Join The Rebellion! Be a "Mockingjay Bride"

I've been a huge dorky fan of the Hunger Games Series for as long as I can remember--even before the movie hype kicked-off. In fact, our Hunger Games Wedding Idea has been one of our most popular posts of all time. I have come to love the book for what it stands for--it is after all, about a rebellion *wink* and at the helm of that rebellion is the rebellious symbol that is the Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen. Poised to have a rebellious streak of her own, Jennifer Lawrence has been promoting Catching Fire all over the world in various rebellious Christian Dior pieces. She has since proved that as a Hollywood actress, she can have her own unique style that is quite refreshing to see on the red carpet. How inspired it would be if a rebellious bride would follow her footsteps and walk down the aisle in a wicked bridal gown! Here are some of my faves!

Perfect for an anti-reception 
kind of wedding

Perfect for a brunch, 
tea-time kind of wedding

Perfect for a glam hotel kind of wedding

Perfect for a beach kind of wedding -- wouldn't it be ahhhmazing to see this unexpected gown in Boracay?

Have you watched the movie yet? Three words: YOU HAVE TO. 

A Love Stronger Than Any Storm

 "Six months ago, in my happily-wedded bliss, this was what I vowed to my husband. While I may have underestimated the havoc that Yolanda would bring, the rest of it are truer now more than ever. Ranulfo Abellanosa, thank you for everything that you have done in keeping our families safe before, during, and after the typhoon. You are my hero, and our baby's, in these trying times and everyday for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being you... I love you. Please come back soon. (Happy 6th Wedding Monthsary!)"
 -- Kathleen on her wedding vows (as seen below)

Photography by Mark Cantalejo

When news of super typhoon Yolanda broke, my thoughts and prayers immediately went to our former clients, Kathleen & Dingdong. We can only imagine what it really feels like to be a survivor of such a horrific typhoon but they were there in the thick of things. On Facebook, spectators such as us were so keen to comment on practically everything--judging and ranting at every turn. Yet Kathleen & Dingdong, along with the other survivors--the real victims of the typhoon are the ones who have spoken with so much class, love, and maturity. 

Kathleen & Dingdong are newlyweds. It was even Kathleen's birthday when things turned for the worse. And as if that was not enough, she's pregnant with their first baby. What's surreal is that her vows, written and said 6 months ago talked about thunderstorms. We'd like to share with everyone a copy of Kathleen's wedding vows:

Random Rebellion #57

An Origami-Meets-Peacock Reception.
A Creation by Gideon Hermosa of Event Studio

Just goes to show, that when you add two different things that traditionally don't make sense together, the result can be explosive! 

Anna & Chuck's Peanuts Themed Wedding

Photography by Chestknots Studios

As a guest of Anna & Chuck's wedding, I can personally attest to the fact that their wedding--though obviously riddled with refreshingly creative ideas, was even made more memorable because of the personalized, meaningful, and love-filled ceremony. The couple culled inspiration from Peanuts--something they both loved. And it was amazing how consistent it was from the Facebook Event invite, to the directional signages, to the refreshment booth. And just as light, fun, child-like, and positive Peanuts is, the same vibe resonated all-throughout the day and unto the couple's loved ones. You could feel it in the air as friends cheered Chuck on as he made his way to the aisle. It was in the encouraging claps, hoots, and tears. It was in the testimonials and vows that the couple shared with guests, their parents, and to each other. I have to commend the parents as well though. While other parents would refuse a wedding theme such as this, they supported it and embraced it. And that is truly such an admirable way of showing love and support to the couple and their wedding ideas. 

So as Lucy Van Pelt would say, "Happiness is a warm puppy." And this wedding was definitely warm and as fuzzy as a puppy :)

Noel & Rae's "Promniversary!"

Ahhh....prom. We are quite fond of prom here in the blog. Why we even created a prom wedding theme for one of our clients! So when we saw this oh-so-original "Promniversary" idea from Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives and his wife Rae, we just had to celebrate it here in the blog for them as well!

Nothing like a couple who celebrates their anniversary in the most extraordinary way! My personal tip is to always make your anniversary an excuse to do something for the both of you so that you can: 1) Keep on reliving your wedding,  2)"Review" what you vowed to each other, and 3) Keep your love & marriage exciting, sizzling, happy, and alive. Take for example Noel--Rae had a not-so-happy memory of her prom and that's why Noel thought of creating a new one for her. How sweeeeeet is that? He went all out! The celebration even came with a kick-ass playlist haha. So let's play some Boyz 2 Men and check out this prom, shall we? :)

A Story About Boy Meets Bride

The World Premiere of Committed's Official Trailer

When writer/producer/director Stelana Kliris went out of her way to share with us Committed's official trailer, we knew we had to likewise go out of our way to be part of this movement to promote the movie. 
So READ ON! >>

Bride on Fire

Photography by Pat Dy

When RB Mica blogged about Vera Wang's Red Bridal Collection, we have since been hoping that a real bride would have the guts to wear one. And here we are at last. When photographer extraordinaire Pat Dy shared this on Instagram, we knew we had to have this on the blog. But it's not just the bridal gown that was on fire, really. It was in the couple's embraces, their stolen moments, and in their wickedly New York wedding. 

Project Portrait for #ReliefPH

Here's another way to make a difference for #ReliefPH rebels!

"A Fundraising for Yolanda Victims" 
Black Foto Studios & Toni Rodriguez MakeUp Team are tying up for the Project Portrait for a Cause this Nov 23, 2013. 

For only Php1,000 you get to have a professional head shot with complete hair & makeup and at the same time you get to help our brothers & sisters who are victims of the typhoon Yolanda. All proceeds will be donated to them. Let us please help them in whatever way we can. Our studio is also a drop off location for any donations you can give, foods, clothes, blankets etc.

Wedding Dresses for #ReliefPH by Designer Ryan Madamba

Designer Ryan Madamba came up with a brilliant idea to sell his wedding gowns at significantly reasonable prices for the benefit of the Yolanda Typhoon Victims. Two of the gowns being sold actually graced our Rebellious Brides Gatsby Features! So go ahead Rebels and let's do our part in this!

"Grace" Description: Vintage 1940s is the inspiration for this very unique wedding dress. The drop-waist design is highlighted by Spanish lace while the back of the almost-flapper-type top is dramatically draped and made of pure silk chiffon. The skirt is made daintier by layers of pure silk illusion tulle over the chiffon base.  Initially Used For: Only one model has used this for the Great Gatsby - inspired editorial which was featured and specially created for
Size: Bust: 33 - 35 WL: 26 - 29
Length: Good for brides up to 5'8 in height
Original Price: Php. 60,000.00 ++ 

Current Price: Php. 15,000.00 (Roughly around $350)

Weddings for #ReliefPH

Dear Readers,

Apologies if we haven't been blogging lately. We promise to go back to "regular programming" when the time comes. But right now, to be honest we are not in the mood....sorry about that. And yes, our hits and pageviews may be suffering but that's the least of our priorities right now. We enjoin everyone to find whichever way you can to help with #ReliefPH -- whether it's a silent prayer, a doze of positivity amidst the negative bandwagon, donations, volunteering, attending an event that has relief efforts, taking calls for a telethon, whatever is suitable for you....please help in any way you can. 

But if you want to go "all the way", we encourage you all to use your upcoming weddings to help. Here's how:

1. If you haven't used up all of you wedding funds yet, why not revise your plans and make your wedding a simpler one so you can use the extra budget to donate. Make sure though that you are donating through a reliable organization such as: World Food Programme, Red Cross, GMA Kapuso Foundation, etc.

2. Use your reception event as a drop-off point for donations. Enjoin you guests to donate. Tell them in advanced that you will be putting donation bins and donation canisters at the registration booth of your reception and that this can be in replace of the wedding gifts.

3. Instead of the usual reception programme, why not host an auction? 

4. In replace of wedding souvenirs, tell your guests that you will be providing food/water/medicine et al to typhoon victims on their behalf. 

5. Lastly, find other creative ways to incorporate it in your wedding as inspired by the immediate need to help. For instance, are you a doctor and most of your guests are going to be from the medical field? Then perhaps instead of a guest list you can put a petition book that can help mobilize your guests to action. Or maybe instead of a photo booth, you have an area where people can create words of encouragement? Something that can be posted on social media to combat the negative ones that are being churned out? 

You and your wedding can be an instrument of change, and an instrument to inspire others to do the same. 

JL8 Typhoon Relief Wallpaper and Timeline Set

Choose Love

In light of what's happening in the Philippines right now with the devastation brought about by Yolanda, concerned Filipinos are naturally getting passionate with varying degrees on how we are all reacting. Especially netizens like us. Here are just some gentle reminders based on what we've observed on Facebook which is somehow growing a bit hostile.

1. Let's be tolerant of people. Forgive them if they seem like they do not know what they are doing. And be tolerant of people who don't seem to meet your own personal standards on what should be done. Even those who are posting selfies, posting their food, posting their good life. Even those who are seemingly announcing to the world the amount of what they have donated. Let's not judge. We don't know what their state of mind is. Let's not conclude that they are selfish, arrogant, and whatnot. We are all different, we cope and think differently. If you have the urge to reprimand them, at least be kind with your words. Let's always assume that each human being is fighting their own battles. And that words can hurt. There's a big difference and a different reaction if a person is feeling like they are being attacked as opposed to being informed nicely on what they should and should not do. Let's also remember that life goes on. Just because some are posting happy stuff doesn't mean they are not grieving. You never know. We never know. Let's just stop judging, please. 

2. Let's not make this into a competition. Let's just be thankful to everyone who is helping. Let's just all come together. 

3. And lastly, choose love. We believe in the Law of Attraction. Negativity attracts negativity. Love attracts more love. The most powerful feeling is love. Love will overcome everything. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, annoyed, or appalled, count from 1 to 5 and think of love and the things you can do or think of that is in line with this positive thought. 


Photo lifted from Huffington Post and edited using #VSCO

The organizations below are mobilizing and deploying major disaster relief efforts. See how you can lend support:
World Food Programme
WFP has allocated an immediate $2 million for Haiyan relief, with a greater appeal pending as needs become apparent. The UN organization is sending 40 metric tons of fortified biscuits in the immediate aftermath, as well as working with the government to restore emergency telecommunications in the area. Americans can text the word AID to 27722 to donate $10 or give online. Learn more here.
Red Cross
Emergency responders and volunteers throughout the Philippines are providing meals and relief items. Already, thousands of hot meals have been provided to survivors. Red Cross volunteers and staff also helped deliver preliminary emergency warnings and safety tips. Give by donating online or mailing a check to your local American Red Cross chapter. Learn more here.
The Philippine Red Cross has mobilized its 100 local outposts to help with relief efforts. Learn more here.
The relief organization is sending medical aid for 20,000 survivors, including antibiotics, wound care supplies and pain relievers. AmeriCares is also giving funds to local organizations to purchase supplies. Learn more here.
World Vision
The organization is providing food, water and hygiene kits at the evacuation centers. World Vision was also still actively responding to last month's earthquake in Bohol, which luckily was not struck by the eye of the storm. Learn more here.
ShelterBoxprovides families with a survival kit that includes a tent and other essential items while they are displaced or homeless. Learn more here.
Anticipating that children will likely be among the worst affected by the typhoon, UNICEF is working on getting essential medicines, nutrition supplies, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families in the area. Learn more here.
Salvation Army
100 percent of all disaster donations will be used for relief efforts and "to immediately meet the specific needs of disaster survivors." Text TYPHOON to 80888 to Donate $10 or give online. Learn more here
If you are in the Philippines, you can also course through your help via the GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION:

Prenup Idea: Love in Perspective

I really believe that you can get inspiration from everywhere. In fact, I advise you to read more than just bridal blogs if you're getting married. Yes, there are more to weddings than mason jars and flowers and the usual stuff. I know we're a bridal blog but we want to give you more than that. We want to give you perspective. We want a paradigm shift. That's why we think of our blog as more of an advocacy. So that those who go against the grain don't find themselves drowned and bullied by tradition.

Inspired by a blog that went viral: Marriage Isn't For Me and a mind-blowing Honda CR-V commercial is an engagement shoot entitled Love in Perspective.

The blog is actually a word play. It says marriage isn't for him because it's all about 'her' (the wife). Imagine starting your video with THAT statement: Marriage isn't for me. BUT ironically, all you see are happy shots of the couple. Then you can end with this statement: Marriage isn't for me. It's for her…and our future family.

If you are not the cheesy/sweety type, then you can make the video more kick-ass by using this mind f*ckery from Honda. Use it as an inspiration about love's different perspectives, about how love is about two people equally involved, about love and illusion, etc. etc. The possibility of ideas are endless!

"This ad by Honda uses forced perspective and anamorphic optical illusions to screw up your mind. No computer animation is involved—just clever camera work and 
paintings on the ground."

Watch the video and if you do decide to use this as an inspiration, I hope you share it with us. 
That would be just be awesome!

A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding - A Rebel Love, Captured

Rebellious Brides + Ian Cruz Films "REBEL LOVE" 
from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.

Melancholy. Reflective. Hopeful. But playful and imaginative as a child. Ian Cruz Films nailed it in this Rebellious Brides Tribute Video. We barely even gave directions. And THAT rebels, is why you hire a pro. 

Ian's visual representation of Rebellious Brides made me go back to the time when RB Mica and I were writing to our would-be, future readers back in 2011.

RB Mica wrote: 

We dedicate this blog to all the brides who have the guts to say, "I don't care what other people say." Because of you, we will work our asses off to find inspirations beyond the cookie-cutter weddings. We applaud you for even looking at this site and embracing being a Rebellious Bride.  Think of this as an Alcoholic Anonymous for Brides where you realize you're not alone in this world. Our dear Rebellious Bride...we are here for you--you and your creative *topak!  (Source:

I on the other hand wrote: 

I want to create a community for Rebellious Brides because I love weddings, I am a fan of the Philippine wedding industry and the innovators behind it, and I want to help you create your own wedding. Let me tell you this, and I hope it sticks to your mind: I have heard of COUNTLESS TALES of former brides who wish to get married again--5 or 10 years from now. You know why? To carry out their dream weddings, because their first one wasn't what they wanted, rather, it was what THEIR PARENTS WANTED. It's our culture. It's just "the way it is". But it's time to make a stand. So here's to you, Rebellious Bride.Let's fight for your own dream wedding. 
( Source:

Yes, this 4-part series was all about a concept shoot to show you pretty rebellious things and new ideas but if you go deeper than that, it is quite a reflection of how we've all collaborated to keep our little community alive--you as the reader, and us as its champion, and the talented wedding artists we support. All coming together as one passion group, with one twisted perspective on love and how to celebrate it meaningfully. 

A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding - The Bride, The Groom, & The Wicked Wardrobe

"Be bold, be brave but be TASTEFUL." 
-- KC Leyco-Mempin 
(Miss Kayce Head Fashion Stylist | Menswear Designer)
Photography & Event Styling by A Dash of Jamie / Jamie Espadilla

Stylist to the stars and a rebellious bride herself (her prenup and wedding have both been featured here in RB!), KC Leyco-Mempin of Miss Kayce Style Team emailed us for a collaboration shoot and her email couldn't have come in a better time! As mentioned, our lucky stars really did align for this shoot (back track HERE). 

A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding - The One On Foodie, Food, Food!

Photography and Styling by A Dash of Jamie / Jamie Espadilla

“There is no sincerer love 
than the love of food.” –George Bernard Shaw
There are a lot of ways to interpret a fall-themed wedding. It could be based on the turning of the leaves, corn mazes, hay rides, to name a few. But when A Dash of Jamie & Jacqs Floral Design Studio approached us for this collaboration shoot, we wanted to be unique in our own way of course! And that's why we thought of Thanksgiving--not just because we have been feeling very grateful right now (Back track HERE), but also because when you think of Fall, it immediately takes you to Thanksgiving and plus, the family-style food spread.

This wedding concept shoot therefore, brings back one of the main wedding elements that has been ironically overshadowed by reception styling -- the food itself. We've seen many, many wedding photos and catering portfolios a hundred times over--and don't you find it curious as to why there are very minimal food shots? You see everything else though, right? The huge floral arrangements, the overwhelmingly themed decors, the shabby chic dessert table--but no food in sight. And then when you do see the food, it's gotta be the fancy kind--fillet Mignon this, baked salmon that. However, guests secretly get hungry after and go for a burger (at the end of the day, guests, especially guys just want fuss-free and generously portioned food). READ ON! >>>