Roy & Chy: Bold & Different

Photography by Ian Santillan

We've got to hand it to the couple and the photography team--but all the more to the rebellious couple because being in your best fashion on your special day then to brave EDSA knowing that it's polluted and full of crazy drivers is definitely not for the faint of heart (and lungs, maybe haha). 

Cath & Liam's Wakeboarding Save-the-Date

"Wakeboarding is one of the things 
that define us as a couple." -- Rebellious Bride Cath

Liam and Cath | Save the Date from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.


Random Rebellion #52 - #56

The local wedding scene was ooooooozing with random rebelliousness during the long weekend! How exciting! So we bring you not one but FIVE inspirations today!

Random Rebellion #52

Bonsai Fojas of Bonne shared on Instagram her Gatsby-inspired head pieces as featured by Asian Dragon Wedding Magazine.

Michelle + Jolyon's Movie Trailer

"We planned to have a movie-themed wedding so we thought of having a movie poster and trailer for our save-the-date. The open-ended movie (short film) will be presented during the reception, the ending will be staged live. Contrary to the usual entrance (reception) by the couple, our entrance would be portraying the characters in the film." -- RB Michelle

We always love seeing action-packed save-the-date trailers--especially when it's done flawlessly. 

So let's all watch the trailer of 'Till Death Do Us Apart -->

Michelle and Jolyon Save the Date from Julius Olaya on Vimeo.

Michelle & Jolyon's movie trailer was clearly a mega production, but it wasn't overly done and it was seamlessly integrated to their entire wedding theme. We also like that they didn't just do this video for the sake of being rebellious. Rather, the wedding theme happened to be movie-skewed so having a trailer seemed like the perfect touch to their theme--and what's more, we are loving the idea of actually staging it as the couple's entrance! Can't wait to see that happen!(so submit that to us as well for a follow-up feature Michelle haha!)

Michelle adds: 

Wedding Agency: Kathleen & Dingdong's Happy Ending (Nelwin Uy Edition)

Photography by Nelwin Uy

Hooray! Official wedding photos from Nelwin Uy are finally up on his blog! WOOT! And this is the first time we are seeing the video mapping projection from Kathleen & Dingdong's Romantic Discovery Wedding! So exciting! :)

For those who are regulars on the blog, you might have known by now that Kathleen & Dingdong are our Wedding Agency clients and we've blogged about them like sooo many times already haha! (Back track on one of the features HERE).

M by Metrophoto (Part 2)

Let me start by saying, "I hate you, Oly Ruiz!" Because now I badly wish we had an e-magazine for our wedding two years ago. Now, I really, really want an app that includes all the details of our wedding! After all, M can also be for Mica & Marc. But enough sour-graping and on to the good stuff. I loooove this app! It's a major mega upgrade to the usual wedding album. I have to agree with Oly, yes, this is the next big thing. This is truly a first and a great tool to immortalize a couple's big day.

For those of you who want to see an issue minus the downloading, let me show you a walkthrough. The e-mag is best viewed using a tablet, by the way. Here are some screen caps of what's inside M by Metrophoto.

After making my daughter sleep, time for some downloading!

Look at the new addition to my newsstand! 

The cover looks very sleek & clean :)
They also have an ongoing promo! Of which I will join! Hehe!

Click below for more of their digital pages BUT you have to download to enjoy the actions ;)

Rebellious Bride Kelly Clarkson's Autumn Elopement Wedding

Brandon and Kelly Blackstock from Weiss Eubanks Films on Vimeo.

Most media outfits called Kelly Clarkson's wedding a "backyard wedding". But if you want to be more rebelliously technical about it, technically she eloped--her own mother was not even in attendance.

 “She said they were just so overwhelmed with the tour and they just decided to elope. But she didn’t want to hurt our feelings. She has had a lot on her plate and I’ve seen her schedule for the next month and Christmas. But we’re happy for her and she’s so happy. She was so afraid we might be upset. But we were fine with it...I had known that she was under a lot of stress. And we just wanted her to be happy and not stressed out...I think the biggest thing for us to do was to allow her to do what she wanted to do.” -- Kelly's mom shares, as written on

I adore everything about Kelly's wedding and I particularly enjoyed the fact that even if she was secretive about the wedding, she opted to create a wedding video for the public to see. Wouldn't it have been nice if other celebs also did same-day-edits? I used to toy with the idea that Kate Middleton & Prince William should have gotten Jason Magbanua and Pat Dy as opposed to the usual official photogs--that would have been cool and so contemporary! 

I love Kelly's gown, her bouquet, her overall look and her headpiece! 

Hollywood Life shares:

Passion Cooks & Mango Farm's Barn-Themed Wedding

It's crazy how I've forgotten to publish this long-overdue, drafted feature considering that we always refer to this set every time we recommend Mango Farm and Passion Cooks to our clients. What's not to adore? Each detail was obviously a labor of love and you can't help but smile just by imagining the many charming moments to be shared with such a fun, fun wedding theme! Loving all the earthy, local, sustainable, and eco ideas that were brought to life! 

Vera Wang Says, "Think Pink"

"Pink as sensual, pink as seductive, pink as dreamy, pink as sophisticated, pink as strong, pink as cool. Think pink!" -

When we started the blog a few years back, we were so excited that it coincided with Vera Wang's Gray/Black Bridal Collection. Then last year, she set everything on fire with her Red Bridal Collection. Then a few months back, her Punk Rock Bridal Collection. And here she is again, snubbing white, this time in favor of Pink. (Sidenote: I can't help but be proud though, that even before this "trend", I wore a Tadashi pink gown in our church wedding way back in 2011). 

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn's "Funny Face", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and even Mr. Christian Dior himself, Vera Wang says that pink flatters every body and skin type and she showcased her POV in different shades from peony to coral. *Swoon*

M by Metrophoto (Part 1 of 2)

M by Metrophoto (interactive digital magazine) from Derek Yee on Vimeo.

Let me start this feature by saying that I have never actually met Oly of Metrophoto formally in person. The first time I was exposed to his actual work was when I attended the wedding of one of my hubb's best buddies. We were still just engaged at that time so it was "pre-rebellious brides days". But when we saw his onsite slideshow, we were so impressed to the point that I wanted to introduce myself during that wedding (I'm just dorky that way), but then---what would I say, really? Haha! So I didn't. What my husband and I did though, was whisper from afar and say "Ayan yata si Oly yung photographer--oo, parang nakita ko na siya sa ginawang video ni Jason. Galing niya ha! Bakit di natin na-consider when we were choosing photogs?!?" 

I have since observed his talent quietly. From my own FB newsfeeds I'd see other friends get tagged on his many creative marketing ideas for Metrophoto, and I'd think to myself, "Wow this guy really knows how to do his IMC! (Integrated Marketing Communications)". When we already had the blog, his former brides started submitting their wedding photos, then when we introduced "Random Rebellion", the first-ever feature of that was a Metrophoto work. Eventually the tipping point however was his first-ever Lesbian prenup, and at that moment I just really felt like a formal intro was too overdue already so I asked Jason M. to make the proper endorsement. The rest you could say is history because if you are a regular RB reader, you'd know that Metrophoto is a continuing highlight on the blog. We still haven't met personally haha. But let me just say, we soon will--in a big, big way *wink*. 

Metrofied 4 Life from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Just some of my favorite campaigns and innovations that he's done: 1) His green movement when he introduced the concept of the USB instead of DVD files, 2) Then there was "Metrofied 4 Life" where he chose two couples to tattoo his M logo on them to be his brand ambassadors for the rest of their lives, 3) Then he created the whole concept of the "Metrophoto Bride" and what sets them apart, 4) Then it was the subtle hashtags on his photos that would say #UnlikeAnyOther or #OnlyTheBest to the point that he's become the top-of-mind for these tags. 5) And here he is again, offering something that's never-been-done before with the M by Metrophoto App. 

This feature covers my personal admiration for Metrophoto, and an introduction to his new revolutionary, first-in-the-world foray into online magazines in replace of, or to complement the concept of the wedding album. But since we want our feature to be special and extensive, there's going to be a part 2 as written by RB Mica, this time on her own user experience with the app. 

Rebellious Bride Pat Wears Ivory & White

Photography by Nicolai Melicor

Whenever we get a chance to talk to real-life brides, we encounter rebellious ones who really don't want to spend that much on their gowns. Some are even bold enough to toy with the idea of just borrowing someone else's gown--and it's just that their fiancees or their parents are actually the ones who won't allow it in the fears of being judged as not having enough to provide for the bride. 

We've blogged about Ivory & White several times already but this is the first time that we'll probably be featuring a real-life bride who was rebellious enough to wear one. 

Rebellious Bride Pat is the perfect example that taste is quite relative. You can spend all your money on the most expensive couture gown but look gaudy if you don't have a certain level of taste VS someone like Pat who obviously has the eye for style that she doesn't need a pricey gown to prove it. The way she subtlety transformed the vibe of her gown with those pretty bouquet and wreath, and then you have that chunky Sapphire engagement ring and boom! There's no other word for it but 'cool'. 

DIY Makeup Guides


There are certain circumstances when a bride has to do her own makeup for her big day--whether it's because of location or just preference, here are some makeup guides from Sephora and Simply Bridal that we are just super lusting on! I don't even have an event and I wanna try all of these! :)

Random Rebellion #51

The video speaks for itself. Such a brilliant idea, executed so flawlessly! Good job as always to The Blacktie Project---but we are all the more impressed with how rebellious the couple is. Though the video is clearly a creative treat, we are also moved by what it symbolizes about love and wedding preps. Kudos!  :)

NECI / MARIE [save the date video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

The Madore Collection Goes Rebellious

Photography by RV Mitra
We totally enjoy it when talented artists come together to collaborate on shoots! A few weeks ago, we shared with you designer Veejay Floresca's RTO collection. But check out how the collection was completely transformed into a bad ass fashion shoot that it deliciously looks like how a rebel bride would actually rock the gowns! Don't you just wanna have this kind of bridal portraits on your big day? 

Photographer RV shares: Featuring The Madore Davao Gown, the look we made was inspired by a Star Wars character, Queen Amidala which gives off that regal and elegant feel. 

RV: The Madore Manila look on the other hand was inspired by a Greek Goddess hence the flower crown and the high key lighting.

RV: Finally, for The Madore Vigan we wanted to go for a more antiquated look so we went for a dark but romantic tone.

A Quirky Civil Wedding

"...make no mistake, even though this was a small and low-key wedding, it was still an awesome celebration of their love." -- Noel Salazar, Quirky Creatives
Photography by Quirky Creatives

We always feel like we are the defenders of civil weddings, just because it becomes soooooo annoying that in this culture that we are in, there is a stigma that civil weddings are not official in the eyes of God, or whatever other judgmental silly reasons others have come up with. In the other parts of the world, a wedding, is a wedding, is a wedding. Regardless where or how it is officiated, it is an official ceremony and one that is just as important and as beautiful as all the others. Take for example my three weddings. Do you know who made the most moving, most memorable ceremony we've had? Not the priest, not the was ELVIS. Yes, the Vegas Elvis impersonator. 

It is after all, LOVE that is being celebrated above all things and that has nothing to do with whether you are having your wedding in the Vatican or in a beach front. That's why we love how Quirky Creatives created a unique concept for Russell and Rachel's civil wedding--that they took it a step further to make the couple's wedding photos as unique and as special as it should be. Enjoy!

A Smurfy Prenup

Photography, Styling, and 3D Animation 
by Visionary Photography Hub

Today we are in the mood to take things to a more whimsical and happily rebellious level. A Smurfy one at that! Visionary Photography Hub is already the top-of-mind when it comes to photo sets that are on the kick-ass edited side. But when it's the couples who actually come up to them and say--hey we want a Smurfy Prenup, then you have a match made in heaven right there. We are just totally amused and quite impressed with how Jassen & Denise can have such cute sense of humor! And there's no other way to describe this prenup other than the fact that they wanted the Smurfs to be part of their engagement session. Smurftastic!

A Vampire Prenup

While most brides want nature/colorful diy props/glamorous prenups, my rebellious bride Ariza  wanted a vampire themed e-session to immortalize their engagement which they entitled, "Love you for a thousand years" -- Photographer Michelle Pineda

Our October features are really getting very conceptual and thrilling don't you think, rebels? I am beginning to feel as though October is such an amazing time to get married and explore 'twisted' ideas. It's also fast becoming one of my favorite times of the year--it's getting colder, all the pumpkins are out (and all the pumpkin-inspired food & drinks that go with it), the leaves are turning into a beautiful display of green, to yellow, to orange, and of course there are Halloween festivities and costumes to think about. But let's move on now to another cool submission, shall we? 

A Cosplay Prenup

"It may take a lot of courage for some people to express their true selves. But for us, it's like being free and out in the open for the first time." -- RB Maan

Photography by Barry Millare

What better way to celebrate October than with a series of highly conceptualized, role-playing prenup and wedding ideas? We started with an Arabian Nights wedding, and now a Cosplay prenup! How exciting! Rebellious Bride Maan wrote a wonderful write-up for this feature so go ahead and be transported to the interesting world of an Otakus couple! 

Damask 'til Dawn Promo from The Makeup of Mica

Hello, Rebels! Why not pair your white bridal gown with a pop of color on your lips? 
Win this lipstick to add your retouch kit!

Click here to join: Post by The Makeup of Mica.

For Metro Manila residents only (prize pick-up in Makati to be announced on October 13,2013) Follow us on Twitter! @RebelliousBride

Gibb & Joel's Arabian Themed Wedding

"For brides planning their big day, being different has its pros and cons. What's important is that they won't have any regrets. When they do something rebellious, they have to make sure that it's something that they really want for themselves and not just to impress other people. It must be within their personality and style. Gibb is just a perfect example, her wedding is what she is...she is by heart, rebellious."

-- Photographer Michelle Pineda on Rebellious Bride Gibb

Today's wedding is such a treat! Not only because of the rebellious, vibrant wedding but also because we are actually changing things up a bit by having the perspective of the photographer as opposed to the bride's. Is there anything more thrilling, more exciting than a conceptualized Arabian wedding, the first-ever wedding to be done at the Penthouse of the Zuellig Building in Makati?!? The venue and theme alone made my jaw drop. But there's even more than that! Loving all the colors, the chillness of it all, and the beautiful creative bride! Let's get to it shall we? Before I start belly dancing here. Haha!

Patricia & Jonathan's Grungy-Boho Wedding

"My advice to other brides is, try to cool it with Pinterest. Although it is such a big help in getting pegs for your wedding, you'd see too many wonderful things that sometimes, you're already steering away from your chosen theme. I know cuz it happened to me. Hahaha. And whatever happens, never skimp on your photo+video. Because however shitty the day got or how upset you are with some of your suppliers, once you see how beautiful your pictures and SDE are, all your frustrations would go down the drain." - Rebellious Bride Patricia

Photography by Icebox Imaging

Free-spirited musician lovers at heart, Patricia & Jonathan's Grungy-Boho Themed wedding was a homage to their personality and their own perspective. Honest, sharp-tongued, and equivocally rebellious, the bride loops us in on how she planned their wedding in just five months!

RB Patricia shares: