The Rebellious Brides on Wedding Essentials!

Photo by Nelwin Uy

Lots and lots of exciting reasons to grab a copy of Wedding Essentials' April - June 2012 Issue! But one such exciting ehem reason, is that there's some kind of a rebellious invasion going on. It feels wonderful to have this "acceptance" from a wedding authority such as WE. From the blog, to The Wedding Agency, to Round 1-2-3, and even Rebellious Bride Mica's rebellious purpley condo, it's all here!!! :)

Rebellious Bride Johann's Crafty Wedding

Photos by J Lucas Reyes in FILMTATSIC

"Probably the hardest part in doing DIYs is knowing the reason why you are doing it in the first place. Yes, it’s time consuming. Yes, it can be hard. It can sometimes blow your budget even. But you know in the end, it will be all worth it. You’ll know that you have made something out of your own creativity to bring a certain uniqueness to your own wedding. You’ll look back and say your wedding is inspired and totally reflected who you and your hubby are. So keep at it and don’t falter with your visions and inspirations."

Rebellious Bride Johann Lopez - Torres' advice on going DIY 

Plagiarism is Foul Play
Brides, be warned. A blog on a plagiarizing makeup artist has gone viral and we just wanted to let you know that that certain person has a fake portfolio. She combined assorted photos of other makeup artists to pass up as her own. While she may or may not have the makeup skills, we are just wary for future brides on choosing a supplier who is capable of doing something like this. If a supplier is capable of faking credentials, how can you possibly trust them?

We just recently posed an entry on manners for brides, now, we're doing a reverse to tell suppliers to have the decency to post their OWN work.

I know of a similar case done against bridal event stylist Michael "Badang" Rueda. A photo of his work was also posted by another stylist claiming it to be his own in his website. Brides, be vigilant and do background checks on your suppliers. Ask other brides. Research. Do not be a victim and end up booking lazy suppliers that resort to plagiarism just so they can instantly beef up their portfolio.

As a makeup artist and wedding supplier, it is my duty to be truthful in my credentials. There is simply no way I would post a photo of someone else to pass up as my work. That is just plain foul! 

Going back to the said plagiarizing makeup artist, here's an excerpt on the said blog by makeup artist Kris Bacani:

Gentle Reminder: Manners Matter

Understandably, when you are planning your wedding you go through a lot of stress. There are times when you are just really a bundle of nerves, tempers rise, and you have a gazillion things running through your head. But at the end of the day our dear rebellious brides and grooms, there's a difference between "trabaho lang, walang personalan" (this is just work, it's not personal) and treating your wedding team in a more well-mannered way. Please do not forget that manners matter.

When you hire your dream wedding team, you went through a grueling process on who to get. The mere fact that you went through so much trouble, thought, and heart into selecting your team, means you admire their work and you have high respect for their craft. And just because you pay good money, doesn't give you the license to forget that they are the people you hired to make your wedding a reality.  Think of your wedding team as your partners. You artists. Your wedding family. Think of them this way and you instantly change your mindset into giving them a little bit more kindness.

April Fools Bride

Photos by Larry Leong
HOORAY! We finally found a Rebel Bride who was unafraid to get married on April Fools day! Meet Rebellious Bride Tin Bariso-Sarthou :) 

 Rebellious Brides: Why April Fools Day? 

Tin: We thought it would be ok to do it on April 1st, since April fools' is not actually taken seriously here in the Philippines. :)  No reason for the date, we just thought it would be fun. Plus, we know that we won't have a hard time with our suppliers cause we hope that our wedding would only be their event that day. Haha! 

Claire Pettibone - Rebellious Bridal Couture

Special thanks to Rebellious Bride Punky for introducing us to Claire Pettibone's work :)

In our blog article, White w/ a Twist, we received a comment from Rebellious Bride Punky that she loves Claire Pettibone's bridal couture style--that they were sweet yet also modern. And I couldn't agree more. Part fairy, part goddess, part medieval, part edgy, her style is rebellious yet totally soft and dreamy. I love that ALL her bridal gowns, and I mean ALL of her creations are so unique and "non-wedding-y" so much so that I had to triple check if I was really looking through the bridal couture section of her website.

Watch the bridal fashion show video below -- it's insane how all the gowns are rebellious in its own way. Let the show take you to places you've never deemed possible!

Here are more photos of Claire's amazing bridal gowns. Which one is your favorite? :)

Rebellious Bunch Toto Villaruel featured on Destination Inspirations!

There's a different sense of pride when a Filipino wedding talent crosses over and gets a blog feature in the International scene. Rebellious Brides is a strong advocate of this. In fact, we personally share our weddings in foreign blogs not because we are narcissistic but genuinely because we want the world to know that Philippines is oozing with so much talent in the wedding arena.  

When a wedding is asked to be featured in a foreign blog, it's such an honor because they are much more discriminating in terms of the photography quality. Rebellious Bunch Mango Red and Filipina/Singapore-based photographer Josephine Sicad for instance, are regulars in Rock 'n Roll Brides and it makes us feel giddy for them because inevitably our country in general gets recognized POSITIVELY. 

So when we found out that Rebellious Bunch Toto Villaruel's photos recently graced worldwide-based blog Destination Inspirations, we went "WOOT!" To be featured in a blog like Destination Inspirations is so important for our country because this blog curates wedding venues from all over the world. In effect, not only do we get to promote our wedding innovators, we also get to promote "More Fun in the Philippines". Because of this wedding feature, other Philippine-based artists have been recognized as well, including Rebellious Bunch Vatel and Rebellious Bunch Passion Cooks. 

Flowers from Vatel, Styling/Catering from Passion Cooks, and Photos from Toto Villaruel were all featured in Destination Inspirations! Go Pinoy!

Visit the feature by clicking any of the photos above. A special shout-out to Toto: Congrats on this feature! Clap clap clap!!! 

On a sidenote, I think the bride is also an RB reader. I distinctly remember Kim leaving a comment in our How to Fight the Veil article :)

K+M: A Love Story Prenup Session

Photos by Mark Cantalejo
It seems to be the most logical prenup idea isn't it? To immortalize how you guys met, and your love story captured in photos? That some people may not be able to read between the lines but you guys know in your heart what the photos represent.

One of our clients from our Wedding Agency service, Dr. Mabeth Rivera and Atty. Karym Laidan had one of the most interesting love stories I've ever known of. Their love story is so interesting that it was the main focal point in both of their vows during the wedding.

PART ONE: The Universe at Work...
Gown by Mel Orlina
"The Perfect Time" - was how Mabeth described how they met, during her vows. Both were from Ateneo. Was introduced once. A casual Hi and Hello, and that was it. Nothing more. Both went on with their lives. One studying cadavers, the other studying cases.

But who would have thought that Starbucks, of all places, could very well be the Serendipity cafe?

 Years, and years had passed and Mabeth found herself alone in Starbucks. Karym on the other hand, was looking for a chair to borrow from another table. He saw Mabeth. He was bad with names. And why would he remember her name of all people? They were only introduced once, and ages ago at that. But for some weird twist of fate, the Universe whispered to him, her name. When Mabeth looked up, her response was: "And you are?" ---all of a sudden, the world around them became a blur, they started chatting away as if they were old friends. 

PART TWO: Two Years of Bliss....

Random Rebellion #17

We just recently blogged about Bohemian Beach Wedding Ideas and here's one today! Rebellious Bunch - Jay Jay Lucas presents the wedding of photographers Carlo & Heidi:

Makeup by Rebellious Bunch Madge Landrito / Bridal Gown by Cecilio Abad

Read Jay Jay's blog and see more of the photos by clicking the photo below:

Rebellious Francis Libiran Gowns to be Featured on America's Next Top Model

Another innovative Filipino designer has been given an amazing chance to cross over to the global scene. Francis Libiran showcased his gown creations through an America's Next Top Model episode. In the process, three other Filipino talents have also been given the opportunity to represent what Philippines has to offer in a POSITIVE way: Anne Curtis as the model, Mark Nicdao as the photographer, and Robbie Pinera as the makeup artist (love his REBEL shirt!). Another thing to note of is that one of ANTM's producers, Michael Carandang is actually Pinoy as well!

But let's focus on the gowns for a second, shall we? LOVE LOVE LOVE all the four rebellious gowns! Can someone PUHLEASE rock a Francis Libiran anti-white gown on the aisle? Which one is your favorite? Mine is obviously the electrifying turquoise gown followed by the breathtaking gray gown!  **Apologies for the picture quality--we only grabbed screencaps from the behind-the-scenes video.


Tyra wears a Rajo Laurel on America's Next Top Model

The Vegas Elvis Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

A dream come true! A feature on Green Wedding Shoes :)

A couple of weeks ago, I deleted some of my Vegas blog posts and said I'd get to explain this soon enough. As the co-creator/blogger of Rebellious Brides, I know that I have the responsibility to prioritize the features in our own blog, more so that it is my own wedding. But once in a blue moon, you get the opportunity to be featured in a blog beyond your wildest dreams that you are willing to make sacrifices when they require that they be the first to do the feature.

And this is the case with Green Wedding Shoes. I only have a handful of favorite wedding blogs/sites that I visit regularly (not for anything but I myself get overwhelmed with too much wedding stuff that sometimes, I'd like to find inspiration in non-wedding related sources). When GWS emailed me to confirm that they were going to feature the Vegas wedding, I was so thrilled! I tweeted Rebellious Bunch Nelwin Uy that the wedding was gonna get "the feature of all features" but didn't tell him exactly where the wedding was going to be posted 'till it came out. Waiting for the feature was so suspenseful for me to the point that I was even doubting myself already (sorry I'm just dorky that way hehe). And when Nelwin Uy, Dylan of Vatel, my husband, and I finally saw the feature for the first time, we got uber excited and giddy giddy giddy! I just admire GWS and the creator, Jen so much. I am truly passionate about Green Wedding Shoes--their bigness, their ideas, their look, and their featured couples get me really pumped up creatively that if you noticed, some of our blogs have featured GWS once in awhile.

Rebellious Brides is an advocate of our local talent. That's honestly the only reason why we like getting features in foreign blogs. Because of the feature, other Philippine-based wedding artists have been recognized--including Rebellious Bunch Vatel's {etc} Handmade Goodness and Rebellious Bunch Hindy Weber Tantoco.

Click any of the screencaps to visit the feature!

Anti-White Guessing Game

Gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco
Hello from Boracay! The wedding is 4 hours from now but I couldn't help squeezing in a blog update to share with your all the bride's super duper unique Hindy Weber Tantoco gown. The bride and the designer wanted a colored gown in which the effect would be, you wouldn't really know exactly what the color of the fabrics are. So....can anybody guess? What exactly is/are the color/s of this wonderful rebellious ant-white gown? Prize of which will be, well...just to have the bragging rights of having a keen sense for detail haha.

As an added bonus, a photo from the couple's prenup session w/ Mark Cantalejo:

Shot in La Union / Photo by Mark Cantalejo

Bye for now!

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Rebellious Prenup: Love Knocks You Out

They could have opted to walk hand in hand in a park or lie down the grass and kiss. They could have gone all lovey-dovey and sweet but instead, they decided to knock each other out- with love, of course!

KC and Jmie decided they were going for grit in their prenup shoot. And we just have to admire them for not being scared of sweat and blood and well, not looking so damn perfect. It was all about showcasing their own bond and brand as a couple.

We here at Rebellious Brides are more than glad to see more and more couples get out of their comfort zones and show the world what they are truly made of. But enough about us, here are some teaser photos grabbed from the equally rebellious photography team called We Do It For Love.

This sweating it out pose is a good break from all the fashion prenup shots!

Tough love.

I love a couple who know how to fight well ;)

RB: Why this theme?
KC: We both love contact sports. I really go boxing in that same gym where we shot and Jmie loves MMA (mixed martial arts) and wrestling.

Plus, people usually choose themes where they will look beautiful. We chose a theme that's a bit gritty and less beautiful, I  guess? Hahaha!
We also thought that this theme doesn't need so much styling in clothes, it has a lot of action (boxing) so it's more fun to do and see.

Do you have a rebellious prenup to share? We would be happy to see them! Email us at :D
<3<3<3 Mica


Shot on location: Elorde Makati gym
Hair and make up: Martin Alonzo
Clothes: Ms.Regine Tolentino

Klassy & Eric - A Teaser

A couple of months ago, we posted Random Rebellion #12 which featured tweet tips from supahstah coordinator Teena Barretto. She was so excited to share Klassy & Eric's wedding that she was actually updating us while she was working on the wedding (now that's multitasking!) -- not to be outdone, videographer god Jason Magbanua was also tweeting us photos from this wedding! Do you guys know why? Well...this has got to be one of the most "Kate Spade-y" weddings of all time --among other quirky and drool-worthy rebellious details. We are too excited to feature this wedding already that we can't wait much longer! Here is Jason Magbanua's video of the wedding. After watching the video, read a few stories from Rebellious Bride Klassy herself :)

Klassy and Eric: SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Klassy writes: 

Rebellious Bride with a BIG HEART

This Thursday, a dear friend of mine is getting married in Boracay. She also happens to be one of our clients for The Wedding Agency. We conceptualized her entire wedding which we called "By the Sea". But before we go into the details of her wedding, I'd like to zero in on what she's asking her entourage to wear. Any guesses? She's asking us, her bridesmaids, to wear a WHITE SHIRT. Yes folks. You read it correctly. A WHITE SHIRT. And she's not asking us to wear this just for the sake of being rebellious or being cool. She's asked us to wear it because it is for a worthwhile cause. In fact, Rebellious Bride Mabeth has such a big heart that she made sure to incorporate a lot of wedding details and buy products for her wedding that will go to a charity or something made proudly Pinoy.

The bride sent my shirt in a beautiful and simple Kada box which says "Wear it Forward". It had a simple sweet handwritten note, written in Kada's postcard type of card that certifies their shirt's craftsmanship and their goal to send children to school.

Kada Clothing's goal is simple. For every 20 shirts sold, they get to send a child to school. The best part? Their shirts are eco-friendly and has got to be one of the most amazing "not-so-basic" tees I've ever worn! And this is how I plan to rock my white tee during the wedding:

L-R: RB Kai wearing the Kada Shirt / Brown Belly Boho Skirt in Sunshine Yellow

To pair the white shirt, the bride had us choose from her summer color wedding palette (I chose "Sunshine Yellow"), and she had customized Boho skirts made for us from proudly Pinoy brand, Brown Belly.

Established since 2006, Brown Belly has got to be one of the coolest beach bum brands in Manila that has its own cult following.

Rebellious Bride Mabeth didn't stop there. Our Rebellious Bride w/ a BIG heart also had this to give as their wedding tokens:

L-R: As a token for being part of the entourage and for helping out for the wedding, the Bride gave us Rags2Riches bags handcrafted by women from Payatas / Our very first personal note and gift!!!! So sweet and touching!!!
Mabeth got us coin purses from Rags2Riches Inc. which is an organization that ties-up with movers and shakers from the Philippine fashion industry the likes of Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz, Oliver Tolentino, among others, in designing eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of up cycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics by working with women living in the poor communities across the country, mostly in Payatas. The mini bag that the bride gave us even came with a personal signature of the lady who handcrafted the purse.

Rebellious Bride Mabeth (Photo by Mark Cantalejo)
 Beautiful, brainy, and with a big heart. I can't wait to share Rebellious Bride Mabeth's wedding details with you all soon. Including a POWDER BLUE Hindy Weber Tantoco gown and a Vatel DIY shell bouquet.  You might also remember the bride from our The Rebellious Bride Series feature

In the meantime, here's a look at their Invitation Suite made by The Fozzy Book (Click the pic below)

M&M Backtrack

A day before our big day, I get a message from director Mike Salcedo of Valveon Studios reminding me that he wanted to cover our wedding. I could not possibly say no to that. And so, despite having to work around (and mostly behind) Mango Red and Wang Videography, Mike and his team were able to make their own sweet POV of our wedding seven months ago.

I was just telling Kai that it was a brilliant idea to re-post our blogs from the past for our new readers during our lunch a while ago. Then when I check my mail, voila! I get this link showing me yet another take on our purple/kiddie/DIY wedding. How amazing it that?!

A note of warning as there's a lot of my face pre-makeup. The makeup artist in me shudders but I am still posting it because reminiscing is fun and I see a lot of the people I love and a lot of the details we laboriously made. 

Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane, Valveon Studios!

<3 <3 <3 Mica

The Pamanhikan Video

In a world where prenup videos, same-day-edit videos, proposal videos, save the date videos, and love story videos abound, it is indeed a refreshing sight to see a different concept such as this Pamanhikan video. The simplicity of it all, the tradition made modern, and the idea behind the very essence of this video is just well...rebellious.

Thank you very much to Rebellious Bride Margaret for sharing this video with us :)

Pamanhikan from Dong Consuegra on Vimeo.

Previously on RB #1

Here in RB, we realize that we have new "converts" who are now reading and joining the rebellion. WOOT!!! :) But we know that it is a lot to ask of new readers to laboriously look through our archives of previous posts. So we've decided that every weekends (Fri-Sun), we'll give you three RB posts from the past, to make it easier for you to explore RB's content. Starting off with "Previously on RB #1". Happy Reading! :)

***Click the images below to read the article***

Our First Rebellious Letter

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Vogue Takes on Irreverent Brides

Thank you to my own rebellious sister for sharing this with me, and to our reader Katherine as well :)
Click here to read Vogue's article

Inspired by Reese Witherspoon's blushing pink Monique Lhuillier gown, Vogue came out with a blog featuring other celebrity brides that have worn "Anti-White" and "White w/ a Twist" gowns.

One of our readers, Katherine, commented in our Rebellious Wedding Ideas from Hollywood that we missed out on Dita von Teese ---and seeing it in the Vogue article, we have to agree that we should have included her on the feature! 

We totally love that the world is warming up to Rebellious weddings, gowns, and brides. Sometimes, it takes celebrities and fashion institutions like Vogue to take on the role of creating that interest, acceptance, and spark for something unconventional to eventually become a wildfire. Read the Vogue feature and as an added bonus, we'd love to show you as well, Reese's beautiful pink gown from and more of Dita's drop dead rebellious two-toned gown! Enjoy :)

Reese Witherspoon in a Monique Lhuillier Gown
Dita von Teese in a Vivienne Westwood Gown