you have an adventurous, rebellious side. If you don’t have the time and energy to do such concepts, all you really need is to go loud with your outfits. For classic couple Dominique & Angelique wearing loud colors, prints, and accessories was already stepping out of their comfort zones. Borrow from a designer or stylish friend to use larger than life accessories or some print-on-print ensembles. Keep it tasteful though and not tacky! Only wear loud outfits that make you comfortable or flatter your features. If it’s not working, don’t try to push it just for the sake of having a unique photo. 

Anyone with a camera can claim they are a photographer. But taste and eye for creativity is quite a delectable rarity.

3.  Invest on a good photographer team – What you save on props, what you save on a stylist; you use to get the best photographer your budget allows you to. Believe you me, I have seen prenups done in the hippest venues yet the photos were not given justice because the photographer was an after-thought. Taste and preference varies from couple to couple. Here in Rebellious Brides though, we prefer and recommend for you to get prenup photographers that specialize in the natural look and a team that has a tasteful eye for detail.  It’s not about who’s popular, it’s not about who can give you a best deal, it’s not about who you can give you a free prenup as part of the package. 

A Sparkling Prom Wedding (Part 2)

How fitting that I am doing this post on prom season! The official photos are now posted and I'd like to share them all with you. But firt, let's hear from the bride herself:

RB: What made your wedding rebellious?

Gem: The color motif (which was not the usual one or two colors but most of the jewel tones), my off-the-rack dress, letting my hair down (literally!), the polaroid-ish photobooth without the usual couple's picture on the printout, the highly conceptualised theme with matching "wedding walkthrough" presented to all suppliers (courtesy of the Wedding Agency).