RB Goes Gatsby, Part 2 of 3

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
The Gatsby party is heating up as we take you to a journey through this fantastical second part of our 3-part RB Gatsby Special Feature. And this time around, our muse Amanda Tirol takes on the role of the charismatic, enigmatic, leading lady of the book/movie Daisy Buchanan as she models the works of The Cecilio Abad Design Team feat. Vidal Clayton

In this feature, we also finally reveal our Gatsby-worthy Anti-Reception venue location, Casa Roces Malacanan. So pop, fizz, and sizzle and enjoy! 

"It's so you!", Madge Lejano tells me when Amanda comes out wearing her first Clayton gown. And I'd have to agree on that. Clayton is probably my most favorite gown designer right now--and if you've been reading the blog lately, we've been featuring a lot of his works. What's not to love? His gowns are very intricate but not too overbearing. There is a clear deviation from the typical white gowns but there is a balance between the classic and the fashion forward. 

The Wedding Lab

Dabbling w/ the new wedsite service, Wedding Lab

When I was still planning for my own wedding, it was already second nature for me to create our wedsite (wedding website). To me, it was the most practical and most sensible thing to create as opposed to having printed invites and creating a Facebook page. Printed invites are so contrived and wastes a lot of natural resources and carbon footprint. A Facebook page on the other hand, limits the accessibility to only those who are Facebook users and you can't assume everybody has one. And even if most of your guests have FB, you can't also assume that your guests are always active on Facebook. Plus, you are assuming that your guests can easily always see your Facebook Event page when in fact, it's quite unnoticeable that you've been added in a Facebook event. It also assumes that everybody always has access to Facebook when it is actually blocked in some offices.

I can never stress it any further that wedsites are the way to go. But I've always wondered why there wasn't any local wedsite services around. So when we got introduced to the guys behind The Wedding Lab, we were more than ecstatic.

In Wedding Lab, you can create your own wedsite so easily, even Facebook's registration is more complicated! The best part is, it is interactive, you can share stories with your guests, you can link it to your social networks FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, and it comes with your very own dashboard that is so simple and easy to use!

Up Next

So many more special features and collaborations to look forward to in the next few weeks to come! We can't even contain our own excitement! 

Shining Soon w/ Madge Lejano PLUS a new collaboration exclusive offer to our readers
Amanda Tirol as Daisy Buchanan - Part 2 of our RB Goes Gatsby Special coming soon!
And who plays the Great Gatsby in this role-playing feature? 

RB Goes Gatsby, Part 1 of 3

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
As early as December 2012, the blog released its Fearless Forecast for 2013. Two of which were: 1) A renewed love for 20s-inspired weddings because of the Gatsby movie; and 2) New anti-reception venue discoveries. 

In this 3-part special feature, we've collaborated with some of the biggest names in the wedding industry to come up with our own interpretation of how to localize a Gatsby-inspired wedding. After all, inspiration is one thing but rebelliousness always has to have its own twist and own vision. 


Weddings at Sonya's Garden

Over the past few years, I have found myself constantly being asked on my own two cents on wedding venues and destination wedding ideas. Having had the time to reflect on this, I have come to a conclusion that Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay is my personal choice for my most highly recommended kind of "anti-reception" wedding if you want to do a destination wedding near Manila.

Live Laugh Love Wedding

Picking up from their very 'makulit' save-the-date video, Jeli & Ersus created a tagline instead of a theme for their wedding: "Live Laugh Love".

Jeli actually fondly and rebelliously calls their wedding 'kalokohan' and you only need to see some of the details below to know why ;)

Celebrity Fitness Infographic for Brides

Special thanks to Shelly Adams of www.simplybridal.com for sharing with us this infographic on how to get fit before the big day---celebrity style! Check out each celebrity bride below on how they got toned for their own weddings and see which fitness style works for you! :)

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Rebellious Groom Larson & His Vows

Rebellious Groom Larson wanted to be clear at the onset that he believes the groom should have his own shining moments in the wedding. And why not? Like we've said before, the wedding is about the bride AND groom...not just the bride. If the bride has her own dream wedding, of course the guy has his own vision too. But most grooms will just bow down to what their brides want. I've even heard of parents who tell their sons to stay back, let the bride do what she wants, and just attend their wedding. But not for Larson. 

Photography by Framed Up Productions
Meanne writes:

I’ve always believed that I would have the final say / or idea about the wedding details. I particularly wanted a 7 layer cake, a ring with 7 diamonds, a Studebaker for my bridal car, sampaguita and lamps for the church details, a mermaid wedding gown, an unusual selection of food for the reception (I did not choose the bestsellers), and in between shoots at the New Manila-Makati bridge.  And being the persistent one that I am, I was able to get things my way. But then, it’s not just about me. The groom has his own fair share of being “rebellious”. Here’s why. 

Chris + Jelai's Handmade IT Wedding

Photography by CamZar
Chris & Jelai were college sweethearts who took up IT together so they naturally gravitated towards this as a wedding theme. Lots of interesting details and goodies to see from the wedding but what makes it fresh is the fact that it's not totally techie. In the end it was a soft and playful balance that had so many personalized, thoughtful touches and kudos to Vatel's {etc} team for all the amazing handcrafted goodies! 

Rebellious Bride Rina's Vidal Clayton Gown

Photography by The BlackTieProject
Vidal Clayton of The Cecilio Abad Design Team has ARRIVED. Don't you agree? Well Clayton puts oomph to the usual bridal beaded, sparkly gown--knowing all too well, that the new breed of brides also want some color and sass. So yes, in our books he has arrived. 

Rob + Celine's English MangoRed Wedding

Photography by MangoRed
England. One of my most favorite countries in the world. MangoRed's latest wedding piece proves yet again their versatility and evolution. Their creativity knows no boundaries.

Rob & Celine's wedding is one of old worldly beauty, in its most organic form. Dark but full of lightness. Muted but magnificently natural. A real rainbow on your wedding day. Ornamental trees on its blooming season. The English countryside as your backdrop. The simplest of wedding decisions, yet sometimes they are the ones overlooked. But not for Celine.

Lyn & Thyne

Sure it's a lesbian wedding. Let's get that out of the way. And maybe, it's what makes this entry obviously 'rebellious'. But what makes this even more non-traditional for us is the fact that the photos show of ACCEPTANCE from the people around the couple--particularly the officiator and the oldies. That they have gotten passed this and that they have learned to embrace it, witness it, and be part of the celebration. Now that's what makes this rebellious.

Photography by MetroPhoto

You know what? To be honest, this doesn't even seem quite as scandalous to someone like me who studied in an all-girl Catholic school that is secretly popular for having a lot of girl-on-girl action haha (any guesses?). My friends and I were surrounded with this type of relationships on a daily basis back in High School--they were our classmates, they were our own "ka-barkadas", heck--some were even our TEACHERS. Early on we've learned this to be 'normal' and that it was just a matter of preference. It was actually only when I've moved on to College that I've realized there was some sort of real controversy with this kind of love. Some girls moved on, realizing that it was a phase and eventually they've re-discovered their femininity. But then there were also some who realize it's who they are for good. 

It's because of exposure early in life that allows us to have an open mind and an open heart. So this is the reason why we opt to feature this rebelliousness in the blog. So that more people can be exposed and learn to be more understanding. Because at the end of the day, it all boils down to love. And LOVE CONQUERS ALL. 

Em + Eugene's Batanes Teaser

Because sometimes, all you need is the most beautiful place in the planet as your backdrop. No fuss whatsoever. 

Eugene + Em Wedding Teaser from SEVENSEEDS on Vimeo.

Batanes has got to be one of the most logistically difficult venues to have a wedding. But this rebellious couple pushed through with it anyway. And for that, we applaud them. #OneForTheBooks

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Dani & Paolo's Museo Pambata Prenup

"In real life, we're probably as 
'un-rebellious' as you can get"
---Dani shares with us in her email. We think otherwise though. 
Photography by MangoRed

Dani & Paolo may think they are not rebellious but any couple who is unafraid to work w/ the ultimate topak tandems MangoRed + RabbitHole Creatives--to know that things can get out of hand? Well...that's pretty rebellious in our books! And crazy is probably even a 'tame' word to use in describing this shoot. 

Dani writes: "Is it counted as rebellious when there's obviously a theme for the shoot but you can't seem to describe what that theme is? :) Monsters? Childhood play? Marching band? We can't quite put our finger on it but what we were going for was colorful, lively, festive, with a touch of the kind of madcap fun you can only have when you're below the age of ten! We think all of our suppliers fit the bill with the kind of shoot we had in mind."

Sey + Erik's Cute 'n Cozy, Cat 'n Dog Wedding

Photography by Paolo Feliciano
Cute & Cozy would be the best way I would describe Sey & Erik's wedding. I particularly admire the fact that the couple rebelliously chose to have a very intimate wedding and that they chose to have a cat & dog logo as the main focal point of their theme. Some couples are afraid to pursue a theme that is perceived to be 'kiddie' but you only need to see how Sey & Erik pulled it off to prove to you that it can be quite pretty and chic. 

Rebellious Brides: What is the story behind your logo?

RB Sey: The Sey+Erik logo resembling a cat and dog was born out of our love for both. I loves cats, Erik loves dogs. Quite a complicated mix really, however we have one common ground - cute stuffed toys. We took inspiration from that and basically made a cat and dog logo that had a touch of cuteness :)

Wedding Worthy H&M Conscious Finds

It's moments like this that I wish there was an H&M store in Manila. And mind you, I have written to H&M's head office THRICE in the years 2003, 2007, and 2010. I am that persistent. And in those three times that I've written to them, they've denied rumors of opening shop here. Maybe it's for the best. Prices might be different anyway. For instance, prices of H&M Singapore is much much higher compared to H&M USA. 

I digress. 

The reason why I am drooling over H&M once again is that they have launched some fabulous gowns under their eco friendly label, Conscious

This $199 H&M Conscious Tulle Gown is made of 100% recycled polyester. I really, really, REALLY love this gown! 

This uber affordable backless gown is also made of 100% recycled polyester and only runs for $60! 

This silk blended blazer is made of 85% organic cotton and 15% silk. Isn't this perfect for your dashing groom? The best part is, it's only $99!