RB Goes Temptation Island

Photography by We Are Seekers

Here in Rebellious Brides, we don't like taking things too seriously. In fact, one of our dream concepts even before we started this blog was to do a tribute on the movie Temptation Island. My matron-of-honor, Anna (the super beautiful girl in white) actually hosted a bridal shower photo shoot for me before I got married--and I think it's a wonderful idea to have a photo shoot like this with your girls in replace of the kinky bridal showers.  

This shoot is also a tribute to two of the concepts we introduced in the blog 2 years ago--the "anti-white" (colored gowns) and "white w/ a twist" (self explanatory). Two concepts that were perfectly interpreted for this Temptation Island setting and which, fabulous designer Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team graciously indulged us with. Each gown used for this shoot was re-constructed just for this shoot, and the gold gown was made from scratch. Clayton never ceases to surprise us! And I hope this encourages all you rebels to consider having a rebellious wedding gown! 

And finally I want to talk a little bit more about the venue for the shoot which I think is also perfect for the modernized version of Temptation Island that we were going for. The venue is Sulo Hotel--which, just like the old movie is like a Throwback Thursday of some sorts because it was actually historically circa 1967  'till it was revamped into this ahhhmazing hotel that looks sooo hip and fabulous and can easily be one of those unique wedding venues that only the people in the know would well...know!  

Enjoy the feature. "Everybody needs a shipwreck once in awhile." *wink*

Wedding Agency: Bons & JP's Prenup Teaser

We're always extra excited when our client comes from the Rebellious Bunch! We helped out Bonsai Fojas, owner of Bonne Headcandy, by streamlining her wedding concept. And as she is a copywriter by day and loves all things "lola chic" (that's grandma chic), Mad Men was the perfect theme! 

So for her prenup, we came up with the idea of re-enacting vintage ads from the 50s/60s. Very Mad Men, indeed! But we do love how how their personalities popped out in the photos. You see, Rebels, you can always make your engagement shoot more interesting if you just go beyond simply imitating and injecting a twist of your unique personalities. 

In Bonsai and JP's retro ad, the chef does everything but cook! (And it really is JP who mostly cooks). LOVE the role reversal and how her fiance JP didn't take any of this seriously. The dash of comedy added to the prenup recipe was just fantastic. That is what we mean by taking pegs a notch further. Inspiration NOT Imitation.

Kudos to We Do It For Love Photography for their awesome work and for always having the 
fastest teaser release EVER! Haha! We love it!

Prenup look by The Makeup of Mica
Concept by the Wedding Agency
Much thanks to Bru and Marcus for lending their beautiful home

Rebellious Vegas Couple Benz & Abet

Photography by Ryan Ortega

We just wanted to personally congratulate and pay tribute to the Philippine wedding community's queen and king, Benz & Abet Rana of W@W fame! A very happy and rebellious 15th wedding anniversary! We admire your revolutionary ideas and influence and we wish you all the best and more anniversaries to come! Loving the outfits, the intimate wedding, and of course the drive-thru Vegas renewal *wink*

Watch their Jason Magbanua video below!

Veejay Floresca's RTO

"Albay" - Madore Collection / Veejay Floresca

I have three ultimate favorite Filipino bridal designers, one of which is Veejay Floresca! And not just as a designer but also as a humble superstar human being! I will never forget a conversation I had with a videographer and a photographer in one of the weddings I attended--they said that they are always around beautiful gowns, even Vera Wang gowns--but when it comes to perfectly fitted gowns, nothing comes close to Veejay's gowns.  And I love his whole concept of "Ready-to-Order"--I know this is yet again a super delayed post (yikes!) --but who cares as long as we get to spread the word and promote the fab talents we love, right? Here are some of our rebellious favorites from Veejay's Madore RTO collection!

How to Create a Rebellious Brunch Wedding

Photography by A DASH OF JAMIE / Jamie Espadilla

HELLO THERE REBELS!!! Let's get all the apologies, disclaimers, and niceties out of the way first, shall we. First of all, if you noticed that blog updates have been kind of slow for the past few weeks, that's really because I'm on vacation (and by that I mean me as in RB Kai) and well--I've been having too much fun--hihi sorry about that!  Second of all, if you guys remembered a teaser for this post about 3 months ago, that's because this is a long overdue blog feature..and sorry again for that because we had troubles acquiring the photos of this shoot but thanks to stylist/photographer savior Jamie Espadilla we managed to get our hands on some of the photos that she personally took during this shoot! And so there! Let's get right to the feature then! :)

The Curious Case of the Invisible Ring

So dessert is served in this elegant fine dinning restaurant when all of a sudden your man kneels on one knee, takes out a small box and TADAH...a ring without a bling!

I bet you'd search frantically under the table for the rock thinking your future husband had lost it (can be figuratively as well). But you see, this kind of ring isn't for the diamond-loving kinda girl. It's for a couple who couldn't care less about carats. It's for the couple who can laugh at anything. It's for the couple who do not give a damn what other people say. It's for people with TOPAK (I have no translation for that as of now).

This ring is for the brave and creative ones. Not to say that the traditional ring is for the weak and boring, okay? There is no right or wrong in choosing an engagement ring anyway, as long as you factor in what suits your loved one best. 

Now, we're not saying that your boyfriend should get you THIS ring (although it would make a good prank for those dying to have their BFs propose). We're featuring this ring because it's just so unique. And if they say that in giving something it's the thought that counts, then this one was thought of quite very well.

The stainless steel ring is faceted where normally a diamond would go, making the ring sparkle. So while it doesn’t have a rock, it resembles a typical engagement ring in the way it’s designed. The purpose is to show that “no material can represent devotion.”
The Invisible Diamond!

Wedding Agency: Look Book Ideas

One of our favorite parts of the walkthroughs that we create for our couples are the look books. We create style guides not just for the brides but also for the the grooms, the entourage, and depending on the client's requests, we go as far as guides for the parents and kids. Every couple/bride is different and we make sure to create a 'stylish balance' based on the bride's preferences/personality, their chosen theme, and of course our own rebellious suggestions. Most of the time we encourage the brides to ALLOW their entourage to wear what they want to wear but even if the bride opts to have custom entourage gowns we always try to spice things up a bit. 

Here are snippets from our previous walkthroughs that might come in handy for you too! Since each walkthrough is exclusively created for our clients, we will only share the look books for brides and entourage girls. 

Wedding Theme: Brunch Wedding 
Bride's Personality: Very rebellious! She doesn't want to wear white, she doesn't mind buying off-the-rack, and she doesn't want anything traditional! 

Wedding Theme: Intergalactic/Glam Rock Wedding 
Bride's Personality: Uber rebellious and probably one of the most awesome couples we've ever worked with! She and her fiancee loves black, they are fascinated with death, and are into sci-fi and crime novels.  

Flora & Raf's Eco Chic Boracay Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

Boracay weddings will always be my fave. While all Boracay weddings are unique, there are some elements that are naturally more popular and will end up the same. For instance, turquoise color palettes or fun summer shades are common choices--not that there's anything wrong with that (my own wedding had those colors too). But once in awhile we see Boracay brides who are bold enough to experiment with other ideas that also work so beautifully well. Except for the famous Boracay waters itself, there are no turquoise details in Flora & Raf's wedding. Just the most magical emerald hues, teals, and greens that make for an eco chic look. Of course, this is just but one aspect of the wedding. Overall it was a laidback and organically love-filled union that is as awe-inspiring as the island itself. 

REBELations: Pastel Goth

I remember way back in high school when Goth was perceived to be devil worship + blood suckers + all things black. We had a group headed by the Queen of the Damned and I was aptly named DIVAmpyre. Must have been from reading too much Anne Rice novels. BUT I grew up and started liking PURPLE. Yes. Not very DIVAmpyre, if I may say. And so this inspiration comes from a mishmash of two elements that have come to be known as PASTEL GOTH. Definitely not a theme for the weak of heart when you mix the sweetest pastels with badass elements like skulls and bones. But sure looks like one helluva rebellious wedding concept. 

Anyway, enjoy and happy Monday, rebels!

A Wedding Walkthrough to Remember

It's September and the beginning of the wedding "peak season!" How exciting! For those who are starting to plan jsut about now, here are a few tips from the Wedding Agency. What is a Wedding Walkthrough? Let's just say it will make your wedding concept highly customized and streamlined. Plus, it's just so much easier to have your vision set up like a brand bible so that everyone is on board and not lost at sea.

Sharing with all of you our whole feature in Wedding Essentials and some sample ideas:


Click below for more wedding lovelies:

Lavonne & Clark's Wedding Style

Photography by Metrophoto

When I scanned through Lavonne & Clark's wedding photos, I instantly knew I'd blog about their style as a couple. So when I read Oly's write-up about them (I usually look at the photos first before reading the write-ups so I won't be influenced by it), I was so amused to find that Oly also talked about Lavonne & Clark's style as well! Oly actually nailed it: 

 "I’m a fan of great color combinations and I love the deep and muted brown colors throughout this wedding. I appreciate the taste that Lavonne and Clark have as it was obvious in a lot of the details and choices they made for their wedding. It’s not bad too that they are evidently head-over-heels in-love with each other."

Take a bite from Lavonne & Clark's deliciously rich wedding style...

As a treat, check out their heartwarming proposal! 

Congratulations Lavonne & Clark! And may your marriage be filled with so much sweetness as your proposal, and so much richness as your delicious wedding style. 

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Bride in Pink

A pink gown, a magnificent glass church, a "first look" pictorial before the ceremony and 
a cartwheeling bride = Boots & Jeff's "happy happy joy joy" wedding. 
Boots & Jeff had a very relaxed wedding preparation by booking the whole Le Blanc resort for family & friends.
They decided to do this pictorial an hour or so before going to church.

We asked Boots to tell us all about their big day and she gamely told us about all these awesome details:

What's the theme of our wedding, you ask? Everything and everyone we love! :) - hiking, butterflies, pastel colors, gymnastics, Peanuts (not the edible kind but Charlie Brown and his gang), our dog named Belle, happy songs, fireworks, and of course, our family and friends! 

No one seemed to be in a hurry. Or stressed. What a CHILL wedding!
Our wedding was held on July 6, 2013 in Antipolo, the town where I grew up. While scouting for a venue, we wanted an outdoor theme. Eight months before the wedding, we discovered Parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Hinulugan Taktak Road. I have been going to the Philippines every year to visit but it was the first time that I saw the newly built church that was shaped like a dome with glass ceiling surrounded by greenery. That was the end of our search. I imagined myself walking through an arch filled with flowers, white branches lined up, and petals scattered on the aisle as I meet my parents and Jeff at the altar. And that was exactly what happened! 

This is one breathtakingly beautiful church.
Photography by George Padua

One of the first things we did was come up with an invitation concept. We all know the concept of "taking the plunge" to metaphorically mean getting married. We thought, why don't we do it? Literally. The spot was Turtle Cove, one of the popular cliff jump spots on Guam. The photographer was my brother, Bobby Bonifacio. "Let's make our invitation look like a postcard!" My graphic artist brother, Benji Bonifacio, did the layout that included the following elements - the picture of our cliff jump, aqua green and coral colors, a volkswagen, our hiking shoes, a seal with our silhouettes, butterflies, our entourage, and a map! It turned out exactly how we envisioned it. For our "pre-nuptial" pictures, we used existing hiking pictures (since we met while hiking on Guam after all) as well as pictures taken by Bobby and our friends Jet Apostol, Sofia Oropesa, and Tin Alam before, during, and after our cliff jump, on the beach, and in our new house that was still under construction.

Now, what do we do with our dance? Despite dancing not being one of our brag worthy skills (although Jeff can argue about that at length), we chose "Linus and Lucy" from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for our couple's first dance music. Do we do the Roger Rabbit? The Running Man? Do we approach a dance instructor? The answer is none of the above. We approached my gymnastics coaches, Melinda Heath and Ric Heath from Island Twisters Guam (with input from assistant coach Jushua Mayo) to choreograph our dance!  The result - a dance with sachets, lifts, a back walkover, a cartwheel, and a flip!

Stephanie & Raymond's Fall-Inspired Wedding

Photography by 12Masters Photography

There's something so utterly beautiful and comforting about fall. As I excitedly prep for my upcoming Oregon trip, I am definitely in a summer-to-fall-state-of-mind. When I saw Raymond & Stephanie's wedding, I knew it had to be in the blog because we rarely have fall-inspired wedding themes in our neck of the woods! And why not? Just because we technically don't have autumn doesn't mean we can't be inspired by it. We are loving the colors and the emotions of this wedding. In the advertising world, there's a technique called "creative alchemy" and that's when you are bold and twisted enough to combine two things that don't seem to work together so you can form a totally new brilliant idea.  Fall + Native Filipiniana = R+S's Rebellious Wedding. Kudos to the rebellious couple for creating this 1+1=3 rarity!