Barbie & Ken's Rebellious Wedding

Photos and Concept by Beatrice De Guine

It's official my dears, being a Rebellious Couple is the new tradition. Because if the most classic couple ever imaginable have opted for a rebellious wedding, then there's hope for our cause, don't you agree? I'm talking about Barbie and Ken's rebellious wedding.

Conceptualized by visionary and creative photographer Beatrice De Guine, she developed an out-of-the-box photo shoot/rebellious story by imagining how Barbie and Ken would tie the knot--and she envisioned it to be a rebellious one. Ken in a rockin' black pants instead of the usual dapper suit , Barbie in a fabulous hat instead of a veil, soda pops, a wedding with only their closest of friends which seemed to have transpired in a backyard, CLEARLY the most famous couple in the world are probably tired of the glam and wanted a laid back wedding.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous. So I won't try to sugar coat it any further. Here goes:

Rebellious Virtual Idea

"The iPad Bridesmaid" is carried by her partner 
during a wedding ceremony

In Denver, USA, a wedding was attended by a bridesmaid through an iPad2 facetime application. When news of this video came out, there were a lot of negative comments, with even 74 dislikes on Youtube as of this writing. But the truth is, the reason why the bridesmaid couldn't make it was because she didn't have the budget to fly to Denver--and I commend that everyone was game to make sure she could be part of the wedding, in fact her partner even walked her down the aisle even if it was in a virtual way!

Rebellious Idea - The Tagaytay Hop
Tagaytay is a lovely place to have a wedding, don't you agree? The fresh, cool breeze, the scenic view, the food, and the rustic vibe are just some of the things that make Tagaytay oh so romantic.

Are you considering having a Tagaytay wedding? If you are, I'd like to suggest a Rebellious way on how to do your wedding. A wedding idea, that has never been done before, and I think a new Tagaytay experience that you and your guests will enjoy. 

And I call it, The Tagaytay Hop. Inspired by our own wedding which we called The Bora Hop because we hopped from one Bora venue to another, imagine a Tagaytay wedding that will span for the entire weekend. 

Rebellious Head Candies

All photos are from

I am a fan of allowing the entourage to shine with their own personal style. Also, if you are like us whose wedding funds are solely coming from nobody else but the bride and groom without as much as a cent from the parents, I am also a fan of looking for other creative ways to spend on the entourage apart from their dresses.

For our Boracay wedding, I allowed my entourage to wear what they wanted to wear--instead, I spent on their Kate Spade gifts which I bought during their sale. For the second wedding, I once again allowed my entourage to wear what they wanted and instead, I provided head candies they can wear during the wedding in keeping with the theme--which at the same time served as gifts as well.

Providing head candies, instead of the entourage dresses make for wonderful, unique details for the wedding--and it's something that the girls can definitely keep and use in other events. Hand crafted Bonne head pieces by Bonsai Fojas are truly the perfect fashionable elements for your wedding. Check out the wide range of styles she can do for you. They are wedding themes in itself! So many creative ideas and inspirations from her various collections!

Which style are you most loving right now? :)

Rebellious Couple - Claude & Dexter

When these two irreverent and creative individuals (of the advertising breed) decided to marry, they made sure their wedding reeked of their personalities.

To get a little bit of perspective here’s something about the couple: Claude and Dexter are the creators of the strip “Along for the Ride.” This is their collaboration as a couple and as art director and writer, respectively.

Love Thy Neighbor

Claude & Dexter took this commandment quite literally. They were neighbors since they were 3 years old. But it took them 30 years to realize they were meant to be together.


Brunch/Shoot Etiquette 101

I have heard from our Brunch/Second Wedding videographer, Ian Cruz, that ever since our Brunch video hit the web, that he's gotten numerous inquiries if his clients can execute a similar treatment. In fact, he even got an inquiry as far as Hong Kong to do the same video we did. On the other hand, Cafe 1771 has also received a lot of inquiries if couples can do a similar prenup session and they give the restaurant our video as reference. 

While this flatters me, Ian, and the restaurant, here are some basic things you should know about that shoot, and in turn, some basic prenup etiquette to consider if you want to do your prenups in a restaurant:

Rebellious Prenup - Zombie Love
Wedding enthusiasts around the globe are in love with this rebellious prenup photos from the States with almost 25,000 views and 59 likes at 

And because of its rebelliously awesome nature, we thought we'd share it with you all. 

Taken by LA-based photographer Amanda Rynda, she shares:

I shot this engagement session for my awesome friends Juliana & Ben. Here's a link to my tumblr. It's not as updated as it should be. :)

It was Ben's idea! He wanted to make sure his manliness wasn't lost in an engagement session. :) Juliana styled it, I staged, shot & edited it. It was a super fulfilling & creative day for me thanks to Juliana & Ben and their unique view on love.

Being a fan of the Resident Evil games and the TV series Walking Dead, Mica and I are totally, rebelliously digging this prenup session! 

So here goes! Enjoy!

Rebellious Idea - The Greenery/Weasley Wedding

Hop on aboard at The Greenery!
The moment I saw this enchanting wedding venue in Bulacan in one of Ian Cruz' wedding videos, and now in J Lucas Reyes' wedding photos, I have been drawn to it. The train immediately transported me to a Harry Potter scene, as if I were off to Hogwarts (watch the train in action from the Ian Cruz video found below). The name of the place is The Greenery. And I super want to visit it someday, and perhaps do a shoot.

According to Ian, the place was specifically created just for weddings! The place looks absolutely wonderful and dreamy. Here are some photos from their official website, photos from an actual wedding from J Lucas Reyes, and the Ian Cruz video.

Countdown to 9-10-11: The Styling

23 days to go! I must admit that I’m getting nervous. And I’m not the nervous type. I guess that’s what happens when you’re so wrapped up with wedding preps and a lot of mixed emotions. You know how you get nightmares of being late when you have an early meeting? I am getting something like that in the bridal sense. I think they even have a term for that. We simply want everything to pan out well. But Marc told me not to worry because everything will turn out okay.

As of last week, I already had two fittings and didn’t want to take off my gown and go to the mall wearing it. I was THAT excited. Haha! Anyway, I’d like to share how we came up with our looks. Marc was really into it when we were discussing and I’m really proud of him for being super hands-on with our wedding.

Since we have a themed wedding, we simply looked into the elements present from the movie and started from there.

Rebellious Brides to the Rescue!

We have come to help you save your wedding! :)
We've received another wonderful email from one of our rebellious readers and we'd like to reply with a special blog post :)

Here are snippets from her email:

Honestly, at first, my fiance and I were having second thoughts to hold our wedding in Boracay because of financial issues. But a beach wedding has been our dream wedding ever since plus our love story began in Boracay. So the place has a sentimental meaning to us. After canvassing rates in resorts in Boracay, my heart almost fell when we found out that it is way beyond our budget. (We already have 3 kids, so budget wise, we really need to squeeze it). Then 1 evening, while crying out of frustration, I came across your blog, I SWEAR YOUR BLOG IS HEAVEN SENT!!! It enlightened me so much, that after reading it, my fiance and I became firm with our decision, that we will hold our wedding in Boracay.....

Countdown to 9-10-11 : The Flashcard Invite

Hello, peeps! I haven’t blogged not because I’m being rebellious but because there’s been a whirlwind of work, side line, mortgage and of course, our wedding preps :D

There are still some errands to finish (we’re crammers) but it’ll all wind down before month’s end and we’ll get to relax soon. For now, we’re spinning like tops with stress and excitement!

Oh, where were we (dizzy much)? Ah yes, the invite! We’ve been getting a LOT of great feedback and it is just plain awesome. Of course, we’d like to thank certain people for making that invite possible. But first, let’s backtrack a bit.

Our theme didn’t start out to be inspired by Little Rascals. But if you’ve seen our Prenup (and soon our album), you’ll see that we just wanted things to be fun and playful.

Album by Mango Red

The Curious Case of Coordination

The Wedding, is a "once-in-a-lifetime" moment, right? Even if you would have a second, a third, or several other weddings for anniversaries or what-have-you, the first will still be the most wonderful and awesome wedding. That's why you also spend for it. Whether your priority is your bridal gown, or your wedding videography, you definitely spend for it--again because it is your "once-in-a-lifetime" wedding. So I am very curious as to how each bride, or each couple would decide on their wedding. One decision can make or break a wedding. As one of my ex-bride friends said, no matter how expensive your wedding is, it can crumble right before your very eyes because of one tiny decision--and that is--the coordinator.

Rebellious Idea - Glee Wedding

How cute and fun is a Glee-inspired wedding? 

The Glee Wedding episode is one of my all-time favorites and it super made me cry! This is perfect for Rebellious Brides (and Rebellious Grooms) who are: 

a) bonded by your common love for music--heck maybe you guys met in a choir, an actual glee club or dance club! or maybe 

b) you are high school sweethearts or wish you were back in high school!

c) or simply put, you love the show Glee and you are simply inspired by it! --and then of course maybe it's all of the above? 

Whatever it is, a Glee themed wedding is a LOT of fun! In fact in our own wedding, we had a little hint of Glee because I actually walked down the aisle to the tune of Glee's Somebody to Love! Imagine your wedding, filled with dances and songs, high school cliches, slushees, and loser photo sessions and you've got one Gleeky wedding! So let's start! :)

Rebellious Guests Speak Up!

Photo by J Lucas Reyes
The truth hurts. But someone has to speak up! We have all been wedding guests one way or another. I am surprised how, as brides, we forget to put ourselves in our guests' shoes. We've asked this question from "wedding guest experts" -- those who have been to too many weddings to last them a lifetime and we asked them this one question: "What did you want to tell the bride/groom but you were too nice to tell it to their face?"


Whenever I’ve saturated way too many wedding blogs (I never even close Greenwedding shoes, Style me pretty and Wedding gawker on my Firefox tabs), I simply go to other web places that visually tickle my fancy.

So….in true Julie Andrew’s fashion, “These are a few of my favorite things…(er, sites!)

Civil Weddings RULE!

Babyruth's grand entrance on her wedding day, may not be through a traditional Church door--- but it's one of the most unique and coolest bridal entrances I have seen todate.
Photo taken by Arwin Doloricon

NOTE: This blog post, was originally from which I decided to share with you all--this is for the Rebellious Bride who may be experiencing some "difficulties" for planning a wedding outside of the Church. Whether you are having a civil wedding because of budget, or because you really don't want a Church wedding, whatever the reason is, this post is for you--to inspire you and tell you that CIVIL WEDDINGS RULE! :)


 "defying convention is just as romantic and doesn't make the love any less relevant compared to a church wedding" -- 

I am my own MUA

This is me on a bridal shoot
donning my own makeup
Photo by Mark Cantalejo
Dress by Mitzi Q
Since I’ve been engaged, I’ve been asked this question several times: Who’s doing your makeup?

The answer: MOI. There were a few who objected on the basis that I should relax and let someone else do the beautifying. Valid. BUT I have decided that I know my face best and will do an awesome job on making me look like me.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to do your own makeup. I’m just saying that it is now a viable option.

The Wedding Survival Guide
At the end of the day, future brides/grooms want to learn and know wedding tips from first-hand, ex-couples who have been there and survived the wedding hullabaloo. Advice is abundant in a lot of other wedding resources, but most of these advices, especially from published sources, are editorial. Here's a survival guide, from real-life wedding veterans and we will not edit out anything they have to say. We asked them one simple question: "What did you wish you knew before the wedding but nobody told you?" The result of this research was very raw and honest, which we've compiled for you.

I'll start it off with my own two cents:

Rebellious Prenup - Artistahin

While some couples research on other couple's prenup videos/photos to copy it, I admire Rebellious Couples who are creative enough to completely conceptualize their own prenups. From Tin's unique TANAN PRENUP PHOTOS (CLICK HERE TO VIEW), and now her ARTISTAHIN PRENUP VIDEO, it is quite clear that Tin is one original Rebellious Bride.

When we received this in our Inbox a couple of weeks ago, it literally put a smile on my face and I couldn't help but laugh because it struck a chord--because I truly believe that we all have our inner, secret desires to star in our very own Pinoy-flavored movie :)

I will no longer try to build this prenup video up because the rebelliousness and awesomeness of this video can already speak for itself. 

So here goes! Presenting! 
The Artistahin Prenup Video! 
Clap clap clap :)

Tin shares the story behind their prenup video:


One of the most expensive, if not the most expensive expense in a wedding is the reception. Not only is it expensive, some elements that are supposedly traditions of a typical reception are, to be honest, rubbish. Pardon if this offends you, but the cookie-cutter reception is not for every bride and groom--and it saddens me that we are boxed (and bullied) into having a tried-and-tested reception formula even if we personally don't even enjoy it.

Cafe 1771 - a non reception venue idea
Picture on the left from
Picture on the right from J Lucas Reyes
I am anti-reception. What I mean is, personally, I didn't want the usual reception, consisting of a hotel or an events place venue with all of the frou frou you can ever imagine in my own wedding. To me, the best reception is doing it in a non-reception place. I have 5 recommended places here which I will intersperse with my blog write-up. Here goes...

Rebellious Bride - Didi

All Photos by Toto Villaruel
"If you really want the license to do what you want with your wedding, pay for your own wedding 100%. I hate to say this but, really: "Money is power"."

Didi Paterno-Magpali, on one of her tips for the Rebellious Brides

Last week, we featured Rebellious Groom Duane. This time around, we present to you his equally Rebellious Bride, Didi, creator of the blog Loving the Distance.