The 2013 RB Forecast

We've always encouraged you guys to create your own forecasts, in pursuing what rocks your boat, in finding your inspirations from within as opposed to force-fitting a color or a trend that is said to be "in" (even if it's not even you).  So hence we don't believe in dictating forecasts.

But surprisingly (and flatteringly), Rebellious Brides was asked on what we think will be popular in weddings next year. Now, we don't necessarily know what's going to be hot and we haven't really done any research on the subject as well. But we've narrowed down some things we personally believe in. 

RB Top 10 Most Popular Posts (as of 2012)

It's always interesting for us to know which among our posts you guys read the most. And our top 10 posts of all time is such an interesting mix! For starters, included in the list are pop culture-related wedding ideas; two celebrity rebel brides both foreign and local; our two most controversial fearless rebellious thoughts; and our ever so famous non-floral bouquet feature.

RB Jolina's Bridal Style / Photo by MangoRed
Our top 10 gives us more reasons to keep on conceptualizing unique wedding blog posts--because it seems like this is what makes you happy. And we promise to continue spicing this up for you.

The Rebellious Gossip Girl Weddings

Lifted from

Who here can admit that their guilty pleasure is watching Gossip Girl? I know I do. And I've watched the series from the first episode and down to the very last one.

The finale wraps up with two weddings. And although we already kinda knew that Blair & Chuck would get married for sure, it was a surprise that Serena and Lonely Boy did too. But it doesn't end there. Both queen bees donned rebellious gowns and had rebellious weddings to top it off and that was even more unexpected!

The Best of Random Rebellion 2012

As the subject implies, here are some of the most awesome random sightings we've spotted throughout the year that nourished our rebellious spirits. Need to refresh your memory on what a 'Random Rebellion' post is? Back track HERE.

Random Rebellion #15

Photography by Jay Jay Lucas

Random Rebellion #18, 19, 20

Whip bouquet by Teddy Manuel / Photo shared by Jason Magbanua

 Random Rebellion #25

Photography by Nelwin Uy

The Coachella Chic Wedding Preview

Whenever we present concepts to our Wedding Agency clients, we know that not all our ideas will get implemented. After all, these things are still the prerogative of the couple and we let them run away with our ideas and make it their own. So when we presented to JP + Loni a couple of months back, we wanted for them to get a Ferris wheel for their Coachella Chic Wedding---they loved it, but we never knew if it was going to really happen. 

So when I saw this on Facebook, I felt like a mother who just saw her children go to graduation with honors and everything. Slow clap. I can cry right now. 

Photo by Detalye Weddings and Events

Prenup Shmenup

As I've countlessly mentioned a thousand times in the blog, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of prenups, myself included. In fact, my husband and I totally scratched this idea and never had a prenup. Instead, we created a Wedding Documentary chronicling our entire wedding preps from the time of the proposal down to the very last night before the big day. Speaking of Wedding Documentary....have I shared this video in the blog? Hmmm.....but anyway back to this particular feature.

So when Geli shared with us her similar dilemma and what she eventually came up with, I couldn't help but applaud her and her fiancee for sticking to their own beliefs and doing something that felt authentic to them.

Geli Shares:

"Pre-nup photoshoots have become a staple these days, and almost everyone expects couples to do that. But as much as we want to skip that because we're both camera-shy (me, just a little), we decided to compromise and come up with something to present to the public--we did our own pre-wedding photos. :) Though we find other couple's pre-nup photos fun, it's just not our cup of tea.  

We want to like the idea of it, but pre-nup shoots look staged most of the time--I mean, we don't go picnicking in the middle of nowhere, bringing luggage, books, and SLRs on normal days--and imagining  ourselves to be in that 'staged' situation with a stranger photographer as paparazzi just makes us feel very uncomfortable. 

We're feeling extra generous...

 We have a lot of things to celebrate and be thankful for in 2012. Not only did RB reach unexpected cult following, more and more couples have also entrusted us with their wedding concepts via our Wedding Agency Service. Rebel Mica has also given birth to a pretty baby girl! HOORAY! The only downside rebellious birthday falls on the supposed 'doomsday' but no matter. As the visual indicates, we are slashing off our Wedding Agency service at 20% OFF for all reservations closed before the year ends. Feel free to inquire through our email: Have a happy week everyone! :)


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The Hunger Games Parody - A Rebellious Couple's Entrance

First of all guys, I can't believe this entry went directly to our spam folder. It was submitted by Rebellious Bride Nadelyn a couple of weeks back and this is the only time we've seen it! Lesson learned folks, this happens once in a while so if you have submissions you may want to re-send it especially if you haven't received a reply from us :)

But better late than never right? I AM IN LOOOOOVE WITH THIS COUPLE'S ENTRANCE!!! I am completely blown away by the meticulous production details courtesy of Sequence by Sequence! 

So let's all watch it now and read what the bride had to say about this video!

Happy Hunger Games :)

Hi Rebellious Brides!  

I know you featured twice The Hunger Games as a wedding theme in your blog. So we just want to share with you our opening video before our grand entrance to the reception. It also became our engagement video. 

The Rebels of 2012

Rebellious Bride Garovs / Photography by MangoRed

We zeroed in on the love-filled ideas. Here are the purely rebellious (but beautiful in its own perceived 'oddity') weddings, brides, artists, ideas, and milestones that were featured in RB in 2012. 

Mayone & Francis / Photography by MangoRed

When Mango Red & Everywhere We Shoot Collide

Then you will have an explosive, jaw-dropping, artistic rebellion. There are no rules. You may say it's "everywhere" but their art is not merely all over the place, it is simply boundless.

I specially love how the bride humbly begs off being called rebellious and gives more credit to Mango Red. It's like being beautiful and not even knowing it:

GAROVS: Hi mica! Actually di nga rebellious tingin ko sa kasal namin eh  Nag mukha lang rebellious dahil sa adik na rebellious MangoRed Ryan haha! Dahil sa kanya lahat yang nakikitang ganda!

I disagree, Garovs. How can Mango Red ever go wrong with capturing something innately rebellious already. 

Enough chitchat. Time for the crazies to start. This is actually a delayed post. I totally did not know where to start. Everything was too cool for words. 

In no particular order (asa pang may order!), here goes:

One of their many prenup artworks. This one was made by Tokwa Peñaflorida.

Heath's Personalized Proposal

"I've always found it interesting that I know you both, but from different times in my life - small world! I think what you guys are doing is awesome and I've been (secretly) following your blog for over a year now.

The good news is, I don't have to keep it a secret anymore because I'm getting married. Yay!

I just wanted to share Heath's proposal with you because I'm very proud of how he made it so personal and unforgettable. I was thinking this could be good inspiration for the boys - something out of the box, personalised, simple, sincere and super inexpensive.


MangoRed's Marc Santos is special to both me & Mica. He was after all, in both of our weddings, snapping away in separate momentous rebellious weddings in Boracay and at the Ronac Art Center. But that's not the center of our feature today. 

Today we focus on the photographer behind the lens in his nifty, pink groom's suit and his own version of Alapaap. Gusto mo bang sumama? 

Videography by For You Are Mine

Poptastic Bride on Rebellious Brides: Bring-Your-Own-Awesome
How awesome is a wedding theme that revolves around awesomeness? That's right. This blog post will literally use that word a lot. So brace yourselves. 

For this month's Poptastic Bride on Rebellious Brides feature, we are taking inspiration from this awesome wedding theme coined by the awesome couple Jax & Michael called The 'BYOA'  (Bring-Your-Own-Awesome).

So let's start!

  Jax & Michael’s Eclectic 
Bring-Your-Own-Awesome Wedding
Photography: Kira Friedman of Harper Point Photography

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Gown

This gown could be yours!
Hello girls! Boy do we have an awesome surprise for you. Are you getting married? No budget for a wedding gown? Are you rebellious enough to wear a gown that's traveled all the way from Canada courtesy of a fellow RB reader FOR FREE? 

Then this blog entry is for you! 

Rebellious Bride-to-Be Christia Gardiola writes:

Dear RB readers.

Let's be honest, the wedding world is kind of a bully. The minute you get engaged you're expected to fit a mold and most of the time, it's a mold of a princess.

So much for pressure, huh? I thought I was marrying one person. Turns out, I was marrying 200. To make matters worse, months after we got engaged, the Royal Couple (Yes, that's you, Will and Kate!) tied the knot. And suddenly the princess phenomenon was really on.

I have committed the cardinal sin of wedding preparations: I tried being someone I'm not. I succumbed to the princess pressure and bought a wedding dress fit for one. But RB readers, I'm no princess. I can't get through a day without falling and slipping. I have the laughter someone once described as "sounds like you're having an asthma attack". I think 'dork' is a more apt title for me.

I do know however, that somewhere out there, a real princess exists. And for that princess, I'm offering this:

This is what would have been my wedding dress a.k.a. probably one of the most beautiful things I ever laid eyes on. It's ivory. The top part is made of silk with white beading and the bottom consists layers of organza. It measures 52 inches in length (from chest to end of the dress), 33-35 inches for bust, 24-26 inches for the waist AND, I'm giving it away for FREE. That's right, free.

This gown in all its beauty and elegance deserves someone who possesses the same qualities. Maybe it's you?

Christia Gardiola

p.s. I reside in Toronto, Canada and would gladly split shipping costs with anyone who wants this dress shipped anywhere in the world. Contact me at 

Just Do It!

When my bride Barbie went to my place for a trial makeup, she gave me a tiny shoebox. It was their wedding invite. OMG, what genius! The couple are true blue sneaks/kicks addicts and they made it the theme of their prenup & their big day. Guys, this couple is pure TOPAK & pure awesome!

Barbie & Jay's Prenup with We Do It For Love Photography

I specially love how they played with Nike's famous tagline "Just Do It" with "I DO" highlighted in the middle. After all, getting married is just doing it, jumping in with the one you love most. Walang patumpik-tumpik! Just I Do It! Go!

The choice in color is as whimsical as the theme itself. Aqua and red make such a lively combination. Perfect for two lively & fun individuals.

The Bride & her entourage in Jordans! 
The other detail I love about this wedding is the bouquet by Vatel Manila made up of shoe laces! Click below to see more from this highly conceptualized wedding ;)

Hello December!

Found another use for my ETC/Vatel cockade bouquet. See this is why non-floral bouquets rock :)

Christmas Ornaments from Dapitan & S&R, fresh Christmas Tree from S&R.

Hello December! :)


Sarah & Cayo - The Dreamers' Wedding

Photography by Nelwin Uy
"For me a Rebellious Bride is an anti-template bride.  Just because things are always done a certain way, doesn't mean that you have to do it exactly the same way.  Your wedding has to be unique, not just for the sake of, but unique because it's the two of you.  As the saying goes, "something old and something new"--that's a good place to start.  Take something that's old --- like cake cutting and combine, add or turn it into something new. Make it yours!" 
-- Rebellious Bride Sarah Ko-General

Do you guys remember one of my most favorite prenup videos about the two dreamers? Well, this time we are featuring their wedding which is of the same theme.

"Because our theme was conceptual (dreams), it was difficult to execute. If it was something like carnival or movies, then it would have been easier to come up with designs, layouts, etc.  So we had to figure out tangible elements that would tie it back to our concept --- an invite inspired by dream catchers and stars, styling inspired by clouds, daydreaming tents, and so on.  It was a lot harder to plan because nothing was cut-and-paste.  But in the end, it was all worth it.  Love is in the details." -- Sarah

We hope that their story will inspire you to dream and fulfill your very own anti-template weddings Oh and watch out for the siomai booth outside the church! Love the little doodle on the booth--how rebellious! :)

Here are some of the bride's favorite rebellious ideas from their wedding:

Sarah: An interactive invite with a dream catcher logo-–-take the swatch of fabric and write down a wish for us.  Then we collect the “mini kumots” and stitch them together into a patchwork quilt.  What better way to keep our dreams sweet?  

Sarah: Wore red, red, red Stella Luna heels while walking down the aisle, and sparkly Zara party flats for the reception.  I got my dream dress from Rosa Clara. 

Sarah: For the boys we gave them teal bow ties and button boutonnieres. For my girls we gave them  personalized parasols (hand-painted by former-partner-now-ninong Lito Gemora) and cute little accessories from Bangkok

Sarah: For his boutonniere, Cayo wore a mini replica of his surfboard

Sarah: I wanted to do something a little bit more special for the misalette.  Got some glassine bags and filled them with confetti.  My bridesmaids helped me punch out the confetti hearts.

Sarah: We also prepared a siomai/fishball/squidball stand outside the church!

Sarah: We fashioned “kissing bells” for seat cards and gave away slippers for “dancing shoes”. Guests were welcomed with “Partying/Recovering” door hangers

Sarah: In line with our theme of dreams, we also created “dreaming tents”.  Inside, you could make your own souvenir --- your very own dream catcher, doodle in dream journals, or gobble up some marshmallows.  We also hid some small toys under the pillows as giveaways.

Sarah: Tables should be playful, interactive and fun!  Tables were “dream-themed”.  You could be seated in the pajama table, milk and cookies, lemongrass, back rub, etc.  Japs Perez, my former visualizer helped us paint tablecloths with our dream catcher logo.  To bring out their playful spirit, we gave out sparklers, and had dreamy little details strewn on top of the tables. Guests were encouraged to interact through dreamlibs and a group photo scavenger hunt (art: Kat Encanto, copy: EJ Galang)

Sarah: Instead of the usual cake cutting ceremony, we wanted to do a locking ceremony instead.  Cayo and I wrote our names on a padlock and attached them onto a “dream cloud”.  Guests were asked to add their own love locks onto the cloud.

"Don't be afraid to go for your dream wedding.  Ideas (and helpful friends) are everywhere.  You just have to ask.  And feed them after. :)"- Sarah

Congratulations to Sarah & Cayo. We are truly inspired and in awe of your creative ideas! And to inspire everyone further, here again is Sarah & Cayo's DIY prenup video. Think big, dream big!

Credits as written by the bride:

Passion Cooks Does Carnival

Photos lifted from Passion Cooks' Facebook Page
RB Mica always says that when looking for wedding ideas, she actually prefers looking at children's parties because they are just more imaginative and carefree. Today's feature is just that--a carnival theme for the young at heart :)

Passion Cooks shares from their Facebook Page: 
"Jimar and Susie opted for a whimsical theme: Carnival! :) Enjoy the photos, everyone! :)"