Fun Lego Wedding Details

Photography by Topica-Mayuga Photography
 Rebellious Couple Ji & Jessen are such a fun and happy couple! And they made sure that their personality will shine through in the most micro of wedding details--from their cootie catcher invitation, to their honey bee giveaways. 

But another unique and fun wedding detail caught my eye. And these are their Lego-inspired boutonnieres and bridal bouquet.

Ji shares that this was actually the brainchild of her Rebel Groom Jessen.

Most wedding boutonnieres only come second to the attention given to the girls' bouquets. And usually, the bridal bouquet matches the girls' bouquets more than the boutonnieres. But for this particular wedding, hands down the boutonnieres took center stage--even the bridal bouquet got patterned after it!

I love that each Lego was specifically handpicked based on the entourage member's personality. To top it all off, each Lego was meticulously scoured in every nook and cranny --from eBay, to the U.S., and locally.  

Here are some of the fun and cute boutonnieres! Enjoy looking at them as much as we did :)

Lifestyle Network's Listed Goes Rebellious

It's still our anniversary month and we're proud to share Rebellious Brides' first TV guesting. Unfortunately, RB Kai couldn't join me but she was definitely there through photos! Hehe! As well as some of our featured rebellious weddings and prenups.

Thank you so much for all the support and for spreading the irreverence! 
Mabuhay ang Rebellious Brides!

<3<3<3 RB Mica

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"Style Me Pretty"

My lovely matron-of-honor Anna Antonino
in her own styled ensemble / Bonne
Headpiece by Rebellious Bunch Bonsai Fojas
Photo by Rebellious Bunch J Lucas Reyes
in Filmtastic
Our dear rebellious brides, when it comes to styling your entourage, please don't fall into the same mistakes as previous brides have done in the past.

The truth is, friends and family just love you so much that even if they don't feel confident and comfortable wearing the gown you have chosen for them, they just don't tell you (at least not to your face). They simply don't want to hurt you even if their own egos and confidence are getting hurt.

Even if you are the bride and it's your special day to shine, make your entourage happy and pretty--don't make them feel fat, or ugly or broke.

We're not saying you are intentionally doing so--but you MIGHT be unknowingly doing it--especially when you are model-esque and look good in anything--well sister--not everyone does.

Here are some mishaps that have been shared with us via direct messages by previous entourage members, and later on we will provide some suggestions on how to style your entourage pretty.

1. Please don't choose unflattering styles. Thin, sexy brides fall into this trap all the time--they think everyone else has a rockin' body and would look fab in dresses that don't look exactly nice to some. Remember that some girls wanna accentuate while some girls want to hide a body part. Learn to put yourselves in your friends' shoe. REBEL X says: "How would YOU feel if you were forced to wear an empire cut gown that makes you look preggers?"

REBEL X: "NEWSFLASH! Loose dresses look good on stick-figure models. We're not models. Don't let us wear dresses that make us look preggers" (lifted from:

Bride Idea for Today

Transmission LA at MOCA

Today we are inspired by these installations from the Transmission LA exhibit at the MOCA as curated by Beastie Boy's Mike D. 

Why not style your wedding reception with random graphic, optical illusion drop down decors instead? So much more originality, spontaneity, and personality! 

Click below for more ideas from this one-of-a-kind exhibit! 

Rebellious Bride Precious Lara's Gown

Photography by MangoRed

When we saw  Precious Lara & Marco's wedding, we immediately wanted to feature it on the blog--not only because it was a rebellious celebrity wedding but more so because the bride donned a rebellious gown. So we instantly thought of interviewing Rebellious Bunch - Veejay Floresca to know more about this fantabulous gown and this is what he had to say:

Veejay: When I was asked by Lara to make her wedding gown, I was so happy and very nervous!!! haha.. I know this is going to be a celebrity wedding and a lot of pressure was on me since she won Miss International. When I knew that she was pregnant, the whole pressure was doubled! haha.. but like the basic rule when dressing up a woman, hide her flaws, flaunt her assets. I applied this rule. She has super nice legs, I showed it off--it will make her walk easier, and I made the skirt voluminous and soft to hide the tummy. I chose a blush color because Lara doesn't want a traditional wedding gown ;-) 

While I was in San Francisco, I saw this beautiful lace and I immediately bought it without even looking at the tag! hahaha ;-)

The Rebellious Brides AND Grooms for Year 2

Hello girls...and boys. Missed us? The rebellion/hacking is over and we've reached a truce with the grooms. 

We told you it will be close to impossible to figure out how we planned on celebrating our anniversary :) 

July 18, 2012 --- Rebellious Brides' official anniversary date, was the day we got "hacked" by the Antonio Banderas er....Rebellious Grooms. And for 5 straight days, we couldn't blog. We've heard their voices, loud and clear. And yes,  RB for Year 2 will be further improved with an occasional opinion or two from our grooms.  

Rebellious Grooms will be housed here in Rebellious Brides, and will be in the form of video blogs (vlogs). Nothing fancy, really. Just two guys, a camera phone, and their two cents on things like: color motifs, suits, or dealing with the wedding pressure the 'manly' way. 


HACKED on Vimeo.

Calling all bros to be married. This is your time to share what's on your mind. You know you have ideas so let's share them without getting bullied by everyone. Let's show them how we ROLL!

Sign the petition below (aka, write in the comments page) if you are with us! If not, our rebellious wives might object to this idea.

From the Hackers #awesome

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Amy & Ben: Rebellious 40 Years Ago

My aunt and uncle recently celebrated their 40 years of togetherness. During the renewal reception, they had their old wedding album displayed. Of course, what caught my eye is how my aunt chose to wear a hat instead of a veil and stemmed flowers instead of a bouquet. How wonderfully rebellious!

My cousins had a fondant cake topper designed to re-create their parent's wedding look.
What an amazing idea!

Photo grabbed from @yaxdoodles instagram

DesignTalks features the Ultimate Rebellious Gang: MangoRed

Let's go! Who's with us on this? :)

We absolutely love the way this poster is written...especially since they've actually described MangoRed as 'rebellious' hehe:  

"MangoRed's signature style caters to couples who are not afraid of the unexpected. The end product is nostalgic but timeless, rebellious but sentimental, and cinematic but authentic. More importantly, their brand of photography allows people and their personalities to shine through, instead of just the event being celebrated"

Rebellious Bride Sigrid's Style

Photography by Paul Vincent
"I've always been that girl who doesn't want to blend. I want to be different without being tacky. And that's exactly what I did for my wedding :)"

- Rebellious Bride Sigrid Eduardo-Alindogan on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

You might recognize Dra. Sigrid from the Tattoos and Angels Prenup feature we've had a couple of weeks ago. And we wanted to dedicate a separate feature on Sigrid's anti-white gown and her entourage styling because we applaud how she was able to implement her ideas despite the fact that her husband comes from a traditional family.

For one thing, her gown is just absolutely breathtaking! And this is just one of the best examples of how going anti-white can just be as beautiful and just as bridal-worthy. She also had a black & pink dress code for her entourage--and while this combo can be tricky, she also managed to execute this together with her designer, with class and sass.

The Rebellious Brides W@W Podcast Guesting

We know we are sounding like a broken record for saying this over and over again but we are super grateful for all the love and support that we've been receiving for our anniversary month --- and our very own W@W podcast guesting is no exception to this.

To be given this privilege to be part of Weddings at Work, to be able to hang out with one of the power couples of the wedding industry scene, Benz & Abet -- to even get them curious enough to know more about the Rebellious Brides blog & the Wedding Agency is such a 'kilig' moment of the highest level :)

So without further adieu, we present to you guys our podcast guesting--get to know more about me and Mica, the blog, the Wedding Agency, and well--just simply laugh & have fun with us. Pardon the thousands of times I've probably said "parang" and "uhm" hahahaha.

PROMO ALERT! Get a chance to win a beautifully crafted giant paper rose bouquet especially made by freelance crafter Koni Esteban!

1) Simply listen to our podcast from start to finish. CLICK HERE.

2) Answer the following question: What did you learn about the RBs from this podcast? Just leave a POSITIVE comment from this blog OR from the w@w link where our podcast is located.

That's it! We will monitor both this RB link & the w@w link from July 11 - July 31. The best answer will win the bouquet. Anyone can join--from brides, to grooms, or even friends of bride-to-bes. Announcement of the winner will be on Aug. 1, via and our twitter account.

Enjoy the podcast and good luck to those who will be joining the promo :)

A thousand times THANK YOU, to the W@Wies who requested for us to be guested in the podcast and for Benz & Abet for having us on the show! Once again, listen to the podcast by clicking HERE.


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Rebellious Veluz Accessories

There are the breathtaking Veluz gowns and then there are her shoes and bags. As if Veluz' creations can't get any more dramatic and spectacular as it is, she gives you that added rebellious oomph that just wants you craving for more. 

Check out some of our rebellious favorites! 

Rebellious Bride in RED

Photography by Ryan Ortega
When I saw this blog entry from Photographer Ryan Ortega, I was instantly attracted to the fact that the bride wore a red bridal gown and I knew we had to have it on the blog. Then that's the only time I began to read Ryan's blog about the wedding, and realized it was a 'civil glam wedding'.

Ryan writes:

The RBs

RBs from Kai P. Cruz on Vimeo.

Admittedly, we do have a video coming out in celebration of our first year anniversary. But this video was never meant to put us-- me and Mica, on the spotlight. In fact, the content of this upcoming video is so over-the-top that you will never really guess what it will be about hehe.

So when we received this surprise video gift from MindBullets last Friday, wherein they creatively made a tribute video for us by using outtakes from a totally different video that we were making, we were so genuinely surprised by this act of kindness and generosity.

In the past few weeks that we've been gearing up for our 1st anniv, a lot of wonderful wedding peeps have shown us so much love and support and we are so overwhelmed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU,  THANK YOU!

Kai & Mica
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Video by: MindBullets
Makeup by: The Makeup of Mica
RB Mica's gown by: Mel Orlina
RB Kai's gown by: Jun Escario
On Location: Patio Vera Marikina
Fabric Letters by: Candidly Pretty/Koni Esteban
Macaron Cake Tower by: Cafe 1771
Paper Horses by: Takatak Project

Bride Idea of the Day

It's easy to say that we celebrate diversity, but a real celebration requires more than just accepting our differences. A celebration calls for "Yes" actions that include embracing, finding joy, and honoring the qualities that make us each unique. And ironically that's when we finally discover that we have, and always have had, much more in common than not. Let the festivities begin!

For You Are Mine's Wedding Video Marathon

Nothing beats having a wedding video marathon. I remember doing this in 2008 during lunch breaks with my officemates when I was still single. In fact, that's how I first discovered about Jason Magbanua and his works! This carried on over to watching wedding videos with my husband, then I remember very very vividly, watching Jason's wedding videos in a small laptop, cramped in a house in Baguio with our family and friends December of 2009. Then in 2010 when we got engaged, I remember receiving a compilation CD of Jason's favorite works of 2009-2010 and we watched it with my mother-in-law and she started crying. Fast forward to 2012, and I still watch wedding videos!

But what if you can do your own wedding video marathon WITH JASON MAGBANUA & FOR YOU ARE MINE? Right in their own sleek new office, personally, intimately getting to know each and every shooter, editor, and of course their head, who makes magical wedding films happen?

Here's what you have to do:

The Finalists for the Wedding Agency Bonanza!


Hello Rebellious Brides! 2 weeks ago, we called for entries for our Wedding Agency Bonanza contest wherein one lucky couple will have a chance to avail of our Wedding Agency Service FOR FREE! And now, it's time to vote!

Here's the basic mechanics for the voting period:

1) Read the wonderful entries from our finalists.

2) VOTE for your favorite couple by just posting a comment below this blog entry. The comment must be POSITIVE and the comment must clearly state who you want to win. You may vote/comment as many times as you want.Comments that have no relation to voting will not be considered.  

Sample Votes: 

3) Voting Period: July 4  - July 17, 2012 11:59 PM

To read the contest details, backtrack HERE

In no particular RANDOM order, here are your finalists!

The Wedding Singer Proposal

"Why do we need the Wedding Agency? Because every girl needs a fairy godmother to make her dreams come true. But my kind of fairy godmothers are sophisticated, confident rock stars who enjoyed living their lives out of the box rather than in it -- enter Rebellious Bride. Why do we need the help of the Wedding Agency? Because JP and I are bursting with outrageous ideas and we need someone to keep us in check and assure us that we're not going cuckoo! :-P Cheers to originality and nonconformity ... and to happily ever after! :-) XOXO!"

The Proposal in Hawaii
"We need the Wedding Agency for 3 main, important reasons: (1) We need WA to help streamline our initial wedding concepts, and consequently the budget. We think of ourselves creative enough, but having gifted visionaries brainstorm with us will allow for a more cohesive and thematic wedding. (2) We've been out of the country for many years and are only vaguely familiar with the best, most creative suppliers. We need WA to line up their trusted, highly recommended vendors to help fulfill the vision without necessarily breaking the bank. (3) Lastly, we need that Wedding Bible because we'll be in Manila in November 2012 for only two short weeks and plan to meet/interview the shortlisted vendors by then."

The Finish Line Proposal

The Run to a Start from itsMEEworld on Vimeo.

"And why should I win the much coveted RB wedding service? Cos I am everything ungirly and a wedding, well, is gonna kill me. Cos already im a mum to a darling 1-yr old, and dont have the lux of time and energy to arrange a wedding (ya, i do ortigas-pampanga everyday *happy mum*). A wedding that IS BUT conventional! well, hu does that better, but RB?:) cos i wanna wed in the beach and be escorted by my princess. YES! I AM crazy like that. An RB like that ;)"


Rebelliously Metrofied 4 Life

Photography by Rebellious Bunch - Metrophoto

Had I known of this contest earlier, we would have done it in a heartbeat. Hahahaha. How badly would you want Metrophoto to be your wedding photog? Would you be willing to be inked and carry out their brand your entire life? This campaign already passed but it's one of those brilliant ones that never go out of style. And with the very essence of the entire process being rebellious as it is, it just rightfully deserves a place in RB.

Metrophoto called for entries in 2011, and 2 lucky bad ass couples were Metrofied, with the entire process being filmed by no less than Jason Magbanua. One of the winners, Emil & Marielle recently had their prenup session w/ Metrophoto. Follow the journey of this rebellious campaign & couple:

Metrofied 4 Life from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.