The Full Wedding Film

Cy & Kai - The Full Edit of the Bora Hop Wedding from Kai P. Cruz on Vimeo.

I've never seen a full wedding video, have you? We've fallen in love with the concept of "same day edit" that we've forgotten what a full one must look like. Imagine getting someone like Jason Magbanua, which is such a premium, and yet we've only really just seen the short film versions--and that's how good he is because you give him that full trust, and you are actually more than happy to just receive the 2 to 3-minute highlights of it.

The DVD Menu 
So when we received our full video, we didn't have any expectations. At the very least I figured, it would obviously have more clips of the wedding. But I never in a million years would have known that the full edit was actually even better than the short version---if that's even possible to fathom.

Watching this video brought about so many emotions and so many surprises. The DVD also comes with a copy of your vows--which is a great reminder of why you guys married each other.

Here Comes the Groom

When we posted the entry Rock the Suit, all we had was the stylist's photo of the legendary suit with the mystery groom. Turns out our rebellious groom's name is Allan. But what's equally rebellious is his bride Jo, who was more than willing to shift the spotlight to the groom. Now, that's unconditional love!

Jo: Usually, I find weddings to be the day of the bride. But for us, I'm so happy that my husband was the center of attention. I love it when its him on the spotlight. I don't know why but I'm just more contented. With his suit, his vow, his dancing skills, he truly was the "it" person of that day.

Jo: The theme of the wedding mostly revolved on my husband's suit.

RB Goes Gatsby Part 3 of 3

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
Grooming & Styling by Madge Lejano
"You're worth the whole damn bunch of them." 
-- Nick Carraway says to Gatsby.

Determined, passionate, charismatic, lived life to the fullest, and a fine taste in shirts. Qualities of the Great Gatsby. Was there any other choice for this role?

CREDITS: Jacket Suit, Inner shirt, Vest, Pants - Jun Escario / Bow Tie - Maco Costudio / Shoes - Louis Vuitton

Rebellious Bride Pao's Wedding Style

Photography by the BlackTie Project
It's been a while since we last featured a bride specifically for her rebellious sense of style during the wedding and so we're glad we stumbled upon Rebellious Bride Pao through BlackTie Project's page :)

We admire the bride for being bold enough to allow her entourage to be in white. Not just in white but she made her bridesmaids look like Grecian goddesses! How amazingly 'generous' of the bride to share the spotlight with her girls! And the result? Such beautiful ladies --you can see how everybody is glowing and feeling pretty.

The bride & the girls' looks were both opulent but subtle--the bride sure knew the art of fashion/style editing! And what about those golden details especially the head pieces? Oh they are so gorgeous!

"There And Back Again" - A Save the Date Video

"The video itself is very simple. Instead on rooting the concept in our beginnings as a couple or on the present, we wanted it to focus on the future. No glam shots here. We wanted to focus on the feeling of forever (or at least, "for the rest of our lives, til death do us part"). We wanted to show how real it was, how utterly unglamorous it was going to be decades after the fanfare, when all is spent and everyone's gone, and it's just the two of us."
-- Rebellious Bride Anna on their Save the Date Video

Anna and John's Save the Date from Aisle 1401 on Vimeo.

This has got to be one of the most wonderful Save the Dates we've seen so far. Let this be an inspiration to both newly engaged and already married couples to remember what this wedding hullabaloo is really all about in the end. 

RB Anna shares:

Rebellious Bride Kat

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." -Charles Mingus

Kat is all about simplicity -- no froufrou, no fuss. She hardly even wears makeup. So for wedding day, she told me straight that she wanted to look like herself and not have as much makeup as possible. Even for her hair, she wanted it in a waterfall braid and very laid back. As a result, she looked simply beautiful.
Bridal look by The Makeup of Mica, shot by Tronco Photography

Love Kat's wedge booties and lace bouquet.

Since she didn't want to complicate her life, she and her then fiancé Francis chose Sonya's Garden for the reason that there is absolutely no need to style the place.

"We loved our reception venue, Sonya's Garden. we didn't have to do much in terms of decoration since it's exactly what we like but we did make sure na meron meryenda. Ayaw kasi namin yun nakatayo kang naghihintay tapos gutom ka pa kaya pinabuksan namin ng maaga yun venue para pwede agad pumasok at umupo yun guests sa tables nils. They can already order whatever drinks they want and we setup a snack bar with Sonya's famous hispinis bread, cheese hopia and cupcakes :)" -Kat & Francis

For the toast, they drank coke instead of champagne in line with their ideals of keeping things real and simple.  
Instead of intricately arranged flowers as ceremony decor and reception centerpieces, they chose potted plants like herbs and cactus intended for guests to take home with them.

Kat also didn't want to complicate the wedding with superstitions. 

Kat: This is a picture of us hanging out for a little bit at the hotel lobby before we left to go to the church. At least hindi kami praning sa oras tyaka dun sa "bawal magkita" na rule... hehe! 
Here's more from Kat and how they simplified their big day:

Raschella & Vince's Secret Batanes Wedding

Photography by Aaron Ebio

This month is really turning out to be all about Batanes. We started the month with a Batanes DIY Wedding of an ex-officemate, I myself went to Batanes this month (and fell in love with it to bits), I'm also helping another officemate plan for her own Batanes wedding, and then another good friend just had her Secret Wedding in Batanes.

There's a saying in Batanes that goes "Javid sawen nu Vatan" which means "So beautiful, our Batanes". Raschella & Vince's wedding was a no frills, no fuss kind of wedding. And yeah, why would you want to add frou frou if your wedding is in Batanes? Every turn, every blink, every sight is an experience...and a rebellious bride would be wise enough to recognize that.

Paula & Nitoy's Steel Prenup

Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidji 
When Paula & Nitoy decided to do they prenup in a steel factory, they thought it was the most sensible thing to do because that's where they first met. But what they didn't realize that it also made for a surprisingly photogenic and interesting visual! The shapes, the colors, and the interesting lines created so much drama and texture! Here's more from the bride: 

Dear Rebellious Brides,

I have been a fan, a follower, most of the time a lurker on rebellious brides. Wished I have known about rebellious brides when I started to plan my wedding but just the same, from the day I found your site I eventually got hooked - the journey to the altar was so worth it. Thanks to you lovely ladies for inspiring me to defy odds, allowing myself to unleash my creativity and be who I really am.

We were not comfortable with the usual stuff to hold our prenup and pose like there was no tomorrow. Since we met and so called fell in love because of our work it just made sense to go back to were it all started and just be ourselves with a little bit of drama. 

Thank you and more power to rebellious brides
Paula Coronado-Magtibay

Random Rebellion #43

In awe of Rebellious Bride Jen's short gown. It makes sense doesn't it? It's a Boracay wedding after all. But what struck us the most was just how elegant the overall look is despite of it being a short gown. Enjoy the video!

Jen and Paolo: Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Marc & Mica’s Throwback Thursday

Oh wait, it’s just Tuesday (said the mother who had epidural). As creative license though, we’re calling it #timemachinetuesdays. And there, we’ve found an excuse to reminisce our wedding day.  But we’re doing it in a different way.

Here at Rebellious Brides, we do our very best to curate & try what’s out there in the wedding world. Recently, we checked out this new online wedding site maker called Wedding Lab.  Wish we did use one before our wedding but had fun using it on our imaginary second wedding. In fact, as part of reminiscing, here's our time machine wedsite:

WEDDING LAB is in the air!
 We really had fun customizing the site and to think we’re not getting married, what more if it’s the real deal? Start by choosing from the super nice looking themes and then personalize the content.

 But my favorite part is the gift registry. 

Gifts are just representation of the cash value. So your guests will know where their contributed money will go.

It’s a totally new attack on asking for money on your wedding day (the non-tacky way). You can create a category so that the gift-givers know exactly what they're contributing to your wedding, like a Honeymoon Fund or a Baby Fund or a Home Fund. OR you can   invent your own gift registry category! Make it fun and creative for your guests :)

Pangkabuhayan Showcase
Trip to Quiapo to Amanpulo
Honeymoon Fun Raising

Since Marc & I have a little daughter already and we want to create fun memories with her, we came up with this online registry:

But wait, there's more!

Chad & Hi-C's Jologs Pa-Soshal 90s Wedding--In Other Words, Throwback Wedding!

"So it was made. That we will wear sophisticated (more of like pa-soshal) clothes but we’ll not lose our “normal” selves. Thus, we had come up with a jologs with a bit of pa-soshal wedding. And what would be more jologs than the 90’s era? So, give way for a 90’s themed wedding."

Rebellious Bride Hi-C on their "Jologs Pa-Soshal 90s Wedding"

Photography by Cherryblocks

There's nothing quite like a couple who's bold enough to make fun of themselves...and their wedding. The bride already explains their wedding all too well so let's start!

The Limited Edition Rebellious Fine Jewelry Collection

The Limited Edition Rebellious Brides Colored Diamonds, Stackable, Eternity Rings

If my 30-something rebellious self got a chance to talk to my 20-something rebellious self, I'd tell her to stop wasting money on fancy bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes. These things are so fleeting, they depreciate in value, and worse they get worn down. I can't even begin to imagine the total amount of money I've wasted on these trifle things that we were brainwashed to covet. My 30-something rebellious self will instead tell the younger me to invest in fine jewelry--they appreciate in value and they are investments that last a lifetime.

Exclusive Rebellious Brides Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings 

But RB Mica and I aren't the typical jewelry lovers. As rebelliously topak as we are, we like them colored. The rarer, the better. So we teamed up with one of the most prestigious jewelry makers in the country, Cuenca Jewelry, to collaborate on a rebelliously rare collection. The best part? All readers get an outright 25% OFF. No other 'alahera', and no other store can beat our exclusive deal and our unique but top-of-the-line pieces. So whether you're a bride, a debutante, celebrating your anniversary, or simply treating yourself with a gift, make it deliciously rebellious. After all, if you are spending on something big, might as well get something that's unique.

Modeling this rare collection is no other than one of the creme de la creme of the wedding industry. known to many as a makeup artist, Madge Lejano has already transcended into a force to reckon with in this industry in many other fields.  She is at her brightest and that's why we chose her as our muse.

Know more about this drool-worthy collection by reading more below. If you fancy anything, simply use the code as your email subject when you email us at The code is: *RBSPARKLE* and you automatically get your 25% off exclusive deal.  Since this is a Limited Edition deal, only a few are going to be fulfilled. Enjoy!

The Wedding Agency: Kathleen & Dingdong

Dingdong + Kathleen: A Romantic Discovery from buterflye on Vimeo.
Photo grabbed from Madge Lejano

We'd like to formally congratulate one of our Wedding Agency couples Kathleen & Dingdong for finally tying the knot in Shangri-La, Boracay! 

While we impatiently wait for the official photos, we'd like to share with you guys some of the elements of their wedding. 

A Modern Fairytale...

When K&D first briefed us, it was quite clear that Kathleen was the romantic one and Dingdong was the more techie one. At the heart of their wedding was that it was going to be a modern fairytale--the best way to describe how Kathleen & Dingdong perfectly blended together as one heart & soul. But since it was a fairytale, it needed a title. A title that literally went through an evolution of sorts. In the end, while finalizing venue locations for their prenup, Kathleen herself had an epiphany of naming their fairytale as a "Romantic Discovery" and the rest you could say, was happily ever after. 

Photo on the right grabbed from the couple's friend Kristine
Illustration by The Fozzy Book

The Fairytale/Romantic  part of it represented the bride. While the Modern/Discovery part of it represented the groom. A lot of the design elements were inspired by the modern Rapunzel fairytale 'Tangled'. It was definitely not the usual Boracay wedding elements that we've been used to. 

Taken on the actual morning of the wedding day - The most beautiful omen you could possibly have during your wedding is a rainbow- indeed, this day was a going to be a fairytale to remember! (Photo grabbed from the couple's friend Love)
From peg to the actual output, the invitations were inspired by the TV Series Revenge 
The bride's Rapunzel/Tangled inspired, Cary Santiago Gown
The bride loves sunsets--the wedding palette was inspired by it! The second beautiful omen of the day arrived before the reception - from Rainbows to Sunsets, it was as if God himself was celebrating with the couple that day.  (Photo grabbed from the couple's sister Zarah)