Happy April Fools!

An April Fools Wedding! Photo lifted from: http://justsostacy.blogspot.com/
While reading one of Jason Magbanua's tweets about not having a wedding this coming Sunday, I wondered what could possibly be the reason why nobody hired the Lord of all videographers for tomorrow?!? Then I started to wonder what date is it anyway? For sure the date that falls this Sunday is probably being avoided by most couples huh? Then I almost laughed alone when I realized it was April 1! So nobody wants to get married on a day that is supposedly a foolish date right?

But why not? Seems to me that it is actually a clever idea to get married on a day that other couples are avoiding--it probably means you'll be able to get most if not all your dream wedding partners and venue availabilities wide open, you might probably even get off peak rates, and will most likely even get a good guest head count as opposed to a popular date where everyone's trying to get a decent SOW ("Share of Wedding").  So help us out here folks---does anybody out there know of any couple/s rebellious enough to get married this 1st of April 2012? Or perhaps you knew of a couple who actually already did? We'd love to feature! Email us away at rebellious.bride@gmail.com :)

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The Rebellious Couple with THREE Weddings

Round 1-2-3!!!

*Originally published on Wedding Essentials Magazine*
For those of you who visited the blog earlier this week, perhaps you've noticed that some of my blog posts are missing. I'll get to explain it (hopefully soon), but right now, I don't wanna jinx the exciting news so I'll zip my mouth shut for now.

So as a different spin on things, I've decided to create an article instead about having three weddings!

When people learn that I’ve already had three weddings (with the same groom of course!) in just a span of one year, the initial reaction is that I am one spoiled bride. I call it Rebellious. In truth, the reason why we’ve had three weddings is so we can accommodate and make everyone we love happy. But who am I to complain? A girl usually has only one chance to make a wedding right—and I’ve had the chance to play and experiment with my wedding ideas not twice but thrice! In the television show Sex and the City, there was one episode where Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t understand why she’s not excited when she got engaged. She said maybe she didn’t have a “bride gene”. I am probably the exact opposite of that. When it comes to “bride genes” – I was at the forefront when God was giving it away!

ROUND 1: The “Bora Hop” Wedding
Date: February 15, 2011
Venue: Boracay
Type of Wedding: Beachfront Sunset Civil Wedding

Photos by Mango Red
Fondly called as the “Bora Hop”, our Boracay wedding was literally a hop from one place to the next because we wanted our family and friends to experience the island, the same way we enjoy it. We started the festivities with breakfast at Real Coffee, spa at Mandala Spa, beachfront ceremony at The White House Station 1, cocktails at The Tides, dinner at True Food, and firedance show at Bamboo Lounge. Kate Spade pinwheels, baby blue parasols, armed with my gorgeous brooch bouquet, and Boracay as our backdrop, it was really the wedding of my dreams. Our wedding has been cited as one of award-winning videographer Jason Magbanua’s favorite weddings of 2011. He described the wedding as "brief, emotional, and powerful", while he described us as "imaginative". :)

L-R: One of our very many giveaways was a "sniff" travel tissue pack purchased from www.beaucoup.com / My breathtaking brooch bouquet made especially for me by a dear friend.

L-R: I asked my gal pals to wear their own all-white beach outfits: This allowed them to have the freedom to choose what they wanted to wear yet the effect was surprisingly cohesively stylish! / Our beachfront ceremony at the White House where we positioned the chairs to circle the ceremony arc to make it more intimate, private, and personal. / Beaches -- More Fun in the Philippine! / One of our six "Bora Hops" of the night: Cocktails at The Tides Sun Deck Solstice

L-R: My "Dew Drop" gown by designer Hindy Weber Tantoco and Makeup by Rebellious Bride Mica! / The BEST groom EVER in his navy linen Linea Italia suit with a turquoise flower brooch boutonniere.

Photos by J Lucas Reyes
ROUND 2: The Sunshine, Tea-Time, Hats and Pearls Wedding
Date: June 4, 2011
Venue: Manila
Type of Wedding: Catholic Ceremony

Being wed in the eyes of God was very important for my parents, and so the second wedding was essentially to fulfill this single wish from them. But even though this was already the second wedding, we still seized the opportunity to make it special as we possibly can. With yellow butterflies and flowers, balloons, chalk boards, a yellow bridal car, yellow head pieces galore, and everyone in their best yellow tea-time outfits, we created one pretty “yellow revolution!” J Lucas Reyes picked our second wedding as one of his most rebellious for 2011. My parents' friends also personally commended me and said that they enjoyed the wedding--and since this wedding was primarily for my parents, I'm glad that they had the wedding that they wanted and a wedding their friends could appreciate!

Photos taken from Cafe 1771 by J Lucas Reyes / Photos taken from the Church by Arnold Camacho / L-R: Our Rebellious Brunch a few hours before the wedding at Cafe 1771 El Pueblo / One of the many yellow details of the wedding: yellow flowers in all kinds and sizes! / CORY! CORY! CORY! Our Church Wedding at Our Lady of Pentecost Katipunan was one big yellow revolution! / My pink Tadashi Shoji gown, styled with a Bonne 12-inch head piece veil and layers of pears, and makeup by Rebellious Bride Mica of course!

Photo from the Left by J Lucas Reyes / Photo from the Right by Arnold Camacho  *Heavenly table styling by K by Kaye Cunanan

Artwork by The Fozzy Book
ROUND 3: The Elvis Vegas Wedding
Date: February 21, 2012
Venue: Las Vegas, USA
Type of Wedding: Ceremony by Elvis!

Even though my husband loved our other weddings, a part of him felt like something was missing. Having been raised in the US, most if not all of his best friends are from the States. My husband has been homesick and missing his friends for 11 years and due to the economy and other personal reasons, they were not able to attend in any of the two weddings. So for our first year anniversary (and for our long overdue honeymoon), we decided to fly to Las Vegas, get married the third time around, and cross out one of our Bucket List items to experience an Elvis wedding. And although this was a budget-challenged wedding, we still managed to squeeze in a lot of unique details from our own artwork, to cigars, wines, a new bouquet, some booties, and cheesy Vegas Elvis elements, it was all we could ever ask for! The wedding made my husband very happy--and that's what really mattered. There was a moment when we were able to intimately have a "candle pass" (aka open forum) with his friends, sharing their feelings about seeing Cy again after 11 years, and Cy introducing me to his group. I couldn't believe my eyes that MEN were opening up like that. It was a whole other level of brotherhood and I am so grateful to have been part of it. Elvis-wise, The King was just as we expected him and SO MUCH MORE! Viva Las Vegas!

Photos by Nelwin Uy / Gorgeous Paper Cockade Bouquet by Vatel's {etc} Handmade Goodness, Makeup by Amelia C. in Las Vegas, "Sea Folly" gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco / My Prince CHARMING and his super cute grin :)

*Hey wait there's a BONUS ROUND! Read on for more! 

When the Going Gets Tough...

Are you feeling like you are a drowning bride?  (Photo by Mark Mawson)
Dear Rebellious Brides,

Did you ever feel like you are about to give up? Like you don't want to push through with the wedding anymore? Not because you don't love the person but rather, because of all the stress---physically, emotionally, mentally, and even financially? It's so hard to juggle especially since I'm the only one mostly taking care of the details. I feel like I have so much to do but I have so much little time. I feel like I am drowning and I am being dragged even further with one meltdown after another. Please help me! 

--Ms. Lost

Rebellious Bride Mica says:

We only had around six months for the wedding preps and despite the stress, we never even once thought of not pushing through. We'd joke around that we should just elope because of the gastos but in the end, we got a lot of help, everything fell into place and we had a wedding that we so love! :)

Read on to see Rebellious Bride Mica's advice!

Rebellious Debutante Lea

Photos by 12 Masters Photography

 No, we are not about to expand our blog into debuts. HOWEVER, just this once, we are going to make an exemption because we feel so very proud to have had Rebellious Debutante Lea Cruz as our client for our Wedding Agency/Consultancy service. Lea commissioned us to develop her overall debut concept. And seeing her photo shoot just made us so very proud! Enjoy :)

LoveLeaCruz teaser from lea Cruz on Vimeo.

Rebellious Bride - Ash

Photos by Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza
I've attended a lot of weddings since I was a little girl. From flower girl->bridesmaid->maid of honor :P and one of my hobbies is "people watching" and you can see from their facial reactions and gestures that some are happy, bored, sleepy etc. That's why I told myself that I wanted my wedding to be the reflection of US. So we incorporated most of the things that WE (includes our family,relatives and friends) all enjoy so everybody will be happy and enthusiastic. We wanted our guests to be comfortable and feel at home. Para lang kaming nasa isang malaking inuman!

Rebellious Bride Ash Baun - Zafranco on her Pinoy Pop Happy Fiesta Wedding 

Goodness gracious where to even begin with this rebellious wedding?!?! From this Rebellious Bride's name, to her anti-white gown, to walking down the aisle with a 7-year old teddy bear, and defying the conventional principal sponsors by actually choosing their own contemporaries aged 20-30 as their ninongs and ninangs, this wedding was just definitely rebellious!

Lot's of things to share about this happy rebellious wedding so let's start! 

Rebellious Bride Karen's Pink Gown

Photos by Jay Jay Lucas
"I think nowadays brides are getting pressured to be different, they spend a ton of money to be different, but for me being rebellious is an attitude, you just can't buy that." 
 -- Bridal Gown Designer Christine Caspe-Lam

In the rarest of occasions, we are featuring an anti-white gown as shared with us by the designer herself--and it's always interesting to know the point-of-view of the wedding partner as opposed to the couple or the bride. SPEAKING of the bride, Rebellious Bride Karen Leslie Dy wanted a pink gown--never mind if people commented "is the bride celebrating her debut"--No offense but are YOU the bride or the groom to even comment like that? WHAT IS IT TO YOU? What will you have gained knowing that a comment like that can intentionally sting? If the bride wants it in her heart, who are we to even comment otherwise? And Bridal Gown Designer Christine Caspe-Lam was just the right wedding partner for the job. She was eager for something new to land on her lap, and she was supportive.

Read on to know more about the gown, the bride, and the design! :)

Summer: DEFINITELY More Fun in the Philippines

I'm officially back from the Round 3/US trip guys! And though I was SUPER sad to leave the snow and pine trees behind, I am back here in Manila and well, what do you know? It's Summer!

And if you guys haven't figured it out yet, I am quite biased when it comes to beach weddings, even more biased when it comes to Jason Magbanua videos. So I'd like to officially welcome summer with this fabulous Bohol wedding! So many things to love about this wedding & video--the music, the super fun & quirky wedding details and overall vibe, the rebellious bride who poses and struts without a care in the world (she kinda reminds me of Marian Rivera for some reason), TWO weddings in one day (my kind of wedding! hehe),  and a rebellious date to boot! Enjoy!

Reese and Carlo: Bohol from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Rebellious Bullets of Creativity

"MindBullets studios has an arsenal of creative individuals armed with concepts and design skills that will effectively implement your visual requirements, from video, photography, graphic design and web." --- Lifted from MindBullet's About page that reeks of a rebellion on its own, you've got to deliver in the most badass way you possibly can, right?

And deliver they definitely do. Sometimes, to achieve that distinct flavor for your prenup or wedding, you've got to venture out into looking for creative boutiques who are young, adventurous, hungry for the unconventional, and just plain fresh. You can see it in MindBullet's prenup videos... the technique, in how the couples carry themselves, in the overall vibe. Their prenup videos don't even look like prenup videos--more like you are starring in your own short film that are just not the usual cheesy kind.

We can't wait to see more from MindBullets because they definitely are on "target"!
"With a rebellious groom by her side, she replaces the expected fundamentals of a wedding with alternative elements that allow her (and her groom's) personality to shine through. She doesn't agonize over the preparations, but enjoys every minute of it, because each rebellious element is made with love. She is, by heart, unique and full of surprises!" 

-- MindBullets on their Definition of the Rebellious Bride

Random Rebellion #16

Rebellious Bunch, J Lucas Reyes wrote on Facebook: 

Mhaye in glorious Filmtastic™, made even more divine in Veejay Floresca and a Vatel Manila bouquet — with Vatel Manila, Amanda Padilla, Darlyn May Barzaga-Mariano and Veejay Floresca.

And we couldn't agree more! This right here is what rebellious elegance is made of! Truly awesome ;)

Rebellious Bride Christine's Trash the Dress Story

"Trashing the dress means letting go! You may have had a perfect wedding or may have had a disastrous one, but letting things go and enjoying your new life is what's important. My advice to brides, just do it! I was also hesitant at first on doing it but Nelwin Uy told me to just do it and commit, you won't even wear your wedding gown again anyway, unless you want to pass it on to your future daughter, but I guess not all daughters want the burden of wearing your gown 20 or 30 years from now! haha ;) In the end it was worth it! I got the photos that I want and I literally enjoyed the gown that I spent a ton of money on!

Rebellious Bride Christine Caspe-Lam on Trashing the Dress

When Rebellious Bride Tin emailed us, she was apologetic in saying that she wasn't sure if her trash the dress was "rebellious enough" knowing that the trash session was four years ago--but that's the thing right? The very thought that this was done four years ago means she was not doing it because it was a trend--more like she was probably one of the first to confidently try it out and take the leap. But what I love most about this trash the dress is the fact that the couple wanted to assert themselves and have it "their way" despite their traditional Chinese wedding and of course--the fact that the wedding gown is anti-white! :)

Here's Rebellious Bride Tin's email:

The Bearable Lightness of Noel Salazar

It is simply brave of Noel to own up to a title that says QUIRKY wedding photographer. He has defined his market and he has defied the norm. He knows how to have fun because he has pure,awesome TOPAK!

Seeing his body of work, I find so much happy faces and out-of-the-box ideas. It's as if he has some magic charm that makes couple pose like wacky children, making faces and all.

The FlyPaper Pose
He even has a category called Unconventional Weddings. And my rebellious heart skipped a beat when I saw it. God bless this man!

The Lollipop Fight
Click below to see some more of my favorites from the bunch and to get to know more about Noel's addiction (the color orange!):

Rebellious Ride: Jeepney with a Sun Roof!

And you all go, "What?!!!" Oh yes, you heard it right -- a jeepney bridal ride! Sweeeeeet! We so wish we saw this for our Rebellious Rides entry! Awesomesauce! RB Kai, this reminds me of your bridal tricycle ride :)

Basta jeepney riders, sweet lovers!
Terry: The theme for our wedding was Filipino inspired modern, with Asian elements. (Our wedding really didn't have a theme :p We just went with cheaper options - which often meant Filipino :p)

The groom's Dad actually offered to rent for us a Cadillac, but we've never ridden a Cadillac before and it seemed pretentious. The jeepney on the other hand was a cheap and creative alternative to the bridal car. It also provides a visual impact - it's the king of the road, it's the only vehicle designed to be over decorated.

Bawal sumabit!

At may SUN ROOF pa! Astig!
Click below to see more awesomeness.

Kate Spade Mood Board #9

FLORAL w/ A TWIST (inspired by lawn parties and tennis) is Kate Spade's pattern of the Month!

 I know, I know. Every month we gush about Kate Spade. But who wouldn't?!? I'm just so amazed with how they can absorb creativity from just about anything! Last month Kate Spade dedicated February to girl rock bands and then out of the blue, March is inspired by--of all things---female tennis players!

Sukob - Believe it? Or Defy it?

Creating a parody out of superstition is much more fun!
"I've been an avid follower of your blog. I was just wondering if you guys still believe in Sukob. If somebody within your family will get married the same year as yours, you have to wait for another year so that there won't be bad luck or misfortune.

So here's the thing. I've been married with my husband by law a month before our daughter was born. Last year, my husband and I got into a random conversation of making our dream wedding come true, so we started targeting 2013 as our year. And while we were starting to look for suppliers, we realized that they usually increase their rates every year. We calculated our budget and checked if we could push it through by 2012. Kaya naman. We couldn't keep our excitement so we told our parents and family about it early last year.

Then here comes an elder sister of mine, telling that she's planning to get married soon. I thought "soon" meant to be planning for 2013. But she said that she wanted this year. So my first selflessly reaction was Wooohooo! Sa wakas! She's turning 30 this year and everybody's married already. I was very happy that finally somebody will be there for her forever.

I actually do not believe in superstitious beliefs, but there's this saying that there's no harm if you just follow. We chose to be wed in December but it's the month that I first said "Yes" to my husband, not just for wedding season's sake. I don't care if our wedding date isn't included in the auspicious dates of 2012 because I only believe that there's a higher being that will continually bless our marriage whatever state we are in.

Now, when I tell people or friends that my sister and I are getting married the same year, all of them said, "Edi sukob yung kasal mo". And even if I don't believe that, there's a negative energy that crashes my heart and it bothers me. So I defend myself by saying that I don't believe in Sukob. And for some, a way for me not to get too upset is to think that I'm already married anyway. But it feels really discouraging. What if we're not civilly married, would they still choose to believe or not?"

Read on! 

Rebellious Bride Lyanne's DIY Hollywood Wedding

Photos from Metro Photo & Paul Vincent
"I am a rebellious bride because I knew what I wanted, I did what I felt was right for my wedding, I personalized almost all of the details even if it took forever to finish, and I kept on visualizing ideas that could strengthen the authenticity of my rebellious wedding." 

Rebellious Bride Lyanne Peri Tamayo on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

What makes a wedding and a bride rebellious? What we define as rebellious may very well be different from what you think is rebellious. In the case of Rebellious Bride Lyanne, she is the epitome of a well-mannered, well-poised bride who, in her ivory white intricate Cecilio Abad wedding gown doesn't look at all rebellious. But you can see hints of her rebelliousness simply in her more than the usual bridal makeup, her deadly shoes underneath, or her crafty hands that DIY-ed so many projects for her wedding that the list you will see later on will just make you wanna give her a salute.

Perhaps a colorful pair of socks, a purple Bible, a cord made of rosette, these are all very micro details that define her rebelliousness. On a macro perspective though, her wedding also had the makings of an extravagant wedding with all the larger-than-life couture, the vibrant colors, the grand event styling, and top notch vendors that are all in keeping with her wedding concept which is after all, the glitzy world of Hollywood. She seemed to have had the resources to make her wedding as traditional and classic as she can ever hope for but she decided to do it otherwise. Like a Hollywood movie, this wedding is definitely a blockbuster hit filled with all the high-impact effects. So in the rarest of occasions, we will just post the photos first as it unfolds and transitions, before we go into the bride's retelling of her experiences. And.....action!

Random Rebellion # 14

What happens when RabbitHole, joins MangoRed 
 to join Mai & Patrick?

it's just plain madness! 

A closer look...

We are absolutely floored and excited with this rebellious prenup! Not only because of the brilliant minds behind it, but also because Mai & Patrick are one of our dearest clients for our Wedding Agency! We developed 3 creative wedding concepts for them. And each time we develop ideas for a client, we always throw a third "wildcard" crazy concept which we always wouldn't think would ever get picked. But in Mai & Patrick's case, they picked the craziest idea we showed them! They are truly an adventurous couple and we loved presenting and meeting with them last December. We can't wait to see more of their photos and to finally see their wedding materialize! 

Rebellious Newbie: 'We Do It For Love' Photography

With a name that reeks of passion, how can you possibly go wrong? We are so looking forward to may more photos from this wonderful new group led by photographer Rex Carrascoso. Here's a teaser for starters:

"What is a rebellious bride? Letting go of the control, they are the ones who see things differently. The ones who let their voice ring out. Being who they really are, doing what they feel.. one who knew they are worthy of happiness...simply being the best and doing it for love... " - Rex, We Do it For Love

What about you, what will you do for love? 

<3 Mica

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The Blueprint of Love

Two architects fall in love. See them from conceptualization to construction to "building" a good foundation for love. Here's what April & Manny did for their engagement session.

Creating a blueprint for love

Woman and Man at work

Making beautiful skylines together

Ain't no building high enough

A wedding under construction

Fall in love

Hard hats, soft hearts.

High in Love

Building a life together

April and Manny wanted a prenup session that showed what they loved to do. They shot in their Makati Office, a construction site and at a rooftop. All true to their passion for work and their passion for each other. 

Click below to see more of their photos from Joel H. Garcia :)