The Rebels of 2012

Rebellious Bride Garovs / Photography by MangoRed

We zeroed in on the love-filled ideas. Here are the purely rebellious (but beautiful in its own perceived 'oddity') weddings, brides, artists, ideas, and milestones that were featured in RB in 2012. 

Mayone & Francis / Photography by MangoRed

Note: The features you will see here are not necessarily 2012 weddings, rather it is a time capsule of what has been featured in RB for this year. 

 The Pedicab Entrance 
 by: Aubrey & Errol / Stephen Wedding Film  

The 80s Kids Wedding 
by: Arnold & Jo-Anne / Photos by Randolf Evan

The Munky Bizniz Wedding
by: Mark & Punky / Photography by MangoRed

Artwork: Coy Cueto
"A lot of people couldn’t believe us when they’d ask what the theme was. Instead of saying “blue and white” or “shabby chic” we’d answer “unggoy!” which was met with many a “weh,” “ows” and “di nga!”" -- RB Punky

The Victoria Court - Moulin Rouge
Prenup Session
by: Lyanne & Winchester / Photography by Metrophoto

Rebellious Bride Winsess' 
Black Gown
by RB Winsess / Photography by BlackTie Project 
 Gown by Joe San Antonio

"Wear whatever you want, and wear it with pride." -- RB Winsess

The Hunger Games Wedding Idea
Conceptual Ideas by: Rebellious Brides' The Wedding Agency

Rebellious Bride Cathy's 
Cool Wedding Style
by: Cathy Gonzales / Photography by 12 Masters Photography

Rebellious Bullets of Creativity
by MindBullets

Rebellious Bride Karen's Pink Gown
by RB Karen Dy / Photography by Jay Jay Lucas 
Gown by Christine Caspe-Lam

"I think nowadays brides are getting pressured to be different, they spend a ton of money to be different, but for me being rebellious is an attitude, you just can't buy that." -- Designer Christine Caspe-Lam

The Elvis Wedding 
on Green Wedding Shoes
by RB Kai / Photography by Nelwin Uy 
Cockade Bouquet by ETC Handmade Goodness

The Kate Spade Wedding
by Klassy & Eric / Film by Jason Magbanua 
Coordination by Teena Barretto

Klassy and Eric: SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

The Eclectic Wedding
by Michelle & Lindsey / Photography by Cherryblocks 
Gowns by Veejay Floresca

"My advice to future brides: be open to new ideas. Open your eyes. Be creative and have fun!" -- Designer Veejay Floresca

The Crazy In Love Prenup
by: Gem & Jay-R / Photography by We Do It For Love 
The Makeup of Mica

The Big Bang Wedding Idea
The Big Bang Theory Wedding Episode

The By The Sea Wedding
by: Mabeth & Karym / Photography by Mark Cantalejo 
Concept by The Wedding Agency 

"As Paulo Coelho said, "The Good Fight is the one we Fight because our heart asks it of us. The Good Fight is the one that's fought in the name of our dreams." And remember to trust, believe, love, and hold hands." 
-- RB Mabeth

A Mango Wedding 
- The Ryan Dagooc Edition
by Rica & Ryan / Photography by MangoRed

The Rebellious Debutante
by: Lea Cruz / Film by Ian Cruz Films / 
Photography by 12 Masters Photography
Concept by The Wedding Agency

The Rebels 

Calligraphy by Fozzy Dayrit

The Diner Wedding
by: Sam & Mauie / Photography by Paul Vincent 
The Makeup of Mica

For You Are Mine
by: The Pink Version of Jason Magbanua

Rebellious Bunch - Veejay Floresca

Photography by Dino Lara
The L Prenup
by: Vida & Arra / Photography by Metrophoto

"...let’s celebrate love no matter what form it is presented to us" -- Oly Ruiz

The Sex Wedding
by: Mayone & Francis / Film by Jason Magbanua

The Bold Prenup
by: Mayone & Francis / Photography by MangoRed
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RB on Listed

Rebellious Bride Precious' 
Anti-White Gown
by: RB Precious / Couture by Veejay Floresca

Photography by MangoRed
The Podcast
by: W@W

Rebellious Bride Sigrid's Style
by: Sigrid Eduardo-Alindogan / Photography by Paul Vincent

"I've always been that girl who doesn't want to blend. I want to be different without being tacky. And that's exactly what I did for my wedding :)" 
-- RB Sigrid

by: MindBullets 

Rebel from Kai P. Cruz on Vimeo.

HACKED from Kai P. Cruz on Vimeo.

One Happy Story

The Steel & Ice Wedding
by: Anne & Mike/ Photography by Metrophoto 
Coordination by: Teena Barretto

"Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Everything should be for you and for your husband-to-be. Do not hesitate and don't be afraid. Just stick to what you want and you will never regret it. " -- RB Anne

Vera Wang on Fire

Rebellious Veils
by:  Hazel Santana

Filipino 2012 Bridal Face-off
by: Designer Phillip Rodriguez among others

Toto Villaurel

Rebellious Bunch 
- RabbitHole Creatives

The Senbazuru Wedding
by: Isoebelle & Enzo / Photography by Nelwin Uy 
 Coordination by: Teena Barretto

Another Mango Wedding 
- The Marc Santos Edition
by Marc & Bubot / Photography by MangoRed

The Dreamers' Wedding
by Sarah & Cayo / Photography by Nelwin Uy
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"...a Rebellious Bride is an anti-template bride" -- RB Sarah

Rebellious Bunch - Passion Cooks 

The Prom Wedding 
by: Gem & Jay - R / Concept by The Wedding Agency

The Un-Boracay Wedding 
by: Roldan & Pauline / Film by Dreamscape Asia Productions

The Metrofied 4 Life Wedding 
by: Marielle & Emil / Photography by Metrophoto

Anti-Template PostNup 
by: Nikki & Jason / Photography by Metrophoto

Just Do It Wedding
by: Barbie & Jay / Photography by We Do It For Love
The Makeup of Mica

Everywhere We Shoot x MangoRed
by: Garovs & Ryan 
 We know that there are still a ton of rebellious weddings to come before the year ends because December is the craziest wedding super peak month of the year. In fact we already know of two Wedding Agency clients who are sure to end the year with a bang: 

JP & Loni's 
Coachella Chic Wedding...
Photography by Cherryblocks 

....and Patrick & Mai's 
Street Fair Wedding. 

Photography by MangoRed
But RB this month will be filled with a lot of round-ups and last-minute rebel features. This is just the beginning. 

For now, we say THANK YOU to all the rebels who have been part of RB in 2012! Thank you for the submissions, thank you for the rebellious inspirations! HappyThankYouMorePlease :)

Photography by 12 Masters Photography

UP NEXT: The best of 
"Random Rebellion" for 2012

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Your RB Team - Kai & Mica

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  3. Mica and Kai, you ladies are the best! Thank you so much for your continued dedication to this awesome blog and to the Rebellious Brides of the world :D