Wedding Transport Woes to Avoid

When it comes to arranging the transport for your rebellious wedding, a lot of couples often put it at the bottom of their list of priorities. It’s easy to see why. After all, there is so much else to plan with the service, theme, reception and food that something always has to take a back seat.

It’s only on the actual wedding day that you will realize exactly how vital transporting your guests is, and if you want to avoid any significant dramas, you’ll need to execute your plans to perfection. Here are some of the biggest wedding transport woes you might experience - and how to avoid them.

Photo: Wedding Agency: Rosette + Oli  by Benjie Tiongco

Dress Code: Black-Tie

Black-tie is one of the most common dress codes during weddings. But still, there are a lot of guests who are not sure on what Black-tie really means...and we get the confusion.  Because when you think about it, Black-tie means that it's tuxedo time for men, and for women, that means you can wear glamorous long gowns. In fact, red carpets like the Oscars are the unofficial peg for a Black-tie event. But then again, most couples don't want to be upstaged during their wedding-- I mean, we're pretty sure a groom would be secretly pissed if his buddies were in some snazzy tuxedos that might potentially look better than his -- so it's pretty confusing because the dress code says one thing, but you also have to take into consideration and read between the lines.

So here's a suggestion from stylist KC Leyco-Mempin (Miss Kayce) on how to navigate this dress code and look fearlessly cool

Keeping Your Wedding Simple

Why do we insist on making life so hard, when it can be so easy? More to the point, why do we stress about making our weddings as extravagant as can be, when they can be just as nice when they are completely simple? You see, not every wedding needs to have the grandeur of a royal wedding or the fanfare of a celebrity wedding. No, weddings can be simple and special; for advice on how to keep yours simple, make sure to read on.


Bridal Boudoir sessions are always tricky. It can easily go south and look trashy and sleazy. That's why we rarely feature boudoir sessions. In fact, Rebellious Bride Lea's photo shoot is only the fourth boudoir we've ever had in the blog in 6 years.

Anything But Ordinary For The Paper At Your Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, you will no doubt have loads of different things racing around in your mind. From the clothing you’re going to wear to the people you’d like to invite, you’ve got loads to do, and it will probably feel like there’s no time to do it. In a lot of cases, this can leave smaller jobs, like the paper at your wedding, on the back burner. To help you to avoid this, this post will be going through everything you need to tick this box.

Your Love Story Is Unique. Tell It.

The hysteria of planning your big day is like nothing you will have ever experienced. There is just so much to do, so much to plan and think about, so much to consider and so much you don’t want to compromise on. It’s stressful and imperfect, but it’s love. But no matter how lost in the decisions you may feel, there is one thing you should keep in mind: this day of yours, your wedding day, is meant to celebrate the love you and your fiance have for one another and the story you have shared.

I Wish I Knew That Before I Had a Wedding...

If you are currently planning a wedding, first of all, congratulations on your engagement! Now, the hard work begins. You have probably heard that planning a wedding can be a bit of a nightmare. Of course, it is all worth it, and there will be plenty of fun and loving moments throughout the process. Nonetheless, you are going to be in for a few surprises along the way. Below, discover some of the things most brides wish they knew before they had a wedding.

Post-Apocalyptic Love

"...when you think about it, it's quite romantic how love could survive on a hostile post apocalyptic world. That is, we chose to love each other at a time when the world was ending. And that for us was romantic."

-- Rebel Couple, Kid & Raf

Martini Macchiato

If you guys just "tuned-in," we just started a mini series featuring creative cocktails that you can serve on your wedding day (Back Track HERE). And for our second drink, we wanted to make one that's ideal for coffee lovers. So here goes!

Subtile et Rebelle

The French are subtle. They exude a sense of sophistication that comes from the rebellious balance of luxury and minimalism that can only come from their own way of life. French themes (and shoots) are aplenty. But often it misses the point of how the French are so not into the obvious. And that's what we wanted to achieve in this contemporary wedding editorial feature shot in various locations in France.


We've never really been the type to shy away from color.  Even if it's the slightest hint of nude that's just quietly peaking through,  it will always excite us more than just an all-white bridal gown. There's just something about it that feels raw, real, and effortlessly chic.

Cheeky Cocktails

Dear Rebel Brides, we already know that the wedding is your day. Even grooms are often told by their own mothers to let the bride do what she pleases--"step away, let her have her way because it's her day". And although we somewhat agree, don't ever forget that you are hosting an event and you have guests that you need to take care of. And all guests ever want in a party is decent food, and awesome booze. But the thing is, we often neglect the booze. There's just too many elements to think about so the booze becomes an after-thought. 

Wedding Guest Styling: The Wardrobe Edit

Today, we have another wedding guest styling collab with Miss Kayce. Now what do you wear to a wedding when you have no time to plan ahead? The trick is to collect staple statement pieces in your own wardrobe so that you can just instantly wear something incredibly fashionable and unique at the last minute.

Karol's Beverly Hills Chic Bridal Style

We are quite smitten with Rebel Bride Karol's bridal style. Her wedding look is such a breath of fresh air! Well for starters, her engagement ring, which was adorned with a halo of pink diamonds, already set the tone for her utterly unique personality. And the rest followed from there.

Meet You in Morocco

It's hard to find a wedding photographer with the same level of thirst for creativity and passion quite like Metrophoto's Oly Ruiz.  He and his team have elevated engagement photo shoots (among many other things) to greater heights. World-class is an understatement, as engagement photos in other countries cannot even begin to compare to his work--especially the travel-based engagement shoots that he is now so famous for. So you could say, he is in a whole new class of his own.

In Aileen and Kevin's engagement session, we are transported to a magical, mystical, and romantic adventure all over Morocco. And we loved every minute of it.

Aileen and Kevin Prenup (Morocco BTS ONLY FINAL)
from Oly Ruiz on Vimeo.

Oly shares:

Morocco has captivated many movies that were filmed here such as Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and the most-awesome American fantasy-drama series, Game of Thrones.

We always make it a point to come up with the most unique and elegant photographs, and Morocco simply served that to us in a silver platter – well almost. Despite being one of the most picturesque locations in the world, Marrakech is also one of the most strict when in comes to photoshoots. Right off the bat or should I say, at the airport, my drone was confiscated and this was a first of many encounters we had where either our portable lights were not allowed or even our DSLR cameras. 

Everything in Morocco is attractively unusual. Aileen and Kevin poised their first photoshoot at the Menara Garden, a great landscape lined with olive trees. The background is a large pond at the foot of a pavilion that serves as a water reservoir of the city to irrigate crops. We didn’t waste time and they bravely climbed on top of The Koutoubia Mosque right away. And within a couple of minutes, someone was already asking us to get them to go down. 

After the garden, we used the natural setting of the city with its market and the restaurants around it – if you watched the movie Allied then that is where the place took you. We got into a little discourse with the security people at the Bahia Palace because as we already expected, they didn’t want the lights and cameras brought in. This was the location when I had to improvise, so I borrowed a point and shoot camera from the Aileen’s sister – a point and shoot! 

Amazingly, with very little instructions Aileen and Kevin immaculately graced the pristine palace of Bahia, adorned with its fascinating architecture and ceilings. It is completely a gem of experience and I love how the couple made the most out of the situation. From Marrakesh, we headed to the Atlas Mountain for a quick shoot and then traversed the endless-like roads to Sahara for 12 hours long. It was scenic but time consuming; there are just too many things to do. We again had to improvise when it comes to time management so we maximized the day trip on a spontaneous photoshoot which included the one in the Draa Valley that has thousands of years’ history. This was once a shelter of the ancestors the Moroccans or the “Berbers” and still now their living oasis. 

We were supposed to arrive before sunset at the Sahara Desert but by nightfall we were still on the road. It was pitch black when we arrived at the Bur-Bur camp in the desert. It felt like we’re in the ancient Arabian nights – there was no electricity and water but that didn’t stop us to take more photos, I was actually inspired to do a night desert shoot instead. We had a few of shots around the tents and a bonfire and the moon provided amazing mood lights for the shoot. 

Now the most “ethereal” part of our journey is the shoot the next day with the camels in the middle of the desert – which was extremely stunning despite of the heat. Aileen and Kevin marked their every step on the sand with grace and passion as seen on the photos and I couldn’t be prouder of them. It was like movie magic but everything is just happening in the raw right before our eyes. The last stop of the photoshoot was at Ait Benhaddou where we capped one stunning location after another. 

I adore Aileen and Kevin’s enthusiasm and go-get-it attitude, they didn’t let any setbacks affect us negatively but rather used them to push further. They were both amazing and that made the Morocco shoot truly one of the best I ever had in terms of experience and photographs. Shukraan jazilaan! to both Aileen and Kevin for making such a once-in-a-lifetime experience not just possible but extremely meaningful as well. 

See the complete set here:
Morocco Pre-Wedding Special | Aileen and Kevin (Part 1 of 2)
Morocco Pre-Wedding Special | Aileen and Kevin (Part 2 of 2) 

Special thanks to Anthea Bueno and Ethan David for being with in the shoot and making sure that Aileen always look gorgeous. Sidney Yap for styling both Aileen and Kevin and Francis Libiran for Aileen’s Gowns. Of course to Sach Mhir for being our go-to person for almost everything.

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Dress Code: Garden Formal

Let's be honest for a second. The way most wedding guests dress-up could be awfully boring. And for sure a lot of people will be defensive about this. There's no time, there's more important things to do and think of, there's more pressing things we need to spend on, and the wedding is a bride's day, no need to steal her thunder and wear something that's attention-grabbing.


Divine and Blake had the sort of wedding that may have easily popped-out of a Kevin Kwan novel. The hottest celebrities, the hottest tycoons, even the hottest bloggers were in attendance. The bride herself was taking her namesake to a whole new level in a head to toe, golden Rajo Laurel cathedral gown (which we absolutely LOVE, btw). But we are not here to feature that spectacular wedding. Instead, we wanted to feature this quiet, almost elopement-ish editorial shoot that they had with MangoRed and Wild Reverie because it shows another side of the couple...of the bride. How she can be unapologetic in many aspects of her life, often defying how an heiress is supposed to be like. 

The "Bad Girl" Wedding Cake

We have another yummy post today, Rebels! And today, we are excited to share with you the details of our cake collaboration with Sugarplum Pastries. We reached out to Lovely Jiao of Sugarplum Pastries a couple of months ago, to work on a 'bomb' cake idea. We've seen their work before and just really loved their creativity. And we wanted to see if it was possible to make a black cake that would look like chalk doodles were written on it. Lovely fondly calls this cake, "The Bad Girl." Which is such a cute and fun name, and something you would definitely NOT expect a wedding cake would be called lol.  

Party of 35: An Intimate, "Adults-Only" Wedding

Rebellious Couple Ally and Marc are a tough pair, indeed. And we mean that in an admiring way. To be able to pull off not just an intimate wedding with only 35 guests AND to make it into an "adults-only" affair takes a whole lot of guts. And we mean A LOT of guts. Because there are moms that are sensitive to these kinds of things (ie. there's moms who are particular about kid-friendly places and events, and don't like their kids being left out). So we truly are amazed at how "courageous" Ally and Marc are. Ally is like a guest blogger today because she wrote an amazing article on their wedding already. So we'll let her tell their story in her own words. Enjoy!

The Ultimate 10-Day Iceland Honeymoon Itinerary

My husband and I have been to Iceland twice, for a total of  21 days, and 80 hours worth of road trips around the island. By no means are we Iceland experts because I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. But I’ve been asked to do customized Iceland itineraries for about several times now, so I figured it was time to make my most comprehensive, and most highly recommended Itinerary to experience Iceland’s most iconic locations. This itinerary can be used for a honeymoon trip, a wedding photo shoot trip, or maybe even the wedding itself, or an anniversary trip. It’s up to you!

Hors d'oeuvres by Q Provisions

 Hi guys!  Today, we have a yummy feature under our new category called, Taste. Taste will focus on wedding menus, cocktails, and cakes ideas. We will also dedicate this section in introducing you to everyone who makes these delicious wedding treats happen.

The Rebel Bride in Dreads

Boy, oh boy. Do we have a treat for you rebels. Last week, we officially announced the creation of our new blog categories. One of which is Beauty which will focus on bridal beauty looks, skincare, and features focused on wedding hair & makeup artists.

And what better way to usher-in the start of the Beauty category, with real-life rebel bride Erin who had dreadlocks on her wedding day. Yes, you read that right--DREADLOCKS!

15 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Geometric Details

Geometric weddings have been all the rage in the past few years.  It is the perfect aesthetic for couples who prefer a more modern and contemporary design. Symmetry, interesting shapes, and clean lines are fun to add in a wedding because it creates some sort of balance between feminine and masculine details. And this being a popular theme, Pinterest-worthy pegs are already looking the same. How many times have you seen a geometric-shaped jewelry box with flowers inside it?

Here are 15 unique ways to incorporate the geometric feel in your wedding in more ways than one.

1. This invitation suite from has a textured 3-D feel and uses bold colors that aren't typically used in a wedding invite.

Why Vogue Calls This Patagonia Wedding An Affair That Will Be "Difficult To Top"

Vogue was quite smitten with this wedding. So smitten that they posted it on their official Facebook feed maybe twice or thrice, and called it a wedding that would be "difficult to top." We all know that Vogue is the holy grail of fashion, style, and everything in between. So for them to adore a wedding like this, well it really must be quite something. Find out why through these photos.

Wildflower TV Wedding

Hello dear Rebellious Brides! Today, we are super excited to have this feature on the blog today. As this is the very first feature post that we have for our new category, "RB Fashion." A dedicated tab on the blog that will be solely focus on Bridal, Groom, Entourage, and Guest wedding style ideas. And with a bridal black gown situation in our midst, there's no better time to start this new category!  So shall we begin?

"Rising Tide"

For almost one year, the blog has been silent. But you guys never faltered. Views are up. Support from the wedding industry is overwhelming. Social media is at a turning point. 

One of these days, we will share with you the honest-to-goodness reason why we kept silent for a year. But for now, let us tell you that we are back with a vengeance. 

For a year we've been figuring out how to evolve the blog. And one of the things that we wanted to do is to expand the categories that we can write about. For one thing, RB Mica and I are exploding with more ideas that go beyond the usual wedding features. And on the other hand, we realize that other wedding details get lost in templated features which is not fair to makeup artists, or florists, or even the caterer. We also understand that you guys WANT and NEED to know more about these details. And that's really the reason why we've come up with a plan to develop new categories in the blog. Here's a rundown of the categories that you will be expecting:

All things wedding styling for brides, grooms, entourage, and even guests

All things related to makeup, hair, and skincare for before, during, and after the wedding

All things related to wedding menus, cocktails, cakes, and everything yummy in-between

All things related to wedding bouquets, styling, tablescapes, invites, DIYs, and all the other details you want to add on your big day

All things related to honeymoon ideas, destination weddings, shoot locations, and other trips 

And we will still have our current categories on features, concepts/ideas, and of course our infamous controversial write-ups (which we haven't done in a while but we have some eyebrow-raising musings coming your way)

And all the content for these categories are going to be expanded on Instagram and Youtube 

Along with these categories, we will also be changing the blog design soon. For now, we just wanted to announce that we will expand the blog's content and you will see the blog evolve over the next few weeks and months. 

It took us a year to finally push through with this idea. One of the hurdles was the fact that we wanted a total overhaul of our blog and brand right away. Which we are now understanding, is not necessarily a good thing because you tend to overthink and delay things and you miss out on the "now" and being present. The thing is, we've actually always had these types of content since we launched in 2011 but it just wasn't archived or deliberately communicated that way. At the end of the day, we've always been a personal blog, and with personal blogs it's inevitable to see the raw evolution of the space. It's more real, authentic, and intimate that way. So we are dropping the idea of a big overhaul and just keep churning out content as we slowly transition. So join us in this new journey, rebels. It's going to be one helluva ride once again.   

RB Kai 

PS. The title of the blog is also a foreshadowing of more things to come *wink*

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Designer Spotlight: Poppy Dover

Today, we are happy to officially announce, that we are creating a dedicated category on the blog on all things WEDDING FASHION. In this new category, we will develop exclusive content that will focus on wedding style ideas for brides, grooms, the entourage, and even the guests. So stay tuned, rebels! Exciting times ahead. And what could be a better way to introduce this new category by finally publishing, our long overdue designer spotlight on bridal gown designer,  Poppy Dover. Shall we begin? 

Outdoor Indoor Engagement Sesh

Meet Yss and Mike. Self-confessed adventurers. They even got engaged during their hiking trip in Nepal. They wanted to incorporate travel and food into their engagement session but they knew all too well that expectations can be very different from reality. Especially since hiking and diving can get sweaty and messy. So here is their clever solution!