TRIA - Rebellious, Playful, and Beyond Charming

Special thanks to our reader Ivanna for introducing us to the wonderful world of Tria :)

Photo by Mango Red
"...I think a Rebellious Bride, while bold, may not necessarily be avant-garde or wild. She may actually even be extremely understated, simple or casual. The rebellion, to me, brews with the bride’s view and conviction to be unique. The outbreak of the rebellion occurs when the bride fearlessly makes choices consistent with that view. " 

-- Designer Tria Villasis-Ramolete on her definition of a Rebellious Bride

There's just something so very interesting and innately whimsical with how designer Tria develops her creations for brides and the entourage. The pieces you will see here are full of so much inspiration that I don't even think there's any further reason to sugarcoat it with words. All I have to say is, it's so refreshing to see such charming and thoughtful wedding gown ideas for both the bride AND the entourage :)

Rebellious Prenup - Of Tattoos & Angels

Photography by Paul Vincent

There's nothing sexier than an angelic doctor who has a rebellious spirit. And even more so if you have an equally rebellious boyfriend who will get a tattoo of you even before you guys get officially and permanently married. He is just that confident and sure of you. Wow!

So for their prenup, Dra. Sigrid (secretly nicknamed as "Angel") and her groom Stephen, celebrated their tattoos and their angelic hotness in all of its glory.

Here's Sigrid's email:

The Rebellious Brides & Friends by 12 Masters Photography

Another teaser of things to come for RB1 :)

We are loving this collaboration w/ 12Masters Photography! They sure made us look larger than life! 

On Location at Sentro Serendra
RB Mica's gown by
RB Kai's gown by ML (Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids Collection)

Rebellious Couple - Ji & Jessen's Love & Favorites Wedding

Lifted from Jason Magbanua's SDE

"A Rebellious Bride is a dreamer, a believer that all things are possible, not afraid to take risks, criticism, and most of all once when it's all set, she just pulls off that one great show and savors the moment"

---Rebellious Bride Jihan Candelario-Makilan

Rebellious Brides in Lifestyle Network's show Listed

Next up on Listed: and The Makeup of Mica :)

It's all about weddings for this June 26 episode  (Tuesday, 9pm on Lifestyle Network) and we're super glad to be part of the show. Now, even more people will know about our revolution and more brides can be inspired to come up with their own version of their happily ever after.

For this episode, we had a photo shoot in a farm with host Karen Pamintuan as a rebellious bride. She wanted an equestrian-themed wedding. So we dressed her up in Rebellious Bunch Sassa Jimenez's gowns and had a fun, rebellious bridal shoot.

Photo by Carlo Lina
Karen's makeup by The Makeup of Mica

Ryan Ortega CAN.

Photos by Ryan Ortega
"The Rebellious Bride is someone who knows what she wants. Someone who understands the importance of details that speak much about her and her partner, respects the value of one's work, talent, skills and idea, opens her mind to endless possibilities just for the love of staging a rebellious wedding. Above all, she is someone who embraces extraordinary ideas without sacrificing the very reason of their union which is love."

Ryan Ortega on his definition of the Rebellious Bride

Contemporary, Unorthodox, and Chic. Photographer Ryan Ortega definitely knows what he stands for to the hilt. But if I were asked by a bride or a groom, what I thought of Ryan Ortega and if I would personally recommend him, I'd probably say, Ryan Ortega CAN. Why? Because one thing resonated with me when I looked through his body of work--and what bounced back to me was this feeling that Ryan Ortega CAN do whatever you throw at him. Take him to another part of the globe for an engagement shoot, and he CAN deliver. Get him to photograph your traditional wedding and he CAN do it + so much more. Ask him to do something a little bit more rebellious, and he still CAN eagerly be rebellious with you. He CAN evolve. He CAN adapt. He just...CAN!

Rebellious Bride Marie's Paper Surreal Wedding

All Photos by Rebellious Bunch Pat Dy unless labeled otherwise
"What made me a Rebellious Bride is by going for our theme. I knew I wanted something different, though i didn't know what I wanted at first. I never stopped looking. After months, I finally had my eureka moment!"

Rebellious Bride Marie Andres on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

I am absolutely in love with this rebellious wedding! Why you might ask? For starters, I am amazed at how Rebellious Bride Marie found her wedding theme, of all places, in IKEA. How's that for a rebellious inspiration?

Are You Rebellious Enough to Go Digital w/ Simply Bridal?

Here in Rebellious Brides, you already know that we are firm believers of bridal digital empowerment. Gone are the days when we have all the time in the world to do our wedding preps. Gone are the days as well of being scared of buying stuff online. So what does a busy busy bride on a tight budget got to do? Go online dears. I have personally purchased wedding items in various websites for my own wedding and I couldn't be happier. Los Angeles-based bridal store Simply Bridal has join forces with Rebellious Brides to give you a *15% off on any of your gown purchases from Simply Bridal. Yey!

Rebellious Prenup: Bold and Beautiful

I just got a text from Rebellious Bunch's Mango Ryan of Mango Red fame. The "bold" prenup is up, he told me. And it is by far one of their boldest shoots ever. Not even literally, for me. But it was just in a whole new plane I cannot explain. It was brave, unique and magnificently done. It was engagement shoot rebellion at its best.  I am supposed to be asleep by now but I simply could not wait until tomorrow. I HAVE TO POST THIS NOW. This shoot is epic.

Plagiarism is Foul Play Part 2

Yet another faker strikes again. This time, the latest victim is wedding gown designer Joe San Antonio. I have worn her designs for this Bridalbook shoot  and I really admire her style. Must be why this cheater of a designer decided to use Joe's work as her own. But while imitation may be a form of flattery, plagiarism is just plain stealing. It's stealing someone's creativity and hard work.

And eventually, in this digital and modern age, you are likely to be caught. Exhibit A:


Click below to discover more on plagiarism:

The Rebellious Brides' Wedding Agency Bonanza!

The Rebellious Way to Say THANK YOU
Photo by 12 Masters Photography
Hair & Makeup by The Makeup of Mica Second Team
On Location at Sentro Serendra
Rebellious Bride Mica's gown by
Ghost Chair by Olive Tree Philippines

As we usher in our first year anniversary (it's on July 18th), we are coming out with lots and LOTS of surprises for everyone! Two things that we really want to focus on and celebrate for our anniversary are first: spreading the love and our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us by returning it back to you with meaningful gifts. Second of all, we want to show you guys our commitment that innovation and rebellion in our blog will just keep getting crazier and crazier in the form of a series of videos that you guys just have to watch out for!

So let's start the celebration with........THE WEDDING AGENCY BONANZA! A newly engaged couple will get a chance to win a Full Consultancy Package of our Wedding Agency Service!!! Hooray! 

Here are the mechanics:

All newly engaged couples are eligible to join regardless of location. Here's how you can join:

1. Email to us your complete entries at from June 18 - July 1, 2012. Here's what you have to send to us:
     a. Complete Names of the Couple
     b. Wedding Date
     c. Contact Details 
     d. Current location
     e. The story of the wedding proposal. Please back this up with photos and or video of the actual proposal (photos must be sent as ATTACHED email files and videos must be through Youtube or Vimeo. Photos/Videos sent via Facebook, Multiply, etc. are automatically disqualified). If the proposal documentation doesn't have a photo of you as a couple, please supplement your entry with a photo of you guys.
     f. In 5 sentences, tell us why you think you need the Wedding Agency to conceptualize your wedding?

2. Three couples are going to be shortlisted. You must check Rebellious Brides on July 4, 2012 to find out who are the shortlisted couples. This announcement will be done in the form of a blog entry. In this blog entry, the couple with the highest number of POSITIVE COMMENTS will ultimately win the prize!

3. The Wedding Agency will start working on your wedding concepts within the period of August-September 2012

4. This prize is not convertible to cash and non-transferrable. But if you are the couple's friend/relative/etc. and you want to submit an entry form so you can surprise them, we will be more than willing to accept your entry form as long as it is complete :)

5. The Rebellious Brides reserve the right to disqualify entries that are malicious, obscene, or negative in general. 

ENJOY! And we can't wait to receive your entries! :)

Kai & Mica

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RB turns 1: Coming Soon!

Artwork Calligraphy by Fozzy of Fozzybook :)
Thank you to all of you, our readers, our wedding industry friends and to all those who believe in our cause. Because of your support, we are here. Watch out as this is just a teaser. More kakulitan and topak to come!

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Rebellious Bride: Sam

From the couple who gave us the rebellious Cotton Candy Lovin' and Summer Nights prenup, comes this wedding of pink and blue proportions in a "diner and 1950's-inspired" theme...starring Sam and Mauie Jurilla!

And true to Sam and Mauie's personalities, the celebration was simply full of FUNtastic ideas and entertainment. 

RB readers, let's hear it from Mrs. Sam AviƱante-Jurilla. What makes her a rebellious bride? She declares, "In three words: I am fun, bold & CRAZY!"
Photo by Paul Vincent
RB: What were the rebellious details of your wedding and what made you decide to do them rebelliously?

Sam: Let’s start it with the invitation. We do not want a traditional one and so we decided to have a 50’s LP disc invites. I did the layout by myself and just asked the graphic artist to enhance the design.


Our cake doesn’t look like a wedding cake. It looks like a blue and pink birthday cake but that’s how we wanted it to look like and we loved it. The cake was home-made by our good friend Thessam Maranan. She decorated it with milkshakes, jukebox, vintage cards, LP discs and black & white blocks which were the fundamental keys to a 50’s party.

 For our toast, we opted to drink Coke Sakto instead of the usual wine. Moreover, we drank it without the straw & without any poise. Hahaha “tinungga” lang namin ni Mauie.

Click below to get more inspiration from this rebellious wedding!

Rebellious Bride Angge's All-White w/ Pops of Red, DIY Boho Wedding

"I'm a rebellious bride because I did not stick with the traditions. I feel that weddings should be about you, about the couple, and not about what society thinks is right for a wedding."

Rebellious Bride Angge

There were a lot of rebelry in RB Angge's wedding, there's no doubt about that. But if there's three things that really stood out for me the most, it's the fact that: 1) she allowed everyone to be in white, 2) she had a pinwheel bouquet & boho wreath, and 3) their twisted idea for a "sickness & in health" prenup session is too gutsy for words haha.

Enjoy the videos first then let's all know more about the bride & groom's rebellious wedding:

For You Are Mine: It's just like Jason Magbanua--only Pinker & more Feminine

THAT'S just exactly how Jason Magbanua describes his second team. And well, pinker & more feminine will always be quite debatable hehe.

Understandably, the videographer god is just...well...human actually. He can't split himself half or even to several parts even if he wanted to (during cazy peak seasons he's got not two but several weddings!). So what to do right?

Some couples hesitate at the thought of opting for the second team. But why? In truth, the second team is essentially the same. They've mentored under the same person, and technically still works for and is headed by the person you wanted to hire in the first place. In Jason Magbanua's second team's case, we can personally vouch for them because we've worked with them for a WHOLE SLEW of other projects besides my own wedding. In fact, Jason's team has already bagged awards abroad as individual talents working under the umbrella, Team Jason Magbanua. If I were to describe his second team though --it would be like how huge designer brands have expanded to a whole new market. Kinda like how Marc Jacobs has Marc by Marc Jacobs, Monique Lhuillier has ML, or Armani has AX.

Need further convincing? I'm done trying to write through my case.

Watch the videos below. Need I say more?


Sophia and Ross SDE from For You Are Mine on Vimeo.

More Reasons to Love Vatel's {etc}

 There's just something about Rebellious Bunch Vatel's {etc}'s handcrafted wedding wonders that evoke so much feelings of giddiness and inspiration.

Photo by Joannie Candie

Every week, we look forward to seeing on our Facebook news feeds, the latest creations {etc} comes up with so that we can also share them here in the blog.  And every week their crafty team just keeps posting more and more goodies that we've been keeping this draft for several months already!  But then again, there's always room for a part 2, 3, 4, and so on, right? So here are just some of the unbelievably imaginative and creative creations we've seen of late. Enjoy! :)

Anti-White Gowns for Less

"Dear RB, I've heard of brides that had their gowns made in Divisoria and this sounds appealing to me because I don't think it's practical to spend on the gown but I don't have the time to go through all that trouble. Do you have other suggestions on where I can buy a wedding gown? I want something that costs reasonably without sacrificing quality. Definitely nothing in the six figures! Help!" -- Yvette is ALWAYS on sale!
Monique Lhuillier gowns are available at Nordstrom Rack
From Rebellious Bride Kai: 

Dear Yvette, I am all for buying RTW gowns. In fact, my absolute favorite is going through Rustan's selection of Tadashi Shoji gowns. Here's a trick: wait for Rustan's to go on sale! 

However, if you simply don't have the time to wait for a sale, there are two websites that I HIGHLY recommend: Bluefly and Nordstrom Rack-- they have a great selection, and their sale prices are out of this world!

 I also just recently discovered that Nordstrom Rack carries Monique Lhuillier gowns. In my recent trip to the States, I was able to buy a Lhuillier gown for FIFTY DOLLARS -- that's Two Thousand freakin' pesos!!! Amazing! *The picture on your right is the same Monique gown I bought for only fifty dollars! 

"L" is for...Rebellious LOVE

"There will be things that, no matter what they do, they will not have any control of – like marriage and the acceptance of other people. For now, they focus on what they can influence and on what gives them the inspiration to go on, and that is each other. Enjoy the photos and let’s celebrate love no matter what form it is presented to us."

---Metrophoto's Oly Ruiz on Vida & Arra

Get Your Freak On

Mica and I are seeing some kind of a rebellious pattern this week that is just in a whole other extreme level. And here we thought Maggie Wilson & Victor Consunji's prenup video was already oh-so-steamy for the general public.

We celebrate and salute the couples, and the wicked teams that were tapped to tastefully create these irreverent visions. 

Mayone + Francis' Sex-Themed Wedding 
Video by Jason Magbanua (together w/ John Marvi de Guzman, Ian Cruz, Dennis Castillo, & Madge Lejano) 
*Whip bouquet by Teddy Manuel

M+F Nude Engagement by Mangored 
w/ RabbitHole Creatives

Personal Weddings VS Creative Weddings

Are you ready to cross over the rainbow
to look for your own personal wedding path?
Photo by Three Nails Photography

We're sorry to say this, but we have more than 400,000 weddings on average, every year, in this country-- but so few that genuinely reflect the couple's personal style in their truest form.

And it's not our fault. On one hand, there are just too many rules & traditions being dictated by society. But on the other side of the spectrum, there's also TOO many ideas in magazines & blogs on how to make your wedding creative that sometimes, a couple will just cherry pick 'trendy' ideas and bundle it all up into one.

Then it all just gets confusing, doesn't it? 

What to do and not what to do!?!?!?

Answer:  Go for a PERSONAL Wedding. Take the time to just close your eyes and cover your ears. Don't listen to anyone else but you and your groom. Don't read any wedding magazine/blog for just a few minutes. FIND YOUR OWN WEDDING FROM WITHIN.