Rebellious Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas

The most wonderful part about honeymooning is that you get to have some private time together once the crazy wedding preps is over. But when you go to the 'usual' honeymoon destinations, chances are -- there's a lot of people. Hence, the privacy is gone. Also, it seems more special to go somewhere that's not the typical trip don't you think? Here are some suggestions for the more rebellious adventurous honeymooners!

 Phuket is a'typical' honeymoon idea. So what if you went here instead? ;)

 "Escape to the natural wonders of Northern Thailand, just south of Burma and west of Laos, for an unforgettable experience. On our unique three- or four- night excursions at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime trekking elephants through lush jungle and spectacular mountain trails. Unwind in our superb luxury tented accommodations, which feature stunning views and handcrafted furnishings." ---

Who says you have to go to Africa for an exotic safari adventure? 

The Rebellious Family Wedding

When MangoRed flags us on their latest wedding photo set, we know it's always the perfect fit for RB---even if we haven't seen it yet. And once we do, it excites us like two little crazy kiddos haha! That's just how much we trust the gang to give us something we can sink our teeth into.

Underwater Love

Brilliant! Absolutely, bloody, brilliant! Nothing else to say here but congratulations to the couple for a seamless wedding that started off with an underwater proposal, and was topped off with jellyfish-like decors during the very elegant reception.

Jason Magbanua writes:  Kissing may not be as pleasurable and the risk of losing the rock is multiplied, it didn’t matter for these two ocean lovers. Enjoy!

Sexy, Sultry & Smokey a.k.a. The Makeup of Mica in FemaleNetwork

For those of you who missed the workshop, here's a step-by-step guide. I revised the wordings to make it more fun. Pero kung gusto mo ng seryusnezzz, dito ka:

STEP 1: Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. MAKE IT A HABIT! Rinse and repeat! Pauulit-ulit lang sinasabi???

Random Rebellion #30, #31, #32

Hello boys & girls, RB Kai here. Your one and only source into the rebellious & fabulous lives of the wedding industry's elite. JUST KIDDING. I think I'm missing Gossip Girl too much! Haha.

ANYWAY, We welcome 2013 with a 'triple-treat' random rebellion feature, fresh from our Rebellious Bunch artists' own Instagram posts! Enjoy! :)

Madge does RB's 2013 fearless forecast "Rogue" on her bride 

Rebellious Proposals -- More Fun in the Philippines

Have you guys seen DOT's latest It's More Fun in the Philippines ad? So cute! And yes, rebellious proposals are indeed more fun in the Philippines--and so are the weddings and the honeymoons!!! :)

 Kai  (Follow us on Twitter! @RebelliousBride)

Rebellious Bunch - The 12 Masters Photography

"Rebel Bride –A woman of confidence and beauty, a mix of mystery and reality, the master of all Brides."  
-- 12 Masters Photography on their definition of the Rebellious Bride

There's something about the colors, the crispness, and coolness in each and every masterpiece from 12 Masters Photography that we find intriguing. 

The Wedding Agency - Coachella Chic Wedding

Easily one of the funnest and most wonderful wedding videos we've seen in recent months, we definitely applaud John Marvi de Guzman (Cinemaworks) for really capturing the "Circus of Love" that is JP and Loni! 

Loni's entry for the Wedding Agency Bonanza: 

"Why do we need the Wedding Agency? Because every girl needs a fairy godmother to make her dreams come true. But my kind of fairy godmothers are sophisticated, confident rock stars who enjoy living their lives out of the box rather than in it -- enter Rebellious Brides. Why do we need the help of the Wedding Agency? Because JP and I are bursting with outrageous ideas and we need someone to keep us in check and assure us that we're not going cuckoo! :-P Cheers to originality and nonconformity ... and to happily ever after! :-) XOXO!" 

Every Wedding Agency client is unique and have varying reasons for seeking our help. While some would go to us so they could get ideas from scratch, there are also some who have so many ideas that they need help keeping their focus. When JP & Loni asked for our help in streamlining their wedding ideas, Loni had a slew of picture folders of the things she wanted. And boy there were a lot! Haha! A lot of brides (myself included) definitely have a lot of pegs during their wedding preps--that's what makes the planning part fun after all! But how to actually tie everything together and how to visualize your own wedding can be a little difficult.

The theme itself actually already came from JP & Loni. And the minute they said "Coachella Chic", we knew this couple was going to be open to a lot of cool things. But how cool and how far would they be willing to go? That was our question. When we presented the Ferris Wheel idea, we didn't know how they would react. And when they seemed to really gravitate towards it, we were ecstatic. 

Here are some of the boards we created for JP & Loni's Walkthrough:

Photo by Cherryblocks

A beautiful couple inside and out, JP & Loni are such joys to work with! Mica and I are truly honored to have worked with you guys :)

The Wedding Films of Ian Cruz

It's been awhile since we've been able to "stop by" and check out what's new from one of our fave videographers, Ian Cruz. An all-around nice guy, there's always something to look forward to from his body of work--especially when he does Indian weddings.

Here are some of my latest faves from his films. Enjoy! :)

Rebellious Fave Looks at the 2013 Golden Globes

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera via
A feature that's a little overdue but better late than never! The Golden Globes had a lot of gorgeous gowns -- but there are a few that stood out because their rebellious wearers were bold enough to take a chance. We hope that this inspires you to wear an anti-white gown!

The Wedding Fund - Who Pays?

Photo credits:
Hello RB,

I have been an avid reader of your blog and I'm a rebellious bride myself but right now I'm writing because I'm desperate to seek advise from all the brides out there who have broken the tradition where the groom is supposed to shoulder all the expenses for the wedding.

I didn't realize that my parents would be very strict about this one. They even refuse to go to the wedding if I'd still contribute to our expenses. The wedding is planned to happen in 3 months and I really don't want my groom to stress over how we are going to cover all our expenses if I no longer help. If we'd known this would be such an issue then I would have picked a date enough for my groom to be able to save enough money.  I am not really ok with the idea of asking for my groom's parents to contribute.They are old and their income is just enough for their daily needs. I just don't know what to do. I didn't expect this at all.

To be honest I don't mind helping my groom. Is this normal? I've known a lot of friends who have been married who were in the same situation but their parents were at least supportive about it. :( My parents won't even hear me out. :( Do we just borrow from the bank? Am I really completely wrong about helping out with the wedding expenses? A word from you would really help me.

From the RBs,

We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing this right now. 

Out of 10 brides that we have interviewed about this topic, only ONE groom/groom's family took care of the wedding at 100% and this was in 2006. All the other brides who have been married from 2008-2012 have all contributed money to their respective weddings one way or another.

To be more specific, here's a rundown:

Photo credits:
60% or 6 out of 10 brides had a conjugal wedding fund with their grooms and have mutually shouldered the costs for their wedding. In fact, they have specifically chosen to do this because they didn't want to ask money from their parents and they wanted full control of their wedding preps. Some of the brides have also added that their parents voluntarily added to their wedding fund but overall it was really the couples who spent for their own wedding. There was also one case wherein the couple first borrowed money from the bride's parents for the wedding, then the couple paid it off together immediately after.

Bride C shares: "We had a wedding fund of our own. So in effect, it was me and my husband controlling the budget and deciding on wedding details and expenses all the way. We had 100% control of the wedding and we're proud of it" :)

Surviving the Wedding Fever

Photo credit:
So you just got engaged and now you are drowning from all the information you are bombarded with from wedding expos, wedding magazines/blogs, and advise from everyone.


Here's a fail-safe 3-step survival guide before you catch the "wedding fever":

Step 1: SAVOR IT BUT --

Be the hunter not the hunted(
Go ahead and grab all the wedding magazines you can get your hands on, go to all the wedding expos your feet may take you, and listen (or pretend to listen) to all the wedding talk you got yourself into. SAVOR IT.  Why? Because it's the only time you have an excuse to be in this "lucky" situation. When you were single you secretly wished and wondered when your engagement time will come and when you'll have the privilege to buy a wedding magazine--and here you are today. So savor it. Enjoy it. BUT DON'T DIGEST EVERYTHING. Meaning, just because all of these information are being given to you, it doesn't mean you have to note everything down. Think of it as a food menu or a buffet. Yes, there are a lot of options but there's only a few that will stand out. Don't think of it as information overload. Think of it as an exciting wedding hunt and at the end of the hunt is your very own personalized wedding.

RB 2013 Forecast Report: CAPIZ

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of Imagine Nation

In our Rebellious Brides 2013 Fearless Forecast Feature, we said something about skipping the mason jars and the other foreign influences because we have our own local artful products that we can celebrate. One of which is the Capiz. 

The Philippines is naturally abundant with Capiz shells. Capiz makes for such an elegant design element for  weddings. The great part about it is that when combined with ingenuity and taste, it can definitely look modern--and in some instances, even whimsical. 

 Together with Carlo Cecilio of Imagine Nation, we went to Cravings Il Terrazo for inspiration to create this pseudo mood board (or maybe it should be called mood blog) for you. The way Cravings' in-house designer Tina Bonoan visualized this branch is the perfect living proof of just how Capiz can be very versatile. 

 Create a rebellious whimsical capiz look 
by combining it with pops of color! 

The Red-Turquoise-Capiz triple threat combo is such an exciting mix, don't you think?
Green & Capiz looks very organic! 
Capiz bouquet anyone? :)

Combining Capiz with metallic and neutral tones make for a contemporary look. 

How about creating a stylish entourage ensemble with a touch of Capiz accessories?
L-R: Monique Lhuillier ( / Capiz earrings ( / Emi Jorge Capiz bag (

For a sentimental, classic, and timeless look you can use black & white photos and combine it with Capiz mood lighting. 

The black & white photos you see from the interiors of Cravings are my husband's own lomo photos taken from his travels around Europe. You can do the same with your table arrangements by incorporating black & white photos that have meaning to you and your fiancee.

L-R: Capiz candle holders ( / Peony Capiz pendant chandelier ( / Black & White photos by MangoRed

 Which style fits you? The Whimsical Capiz? Contemporary Capiz? Or Timeless Capiz? 

Metrophoto's Rebellious Group Shots

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto recently compiled the best group shots that they have done in 2012 and I think this is absolutely fabulous. Giving the couple the special treatment on their wedding day is already a given. But extending that same special attention to the loved ones of the couple is just in a whole other level of vision and forward-thinking.

Here are some of our favorites:

Tips from a Real-Life Rebellious Bride

Photos by Derrick Lim and Tim Monasterio
From their Wedding Singer proposal, to when they first briefed us that they wanted a Coachella Chic wedding, we knew from the very beginning that Wedding Agency couple JP & Loni are pretty something. Rebel Bride Loni is delightful, charming, and had her own creative rebellious spirit. She was nice enough to allow us to share with you all her on-the-day wedding experience & tips.

And this ladies, is our first-ever 2013 entry of the year. Enjoy!

Ahoy There 2013!

Credits: The Paperless Post

Here's to the rebellious brides (and grooms) of 2013. 

And cheers to the rebellious wedding artists that will make it all happen! 

Kai & Mica
The Rebellious Brides / The Rebellious Mamas / The Rebellious Homes