Rebellious Bride Stephanie's Rajo Gown

Photography by MangoRed
We just absolutely ADORE rebellious bride Stephanie's Rajo Laurel gown! Here is another living proof that a bridal gown doesn't have to be pearly white, doesn't have to be heavily beaded, and most definitely doesn't have to have all the frou frou. And how easy of a choice it would have been for the bride to opt for an extravagant gown--after all, she's working with one of the most formidable institutions in the country's fashion industry and she herself holds her own status. But she didn't. And for that, she is a rebel bride in the truest sense. 

Bridal Spring 2014 - Rebellious Honorable Mention: Vera Wang (Part 5 of 5)

Source: The Knot
We've saved the best for last. Leather. Biker Chick. Black & White. Mod. Sportswear. Words that would never have been used to describe a bridal gown 'till now. Vera Wang. 'Nuff said.

Bridal Spring 2014 - Rebellious Honorable Mention: Romona Keveza (Part 4 of 5)
Probably the only Bridal Spring 2014 collection that fully celebrated color this season was Romona Keveza that's why this is one of my two most favorite collections from this showcase.

I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with the designer's work 'till now. But this really took my breath away. The collection was so rich in vivid colors and you can barely see the usual lace or breadwork typical of bridal wear but it really works just as dramatically and beautifully.

This collection is perfect for the Rebellious Bride who is womanly and comfortable in her skin in every sense of the word. 

Bridal Spring 2014 - Rebellious Honorable Mention: Reem Acra (Part 2 of 5)
Oh where to begin? Reem Acra has long been one of the bridal designers who I constantly drool over. But this 2014 spring collection is in a totally different league of its own!

While most bridal designers paint a picture of a bride who wants to be the Cinderella type of princess, Reem Acra fulfills the fantasies of all kinds of brides--from the Jasmine type of princess bride, to the glamorous red carpet bride, to even a Wonder Woman kind of bride. 

Bridal Spring 2014 - Rebellious Honorable Mention (Part 1 of 5)

From the Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2014 Collection / Source: The Knot
The bridal gowns have been walked down the catwalk aisle and what's our verdict? Though majority are still pretty white and traditional, it's getting there, it's getting there. So much so that this Bridal Spring 2014 report of ours will be 5 parts in total.

We applaud the efforts of designers to showcase something out of the ordinary. But the stigma of wearing something unconventional for brides will never go away if the media, bloggers, observers in general won't stop writing headlines that say "Would you wear something this outrageous?"

It's because of this kinds of headlines that seem harmless that viscously feed on more controversy or debate that makes brides think twice before fully owning their individuality. 

Oscar de la Renta / Source: The Knot
That's why here in Rebellious Brides, we REFUSE to write such headlines or descriptions. Instead, we'll call these wonderful creations as the Rebellious Honorable Mention. It's not even about being unconventional per se. It's about opening up yourselves to other options beyond white gowns and beyond the veils--because you know what? It's a form of brainwashing. Knowledge is power and if you actually research on the history of white wedding gowns and the use of veils, they are not even mandatories but fads or current situations of specific periods in time. 

We say, pick an inspirational bridal look that personifies who you REALLY are. And one that genuinely resonates with your own personalities and not what is accepted of society.

Here are the honorable mentions but this is just the beginning. There were designers that had full-on unconventional collections. So we are paying individual tributes to: Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Romona Keveza, and Vera Wang. But before that, here are the other designers who had a few noteworthy rebellious ideas:

Theia White played with the concept of the usual train. And in this unnerving hot weather in Manila, don't you think it makes sense to consider a short textured bridal gown such as the one on the left?
Amsale created options for unembellished bridal pantsuits. 
This may be missing the usual full skirt but it definitely looks luxe!

Rebellious Couple Ryan & Kitin's 'Untemplated' SDE

Time and time again, couples fall into the trap of relying on their photographers/videographers to make their wedding look unique/dramatic/epic. What couples don't realize is that your team is simply reflecting back what you are giving to them. It's a duet. It's a tango. It's creative collaboration. And Ryan & Kitin's SDE is a great example of that. I absolutely love this video. It is part Bob Nicolas but part Ryan & Kitin. Ultimately, that's what makes this video rebellious and charming. The best part is that the groom has equal billing--maybe even more billing haha. But it's a refreshing take. After all, it's not just the bride who is getting married!

Watch out for the additional incredible details that the video captured--don't you guys just love how their wedding logo is so unique? That instead of the usual initials, they played on the fact that Ryan tiptoes? And what about that reception entrance? Loving all the twists! :)

Ryan and Kitin from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.
Ryan shares:

"We wanted an SDE that will be different from all the others that we have seen. Of course each video is unique in their own way since each couple is different but we wanted to change the usual format a little bit. We wanted a traditional wedding but at the same time, put twists in the highlights. When we met with Bob, I was hesitant to pitch to him my concept because seeing the portfolio of his excellent videos, I was not sure if he would like what we have planned. Surprisingly, he was laughing when he heard what we wanted to happen and he got excited. He said that he thinks it was the first time this kind of SDE will be done and he is more than willing to shoot it for us. Hence, the result. We wanted to show in this video how being funny can be sweet at the same time. :)"

Cocoon by Nelwin

Photography by Cocoon
Having personally worked with Nelwin for our Vegas wedding, we found him to be a naturally nice guy (as natural as his beautiful photos) and so thoughtful in his detailed service--from the carefully crafted photo box, to his paperbag, from his bordered prints, to be one of his couples is indeed a delightful experience. And to know that he's mentored others, that he has expanded his business to cover all the other love-filled moments in one's life, is something we celebrate and highly promote here in the blog.

Anda's Maternity Shoot
Lam Family Shoot
Steph's 7th Birthday
Hazel's Debut
Daryl & Beverly - Brunei Wedding
Enter Cocoon. Cocoon Studio is Nelwin's legacy, recognizing that a master needs to pass on what he knows so that his craft and artistry can live on. And that's what Nelwin does. He has created a team that can immortalize your wedding, your maternity, your family milestones, birthdays, and everything in between, the 'Nelwin Way'.

Urban Love Prenup

Which one would you rather have? A) A prenup filled with so much mega production but falls flat when it comes to the photos' quality?; or B) An understated prenup concept but with the most awesome photographer? To each her own but I'd rather pick B.

Here's a set from photographer Ryan Ortega. Another one of those innate coolness that oozes out of the couple and the photographer and it didn't have to scream rebelliousness. Love it.

Photography by Ryan Ortega

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Iphone Wedding AVP

At first, I was like, "Whoa! What a unique idea!" But apparently, there really is a thin line between getting inspiration from an execution and just plain copying it. I guess this video is trending for its sheer technological coolness BUT most of the execution was really lifted off from an official music video. HOWEVER, props to the couple for injecting a very Pinoy/Asian concept of including your childhood and growing up photos. So all in all, I was very entertained. But warning, RBs, Do not merely copy this concept. We dare you to come up with your own 
awesome and technologically inspiring wedding AVP :)

Here's a link of the video (since I am not techy and do not know how to embed from Facebook):

And here is the original video (prepare to be blown away!):

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Just Giving It Forward: Newlyweds injured in Boston bombings receive outpouring of support (Source: Yahoo!)

Source: GiveForward

To be a newlywed, to still be in your honeymoon stage--then to wake up in this nightmare, is just heartbreaking. Let's all do our part to donate or at least spread the word.

Snippet from the Yahoo! article:

Patrick and Jessica Downes were two of the people to suffer severe injuries at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The newlyweds, who were married last August, each lost a leg below the knee in the explosions.

In the aftermath, friends and relatives set up a GiveForward site for people to donate money to help with the couple's rehabilitation and medical expenses. In just a few days, over $430,000 has been donated. Also pouring in: messages of support from both friends and strangers.
When humanity is tested 

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Vacation Auto Response :)

Hello ladies! Off to Boracay for a couple of days so apologies if new posts might be slow to none.

In the meantime, there's 509 back entries from the blog so why not try and randomly click on links and see where it takes you :)

Here's a nice video to keep you entertained for a bit. See you soon rebels! :)

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Earth Day Infographic by Simply Bridal

Here's an amazing effort by SimplyBridal in support of the upcoming Earth Day.

Shelly Adams of SimplyBridal emailed wedding bloggers and other partners from around the globe and wrote this:

"To celebrate the wonder and beauty of our planet, SimplyBridal has taken the time to create a fun visual of many ways for you to have a sustainable wedding. Can you believe that 62 tons of carbon dioxide is created from the 2.5 million weddings in the United States alone?  This doesn’t even account for the 9 million weddings that are celebrated in China, can you image the figures worldwide? From the paper used for invitations, to the jewelry pieces that are worn by the bridal party SimplyBridal has thought of it all! Donate un-served food, and encourage your guest to take public transportation, do something good for our world today.

As Earth Day is April 22nd, we’d love it if you could share this infographic with the community."

More and more people from the wedding industry are really becoming more conscious of the waste created out of weddings around the world. This is also our own advocacy and we are glad to be rebels with a cause when it comes to this topic. After all, weddings are supposed to be about LOVE. So keep it mind that this love should also transcend to love for our Mother Earth.

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Prom - The Road to Rebelliousness

Let's interrupt the usual wedding programming for a little bit, shall we? Poveda's 2013 Junior Prom. When wedding giants like Jason Magbanua, For You Are Mine, Madge Lejano, and hosts like The Boys of the Boys Night Out are actually part of a prom--you know this is gonna be fun, right? :)

The best-dressed of the night went to Janna Lejano, Madge's daughter. With a rebellious black Veluz gown, with Madge's amazing makeup, and with Teddy Manuel's creations on the corsage, you know know that Janna's entire look was really poised to be a sensation. Pay attention girls--you want to look awesome? You want to look different? You want to innovate? Then look to wedding artists even if your event is not a wedding.

Lifted from Madge's Instagram 

Paolo & Abby's Quirky Wedding

Photography by Noel Salazar
We can never stress enough on the importance of fitting the right photographer with a wedding's personality. Time and time again we see couples going to wedding expos and booking a supplier that can give the best deal--then come wedding day, expectations are not up to par with the final product. It's nobody's fault, really. All suppliers/artists have their own talent in their own right. But sometimes, this talent is not maximized for the simple reason that one's talent must perfectly blend with the couple's taste, and the wedding's vibe. And when the photographer's personality fits oh so amazingly well with the couples, then BOOM! You have a match made in heaven. Quirky Wedding? Then you get a quirky photographer. And no one can do quirky like Noel Salazar.

Rebellious Bride Rose's Bold & Classy Gown

Rebellious Bride Rose recounts the first time their officiating priest saw her gown: "I had my one-on-one confession with the priest while I was in my gown just before the actual ceremony. I was terrified that the priest would give me a sermon but then a funny thing happened, he asked: "Uy ang ganda naman ng gown mo, magkano yan?" I felt so relieved! I am very thankful to Tito Boy for allowing me to express my ideas and collaborating with me in creating this very bold yet classy wedding gown that I so dearly love! :)" 
Photos by Vinz Matias

Jon & Patti's Aracama+Prive Prenup

Photography by MangoRed
When MangoRed posted their latest prenup set, we couldn't be happier that it had the same spirit of our Rebellious Prenup Workshop blog post that talks about the three basic elements that can make any prenup concept classic w/ a twist: 1) A restaurant venue; 2) Loud elements; and 3) Investing in a good photographer.

Jon & Patti's prenup had all these 3 elements and more. The prenup venues were made at resto/bars'  Aracama & Prive; the loud elements comprised not just interesting laidback outfits but also amazing calligraphy and conceptual photo montages; and not only did they get MangoRed to do the shoot but they also teamed up with a brilliant creative team! The result is nothing short of a twisted prenup set. No lovely dovey poses here. Just sheer hotness and understated urban artistry. Enjoy!

Random Rebellion #39


I want me some Clayton gowns!!!!!
CREDITS: Gowns by Vidal Clayton of Cecilio Abad Design Team / Makeup by Aaron Lejarde and Randy Sta. Ana of the Makeup Studio / Photography by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio by ImagineNation

Amanda & Chris' "Il Magnifico" Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

Have you ever seen such a magnificent and colorful wedding that it burns your eyes with so much beauty? I call Amanda & Chris' wedding "Il Magnifico" because the very word is associated with poetic, renaissance art (read The Poet Prince if you have the time). 

My absolute favorite weddings are those set in nature and those that are so vibrant with color that your heart feels like it's going to burst into a song. Kudos as always to Metrophoto's Oly Ruiz for bringing us a wedding set that shouldn't even be called "wedding photos" because it's like pieces of infused art. Enough words. Let these photos move you.