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"I've never seen a boy gush about a wedding like he did!" -- Wedding Agency client Loni

Nothing makes Mica and I happier than knowing that our two babies: RB and WA (Wedding Agency) are touching, inspiring, and making a difference in our beloved readers/clients' lives. 

Whenever we present to a Wedding Agency client---when a bride's eyes start to twinkle, when the groom finally bursts into approving nods after keeping a poker face, we start to notice and it makes us feel delighted. 

This week we are even more overjoyed by the wonderful messages we've received from two of our beloved clients. Here's a little glimpse of who they are, their respective proposals, some progress on where they are in their wedding planning, their testimonials, and a sneak peek of their soon-to-be wonderful, personalized weddings.


For those of you who really follow the blog, you would probably remember that we just recently concluded our first-ever (and super successful) anniversary contest wherein we gave a couple free Wedding Agency services. 

Meet: Loni & JP

The Scenario: The wedding is in 4 months and they still don't have a streamlined wedding plan on hand. But one thing's for sure--Loni sure had folders upon folders of pegs! Haha! They even already had a theme in mind. The challenge was really how to put everything together. 

We prepared 30 or more slides to help them implement each and every aspect of their wedding. In the interest of not preempting the couple, we'll only be sharing 3 of the slides:

Loni had folders upon folders of pegs. Therefore, our main job was really to edit her wedding ideas for her to make their wedding more cohesive and more personal to them.  

And here's what the couple had to say about us :)


Meet: Kathleen & Dingdong
The Scenario: Kathleen & Dingdong wanted to have a wedding in Boracay. But with this destination being a popular wedding spot, the challenge was how to make it fresh and unique to the couple. When we were conceptualizing for the couple, they were literally starting from scratch. So much so that we even helped them pin down their wedding date vis-a-vis the availabilities of their "dream team" -- that's how involved we were. In the end, the whole process made Kathleen & Dingdong braver and bolder to even add more cool ideas into their wedding.

Why do we say that this is the boldest wedding we've thought of so far? Because there are a lot of things in this wedding that have never been done in weddings, much more Boracay weddings -- ever. HOWEVER, since the couple might want to keep these things a secret for now, we won't divulge what these things are yet. All you have to know for now is that this Boracay wedding will not have the usual template.

We initially presented 3 wedding ideas to the couple. Inevitably, they chose the CREATIVE CONCEPT which at that time, we called it TechyRomantics. Eventually, this title went through a lot of transformation and even voting among the couple's loved ones. In the end, the final title came from the couple's friend. This was collaboration at its best.

And here's what the couple had to say about us :)

We can spend hours and hours trying to up sell our Wedding Agency service. But nothing beats heartwarming, *kilig* messages from our beloved couples themselves.

We can't wait to see how Loni + JP's COACHELLA CHIC wedding; and Kathleen + Dingdong's VER. FOREVER wedding are going to unfold from preps to the day itself. Keep us posted girls! You guys are like family to us na! :)

Is a Wedding "JUST" a Day?
We are firm believers that we shouldn't all be caught up in all the wedding hullabaloo. That's why we encourage you all to be inquisitive with the traditions dictated to you, and that's also the reason why we also encourage you to learn how to eliminate unnecessary expenses and only prioritize those that will really last a lifetime.

But to go as far as to say that a wedding is "JUST" a day? We'd like to hear what you guys think of this.

Every bride whether they prefer to have a simple civil wedding, a lavish church wedding, or a whole week of celebration, should be able to celebrate it the way you would want to celebrate it. Correct? One night, I heard someone getting super upset that a friend decided to "JUST" have a civil wedding--to her, it was like a sin to do so. Which was a bit sad, really.

Here's my own opinion and you are all open to form your own: A wedding is not "JUST a day". How can it JUST be a day when you are about to marry the love of your life? How can it JUST be a day when it symbolizes a milestone in a woman's life? A day you've dreamt all your life? You have every right to make your wedding your own special day. "JUST" a day? To even insult what a wedding stands for, to insult a bride who wants to make her wedding her own, is a form of bride bullying. No to bride bullying!

Now I know of people who don't believe in marriage or in weddings--heck there are even some who don't believe in having kids! But they say that it is just their own personal view and they respect those that do believe in the institution. To each his own, but without trying to pull others down.

Apart from the couples who want to get married and want to make a big deal out of it, there's also the people who make weddings possible. Do you guys remember the scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Anne Hathaway's character found fashion to be shallow? And then Meryl Streep explained to her how fashion drives businesses, puts food on the table for those who work in the industry, etc. etc. Then I think of all the wedding artists who work in this industry, trying to make an honest living out of the talents/specialized jobs that they can do that are related to weddings. And then I go back again to this Devil Wears Prada scene and I can't help think it's the same principle.

What do you guys think? Is a wedding "JUST" a day? Have you no right to make it special the way you would define it for what it is?

Discuss! But gentle reminder please, let's not go as far as mentioning other people or pulling other people down. Just a friendly debate okay? :)

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Rebellious Prenup Inspirations

 Let us all begin this blog with a resounding *GASP!* How rebellious is this PAINTED LOVE prenup shoot by Cherryblocks Photograhpy? This is but a teaser and we could not wait for more! This shot was styled by the equally rebellious team of Rabbit Hole Creatives.


Now, while this shot reminded me of one of America's Next Top Model's photo shoot, in no way does it imitate the said shot.

 In fact, Cherryblock's version is far more bold and creative. Our advise --use pegs as inspirations instead of imitating them. Create a twist or better yet, take it a notch further and improve it.

And while we're at it, here are some prenup or engagement session inspirations you can do taken from America's Next Top Model pictorials:

Rebellious Bride Ida's Wedding Style

Photography by Cherryblocks
We really admire brides who exude a distinct yet effortless wedding taste and style. But more so when the bride and the groom rightfully teams up with photographers who also exude that same groove. All the wedding ideas in the world, cannot really shine through if you don't have a great team backing you up. So props to Rebellious Bunch - Cherryblocks for really capturing Rebellious Bride Ida's unique wedding details. From the effortlessly chic entourage ensembles, to the beautiful single-stemmed flowers, to the equally stylish guests of all ages, down to the littlest doodles and prints, RB Ida definitely has the eye for the rebelliously pretty.

Previously on RB #13


Here in Rebellious Brides, we regularly check our analytics to keep us in tune with you guys---where you are, what you like to read, and perhaps what you guys also don't necessarily like to read.

For instance, it amuses us to know that despite our Rebellious Bouquet Alternatives blog post being a little outdated (it is one of the first, oldest posts we've had on the blog), it is still your favorite feature to read! And this blog post is not just the most widely read of all time, but it is also popularly read on a monthly and weekly basis! And since we realized that this post is a super favorite but also a little over a year old, we've decided to update it a bit for you all.

Enjoy :)

Random Rebellion #23

Stylebible:  The moral of the story, according to Hindy? “True love and beauty are to be celebrated in freedom.” A fitting maxim relevant not only in the world of fashion, but perhaps most valued in it, being a world that regards uniqueness and beauty above everything else.

Rebellious Bunch Hindy Weber-Tantoco collaborated with accessory designer Nicole Whisenhunt and director Paul Soriano to create a one-of-a-kind short film entitled SEDO NOULI. And we wanted to share this with you all --it doesn't have any relation to weddings at all. But the message...of defying conformity just makes it very rebellious-worthy.


SEDO NOULI from Abracadabra on Vimeo.

Cayo & Sarah's Prenup Video: The Two Dreamers

When we received this prenup video in our inbox, it definitely put a smile on my face and my heart skipped a beat. There's just nothing like positive creativity to brighten up my day.

Congratulations to Sarah & Cayo for such a STUPENDOUS prenup! Clap Clap Clap! Bravo!

Cayo+Sarah from cayo general on Vimeo.

Sarah shares:

We want to make our big day to be a celebration of possibilities, of the whimsical and the playfully imagined.

Our theme: Dreams.

So, we came up with this stop motion video of two dreamers who share one simple dream – a lifetime of waking up next to the same wonderful person every day.

Candidly Pretty's Library Card Save the Date Tutorial

Crafter Koni Esteban
Here in Rebellious Brides, we just love sharing with you guys all our rebellious finds -- one such great find was when we discovered freelance crafter Koni Esteban who shared with us her wonderful giant paper rose bouquet. 

Koni has her own DIY arm which she calls Candidly Pretty and she's been generous enough to even create tutorial blogs for brides on how to create their own DIY projects! 

Watch out as we feature her tutorials here in RB. Starting off with this awesome Library Card Save the Date idea! 

The Rebellious Groom's Precious


Louie and Mike: Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

See this is a perfect example of how a Rebel Groom can still squeeze in his own 'manly' ideas into the wedding. And props to Jason Magbanua for indulging a fantasy and masculine sequence for the groom amidst the otherwise very cute wedding details by the Rebel Bride. TIP: Watch the video 'till the VERY END. As usual, clap clap clap Jason! See this is why we believe, you are just simply the very best!

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White w/ a Twist Gowns for MUCH MUCH LESS!

Photography by Lester Victoriano

Good news for all our dear rebellious readers out there!

How many times have you had a conversation with friends & family asking you who your wedding gown designer is? And when you tell them that you'd rather just buy a gown, you see eyes and faces trying to keep a straight face for you but you know that they have a nasty thought they'd rather not tell you.

For some reason, buying off-the-rack wedding gowns seem to imply a lot of things--it's not of the same quality, it's gaudy, and it's just not that special as having one especially made for you. BUT WHO CARES?!?!? Bridal gowns come in all shapes, kinds, sizes, and brands. What's important is you are comfortable with what you are wearing and it makes you feel damn beautiful.

But sometimes, even off-the-rack gowns can get really expensive! So when Ivory & White emailed us about their very affordable yet oh so pretty bridal gowns, we knew we had to share this good news to our readers!

Kate Spade Mood Board #13

Last month, Kate Spade's pattern of the month didn't have much pegs to go around so we decided to skip it. But we are back with a vengeance! Brace yourself for Kate Spade Mood Board #13 because this is just oooooooooozing with sooooooo much inspiration! 

Photo & Kate Spade Print by Garance Dore

This month, Kate Spade's pattern of the month is called "Write this Way" -- a collaboration with the wonderful world of Garance Dore: blogger/illustrator/photographer at large. 

Illustration by Garance Dore
Kate Spade's blog writes: "This month we're drawn to illustrative prints, including the notes & drawings of french fashion blogger Garance Dore. We adore illustrative prints. They have a charm and optimism that instantly makes us smile..."

So for your rebellious wedding, why not create a theme out of illustrations, doodles, artwork, photography, and writing? Whether you have the talent for it or you'd rather commission someone else to do it, write away and print it out as your invitations, as your entourage fabrics, as your table cloths, as your signages, the possibilities are quite endless! &

We've interspersed Kate Spade's collection with Garance Dore's illustrations from her blog. We hope that through these wonderful images, you'll be able to unleash a creative, personal wedding that we've never seen before :)

Illustration by Garance Dore

Rebellious Bride Ronna Creates Her Own Rules

Photography by Pat Dy
"My wedding may not be as rebellious as some, but I challenged Filipino traditions because I didn't see the point :) I also did what worked for us, rather than fitting ourselves into customary practices.... A Rebellious Bride knows who she is and is unafraid of being herself. She is ready to break or bend rules and challenge norms, not just for the sake of it, but because she is secure in and asserts her own identity. Her style follows from her personality, and she is comfortable to have only 50% of the decision-making weight. :)"

Rebellious Bride Ronna Capili-Bonifacio on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

As Ronna put it, her wedding may not be defined or considered by others to be of the rebel kind. But in our books, it's got our own rebellious seal of approval. We've said this before and we'll say it again--having a rebellious wedding doesn't mean taking it literally with all the Chuch Taylors in this world and downright crazy prenups. Sometimes, rebellious weddings are of the sophisticated, elegant kind and what makes it rebellious is in the subtle style or in the couple's thinking.

What makes Ronna rebellious is that she knew how to create her own wedding rules--she had an inquisitive mind. For instance, she refused to label her wedding into any kind of wedding concept, theme or motif. Instead, she wanted to go for THE WEDDING FEELING.

A Downpour of Love

During the three days of non-stop rain, I could not help but think of the less fortunate ones who have to sleep (or not sleep) with the fear of knowing the floods are rising and were constantly getting wet from the rain trickling on their roofs, or worse, living under terrible conditions in evacuation centers. Then because I'm on a worrying roll, the wedding addict in me thought of yet another concern: Paano na ang mga ikakasal sa araw na 'to?! (What happens to those getting married in this weather?!).

Apparently, no storm can dampen the spirit of two people madly in love. Usually, it's just the bride who does a thrash the dress/gown session. But for this one, both of them had no choice but to do an impromptu trash the wedding outfits because of the floods outside of the church. Nevertheless, the rebel in them kept their spirits waterproof (borrowing from the line "The Filipino spirit is waterproof")  and their love for each stronger as they battled their very first storm (albeit literally).

Rebellious Hollywood Bride Natalie Portman

Lifted from: US MAGAZINE
The press calls the bride's Rodarte gown 'unusual'. Why didn't they just say it was simply beautiful or unique, or pretty? Why did it have to be...of all descriptions....'unusual' --and for what? Because it wasn't the 'usual' standard to some? Oh but we applaud Natalie for doing what she wanted to do and we celebrate her for it!

Here's a snippet from Yahoo!'s feature:

At some of the biggest events in her career, Natalie Portman has donned show-stopping gowns by Rodarte. So when it came to the most important day in her personal life — marrying dancer Benjamin Millepied in California's Big Sur over the weekend — she again turned to the fashion label, which is run by her longtime friends, sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy. The result? A conservative, rather understated creation, which seemed to fit in well with the overall vibe of the nuptials.

While many Hollywood types tend to go for something more over the top on their wedding day, the 31-year-old actress beamed in the unadorned white, A-line style dress that was tea length with a layered bottom, and featured a sheer overlay that modestly covered her arms and chest. She accessorized the gown with a simple white floral crown, a veil, and nude-colored flats.

To read the complete article, click HERE

Photo lifted from CELEBUZZ

The Wedding Agency - The Midnight Skies & Pink Sunsets Wedding

Photo taken by the couple's friend, Hubert Qua
Mik & Paula humbly say that they are not quite rebellious. Not rebellious? Let's see....they kept the wedding details under wraps, the bride confidently asserted herself and leveled with her mom when needed, an Akon song as the bridal march, allowed the entourage to wear their own gowns, flower bags as bouquets, required vodka shots before entering the reception, a ceiling that literally dramatized the "Midnight Skies & Pink Sunsets" theme we conceptualized for them, a textured cake that unbelievably looks unreal, traditions done "on-the-side" w/o forcing guests to watch them, a wedding documentary instead of the usual love story avp,  the wackiest but most emotional surprises in between. Even the priest they got was the coolest and funnest officiator I have ever witnessed performing a church ceremony! Not rebellious? You've got to be kidding me.

--- RB Kai on Rebellious Couple Mik & Paula's Midnight Skies & Pink Sunsets Wedding

RB Mica and I will never ever forget Mik, Paula, and their wedding. They are our VERY FIRST clients for The Wedding Agency. The trust and confidence that they have given to us is just priceless.

Perhaps the reluctance to call themselves rebellious comes from the fact that there were still a lot of classic elements in their wedding. But that's just it. The brief that was given to us was that they wanted a "classy but makulit" wedding--just like the couple's personalities. Like a romantic comedy film, it was the perfect balance of the sweet and the sense of humor. Mik & Paula's wedding concept, is just proof that the classic and the rebellious can coexist together--just like when the midnight sky blends with the pink sunset--you get an absolutely, breathtaking, spectacular piece of heaven.


When Mik & Paula came to us, they were literally starting from scratch. There were only 2 things that they were sure of: the fact that it had to be a super fun wedding, and that the colors were going to be midnight blue and pink. But when we went through the process of "insighting" (a process commonly used in advertising when you dig deeper to find the sweet spot of your target market), that's when we discovered that Mik & Paula are just like a Romantic Comedy film. So we built on that. 
When we saw these amazing photos, we knew right then that we have found the perfect mood we were looking for.

 Mik & Paula, a Story of a Boy Meets Girl--are about to star in their own Rom Com entitled:

 and you should know upfront, that this one has a happy ending...

Here are just some of the things we conceptualized for the couple 
that were part of their walkthrough:

We've given the couple a whole slew of recommended wedding artists. Eventually, here were the artists we suggested that they inevitably decided on: 

And here is how "Midnight Skies & Pink Sunsets" unfolded on May 12, 2012:

Photo taken by the couple's friend, Jazmin Primavera

Rebellious Brides:  Why did you keep your wedding a secret from everybody else? And why would you recommend for other couples to do the same?