Rebellious Bunch - HIndy Weber Tantoco

Photos were shared by the designer herself
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When asked on her definition of a Rebellious Bride, Hindy did not define her through words. She "rebelliously" defined the Rebellious Bride through her own body of rebellious work.

Hindy Weber Tantoco, on her interpretation of a Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Groom - Duane

All photos by Toto Villaruel

Have you ever met a groom who didn't care about the so-called "dress code" for a church wedding and wore a pair of laidback slacks,a white polo shirt, and customized Nike shoes?

Have you ever met a groom, who would insist on the iconic Darth Vader soundtrack, "The Imperial Death March" as the entourage music?

Have you also met a groom, who, despite being a thousand miles away from his fiancee, would make sure to check up on the wedding preps, wanted to see the trial make-up photos, and was even game to actually HOST in their own reception?

Only Duane, I tell you. And that's what makes him, a Rebellious Groom.

Rebellious Bride - TJ

Photos by MetroPhoto

It wasn't that I wanted to be different; I was rebellious just because I wanted it to go my way, as I've always imagined it. It just happened that I wanted things that were different from the usual. I liked that my wedding had enough quirks to make it memorable. It helps if your groom is just as rebellious. :)

TJ Lactao-Chin, on what makes her, a Rebellious Bride

The Gown & The Momzilla

We already discussed the relationship of the Groom with the Bride's Gown--and I must say, the topic has become a little heated. Let's now move on to The Gown & The Momzilla-of-the-Bride, shall we?

Once upon a time, Bride V, made a pact with her maid-of-honor, who happens to be a designer, that they will work on Bride V's wedding gown together, when her time comes. It was the most meaningful project a bride and a maid-of-honor can do together. So when Bride V's time finally came, the girls started on the sketches. 

Enter Bride V's Momzilla. She says, her own designer simply MUST make the gown for Bride V. She doesn't care about "some childish pact". Out of courtesy, the least her daughter can do, she says, is to pay Momzilla's designer a visit. 

Rebellious Idea - Studded Bridal Look

Rebellious Bride by Hindy Weber Tantoco
When Hindy Weber Tantoco emailed me this picture of a pink studded gown, I knew right away that this was meant to be shared with our dear, Rebellious Brides.

For my second wedding, I wore a pink gown--I didn't even think I was the type who would actually wear pink for my own wedding--but I was more concerned with the fit of the gown as opposed to the color so I went ahead with it.

Some people think that the color pink is just "puke-worthy". On the contrary, Hindy's gown just proves, that pink as a color in itself is not wimpy--it's how the color is actually USED, styled, and designed that make all the difference. This gown may be in the girliest color ever imaginable--but it also looks very wicked. I love it! Very rebellious-worthy indeed! 

This got me into searching for other "cutie" wedding accessories that can be studded. Check out my discoveries: 

All in the Props

This blog is about going against the norm, right? Here's one of the thoughts that's been bugging me right now, and I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this. But sometimes, I really get overwhelmed by the overly decorated reception table ideas. To think the cost to hire an event stylist nowadays can go as high as six figures? It's such a waste of money knowing it will all go to things you won't use after the ceremony. I know this is the "in" thing right now, and sometimes this is the way traditional brides try to show that they have a rebellious side. But really, I don't see anything rebellious about it. Sometimes, it's all in the simple touches and details, that make a traditional wedding look unique and personal. Take for example Andrew & Coral's wedding, which looks very traditional and classic, but because of their props, and their unique details, even this traditional wedding looked pretty rebellious.

Here are some photos of this awesome wedding, taken from Rebellious Bunch: Pat Dy's Blog.

Are you rebellious and gutsy enough to have a wedding in a backyard?

Coral seemed like a traditional bride, but then again...maybe not =)

Rebellious Bunch - Bonne
“The rebellious bride is a woman who loves fashion, she is bold enough to set the trend, to go beyond the traditional veil.”

Bonsai Fojas on her definition of The Rebellious Bride

Bonsai is a darling, a breath of fresh air in the fashion and wedding industry. Her creativity has transcended the vintage-themed weddings where her fascinators first took off. Now, any bride in need of a fabulous & glamorous head candy has Bonne. This mad hatter also creates cloches, pillbox hats, feather headbands, feather clips, brooches, lace cuffs and things that sparkle! She is simply Bonne! 

-The Rebellious Brides on Bonne

Rebellious Prenup - Tanan

Photos by Joey Boquiren

"Looking back, we didn't have pegs to show our photographer that this is how we want our pics to look like. We did not imitate or copy certain poses because  we are not models but we want to be artistas haha.  

When all the pictures came out, we realized we can make a story out of it, so that's how we present our prenup pictures now, a picture book story of how we ended up living together. The whole day will be something that we will never forget and something that we can share with our future kids."

Rebellious Bride, Christine Medina - Chin, on her Rebellious Tanan Shoot

One fine morning, we received an email from Rebellious Bride Tin, who shared with us the link to her prenup/AVP video, which made us think: "WOW. 'STIG!". Tin had a lot of things to say about their prenup session, but before we get into that, we reckon it would be best, to show first, the photos of their prenup in all of its rebellious glory. Brace yourselves, Rebellious Girls--this is one awesome prenup idea! :)

Tin and Marvin's Tanan Prenup

Isang araw...

Our First Rebellious Letter

In just about two days of "releasing" our rebellious blog into the world wide web, the response we've received has been overwhelming. Some of the truly goosebumps-worthy experiences Mica and I have had so far, include: awesome wedding vendors we respect and admire giving us the thumbs up sign, rebellious brides contributing their own rebellious weddings, re-tweets and re-posts from friends who are recommending our blog, and awesome emails and private messages we've received from rebellious brides telling us that they appreciate what we've started. "Someday, I want to be a Rebellious Bride", is just one of the many private messages I've received in my own Facebook account too! -- which gives us the inspiration to pursue this rebellious cause forever.

One of the coolest emails we've received this week is from rebellious bride-to-be Aileen. Here are some snippets from her email:

I think that doing this (Kai's note: Aileen is referring to our blog), is a really great way to finally set a trend where bride and groom to be(s) show who they are, no matter what the world says. After all, this is the age where individuality and uniqueness has become a necessity. I am sending this because I share the sentiment and tililing :p

Armie Aileen, Dennis.== a.k.a== Wabu
I am a bride to be, December 2012. I define myself as a rebellious bride too as I do not wish to conform to the norms of wedding these days.

Our engagement happened like any business day in the office. Decided on a date and church, made the call, deposited the amount for downpayment and... Yahoo! Ikakasal na kami. That was the initial step we took for this journey I call, “Stress now sa suppliers and eklavu, Smile sa Camera sa araw ng Kasal”.

My Theme: Still Tentative. I have been a fan of Lady Diana, Sex and the City....

P.S.First thing Fiancee and I mentioned with our Official Photographer, Dominic is NO WACKY POSES. We are also bracing ourselves for our Politician-s Parents (taken from Gina Pareno’s Character from Idol Juday’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo). So, Good Luck to our total number of invited guests. (Email from Aileen dela Cruz)

In honor of this very first Rebellious Letter that Mica and I received, we are giving her our personal messages and our very own suggestions for one of the themes that she is considering.



You are one true rebel bride! We also look forward to hear more about your wedding plans and to feature your wedding :) Let me know what you come up with and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Congratulations to you and Dennis and may bride to be(s) like you be many! Atapang ababae! Apir! -- MICA

Dear Aileen,

Here's what I can advice to you, from one rebellious bride with "martial law-ish" parents to another: STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND PRETEND TO BE DEAF. EXTRA Guests of the parents, should be PAID FOR, BY THE PARENTS. Agree to it, ONLY if they contribute in paying for any extra surcharges you might incur. If they don't, then tell them, that you are on a tight budget so you simply cannot accommodate. If you don't hear the end of it, then again, PRETEND TO BE DEAF. -- Kai :)


Aileen is still in the early stages of conceptualizing and finalizing her theme. She is torn between a royal theme or a Sex and the City theme, plus incorporating plush toys as decors somewhere in the mix. While all these ideas are totally awesome, we will focus our attention to just one theme only (at least for our suggestions to the bride), which we'd like to call: Totally Sex and the City. And although this theme is girly and might come across as expensive and flashy, here are some ideas that can be executed without breaking the bank and ideas that can balance out the girlyness of the theme. So here goes!


Rebellious Idea - Neverland Wedding

"Fly with Me"
I am getting married in a few weeks yet my head is brimming with ideas for weddings (good thing we have this blog!). In truth, I am really partial to themed weddings. I don’t even care if people tend to think I take it a tad too literal. For our wedding, we wanted it to be playful. And since “mischief loves company” we opted to go for a Little Rascals-inspired wedding. Fashion-wise, I am going for ballerina chic since Darla is into ballet (and I am frustrated that I never had ballet lessons although I can fake the moves..hehe). Now, if I can only convince Marc to wear Alfalfa’s hairdo…

But enough about me and let me show you this ridiculous idea brewing in my head for a themed wedding: Peter Pan and Wendy (it would be perfect if these were the names of the couple! Haha!)

* enter pixie dust *

Rebellious Bride/Wife - Hazel

Photography by Andy Samaniego
Art Direction by Claude Rodrigo
FA by Trisha Uy
A rebellious bride-to-be dares to be different, she dares to go against traditional beliefs, explore other suppliers or even come up with weird/unique concepts. She's original and comes up with her own ideas which are tailor-fitted to her personality. She thinks for herself and makes sure that her groom thinks as well. She stands by her choices and makes sure that every inch of wedding detail has her touch. Every bit of the wedding should shout the bride and groom's names. The rebellious bride is never a phony.

Hazel T. Biana on her definition of a Rebellious Bride

The Rebellious Brides - Now on its "Soft Launch"

Rebellious Bride by Hindy Weber Tantoco
Photo by: JC Cerilla, Model: Lou Munoz
Dear Rebellious Brides,

When Mica and I started developing the entries for the blog, we made sure to craft as much topics and blog posts before we even announce and spread to the world that such a rebellious wedding blog exists. This is because we wanted to make sure, that once you have chanced upon our blog, you will have enough content to go by.

We present to you therefore, our first "TALES FROM THE REBELLIOUS BRIDES" --the first twenty-something blog entries which are really a labor of rebelliousness not just from us but also from the awesome people that have contributed as well. The response we've gotten so far has been equally awesome--we've got the likes of Pat Dy, Toto Villaruel, J Lucas Reyes, Mitzi Quelindrino sharing with us their own definitions of The Rebellious Bride--and more are on the way. We've got the likes of Hindy W. Tantoco, Nelwin Uy, and Mark Cantalejo, allowing us to rummage through their portfolio to provide rebellious content for you. We have real-life rebellious brides AND even a groom, contributing in this early "tales" as well. And you will also get a "taste" of rebellious ideas to come as we already started posting and sharing here our thoughts on "wedding traditions" and a few wedding theme ideas as well. We are still in our "soft launch" right now, and there's still a lot more that we plan to do. If you are reading this right now, thank you for being the first rebellious brides to ever become part of this future rebellious community! We now present to you, Rebellious Brides and our first tales of rebelliousness!

Kai & Mica

Rebellious Bunch: Toto Villaruel

The rebellious one

A rebellious bride is a visionary! Imagines what she likes and makes it real. The rebel who’s confident to make her ideas and creativity work and doesn’t care what others have to say… because it’s her wedding ☺ A rebellious bride is the true bride, someone who is not afraid to show how crazy they are! :D she’s an artist inside and out! :)


*Toto Villaruel on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Bunch - Mitzi Q

Mitzi for Barbie
"Inspired by the Fashionable Filipina, the designer's
signature cutwork, fabric, and folded pleating was used on
tulle and satin to create dreamy gowns" 
Rebellious Bride = shares the same mindset as the fashion icons who dress for themselves, without care nor thought for others' opinions. Rarely do they disappoint because they instinctively go with what works for them and people can only marvel at their originality of vantage point and at how only they can pull it off. Cheers to the rebellious bride for being walking-talking-demos of the movie line "Leave great enough alone!"

MITZI QUILENDRINO-BUSTOS on her definition of The Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Entourage Themes

Entourage Rebels by Hindy Weber Tantoco

"Traditionally", the entourage is asked to wear, what I personally call, "entourage gown uniforms" reminiscent of debuts or cotillions. The gowns are usually of the same color or palette, of the same fabric, and varied only by styles which can range from haltered, tube, off-shoulder, etc, etc. While there's nothing wrong with this, my advice is to be more adventurous about it, create a more fashionable theme the likes of a runway collection, so that your entourage will REALLY have fun with it! 

Designer Hindy Weber Tantoco is fast becoming a favorite for entourage collections. And rightfully so, as she has been known to be versatile, being the brain child of Rustan's U and U-Swim (for teens), Culte Femme (for women), Belle Mama (for expecting moms), and Kiddos (for kids). With 10 years in the retail biz, hers is an experience unparalleled by no other. In fact, she's had brides who have asked her to create an entire line of wedding collection, which includes gowns, resorts wear, and even swimsuits! 

Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy

Rebellious Photographs by Pat Dy
"A rebellious bride is: someone who doesn't follow the traditional wedding details and preps, she can still get inspiration from the books and magazines and makes her own twist of things from her gown, to her invites up to the way the food is presented. It does not have to be totally radical but it should be different from everybody else in his/her own interpretation."

*Pat Dy on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Groom - Ramil

All Photos by Jervy Santiago

And then there's the rebellious groom. A groom who is man enough to own up to the wedding hullabaloo. He is not scared to speak his mind and his ideas for the engagement and wedding he wants. Ramil had balls. The result is a prenup shoot unlike no other. Theirs is a love story that is solely their own. Walang manggagaya because it all came from their very hearts. Mabuhay kayo Ramil & Ching!

Rebellious Idea - Noypi Wedding

There have been a couple of creative and chic Filipiniana and Pinoy Pop weddings in the past, but I reckon they are still a little too "reserved" for my taste. Here is a more "rebellious" interpretation of the Pinoy wedding theme, which I'd like to call "Noypi".


Divine Lee in Kermit Tesoro
Photo lifted in:

The Bride in "Maria Clara in the City"
There are numerous ways on modernizing and making the traditional terno into a fabulous piece of couture. For a Noypi wedding, there's nothing else more rebellious-appropriate than an updated terno that looks sexy and chic. 

Rebellious Bunch - J Lucas Reyes

"The heart of 'rebelliousness' is certainly the passion for expression, and expression never requires perfection. Oftentimes, the perfect wedding for some is what may have worked for others, and where the couple's personalities only fill in the gaps of a ready-made-done-already-and-cool masterplan....."

All photos and layouts by J Lucas Reyes

....The perfect wedding for a rebellious bride is putting her money where her heart is, on a plan that embraces both their souls and not just what usually works for everybody. These brides scream vision, not just purpose. And personally experiencing these weddings riddled with thoughtful ideas and peculiar quirks that challenge convention draws you in, with clear answers that resonate who the couple really is. For them it's not just putting on an expensive gown and a dapper suit, it's all about wearing their intricate paper hearts on their sleeves (with good taste of course!) on their most important day as a couple." 

- J Lucas Reyes on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

Rebellious Idea - Moulin Rouge Wedding


In college, one of the wedding themes that I thought of and dreamed of, was a Baz Luhrman Moulin Rouge wedding. Not only did I love that movie, I thought it made for a very dramatic, romantic, and crazy wedding theme full of bohemian details mixed in with a lot of Montmarte rebelliousness and excessiveness, and of course "love--overcoming all obstacles". If a Moulin Rouge theme is something that appeals to you as well, here are some ideas that might pump you up :)

The Birth of Something Totally Rebellious

A little bit of perspective is in order. I truly believe, that to fully appreciate something, whatever it may be, it is important to know the insights and stories behind it. So, for better appreciation on why we were suddenly compelled to create this blog, let's read this:

On Feb. 15, 2011 and on June 4, 2011, I got married twice (a third on the way), and called myself a "Rebellious Bride", and the results were a little something like this:

The Bora Hop by Jason Magbanua

The Brunch by Ian Cruz

Mica on the other hand, is getting married this September in a "secret, undisclosed" venue. All I know is that her wedding is inspired by The Little Rascals and that Mica and Marc (her fiance), came out with a wicked prenup shoot w/ ultimate Rebellious Gang, MangoRed. 

Mango Red 2011-2012 Album Series

Rebellious Bride - Nonie

“Do not do what’s been done.”

Spoken like a true rebel, Nonie refused to be tied down by tradition when she got married to Armin in 2008. From her DIY invites to her less than 10k bridal dress to her rebellious suppliers, her wedding was definitely of the rebel kind.

One of the most rebellious part of Nonie’s wedding was an AVP made by her ninong, director Erik Matti. You have to see it and witness the irreverence to believe it.

I won’t write much since Nonie is a professional writer. Here’s more from our dear, rebellious bride:

Rebellious Bouquet Alternatives (UPDATED!)

***Due to the popularity of this blog post, we've updated it to include even more wonderful non-floral bouquet photos at the bottom part of this feature. Enjoy!***

Photo by Mango Red
My first encounter and perhaps "awakening" to the idea of having a non-floral bouquet was when I attended the wedding of one of our close friends last year. This couple was from Portland, Oregon and I loved the fact that they mixed wedding ideas from the US, with a very Filipiniana wedding in Intramuros. One fresh idea that they brought from the US, is the concept of a BROOCH BOUQUET. I was so enamored by the bride's bouquet--seeing it in the photo slideshow and onsite video, I couldn't help but wonder why her flowers seemed to sparkle like gems?!?