Jadee and Blake's Indoor Garden

When you can't take your wedding to the garden, take the garden to your wedding!

"I have always wanted a rustic chic garden wedding. However, my husband, being the concerned Chinese son that he is, wanted to make sure the elders are comfortable. Actually, he would have let me have it my way but it was his wedding too so we compromised and decided to do it in a hotel. But there was no way I was going to let go of my theme! I actually got even more excited since I was already thinking of ways to transform the place" -- Jadee on creating her dream wedding no matter what.

Makati Shangrila was transformed into an indoor garden. Photos by Chito Cleofas

A path was set up inside the hotel that looked like a garden wedding aisle with an arch as an entrance. Since the two wanted to get married a under a tree, their stylist got one for them. They call it their "vow tree."

Jadee and Blake repeated their vows under this tree.

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See what else makes this wedding a rebellious one!

Rebellious Bride Cathy's Rebellious Style

special thanks to our reader Cyndee for sharing this with us :)

Photos by The 12 Masters Photography
"My personality makes me a rebellious bride. I wanted our wedding to be an experience for us all. I wanted them to be comfortable. Not only was it obvious in the styling of the venue but also seen in my outfit. I was always worried of having sore feet and the uneasiness of wearing a gown so I told my designer that I wanted my gown to be elegant and modern but very very comfortable. And indeed, I felt like a model getting married. I don't like wearing panty hose so I wore striped knee-high socks and I also wore Chucks with wedge because I like to run and to dance."

Rebellious Bride Cathy Gonzales on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

The guys over at the 12 Masters Photography called this the "Funky Rebellious Wedding" and called the bride, The Rebellious Bride. And we couldn't help but gush at the thought that both catch phrases are becoming quite popular these days.  Cathy and Roy's wedding is easily labeled as rebellious with the black & white theme and the plethora of Chuck Taylors. But what makes this wedding distinctively rebellious is the styling. We are absolutely blown away by the bride's beetlejuice-inspired knee-high socks, the flapper head pieces, and the entourage ladies in their uber cool ensembles that are so refreshing to look at in the sea of templated looks that are usual of entourage get-ups.

Savor every photo and moment folks. We don't get very much rebellious wedding styling like this to go around.

White w/ a Twist

Gown by Geof Gonzalez (Photo by Mango Red)
We understand that going completely anti-white can be a difficult decision for some--perhaps the pressure and the unsolicited comments from friends, relatives, and onlookers can be too much to handle or perhaps it's just plainly not your cup of tea. But don't fret! There are still a lot of ways to innovate and wear a rebellious gown which we'd like to call, "White w/ a Twist" -- it's simply an idea of wearing a traditional white gown but replacing the classic design, cut, bead work, or material into something a little bit more reflective of your personality. Extraordinary bead work on the upper part of the gown creates an illusion that it is more of a silvery gown rather than white. There are also other rebellious techniques that create an effect that the upper part of the gown is a different piece or a fabulous razorback tank top! Later on you will also see designs that have subtle colored bead work at the back or at the bottom, and of course, just like Rebellious Bride Mica, you'll see some gowns that have pops of color as accents.

Gown by Sassa Jimenez (Photo by Mango Red)
Gown by Jun Escario (Photo by Mango Red)
Read on to see more! :)

How to Get Married in Vegas - Elvis Style

***this blog post was updated to include official photos from Nelwin Uy***

Getting hitched, Elvis Vegas style!
First off all, it was such a pleasant surprise reading that Rebellious Bride Mica made a teaser of our wedding! I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did! 

Having finally executed one of our Bucket List items,  I just realized how so many other brides (and grooms) have also wanted to experience the Elvis/Vegas wedding but didn't know how to go about it so they just decided not to go through with it. So in my efforts to encourage other couples to fulfill a dream, here's how you can do it too!

Sneak Preview of Kai & Cy's Rebellious Vegas Wedding

Kai and Cy are married! Again! But this time, Vegas-style. I really wish Marc and I could go. And I wish I was able to post this live streaming link earlier. They got married 7am, our time, 4pm in Vegas. So enough of the babbling and let me show you some of the pics I grabbed from her Facebook (from Arnold Chiong, Kym Chiong and Nelwin Uy's photos) :)

Cy  got injured prior to the wedding but this robotic boot (roboot!) makes his outfit super cool! No cold feet with that!

It's Elvis! And it is OFFICIAL! Vegas, baby!

Kai wore her seagreen dress from her Bora wedding (reception dress) made by Hindy Tantoco.

A Vegas theme would also be awesome here! Let Cy & Kai's cake inspire you.

Kai goes anti-white, anti-floral bouquet and anti-veil :)
Kai's paper bouquet was made by Vatel and she's carrying her Iron Fist skull booties.

I can't wait to see the official photos! Congratulations again, Kai and Cy!MWAH!

Yours in beauty and love,

Mica :)

p.s. Do you have a Vegas wedding to share? Show us the love :)

Cheska & Brian's Boardwalk Empire Wedding

There are vintage wedding themes and there is this. A vintage wedding inspired by a TV series set during the 1920s called Boardwalk Empire. Having a solid theme and a bride who was very hands-on (with D-I-Y stuff to her credit!), Cheska & Bri's big day was simply filled with swag and character. This wedding isn't just rebellious...it's GANGSTER!
A scene from Boardwalk Empire from www.guardian.co.uk
So let's relive an era of style, sophistication and  sleekness through Mr. & Mrs. Sebial's wonderful wedding details.
RB: What made your wedding rebellious?

CHESKA: The overall theme, our playing cards-like design for the invite and the misalette, custom-made fabric bouquets, custom-made felt ace, feather buttonaires, themed set photobooth, ceramic bobble head cake topper and a best in vintage attire special prize...

Custom-made boutonnieres by their friend Stephanie Cabanes.

Handmade fabric bouquet by Bonne.
Their invite was a deck of vintage playing cards.

RB: What were the challenges that you had to face since your wedding is non-traditional and how did you overcome these challenges?

Cheska: Doing the first round of explanation to both our families and the extra hours in doing the design, material sourcing and actual making of some of the custom made details like the center pieces...we were extra hands on than usual but it was all worth it.

Imagining how things will come together and make everything perfectly beautiful helped both me and my groom overcome the challenges.
Photos by Blacktie Project

RB: What makes you a Rebellious Bride?

Cheska: I am a rebellious bride because I had a dream wedding in mind and I wasnt afraid to make it happen even if it meant not conforming to what's traditional.

Being hands-on in all aspects of our wedding also meant being rebellious despite busy schedules and ideas from family and friends. We simply followed what my groom  and I desired for our wedding.

Cheska's vintage-inspired lace & corset gown was made by OJ Hofer.

Backtrack in time some more and see their photos here:

Rebellious Couple - Mark & Punky's Munky Bizniz Wedding! (Part Two)

Photos by Mango Red
Hey guys! Have you been waiting for the Part Two of Mark & Punky's Munky Bizniz wedding? In the first part of the feature, we set the tone by sharing with you all the creative development and the thought process that our crazy couple went through during their wedding preps. In this second part of the feature, we will zero in on the challenges they have had to face during their wedding preps, the wonderful support that they have gotten from their families (truly an inspiration!), and more advice from the bride on how to pursue your wedding dreams--rebellious and twisted as it may seem.Read on! 

All Set!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and once we get to Vegas, we're off to the Clark County to get our marriage license, stop by the Viva Las Vegas Chapel to meet the coordinator, and then we're off to get married the next day.

Here are just some of the things I've packed for the trip/wedding :)

Cockade Paper Bouquet by {etc} Vatel

Philippine-Made Tobacco Giveaways (Tabacalera & Alhambra)

Best Wishes for Rebellious Bride Peewee! :)

One of our very first readers Peewee, is getting married today (Click HERE for related article), and we want to give her our own special Best Wishes through our blog. D Unbeatable Events Diva Teena Barretto herself has been giving us the tweet updates. Here are some of the photos:

All the best Peewee! Don't forget to email us after! Haha :)

Rebellious Bride Winsess in BLACK

Photos by the Blacktie Project
Boy do we have a once-in-a-blue-moon treat for you guys! When Rebellious Bride Winsess shared with us the story of her black bridal gown, we responded in a heart beat! We love everything about this bride and her gown! Here is Winsess' own account of her rebellious ways:

Real Men are Rebelliously Sweet

Nothing else to say except: 
Here's to love and our rebellious men. 
Belated Happy V-Day everyone! :)

*Some notes: We weren't asked by Dove to blog about this, just really thought this was such an awesome campaign, wasn't part of the lucky ladies that were serenaded either, but proud to say that my real man surprised me in the most rebelliously sweet way imaginable on V-day as well ;)

Personal Vows

As I write this blog post, exactly a year ago, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle....

Photo by Darien O'Dell

In a recent "haters-comments-frenzy", some readers have actually judged me and Mica by saying that we have married for the wrong reasons--that we have made weddings into a fashion show/carnival and that we didn't marry in the eyes of god, family, and friends.

On the contrary though, the wedding theme is just icing on the cake. What judgmental people fail to realize is that the wedding's most important element is the ceremony itself and that obviously it is not captured in photos and videos that's why it doesn't seem to shine through. In our case, the personal vows was one of the most significant parts of our wedding. Before writing mine, I didn't research or anything like that. But boy was I prepared. I had tried to write, re-write, and practice it in my head over and over again, before going to sleep, for 12 months.

The first draft of my vows were eight pages long and it was a little too serious and heavy. I realized this wasn't really reflective of us as a couple. So a revised it to make it more lighthearted, witty, and unique in my own little way. Another reason why I made my vows "light" was because I didn't want to cry at all. I am the type of person who, if I start to cry, I wouldn't be able to finish my sentences, so I really had to make sure I didn't cry (even if it meant that I had to bite my tongue).

A lot of guests said they liked Cy's vows more than mine, because Cy's vows made them cry. I wasn't going for a cry-fest though. I was going for making everyone feel happy =)

I'd like to share my personal vows here. To remind me of this beautiful, beautiful moment and to pay tribute to our anniversary. And as I write the vows, I don't have a copy with me. I've known it by heart since 2010 =)

Here goes...

Cy, I've divided my vows into 3 parts.

First part is what I call: 

The first time we met, I was so confused.
I didn't know if we were friends, or if we were dating.
I was SO confused that I even went to a fortune teller, "Madame Shakey's"
She didn't know me, I didn't tell her why I was there.
But for some reason, she said that out of all the guys that I have met, she liked "M C C" the most.

"M C C" was "matangkad at mabilog ang katawan"
Then Madame Shakey's pointed to a guy in Shakey's and said: "Ayan O, ganyan ang buhok niya"

And I got so freaked out because the guy had the same hairstyle as yours.
I like him out of all the guys because he is the kindest.
And don't worry. "Tahimik lang yun pero tingin ng tingin sayo"
Finally Madame Shakey's said, I can see some sort of document. A document that could be marriage. 

And she said that if any of her predictions ever came true, that I should go tell her all about it.

Was it fate? Was it destiny? Did you actually pay her to say those things?
Or was it the Universe telling me, it was time to meet you?
All I know is, just for fun, maybe I should look for Madame Shakey's and introduce to her 
"M C C".


Poptastic Bride Features the Rebellious Brides!

We apologize if we are once again interrupting your regular dose of rebellious goodness to announce another feature that Rebellious Bride Mica and I have gotten. We are sure that you are probably so very sick of our weddings but this feature is just so totally awesome not to share! 

We are on US-Based Blog, Poptastic Bride!!!
*click the pics below to read the features :)

Poptastic Bride is actually the brainchild of Pinay Poptastic Bride Cynthia. I adore her because the way that she has been able to cross over to the US market by creating a creative-friendly wedsite, by developing unique wedding-related products, and getting International advertisers to sponsor her site are just so beyond our wildest dreams. She is an inspiration for a start-up blog such us ours! All hail to Cynthia! Read on below to know more about Poptastic Bride!

Rebellious Wonderland Prenup

In part two of Lyanne & Winchester's prenup session (click HERE to see the first part set in Victoria Court), I love the idea of creating a different spin on the otherwise widely popular Alice in Wonderland e-session. Always remember that no one really can "own" an idea--it's how you can innovate an idea that makes it creative or truly your own.

Here's how Rebellious Bride Lyanne recalls their Wonderland prenup:

Kate Spade Mood Board #8

Kate Spade never ceases to surprise us with their unique spin on things and that's why their collections are so perfect for rebellious wedding ideas! Kate Spade proclaimed that 2012 is the Year of the Pattern and from January's Stripey look, we welcome February with a Spring Collection that introduces us to what Kate Spade calls, the Broadhurst Japanese Floral. The new collection speaks for itself, with Kate Spade's website giving us the story behind their inspiration so read on! :)

Rebellious Moulin Rouge Victoria Court Prenup

Photography by Oly Ruiz for MetroPhoto

The title of this entry alone doesn't really need any further explaining doesn't it? Rebellious Brides' most popular post of all-time is our Moulin Rouge Wedding Idea -- so we couldn't be more excited when we received this prenup from Rebellious Bride Lyanne which she and husband conceptualized in keeping with their hollywood-themed wedding. 

Throw in Victoria Court's Moulin Rouge themed suite (which btw is our dream Rebellious Brides launch party venue that Mica and I have been wanting so badly to mount) as the location shoot venue and we definitely have our rebellious seal of approval for this prenup session! With the venue being one of the country's famous (and infamous) motel chains, there's a fine line where the shoot could have gone totally wrong. But with the right team, a classy couple, and a photographer with an impeccable eye for taste to boot, the prenup session turned out beautiful and sophisticated to say the least.

So here goes!

Rebellious Idea - The Hunger Games Wedding

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Here's a new rebellious wedding idea that I'd love to see soon! If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend that you do before the movie comes out on March 23, 2012. And if you are not the type to read books, I also highly recommend that this be your first book because it's very easy to read (the first two books can easily be read in 1 or 2 days tops, with very few pages and nicely spaced) and the book itself is quite addicting! 

What makes Hunger Games the perfect rebellious wedding idea is that the book itself is about a rebellion! 


Tibi's sktech of Katniss' Fire Dress
Tibi designer Amy Smilovic describes the book's lead character Katniss Everdeen as a "strong and rebellious female character" and we couldn't agree more. What's more, apart from the book being about a rebellion, oddly enough it is also about fashion statements and the very excessive Capitol which makes it a very graphic and outrageous wedding element that can give your wedding that extra oomph. 

The wedding ideas you will see below are taken from several references to the books and on what we've seen in the movie promotional materials so far. I was thinking of making it more cohesive with just focusing on District 12, or just the Capitol but I figured it would be crazier to just have like a Hunger Games mash-up of a wedding! For those of you who can't quite follow the terms and ideas explained here, I will try to be as "non-Hunger Games-reader-friendly" but I have 3 words for you: READ THE BOOK :) 

Let the wedding games begin! :)


The Bride as Katniss Everdeen
Tadashi Shoji sketch from In Style

Katniss Everdeen, or widely referred to as "The Girl on Fire", had the most memorable transformation from the tomboyish District 12 impoverished hunter to a formidable femme fatale force to reckon with when her designer Cinna decided to literally light her on fire during the Hunger Games Opening Ceremonies at the Capitol. And although she was primarily in unitard during the ceremonies, designer Tadashi Shoji interpreted the "Fire Dress" as a red-carpet look with shades of yellow, orange, and red which I think would have the same dramatic effect if walked down the aisle. *Keep on reading!

Rebellious Bride Coie's Lady Gaga 3D Wedding

Photo screen shot captured from Mark Cantalejo
Photos submitted by the bride

My head is playing Bad Romance as I write this piece--can't help it! A couple of months ago, we've been sprinkling a few little mentions and some photos of the Lady Gaga Wedding, spread out in different blog features but never a dedicated post on the wedding itself...'till now. 

This wedding is the perfect example of how the bride was still able to bring out a rebellious side of her even if she had to compromise along the way. In fact, this was already a "tamed" version of her Lady Gaga wedding due to strict church rules and in consideration of the oldies.

Interspersed with the photos, is the email we received from Rebellious Bride Coie, aka the Gaga Bride, herself. Read on to know more about her own thoughts on the wedding and watch the wedding video at the end. 

An Ode to Being Special

children of the revolution

Some say that your wedding is your ONE day to be special. You only get one day. Just one day. So they say get a grip of yourself because it's back to the real world the next day and you are not suppose to act like a bride anymore. 

Sure, you were probably extra special on your big day, but it doesn't mean you are no longer special. Each and every person is special whichever day it is, and you deserve to live happily ever after even under harsh circumstances. 

I look at my former bride friends pursuing their dreams, honeymooning with their husbands every year, basking in motherhood and I think they are all pretty damn special in their own choices and in their own right. You don't just get one day. You deserve to be happy every single day. The wedding, and the wedding planning is just your test. The next day, you are planning an adventure to be a wife, running your own household, researching on parenting skills, creating your baby's first birthday, planning for your first anniversary, getting everyone in the group to bond and hang-out, developing meal plans and perfecting your first signature dish. So bask in your own light. Yes, your wedding day is a day to savor, but there are more special days to come, and it doesn't mean you no longer deserve to feel special. 

Read on!

Why Do You Deserve a Cecilio Abad Gown?

"Bert & Iya" - http://lifestylebyfeliz.com/engagements/little-red-riding-hood/
Feliz Lucas
Ranked as one of the highest rated gown designers by real-life brides from Bridetastic, a lot of Cecilio Abad's brides can't help but gush about their gowns and their designer.

Rebellious Bride Tin shares a review on Cecilio Abad at Bridetastic that says:

Jesy Alto
I am personally a huge fan of his fabulous anti-white gray gown that he made for Jesy Alto and I can't wait to see more anti-white gowns from him in the future! So do you think you deserve a Rebellious Cecilio Abad Gown? Make your cause stand out from the crowd at Bridetastic! If the designer picks you, you are in for a very generous discount for your bridal gown! Do us a favor and make it a rebellious gown!