A Wedding Agency Idea: "The Conscious Wedding"

In observance of the Holy Week, Rebellious Brides present a blog entry that we hope will inspire you to reflect on how we can all do our part to take care of Mother Earth. There's a lot of waste that goes on in weddings. If we can all just be a little bit more rebellious in changing some of our ways to manage waste, we don't only get to have a pretty wedding but also an inspiring and socially relevant one. We never proactively request from our readers to share our blog features. But we do hope this one gets shared as much as possible. Let's all do our part to Go Green. 

What exactly is an "organic-themed" wedding and what should it REALLY stand for? I am sorry to say this, but most themes named as such are what others would call "greenwashing" -- a term used for brands or people who use eco-friendly related words but do not actually genuinely imbibe it. And one thing's for sure my dears. Organic weddings do not equate to a 'Mason jars galore wedding'. It is so much more than that.

Inspired by H&M's remarkable advocacy on sustainable fashion called "Conscious", we'd like to give you some ideas on how to make your weddings more eco-friendly, TRULY organic, and sustainable.

I don't mean to sound preachy (yet I know I do). But caring for the environment and yourself are pressing issues in today's world. And sorry to be really, really harsh when I say this but in my own opinion, no one has the right to complain about the floods, the heat, the sicknesses, the viruses that we experience in today's world if you yourself have not actually done your part to better these situations. And doing your part need not be intimidating. You can simply do your part by starting with the brands you support, and changing some of your ways--including wedding preparations. 

More than ever, modern weddings of today should not just be for everyone to witness your union. Use this event to inspire others not just of your love but on sustainable lifestyle inspirations that guests & loved ones can apply in their own lives. 

Real-Life couples who inspire social change: Anna & Dylan Wilk of Human Nature and Hindy & Gippy Tantoco of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms
Don't be just one of those brides & grooms that others just swoon over and get teary-eyed because of your love story. Be the kind of couple that can also be the cause of social change.

What is the point of having such lavish wedding details? What? To show off in your photo and video that you can afford it? The following day, these things get thrown away. And it is but a memory for people to talk about. But if you actually take the time to use sustainable, eco-friendly efforts in your wedding, you will have imparted greater knowledge that can last a lifetime. 

Okay I'm done preaching. Let's move on to our "Conscious Wedding"  wedding idea

Random Rebellion #38

When advertising and wedding artists collide, it is always rebellious. Karimadon recently collaborated with RabbitHole Creatives for their oh so modern summer campaign and we likey! :)

"The Modern Woman - Resolute yet kind, firm yet considerate, powerful without losing her femininity--the modern woman of today is set to conquer the world dressed in KARIMADON. Join KARIMADON's endorser, Marian Rivera, in celebrating the new breed of women today" -- https://www.facebook.com/karimadon.fashion

Throwback Thursdays

Call me sentimental but my favorite Jason Magbanua videos are not necessarily the new ones but those that I've watched when I was still single and 'un-engaged'. There's something about that time in your life when you'd watch during lunch break with officemates, gushing and drooling at his videos then hoping, praying, and dreaming that it would be you someday.

Here's one of my absolute favorites.Incidentally, check out the featured rebel bride here who donned a hot pink gown! To be rebellious in 2008--wow, that's pretty remarkable! Enjoy :)

Cynclaire and Raffy - Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Look UP

Today we bring you a video that has zero relevance to weddings whatsoever. But we still chose to feature it here because inspiration as we always say, can come from anywhere. The thrill, the excitement, the simplicity, the emotions, and the beauty in this piece have all the makings of a wonderful day...that could very well be a wedding. And may this inspire you to go for a Same Day Edit, that is unrehearsed and without any templates. Kudos to Sequence by Sequence!

Candidly Pretty's DIY Workshop at the Trade School Manila

We'd like to personally invite you all to attend Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty's "bartered" class on DIY making! And you gotta hurry because the class is almost full!!!

The class is "bartered" because this class is the brilliant idea of Trade School Manila wherein knowledge can be passed on to students without necessarily paying for a fee--instead, you can barter with what the speaker/teacher wants to get! How cool is that? For example, Koni will be sharing her knowledge on DIY crafting and she'd like to barter the following items below! And as you can see, there's only 4 seats left!!!

We absolutely LOVE, LOVE the idea of barter for knowledge--heck, we believe in a barter society w/o money! And RB Mica and I are also interested to share some of our own knowledge too--on weddings, on makeup, on Pinoy green living, and so much more! CLICK HERE to sign-up for Koni's DIY class!

Speaking of Koni, check out her handcrafted wooden spoon idea below! :)

As an organic advocate/neophyte eco warrior, I truly appreciate that Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty made wooden utensil options for weddings. There's A LOT of waste that goes on in each and every wedding. So injecting sustainable and eco-friendly ideas show that we actually care for Mother Earth in our own little ways.

Why are wooden utensils better? First of all, even if guests opt to leave it for the trash it can be segregated after the reception under the pile of recyclables. Second of all, it will lessen the number of dinnerware that has to be washed which consumes a lot of water and toxic dish washing liquid products. And third of all? Why, it's a simple but wonderful detail to have of course! :)

To read Candidly Pretty's feature on their wooden utensils, CLICK HERE

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Jmie + KC's Virgin Beach Wedding

Photography by We Do It For Love
There are all kinds of rebellious weddings. It can take many, many forms. But my favorite rebellious weddings are those of the subtle kind. Rebellious in the devilish little details. That's what I loved about Jmie and KC's beach wedding at the Virgin Beach Resort. No, there were no obvious blacks or a pair of chucks just to prove the point of being 'creative'. The rebel streak just kind of oozed in the gown, it was in the most amusing wedding gift ever imaginable, it was in the most organic looking wedding rings, in how the bride opted to walk down the aisle, in what the bridesmaids wore. Things that don't necessarily scream rebellious because there's no need to. Because rebelliousness is innate. It doesn't have to be proven. It just kind of shines through. It's just because it's who you are so there's no need to overdo it. But it's there. You know the rebel is there, grinning inside of you.

Faye + Yayo - "Here We Come"

 Here we come
In Praise of the Sun
I Wave Good-Bye to the Rain
In Praise of the Sun
{In Praise of the Sun Lyrics by Chicane}

Photography by UnBox unless labeled otherwise
Faye and Yayo have been together for thirteen years...and finally, all roads lead to Boracay last February 15, 2013--my favorite time of the year if you ask me ;) *Wink*

Love & Marriage

We agree that the wedding is a one-time event. Marriage is a lifetime. So let's forget about the fancy creative weddings for a little bit and just talk about marriage shall we? But don't expect me to complain about marriage or go on the safe side. This marriage entry will still get honestly rebellious. 

They say that you have to work hard on a marriage. That very statement is so negative. That's why I would much rather say, HAVE FUN WITH MARRIAGE, and LOVE IT EVEN HARDER. 

Photography by One Happy Story
In this special 2-Year Wedding Anniversary, Black & White Collaboration Shoot that we had with the amazingly talented Cagayan De Oro-based photographers One Happy Story headed by Bon Aserios, it's all about taking a moment of silence. In a wondrous place that feels like you are in an entirely different age of the planet. A place to reflect. 

Dare to BE Organic

Photography by One Happy Story
 Would you dare to do a photo shoot with hardly any makeup on and ORGANIC for that matter? It's a scary feeling and a 360 degree lifestyle change. BUT I DARE YOU.

Now I am not a beauty expert. But my face has been religiously touched by my derma for almost 15 years ('till I stopped recently). And I've been loyal to MAC for 13 years. So you could probably just imagine how difficult it was to change my ways all of a sudden.

For our Second-Year Wedding Anniversary shoot (which I'll be blogging more on separately), I decided on a concept that was more grounded and real. It was going to be natural and organic looking. And if it meant being bold enough not to have too much makeup/coverage on, then it was a risk I was willing to take.

For this look, there were ABSOLUTELY NO NON-ORGANIC beauty/makeup product used. Just the new beauty regimen I've recently started (Human Nature's 4-step moisturizing beauty routine), and a couple of my trusty non-toxic makeup products:

From L-R:

Human Nature's Purifying Facial Scrub ( "Salicylic acid, one of the most common ingredients found in many chemical facial scrubs may have harmful effects on your brain, nervous and reproductive system and can act as a skin irritant and penetration enhancer allowing other harmful chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin. Because of this, its use is restricted in Canadian and Japanese cosmetics. So why use it in yours?" -- humanheartnature.com)

Human Nature's Balancing Face Toner ("This helps you stay away from alcohol-based toners that can dry your skin leading to premature skin ageing." --humanheartnature.com)

Human Nature's Day & Night Moisturizing Fluid
(" Most chemical moisturizers contain petroleum by-product ingredients like silicone, dimethicone, and other products ending in “-one” to make the skin’s surface feel soft, smooth and silky. Known as feel modifiers, these ingredients sit in a layer on top of your skin keeping the moisture in but at the same time, clogging your pores and trapping in sebum, dirt and bacteria, thus causing breakouts and allergic reactions. It’s like applying a layer of plastic wrap on your face and not allowing your skin to breathe!" -- humanheartnature.com)

Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil ("Mineral oil, commonly used in personal care products, can actually clog pores. It works by sitting on the skin’s surface, thus blocking pores and impeding the skin’s ability to release toxins. It also dries skin and speeds up premature skin ageing." -- humanheartnature.com)

Muji's Makeup Base ("Some of the most common ingredients in makeup are also some of the most harmful to the body, causing a range of problems from skin irritation to a higher risk of birth defects." Read more: How to Find Non-Toxic Makeup | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2110825_find-nontoxic-makeup.html#ixzz2Mv0KSpPH)

Human Nature's Mineral Foundation / Mineral Powder / Eyeshadow Set / and Muji's Pearl Blush ("Talc is commonly found in most foundations and other cosmetic powders and can be contaminated with asbestos fibers, posing risks for respiratory toxicity and cancer. It has been strongly linked to ovarian cancer, which has become the fourth most common fatal cancer in women." -- humanheartnature.com)

Muji's Mascara -- HOW TOXIC ARE NON-ORGANIC MASCARAS? VERY. HERE ARE THE INGREDIENTS: PEG-10 Dimethicone and laureth-12: (Endocrine disruption, identified as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA));
Alcohol Denatured (Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Organ system toxicity);Phenoxyethanol and Potassium hydroxide (Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), eye irritation) -- and the list goes ON AND ON.

Human Nature's Hydrating Mineral Lipstick ("Carmine, an ingredient commonly used in lipsticks to achieve the bright pink and red pigments, is derived from the crushed bodies of the female cochineal insects. The very thought of applying crushed insects on your lips is simply… mortifying!" --humanheartnature.com)

 Some misconceptions and what you need to know about going organic:

Once Upon A Discovery

Photography by Mark Cantalejo / Special "Storybook Write-Up" by the Rebellious Brides in honor of a very special couple

Every story has a Leading Man. And here's the story of this one...

Once upon a time, there lived a brilliant boy who was fascinated with science and technology. While most school boys played with toys, he was already working on transmissions. He was what anyone would call, a "wiz kid". 

Years had passed and he was at the top of his game. As he grew up to become a dashing man who seemed to be destined for even greater things in his land, he felt that something was lacking. This is how our story begins. A man of science, looking for his greatest discovery. In the hopes that he will finally find fulfillment and contentment. In the hopes that he will find a breakthrough.

The Subpoena Invite

One of the things I love about being a makeup artist for weddings is getting unique materials for our blog. It also makes me realize how much the industry has evolved in terms of rebelliousness. More and more couples now have the guts to materialize their dream weddings in their own terms.

I have gotten a lot of interesting invites (shoe box, playing cards, pop-ups, etc.) but I have never gotten one like this. So simple yet so jaw-dropping. A subpoena!

I was staying at my mom's place and my husband brought the invite there when he picked me up. And because my mom likes to make kalikot, she saw the subpoena. With eyes wide, she asked me if I knew a certain Herbert. I said no since I mostly deal with the brides. Then she said that it must be hers and she's being summoned to court. I have not seen the invite at this point and was quite perplexed. Then it dawned on me that Karla did mention that she and her fiance are lawyers. You guys should see my mom's look of relief! Priceless!

Bravo to Karla & Herbert (a.k.a. Shrub)! No objection there, your Honor!

Lovely looking and brilliantly executed Subpoena! 

The only subpoena I did not mind receiving :)

How can you not go???

Rebelliously brave! 

Here's what the bride had to say:

RB 2013 Forecast Report: ROGUE

Photo by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of ImagineNation

While the rest are probably digging Emerald which is supposedly the color of the year, we say it's Rogue. And whether it's your lipstick or a pop of red like a bangle, this is the color we are gravitating towards to.

Chief rebellious diva makeup artist, RB Mica writes: Red is in this 2013! To update the look, pair it with fuller brows. To create full brows, I used K-Palette eyebrow pen. For the lips, I used Chanel Rogue hydrabase in New York Red. Make sure to choose a hydrating lipstick. So you get that matte finish without the dryness. Use a lip sealer to make it last on your big day.

When in comes to makeup, here are the looks we love:

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Photography by Metrophoto

The Coachella Chic Wedding by Cherryblocks

"They made a statue of us
And it put it on a mountaintop
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs have fun, have fun" -- US, Regina Spektor
Easily one of our most favorite December weddings of all time, regular readers would already know that we've blogged about JP & Loni's Coachella Chic Wedding like a thousand times by now. As the saying goes: "Love your own" haha!  

When JP & Loni told us that they chose Cherryblocks as their photographer, we immediately nodded with excitement and approval. "This is definitely a Cherryblocks kind of wedding----right up Chuck's alley!", Mica & I told JP & Loni...in total agreement of their choice. And this time, we put the spotlight on the official wedding photos by Rebellious Bunch Cherryblocks aka Chuck Ronquillo. Enjoy :)

Photography by Cherryblocks

The Ultimate Run for Love

My, how time flies by so fast. Just last year, we cited Coach Rio's proposal video as a trend to watch out for in 2012 (Back track HERE). And here we are today, ogling his and Nicole's heart-stopping Mayad trailer & wedding video.

We don't personally know Coach Rio and Nicole (my mom does though--which is soooo weird!). But Coach being one of the country's 'pambansang' icons when it comes to all things running/marathons, we feel happy for him & his equally athletic 'n awesome wife as if we were one of the bystanders rooting for the lovers to finally finish the race.

Watch their rebellious, creative, and 'oh-so-logistically massive & impressive' teaser trailer:

Rio & Nicole Trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Separately, Mayad (with the direction of Raphael Jamil Pranga) culminated the couple's running journey  through a thematic wedding video. What's so rebellious about their wedding besides Coach Rio's usual rebellious hair? Well, watch out how the couple exits the church and the bride's sizzling preps! We are also loving Nicole's rogue lips! Another sign that our fearless 2013 forecast is on the right track :)