Dingdong & Marian's "Station ID" Prenup Video

One of the things that people say about Dingdong and Marian's home network is that they are the only big stars there. Of course, I don't agree with this. GMA has a whole slew of great stars both fresh and seniors alike. But I do agree that they really are the King & Queen of the Kapuso Network. That's why when I saw their prenup video, my instant thought balloon was..."Station ID ba ito?" (Is this a Station ID). It really sure feels like one--and it's purely awesome.

Portland Bridal Fashion Edit

Hello rebels! RB Kai here! And I'm still in Portland having my vacation. Between wine tastings, sightseeing, and shopping (oh this is the life!!!), I'm definitely squeezing in some editorial shoots for the love of Rebellious Brides!

Charm & Raygan's Singapore Love Affair

Ahhhh. Singapore....you gotta love Singapore. It's one of my favorite cities in the world! Singapore has a special place in our hearts. Why? We have a LOT of RB  readers from Singapore. In fact, while I was shopping at Typo during one of my SG trips, one of our most loyal readers, Armie approached me to say "Hi." I have always imagined what it would feel like to actually be stopped in public by a reader--I thought I would look glam --alas, I was not hahaha--I was awkward because I felt so haggard at that time. I digress...

Palawan Safari Engagement

"We are proud that we’ve significantly stretched the limitations of how pre-wedding photoshoots are done and we hope that this also paves the way to more people thinking big and outside of the box."
--Oly Ruiz, Metrophoto  

Love Rail Transit

Shoulder up to shoulder we shared that 9 o' clock ride.
Oh my heart was screamin as you left your seat

Followin your movements I was at your feet and...

Okay, those lyrics are from the song Terminal and it's a bus station. BUT STILL, the public transport system makes such great settings for all kinds of love stories - from the tragic to romantic comedies!

And if only the LRT or Light Rail Transit (the first rail system serving the Metro Manila area in the Philippines) could talk, we bet the stories would be so juicy and interesting. 

"Christian and Jaira chose this theme because the LRT has been a huge part of the couple's dating days. It was where the they usually met up during the courtship stage. Up to now, they still commute there, it is still part of their story. So what better location to do their pre-wedding than here. With the help of the stylist, we conceptualised a not-so-typical pre-wedding shoot inside and outside the train units."--Team Benitez

Beauty Diary: True Colors

Hello Rebels! Belated Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm sorry if we haven't updated the blog for a week. As perfectly captured in my photo above, I have been traveling. But that doesn't mean we haven't been taking the time to create awesome posts for the blog. In fact, I've squeezed in a photo shoot (and more will come) during this Portland trip just for the blog.

Marian & Dingdong's Prenup is AWESOME

The first time RB Mica and I saw Dingdong and Marian's teaser prenup photo, we were giddy and totally impressed. We thought it was awesome, we thought it was absolutely unexpected and for that we commend them for being REBELLIOUS.

Rebellious Power Bridal Shoes

Source: http://societybride.com/

I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with luxury shoes. Don't get me wrong. I don't buy for the "social status" as some would be quick to judge. I actually buy because I'm "kuripot" (stingy) that way. How's that possible you might ask? Luxe shoes last longer. It's all about the quality over quantity. I'd rather have 5 pairs of investment shoes VS having 20 pairs that don't last very long. I've had my fair share of buying affordable shoes that end up destroyed after a few months. So if you ask me, the more practical woman goes for personal items that are well crafted. Yes, it's more expensive, but it will last a lifetime. That being said, my current loves are the YSL Tribute and the Valentino Rockstuds. I was so surprised that I haven't seen brides wear these shoes yet--considering that they are oh so comfy! Everybody seems to go for the Louboutins and the Jimmy Choos nowadays like it is some sort of  "right of passage" -- that it's my wedding and I can splurge. Truth is, they are just like those expensive gowns---worn once and never again. So why not go for the Tributes or the Rockstuds instead? They look soooo rebellious and they are more practical because they are actually comfy. Plus you can wear it after the wedding!

Just a random thought!

Here are some of my fave YSL Tibutes. It could even be your something blue!

Maleficent Mayhem

The past two weeks has been unreal for me and RB Mica. The Maleficent Shoot's gone viral all over the web from Huffington Post, to Yahoo! Japan, to MTV Greece, to Cosmo UK, to even LA's #1 radio station KIIS FM, it's been incredibly wonderful. Every day we would learn of a new feature--and as of this writing we are already at around 40 features across the globe and if I estimate that at a very conservative level, it's safe to say that we've probably generated AT LEAST 2 Million exposures for the shoot including the views, impressions, likes, shares, and the comments. And that's estimating it very lightly.

Kasalang Jay & Thea

First of all, "kasalan" is a Tagalog term for a wedding. Jay & Thea entitled it this way because their wedding was just that - simple and unpretentious. Secondly, being rebellious doesn't have to mean one thing (that's being a rebel within a rebel!). While some people in the world judged our Maleficent themed shoot to be too much or making a circus out of weddings, we here at RB are in fact lovers of all things we consider rebellious (doesn't have to have a theme involved all the time). That's why for this day, we've decided to show the more laid back and intimate side of weddings we love.

"They didn't need to come up with a theme for their wedding. They have an extensive vinyl collection which they share with friends on sound trips. They love the outdoors and go to parks, gardens & beaches as much as they can. They're beer drinkers and foodies. So they thought that instead of thinking of a theme, they just needed to highlight the things they enjoy & love. So it became a day of love, food, beer & music and when people were asked what they thought the theme was, they just answered: Jay & Thea" -Denise Nicole Tolentino, sister of the bride and photographer

Frozen-Inspired Wedding Gown, Anyone?

"I wanted my wedding gown to look unique, unconventional, and yet bridal in my favorite color, blue. I've always known that I would don anything but the usual colors because it feels more special for me to have it in a different color. As I child, I was actually imagining my gown to be silver blue :)"

-- Rebellious Bride Chiara on her Blue Bridal Gown 

Jaycee & RJ's Love Story AVP

There are a lot of ways to share with your guests a little bit about you as a couple. Some make a collage of their throwback-worthy photos, some have couple trivia games, and of course there's the tried-and-tested AVP. But with so many talented wedding artists in our own neck of the woods, the AVP has evolved in so many creative ways.

Maleficent - Once Upon a Rebel

Hello there! The Maleficent shoot is going viral and with the "virality" comes the bashers ---which we don't mind. Bring it on! We weren't called "Rebellious Brides" if we couldn't take the heat. 

And we are getting sooooo many features around the world--which we are so thankful for! But you are new here and you probably don't "get" us. And we're okay if you want to feature our shoot, but maybe you need to know a lot of info about the shoot so that your readers don't get misinformed. 

So just a few trivia about this shoot:

1. IT'S NOT A REAL WEDDING...so chill...relax. If this were a real wedding, it would probably not have the horns, the wings, and the staff. 

2. In our concept shoot, Maleficent actually ends up with her sidekick in the movie--Diaval the crow. She obviously doesn't end up with the king.

3. The three couples in the shoot are REAL husbands and wives. The kids here are their real children. The kids loved the shoot--it was one of the reasons why we did the shoot was for their own amusement.

4. All the couples here are very much in love, and have been married for awhile--so for those who are widely speculating that the groom is unhappy and that they would probably end up annulled/divorced--that is unlikely to happen and that's very mean of you to say. 

5. We chose Maleficent because at the end of the day the story is about LOVE. And the theme was for "Rebellious Brides" NOT for the Classic, Traditional bride. 

As quoted from the Maleficent movie, and as scribbled in our faux wedding invitation, "Let us tell an old story anew. Where we are not afraid and love will find a way." This shoot was meant to show love from a different angle. You don't have to agree with it, but it is love. The shoot was made with love. 



"Children have always been told she's pure evil. And she is evil, but it's not all she is, and it's not fair that her story was left there. For kids, it will be like unwrapping a mystery, unwrapping a present, finding out what was really going on. It's a fun discovery" 
-- Angelina Jolie on Maleficent 

Grace & Mark in Black & White

RB Mica and I have a pet peeve. Our pet peeve is when we see a rebellious prenup photo set that celebrates the rebelliousness of a couple--but then their wedding is as serious as it can get. We feel sad because to us, it means that the couple felt like they could only play and have fun during their engagement but come wedding day, they'd have to succumb to being traditional. That's why we love seeing couples who are brave enough to follow through with their rebellious streak, all the way to the wedding.

Welcome to the Wicked World of Rebellious Brides

Hello rebels--old and new! Have you noticed anything new lately? *wink* *wink* 

The blog just had a face lift!!!! Hooray! A bit long overdue, don't you agree? 

Prenup Idea from DongYan

Rivermaya just released the music video of their new song "Tayo Lang Dalawa" -- and it features the soon-to-be-married King & Queen, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. The video is like a prenup video! In fact, it was styled by no other than Miss Kayce Team/KC Leyco who styles most of our editorial shoots and is one of the most sought after prenup stylists today. Watch the video below!

The Giving Rings

 Oh these pretty little things! They reminded me so much of this jewel-toned wedding: Sparkling Prom Wedding  If they only existed then, it would have been great for the whole entourage to wear. These would definitely make for great bridesmaids' gifts or stack them up (Yes, they are awesome stackable rings!) to make for one rebellious engagement ring!

But more than just being pretty little things, a portion of the profit goes to an organization that helps preschool children. Read on to know more about these rings from celebrity blogger Patty Laurel (this is her passion project for a cause, by the way).

The Rebellious Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Clooney

My, oh my. Where to begin?!?! Two Italian wedding ceremonies, multiple bridal looks, and the likes of Anna Wintour and Bill Murray at the wedding party. This was one rebellious wedding and couple for sure. (Main photo credit: Photo by AFP Images)

Return to Opulence: A 1920s Wedding

Being both from advertising agencies, Kitty and Vince have a keen eye for beauty. Hence, it was all about glitz and glamour. It was a wedding where you excitedly realise you can wear your silk gloves and not look overdressed. In fact, the point was to wear your best pearls and fascinating fascinators! 
Just like the good old times.

Rustic Carnival Prenup

How can you go wrong if you're featuring a couple from the wonderful world of advertising? Agnes is a Client Services Director while Dan is a Creative Director. But because both of them decided not to take themselves too seriously with their engagement shoot, they ended up in Star City.

Although they would have easily opted for a perya -- the Philippine's version of the travelling carnival but much less posh -- had they found one.

Looking at their photos though, you'd think they're in a carnival abroad :)
Photos by Fuguwi Collective

Wedding Agency: JP & Bonsai's Retro Brunch Wedding

This wedding is close to my heart because I was witness to Bonsai and JP's love story from the very beginning. You see, the bride used to be my roommate! And ever since Bonne handmade and The Makeup of Mica started, we have done numerous collaboration shoots. \We even call ourselves partners-in-crime :)

Naturally, creating a Wedding Agency walkthrough for my dear friend Bonsai Fojas was super exciting. Here are some slides from our presentation and the actual implementation seen in the beautiful photos as captured by We Do It For Love 

Oh and you can backtrack on their prenup feature here: 

Rebellious Groom Inspiration: Do.Se

There are tons and tons of ideas and wedding inspirations for the Bride. But more often than not, we tend to overlook the groom. But ladies, this is his wedding as well. Give him his share of the spotlight. Let's all pave the way for  anti-cookie-cutter grooms. This goes out to those who want inspirations and pegs that break away from the norm and choose designs that make statements.

Rebel Groom, this video is for you!

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Rebellious Bridal Showers

Photography by Metrophoto

In this fanciest collaboration shoot that we've ever done so far, there won't even be a wedding in sight. Because a wedding is not just about the wedding day and the prenup ideas per se, don't you agree? So in this 2-part editorial that we did with Metrophoto, Eskaya, and Powercom (Eskaya's marketing team where RB Mica and I are also part of), we'll show you a Bridal Shower and Honeymoon Concept perfect for the rebellious, luxe bride/newlywed.

Rebellious Bridal Style: HUNNIE

Photography by Midori Moon
Today, we bring you the rebellious bridal style of Hunnie. Everything about her look is so refreshing. First of all, I love how she paired her non-white bridal gown with Turquoise earrings and shoes. Wearing turquoise during a wedding reflects a carefree kind of bride! But what was even more surprising is how she went for a blue eyeshadow for her makeup--definitely something we don't see in bridal makeup everyday.  Hunnie's look is just another proof that being on the stylish, fashionista side for a bridal look can still turn out beautiful and tasteful. The key is in perfect editing. 

Never Let Your Wings Be Stolen From You

Rebellious collaborations have long been a staple in the 3 years that we've had this blog. And we pride ourselves for being one of the firsts to do it. Every year is different. But three things remain: 1) We always want to do something that's out of the ordinary, 2) We always want to celebrate talents (both fresh and seniors) and kind of push them out of their comfort zones, and 3) We never take our shoots seriously (topak kung topak! in English, "cray, cray!").