Metrophoto Captures The City of Smiles

The Masskara Festival in Bacolod, Philippines is one of the most iconic, biggest, and most electrifying fiestas in the country.

While most people think the word originated from the word mask, the word "MassKara" is actually a portmanteau of Filipino and Spanish words created by the late artist Ely Santiago which literally translates to a mass of faces. It's also considered a pun on the word "Mascara"--that Filipinos put on a mask of smiling faces during the Spanish colonisation.

The fiesta is a massive annual celebration with parades, street dances, a showcase of local food, and so much more. Every year the masks and celebrations change and evolve but it's always about the vivid colors and the local artistry.

To be able to pull off an engagement shoot in a fiesta of this size is quite unbelievable. Surely, only a rebellious couple would consider it. And Melissa and Wed are definitely of the rebel kind. 

No less than our very own Rebellious Bride Mica was part of the team that pulled-off this shoot as the bride's makeup artist. That alone is an indication that this Metrophoto shoot has RB written all over it. 

RB Mica Shares:
When I first knew about the Masskara prenup, I got excited! I already knew that it was going to be rebellious. This was C-R-A-Z-Y! We had to follow the moving parade during the shoot. It was very challenging but totally worth it. 

The NYCE Wedding

Niña and Bryce make up NYCE, that's their cute couple nickname and wedding hashtag. Their wedding was just as nice as their nickname as it was all about simple lines, exquisite food and understated elegance. They knew that they weren't the type of couple who would go for a lot of froufrou and fluff. In Niña's words, they wanted a very simple celebration with no bells and whistles. 

You see, being rebellious isn't all about adding SO MUCH elements in your wedding, sometimes LESS is MORE and it can look so wonderfully tied together. We consider Niña and Bryce rebellious because they knew what they wanted from the very beginning and knew what suited their taste even if it meant not going for the usual elements like the gown and the venue. These were two of my favorite things from their wedding, by the way. Niña asked for a gown with a simple cut that worked with her figure and paired it with a headband birdcage (no veil!). And my next favorite is their wedding venue which was a restaurant located at the Neilson Tower of the old Manila International Airport in the heart of Makati called Blackbird. Aside from its art deco-inspired ambience, the simple elegance of the place was a great choice for their wedding. Plus, the food there is superb!
I love that she still had this train! So creative!

Ferns and greens make for an organic looking bouquet. 

Yey for the birdcage!
She also had a reception gown that was so very elegant!
Here's more from the bride herself: 
Niña: What was important to us was that our guests were comfy and were well fed (and merry, care of the drinks). When we got engaged we knew we wanted something a bit different and even went abroad looking for a place just like BlackBird so we were SOOOO VERY lucky when this restaurant opened at the right time cause it was exactly what we had in mind. The only funky thing we had was the Groom's boutonniere which was patterned after his first guitar, his first love.
A replica of Bryce's (of Taken by Cars fame) guitar.
Love how even the choice of church match their overall look.
All about simplicity and class in their table setup.

Succulents instead of the usual towering arrangements made table conversations more relaxed.

Song lyrics on pouches as souvenirs complete the classy celebration. 

Gown: Ivarluski Aseron (Church) and Martin Bautista (Reception) 
Make Up: Lala Flores 
Church: St. Andrew's Chapel 
Reception: BlackBird 
Flowers: Monica Violago or Flowers from Linda 
Cake : Aisa Atilano
Photographer: Francis Perez 
Videographer: Mervin Gobanco of MG Video 
Coordinator: Bridesmaids and Co.

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Rebellious Bride Abi's Denim Wedding Style

Rebellious Bride Abi works for a denim brand. So naturally, she loves denim and knew how to work with denims in creating all her wedding details out of it. From the gown designed by her office mate Irene Evangelista, to the boutonnieres, various props, bridal robe, to ceremony banners, everything was just absolutely cohesive and cleverly done!  

Spoil Your Groom

When we were wedding planning my husband was just as involved, just as excited, and just as special. In fact, my bridal gown designer Hindy Tantoco called my husband "the best groom-of-honor." And this was a conscious effort on my part as well--to make him feel as important because it is his wedding too. 

Chocolate, Strawberries, and Champagne

"Six years ago, we were already rebellious"  
---Rebellious Bride Niña 

To some extent, you can say that Niña is the honorary co-founder of Rebellious Brides because it was actually her idea for me and Mica to start a blog out of "Rebellious Brides" some 4 years ago.

And not only that, she and her husband Mikki made a lot of firsts in the wedding scene even before Mica and I got engaged and got married to our husbands ourselves. They were the firsts to have a creative wedding in our group of friends, they were one of the first real-life couples to have been picked by Wedding Essentials to be on their cover,  and they were one of the firsts to be featured by Bridal Book as well.

Niña and Mikki's Chocolate, Strawberries, and Champagne wedding is the definitive proof that elegance and rebelliousness can co-exist in a seamless way. While their wedding respected a lot of traditions, they planned it with a lot of twists.

First of all, they did their wedding their way--no influences from friends and family. Secondly, the look and feel of their wedding were also quite unique. They used more than the usual wedding combinations opting for mixes of browns, reds, whites, and lace instead. The bride, while wearing a white gown opted for a more structured but feminine style--a "White w/ a Twist" creation by Ivarluski Aseron who is more known as a fashion/artistic designer rather than a bridal designer.  Food was also one of the main focal points of the theme--with overflowing desserts, cocktails, mouthwatering dishes, and finished off with a chocolate tower instead of a wedding cake adding to the organic essence of the entire celebration.

Third, the wedding was also a musical feast with the bride entering the church to the song "Kissing" by Bliss (not your usual bridal entrance song), Spanish guitars, transcending to sounds of house music as DJ-ed by the bride's Maid-of-Honor for the after party.

Niña and Mikki's wedding was such a bespoke, very personal, and memorable day. Truly one for the books--and already rebellious even before we invented that term.

Let's start with their wedding video by MG Video to set the mood:

Warner + Kulot's Hippie Cuckoo Cloud Wedding

When you have names like "Warner & Kulot," we wouldn't have expected any other kind of wedding but F-U-N.  There's not a lot of other words to say about this wedding because the photos speak for itself. This was truly a bespoke and one-of-a-kind rebellious wedding like no other. Congratulations to the happy hippie couple and to the rest of the wonderful artists who worked with them. 

Clap clap clap!

Mardi Gras Boudoir

Photographer Jessica Villegas Shares:

"Ana’s theme for her bridal boudoir session is the perfect choice. Her husband lives in near New Orleans where the famous Mardi Gras season happens. In fact the Mardi Gras beads we used in the shoot were given by her husband-to-be. Ana is such a beautiful bride to shoot. Sexy, sensual and all that jazz…. "

Mission Impossible: Save the Date

What an epic video! And guess what guys, this was NOT a professionally done video but rather a homemade one by the groom who is a restaurant owner, the bride who is a doctor, and their family who are all kinds of crazy. You guys have to watch this!

Cass + Sheila in Baler

There are a lot of reasons why Cass & Sheila's prenup session could be considered as rebellious. Might be the shots, might be the fact that there are chandeliers on trees, might be the fabulous outfits. But what is even more striking to us is the fact that the entire team (including the couple) were brave enough to shoot in a Balete tree. A tree so mythical and riddled with scary stories and spooky legends. Getting married is kind of like that in way. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, part scary, part exciting, but you go ahead with it anyway. 

Infiltrating Instagram

Admittedly we were refusing to add yet another social media account to maintain. But due to insistent public demand, we are finally giving in. After all, more platforms to spread the rebellion might be a good thing! Please give us some love and support on Instagram as much as you have had done so in this blog in the almost 4 years that we've been together. Follow us: @rebelliousbridesofficial

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