Wedding Agency: Rosette + Oli = Ethan's Splish Splash Wedding

Photography by Benjie Tiongco 

I can still remember our client briefing with Rosette, Oli, and their son Ethan like it was just yesterday. In truth, it's been almost 3 years ago. 

Our inspiration when we think of ideas for our clients can come from anywhere. In Rosette & Oli's case, our inspiration came from Ethan himself. 

Rosette & Oli's wedding was to be a beach wedding in the city. Out of the three concepts that we initially proposed to them, there was one that immediately resonated with them so well--not because it was full of creative ideas but because it revolved around being a family. 

True enough, when I saw their official wedding photos for the very first time, I honestly didn't even care about the creative details. What got me emotional and almost teary-eyed was the most priceless wedding element of them all---Ethan, and his relationship with his mom and dad. 

Here are some snippets from their Wedding Agency Walkthrough:

The Las Casas Prenup

Photography by Michelle Pineda

We are forever fans of  "Classic w/ a Twist" prenups! (Review our blog: Rebellious Prenup Workshop HERE). We believe that all you really need to make a prenup rebelliously fabulous are just 3 essential things:  interesting venue, statement outfits, and a GREAT photographer. But in the end? It always boils down to photography if you ask me. 

And that's what I love about Lilay and Bebet's prenup. They have one of the most uncomplicated prenups I've seen but it is one of the most beautiful out there. This set, though done in Bataan, reminds me so much of Versailles--it has an old world, romantic, French flair to it that feels so dramatic. 

Their photographer Michelle Pineda has this to share:

Nikolo & Nicola: Top 10 Fresh & Rebellious Wedding Ideas

Photography by MangoRed
Oh where to begin?!?!? I am so in love with this wedding because there's so many new and exciting rebellious ideas that's never been done in the local scene before.

And in celebration of Nikolo & Nicola's uber fresh wedding, I'd like to use the "Buzzfeed Format" where they usually make their point in just a few bullets.

So here are the Top 10 Fresh & Rebellious Wedding Ideas from Nikolo & Nicola's Wedding:

Wedding Agency: The "Powered by AC" Prenup

Photography by Metrophoto

My, my,  I am oh so blown away with this prenup set from Metrophoto! 

Why you might ask? Photographers are aplenty....but photographers who are also ARTISTS are but a handful. And Oly nailed this concept. We know because we were part of Chel & Allan's wedding conceptualization process.

When the couple approached us, they were dead set on having a Telco-themed wedding because they met at Globe. But actualizing their dream concept was a challenge because it was hard to think beyond the usual cell site towers. Some of the the design elements we proposed included fiber optic layout designs, using the color blue (in reference to globe), ribbons in reference again to globe, and focusing on "ties that bind" and how telcos inevitably is about human connections. We then came up with the wedding theme title "Powered by AC."

It's amazing how this prenup captures that very concept. How Oly started with the "obvious" then played with the concept visually in ways that you wouldn't think of is beyond unbelievable because it shows how willing and able he is to embrace a couple's theme and take it to the next level. For instance, who would have thought that a dancing fountain shoot can actually appear like fiber optics?!?! And that's not even half of what makes this set amazing. What is even amazing to me is the fact that Chel and Allan decided to switch photographers and eventually got Oly. Just goes to show that some unexpected twists during wedding preps are sometimes, oh so worth it. 

Cha & Marco's Batanes Wedding

Photography by Joel Salindong Digital Video

Cha & Marco's engagement has got to be one of the most well documented here in RB. We got them for one of our editorial features (CLICK HERE), then we also featured their Save the Date (CLICK HERE), and finally their "Pamamanhikan" Family Prenup (CLICK HERE).

I can still remember when Cha just recently got engaged. She was dead-set on having a Batanes wedding but for a split second, she got worried that her dream wedding wasn't going to be possible because she thought it would cost millions. We both simply couldn't agree to this at all! RB, through our Wedding Agency Service, helped her do the research and bring her to an ideal budget. 

Cha & Marco's Batanes Wedding is quite rebellious in so many ways, that we didn't even know how to title this post. In the end we just thought of simply calling it their Batanes Wedding because just like the title, the wedding was no frills, no fuss, but heartfelt on its own.  

As a Rebellious Bride, Cha identified her key investments and kept everything else as practical as possible. Her non-negotiables included her fabulous Vidal Clayton/Cecilio Abad Design Team bridal gown and Batanes as their wedding destination wedding venue. 

I had Cha develop her own blog post for her wedding (Phew! Thanks Cha!), so let's get right to it!

"Who's That Bride?"

Photography by Zeus Martinez Photography

I personally see tons of wedding photos on my Facebook news feeds and Instagram timeline. Naturally, at some point my feeds become a blur. Then on very rare occasions, a bride catches my attention and makes the blur pause into a perfect rebellious freeze frame that makes me feel giddy. One such moment was when I saw Rebellious Bride Ashley as photographed by Zeus Martinez. 

A sudden gush of excitement usually follows this "freeze frame" moment which then compels me to feature. 

The Blueprint Bouquet

Here's a perfect example of how you can take a very masculine theme like "construction" and make it look crazy beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest of this construction themed wedding! The bouquet below was made by no less than Teddy Manuel.

This non-floral bouquet is made from Blueprint paper and metal wires!

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Jill & Mark's 2-Part Boracay Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

One look at Rebellious Bride Jill, and for sure you would know why she landed on our blog. Why, she wore a short wedding gown--and a PINK one at that! But that's not the only reason why we're excited to feature her today. Among many, many rebellious details on her wedding day to Mark, she had TWO Boracay weddings!