Unleash the Rebellious Power of the Universe in Twenty Twelve!

The Rebellious Brides
Photo by Mark Cantalejo
Makeup by Mica Tuano
Head Candies by Bonsai Fojas
Kai's gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco / Mica's gowm by Sassa Jimenez
On Location at Pontefino Batangas

First of all, Happy New Year to our dear Rebellious Brides! There were so many ways on how I could have written this "New Year" post---some of the things that I randomly thought of were: a recap of the 2011 rebellious wedding trends, or a simple greeting from me and Mica, or one, last rebellious post feature to end the year. But as I reflected on what would mean most, to us--and what meaningful post we can pass on to you, one thing in 2011 really stuck to me the most--and that is, how Mica and I both used the power of the law of attraction, positivity, and vision boards to get to where we want to be right now. In 2009-2010, a bunch of us girls, myself and Mica included, set out a goal to be married before 2012....and true enough, each and every one of those gals ARE married already! And boy was 2011 a big year for both me and Mica....how did we do it? We just tried our darnest to stay positive and fight for what we wanted. Sure, we've had some rough patches along the way but we tried to keep on fighting 'till the end (doesn't that sound like a line from "We are the Champions"? hehe). 

Thank You Calligraphy/Artwork by Rebellious Bunch - The Fozzy Book

So as we close one of the biggest and happiest years of our lives EVER, 2012 looks very bright for the Rebellious Brides...we are now at 120,000 pageviews in just 5 months of launching, and we are ushering in the new year with gigs for our Wedding Agency/Wedding Consultancy services, and our very first collaborations/campaigns about to launch in January of 2012. How awesome is that?!?!

The Year That was Twenty Eleven

You know how each and every station, and all the other media outfits for that matter, counts down the best of 2011? So allow us to indulge a little bit as Mica and I look back at the best of 2011--at least in our own personal books! ;)

Marc and Mica MTV | The GAME from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.

Cy + Kai - The Wedding Documentary from Kai Palileo-Cruz on Vimeo.

Kai and Cy's Wedding from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Marc + Mica SDE from Kai Palileo-Cruz on Vimeo.

The Meme Proposal

Thank you for the Tweet Tip @natsumyre :)

It's the day after Christmas and I feel giddy! The most amazing thing about it, is that I feel giddy about a Proposal Video all the way from Kuala Lumpur, from a videographer and a couple that we don't even know. And that's the beauty of weddings, and the beauty of talented videographers. Technique, angles, fancy cameras can only go so far--it's the storytelling and the simplicity of it that requires creativity and talent. I totally love this video and how cool is it to actually give as equal importance to the Proposal Video? In fact, in my opinion, this should be given more time & effort than prenup videos--only because to capture this raw moment is so much more genuine than rehearsed prenups. A light bulb idea for the guys perhaps? Wink, wink!

So here is the video from the talented guys over at Kuala Lumpur, the Crazy Monkey Studio and congratulations to your engagement Tim & Audrey! Much love and luck from The Rebellious Brides back here in Manila ;)

Rebellious Idea: Re-use Wedding Props for the Holidays

When my friend Bonsai told me she saw a purple Christmas tree in the mall, I started my holiday hunt. My husband succumbed to my tree hunt and went on the mission with me. Our eyes just popped when we saw the prizes (I did not have enough holiday spirit to buy a seven-thousand peso tree...even if it's purple). So I always went home defeated. No tree!

And then it dawned on me. I still had my purple and blue paper flowers from our wedding! D-I-Y Christmas tree was the way to go. Since I didn't spend on that, I had more money for gifts ;)

We made around 300 Japanese paper flowers for our wedding!

They were scattered everywhere as decor :) Don't mind our silly dance.

From Decor to 2D Purple and Blue Christmas Tree! TADAAAAH!

Gifts underneath our tree :D

Click to see what fellow Rebellious Bride Kai did for their holiday decor using stuff from their wedding.

Random Rebellion #11

A little bit of handmade inspiration from Rebellious Bunch - {etc} befitting of the holidays ;)

{etc} writes: Starbucks-inspired boutonnieres for Edgardo and Chrisabel-Cyr! You have to admit it: they're sooooo fab! How cute are the heart-shaped waffles?! ♥ 

Kate Spade Mood Board #6

There really is a reason why I am just in love w/ Kate Spade. My personality and style are just so in sync with Kate Spade! For instance, I've been so in love w/ Navy right now--in fact, the original gown idea for the Vegas wedding was supposed to be Navy (I'm speaking in past tense because I am no longer having a gown made for Vegas. Long story...)Actually, come to think of it, I am just in love with all shades of Blue (especially Turquoise) in general like for instance, coincidentally, without meaning to do so, I am now wearing a pair of Navy ballet flats, a blue paisley skirt, and electric blue shrug as I am writing this haha! So when I've learned that Kate Spade's color of the month is Navy, I was just like--wow--Kate Spade really gets me! Hehe. 

Rebellious Idea - The RENT Wedding

lifted from: http://effyeahrentquotes.tumblr.com

Here's an unexpected holiday-themed wedding. Unexpected because on the surface, there's nothing very "holiday-ish" about it. But it definitely is. I am a certified rent-head. Apart from the fact that I just have to make sure all my friends sit through a 4-hour documentary on Rent and creator Jonathan Larson, there was one Christmas when I painstakingly created my own artworks based on this musical's songs, printed each, and gave set cards to my friends, and in one of my birthdays, my husband surprised me with a "Seasons of Love" number from my closest friends at Fully Booked's private cinema. 

So do you have to be a rent-head just to be able to have a rent-themed wedding? That would just be perfect but this would still make for a wonderful theme even if you are not such a certified fan because Rent is essentially about love, celebration of life, being with friends, and taking a leap of faith. This is also perfect for couples who don't like the cheesy kind of wedding themes but would still want to create that feeling of being in love. Most especially, this is just perfect for the bride who utterly has a rebellious spirit =P

So why is this theme perfect for the holidays? For those who haven't seen the musical or the movie, Rent takes place on Christmas Eve and ends the year after, again on Christmas Eve. It's about resolutions, revolutions, irreverence, and counting the 525,600 minutes in a year measured in love and being with friends. So let's start!


The Bride as Mimi
L-R: Mimi Look Book from Polyvore , gown from Weddings on The French Riviera

From the Blues to the Reds

Red boxes from MangoRed. Toy sold separately.
Today, I am starting to feel the holiday season :) Finally!

My husband Marc and I visited fellow rebellious bride Kai last night because her husband, Cy, got injured and has to be in bed for some time (Be well!). On their foyer, I saw that they mixed their MangoRed boxes with some candy canes and other holiday displays (I wish I took a photo!). So that inspired me to share with you our rebellious boxes from MangoRed and announce that I'm putting my head up high and saying goodbye to the blues!

So, you see, I have been sulking on and off for a while. Because we were pregnant and it did not push through. Naturally, I was relegated to the bed and felt really blue. But we're young (at hearts), there's nothing wrong with both of us according to the doctors and I guess, it's just not yet time, and so a lot of hope is in our hearts. 

Aside from hope, love is very much present. Circumstances like this cemented a stronger bond with my husband. 

And because I am feeling quite cheerful and loved, I'm doing a flashback of our rebellious wedding. Thanks to MangoRed's little red boxes of love :)

Our Ronac Center wedding :)

Two Rebellious Weddings in a Row

Whew! It's wedding season once again and every supplier is up and about, doing the rounds in the midst of the holiday crowd. 'Tis the season to get married (surprisingly, there are more December brides than June brides). And I am quite lucky to be a part, somehow, of these two wonderful occasions. 

Two different brides, two different weddings, both rebellious and lovely in their own ways.  So here's a sneak peak of their weddings. I'll do an in-depth Rebellious Bride for each when the official photos are posted. But thank goodness for Facebook you can instantly see snippets from the wedding and enjoy them (beat that, ADHD!). Here they are! Enjoy!

Bry and Cheska's vintage themed wedding had elements of quirk and fun.

Jadee and Blake created a rustic garden wedding INDOOR!

But wait, there's more!

Random Rebellion #10

"By the Sea" monogram from Rebellious Bunch - The Fozzy Book

We are very excited about this wedding because not only is the couple close to our hearts, they are also one of the first clients of our Wedding Agency/Consultancy. We also collaborated on a "Rebellious Bride" shoot with the bride, and Rebellious Bride Mica is going to be their makeup artist. The monogram definitely speaks of the couple's personalities--especially the bride. It actually even looks like it could pass for the bride's own doodle! Props to Fozzy Dayrit of The Fozzy Book! 

Rebellious Idea - Old School Weddings

All Photos by Mark Cantalejo
Nothing beats the romantic and nostalgic feeling of handwritten letters, road trips, traveling, and paper details.

Lately, I've been gravitating towards wedding ideas that speak of old souls and details that tell a story. One such wedding is that of Michael & Jackie, from Mark Cantalejo's blog. This reminds me of Griffin & Sabine, elopements, and childhood. Details that are timeless, yet playful and creative. Here are more photo of this wonderful wedding.

Kate Spade Mood Board #5

What's even better than Kate Spade mood boards? Kate Spade's Wedding Belles collection! I just looooove this collection so much! You guys already know that here in Rebellious Brides, we encourage you to be more lenient with allowing your entourage to wear their own dresses. Not only is this more cost efficient for you, but it also gives your entourage their own chance to shine and show their own personal style. Kate Spade's Wedding Belles ensembles are just sooooo pretty and we hope that this gives you fun ideas on how you can spice up your entourage's outfits.

Rebellious Idea - Damask Wedding

Damask Print from: insurrectionx.deviantart.com

I don't know what it is about the holidays that make me gravitate towards damask details. I loooove damask patterns! I can stare at a damask wallpaper for HOURS and just get lost in my own swirling thoughts. In our own wedding, we were able to incorporate damask details through our prints, our font, and in our wed-site. But if I had a "December in the City" type of wedding, I would probably go for an all-out damask wedding. There are different ways to create a wedding made out of damask. But if it were a REBELLIOUS damask wedding, here are two mood boards I created for you:

Damask Boldly

L-R: Armani damask bustier gown from http://www.designsigh.com, Damask chandelier cookies form weddingbycolor.com and Damask skull pendant from http://www.funkytiles.com

 I call this mood board "damask boldly" because it is all about putting damask details in things that you wouldn't normally see this pattern on. Think "damasking" the bustier of a bridal gown, or an irreverent damask/skull pendant, or damask cookies! It's all about creating an element of surprise since damask is already very visually obvious--think damask-printed envelopes instead of the usual damask-invitation. Or think damask photobooth props, instead of the usual damask photobooth backdrop! 

 Damask Colorfully

L-R: Damask headband from garlandsofgrace.com, Damask pattern from http://spoonfollow.wordpress.com, Damask bouquet from weddingbycolor.com
 I call this mood board "damask colorfully" because when you think of damask, instantly you think of rich, opulent textures that are usually in the darker shades. But damasks can also be playful and quirky! Think mixing and matching Damask with the preppy look for your entourage! Or a festive damask print! Or a bouquet with a charming damask touch. Other quirky details may also include clashing a damask print with stripes, or a white bridal gown with a damask belt or damask pumps! 

Hasmin & Miguel by Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy

Here's an awesome real-life damask wedding taken from Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy's blog. Miggy & Hasmin literally incorporated their damask detail into everything. The result is a classy wedding with an attitude. Everything was in black and white but together, it looked bold, modern, and chic. The best detail however, was the bride's gown itself. This couple definitely didn't half-ass their theme---they just really followed it through!

"Dear Wedding Bloggers, You Suck"

Thank you to Jason Magbanua for sharing this link! :)

We just LOVE the honesty of this blog entry written by photographer Meg Surly, from Hindsight Bride.  In this blog write-up, wedding bloggers are put under scrutiny for only featuring editorial-worthy brides, who have creatively polished weddings. And that wedding bloggers are at fault for making ordinary brides feel insecure and that their "normal" weddings are not feature-worthy. The write-up even further drills this down to fad photography and that photogs are equally at fault in creating this wedding madness. It also goes to the bottom of "listed" wedding vendors--and that you shouldn't instantly get them because it is paid advertisement. 

On one hand, we share the same sentiments. In fact, one of the reasons Mica and I were compelled to make our own blog is because we were saddened by the fact that there are wedding blogs that won't feature you if you are not part of the "creme dela creme" or will feature you but will even go as far as change your wedding write-up just so it would fit their own interest. We also don't like paid listings that's why our Rebellious Bunch list is only strictly "by invite" only. 

On the other hand though, we do understand that some blogs/sites do some sort of filtering because they only want to cater to a certain niche, so as a bride, I guess the more important thing is for you not to be gullible and to know first what type of bride you are--then that's the time you choose which blog/site is for you. You don't have to read each and every wedding blog out there, anyway--and you shouldn't be dictated by these things too. They are just inspirations! Bottom line is, it should still be YOUR decision and your wedding should speak of YOUR OWN personalities. 

This write-up is a very interesting read, but note however that it doesn't necessarily apply to the local scene as well. First of all, in the local scene, you have Bridal Book, W@W, and even yours truly, that feature and embrace brides of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Second of all, in the local scene, the "fight" is not so much on being creative for the sake of creativity. The "fight" here in the Philippines, is more of inspiring brides to be independent and assertive from family and society who dictate decisions for the bride. And third of all, I truly believe that we have amazing photographers who are firm believers of naturally beautiful photographs---photos that are even more wicked in its raw form, photogs who are game-changers rather than "fad-ish"--that's why I think Filipino photographers are even flown to different countries around the globe because they are just in a whole other level! 

And with that being said, here's the blog article. Again, kudos to the honesty! Very refreshing indeed!

**taptap** Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, hey, wedding bloggers! I’m glad I have your attention. It’s your friendly neighborhood photographer here, sharing with you a little bit of insight from within the tiny walls of my office. You see, there’s a lot of blogging trends going on that I find particularly un-swoon-worthy. Of course, this is just my own humble opinion, but I am here to represent the other photographers and brides of the world who don’t feel heard or seen.

why aren’t we being heard or seen?

Why are our weddings being repeatedly rejected from wedding blogs? It is certainly not because of the quality of photography. I have repeatedly seen photography on blogs like Cockles and Pretties that would make a 3-year-old look like a pro. At the same time, I’ve seen gorgeous wedding photography shot by colleagues turned down for publication. Why? Because not all of our weddings include brides sporting bird nests in their hair, or pretty, young Anthropologie-swathed bridesmaids, or meticulously stenciled miniature burlap dinosaurs holding up place cards made from the recycled issues of Rolling Stone, or weddings held in obscure meadows that can only be reached via bush pilot or a team of sled dogs. Sound over the top? It is, but you publish this stuff daily! So what is the reality behind many weddings?

Rebellious Tips from Net-a-Porter

Luxury gowns from Net-a-Porter
Have you guys ever tried shopping from Net-a-Porter? If you love or would want to try buying your first luxury, high-ticket item like a pair of Christian Louboutins, Net-a-Porter is the way to go. It's safe, you get to shop for items that are not available locally, and they even ship it to you so nicely--like you've just received a gift from fairy godmother. 

They have a beautiful wedding boutique too. And what I love about Net-a-Porter, is they are all about the modern, fashion forward, rebel bride. Their gowns are anti-traditional, and they even have 25 Tips on how to become a Modern Bride! It's an interesting read! View it here: 

Anti-White Part 2

(DISCLAIMER: The title is not meant to be a derogatory term)


Anti-White Gown by Cecilio Abad (Photo by Nelwin Uy)
When we previously wrote about colored bridal gowns (read anti-white), we didn't have enough local references to create a stronger case for those of you out there who are still not convinced with this rebellious plan. But now we'd like to share with you, other real-life brides who have actually donned anti-white gowns!

Anti-White Gown by Veluz

Anti-White Gown by Veluz